Related to the field of forwarding, despite of this fact I have educationally qualified in MASTERS IN ENGLISH LITERATURE year 2004. Born and bread from KSA I have had many memories associated with Holy land. While living in Pakistan it’s like awaken all the time in search of individual identity and social growth collectively. To seek knowledge, to learn, to write and to express is always been passion. Having yielding qualities to be convicted to gain something and stay industrious to captivate the desired goals always been the compassion. I start writing at the age of 12 and it’s been 15 years I have been preparing to spark my writings on platform where I can be the one who express the introvert provoked thoughts and the others might get support of ‘KNOWING’. Deeply obliged to a friend who scroll off and provide me an opportunity to be myself to represent deep thoughts and motives through my writings.


Leading role of this site generation is to vibrates and liberates the introvert deep thoughts and the true expression to elaborates what ever one have the sight development in this life and what his/her basic motive ‘TO BE OR NOT TO BE’. Beginning of this site by the name of Almighty Allah I have promoted my initial writings based on various topics of Literature containing introvert as well as extrovert ideas.

To strengthen the site with logical, conceptional, perpetual, ethical, individual and socio-economical aspects I’ll be go on to have wild and staunch references from ancient chronicles ,from modern literature based books, from online source of websites and off course my own culcated spirit and talent to be hands on. Here after I’ll definitely try to have best and provoked writers to provide me their articles and writings to smooched the site further.

Little to support my viewers and online readers I have designed parent categories with prime intensive thought to cover all the aspects of life moreover the sub headings and the catalogue of other pace of topics categorized focussly to have all sort of working concisely and consequently for the expansion of hyper Excellency of literature work as itself explains life and all spheres of life.