Once a good memory of past becomes the tragic one in present, is that a fact? Or is this a state of denial? Nostalgia has its’ own charm and there are many people who love to stay in past memories especially it is observed for the people who born in late 1970’s. The reason maybe they were somewhat connected to the old traditions, for which they have core essence. Converting to the new maybe a fear or if they impelled and went through as they did, of course they have to, it’s a milestone of ever changing ever tiring element.
    The adaptability was the virtue of that time.
    People who enhanced it, today are recognized by the commercial and technical world.

    The Millennial Generation, is a true ban cake.
    Really are, they saw the technology born in front of them, they don’t wanna lose bicycle ride to replace with computer games deliberately but they were inclined too. By default, they enjoyed both ways yet they suffered in both ways too.

    Generation Z, truly represents tech- age.
    They watch early generations and walk through their own, their power of insight or mental energies though exceed apparently, yet they are barer to stress/depression and emotional imbalance.

    To some extend last 50 -70 years are really milestone in human history, whatever be the theory once the coming generations achieved it. Generation X to Y the differences are more challengeable rather than generation Y to Z.

    Tech world is amazing yet it’s kinda a magical world, what if Pharaoh got life in this existing world with his orthodox thinking and ways much to his stupor just to see the mobile use. Surely it will be more fascinating magic to him than of his age.

    So Time is a cage so do the Era.
    People are bound to act according to the age/time/ era they are within. Di Vinci thinks of flying craft but in his age no human flies in plane, today we can’t even think about plane travels and it is usual traffic for human to travel around the world in hours rather to invest years or months.

    What we compare infact, Time with Time? Human with Human or Human of Time/Age?
    Speed with Velocity? Gravity with Static Energy?

    What we compare, actually we cannot compare.
    Mind, soul, body and energy has its specifications, it’s not that all ages and all humans of such ages are similar yet different. It’s just how they start exploring the worldly affinities around, how much the concentrate to the subject of learning and how intelligently they provoke idea to amplify the actions into reality.

    Man dreamt of flying, maybe very early but the formula generation took time.
    Time as an entity, the biggest occult science and mystery, it creates dimension with in dimensions, it provides paradigm shifts. It keeps at once in present, dive into past and jumps to future. Hence, dealing all these extremes lead to the state of denial. Acceptance of the known is easier than the unknown facts. Perhaps we humans only accept things when we examine the limits the object up to the level of state of denial. We say ‘Yes’ at an instance and sometimes only NO leads to human Yes.
    Comprehension to the worldly explorations are frantic.
    It’s easy for our generation to acknowledge to velocity/speed/motion formulas as they daily interact with it. How incredibly, super cars like Ducati has somewhat similar speed near to air jet.

    Again the point to validate here is, it is easy and usual for us to have such tech and its usage. But if Greeks/Romans would have such tools in their hands, we can’t even wonder the destruction they would cause and maybe the mythological stories were more technological base rather than symbolic.

    The person survived 2000 years before cannot easily acknowledge the world we have today, hence state of denial is there and therefore Divine Law of death and Change is very important. Old dies, new lives and life goes on.

    When we spin around external or internal in our conscious waves, we definitely touched and crossed many phases. Our own truth or others truth some way or another impact and affect the same state. It’s all about mental frames/dimensions and games too in which people vary each other and such multitude bring format exclusively and deformities to some extent.

    Life travels between two extremes, there is always aside a trauma handling while decorating smile on face. We travel through mental energies that impact our mind, soul and body equally. We cannot deny that fact that this world is full of mysterious, one of them we CROWN OF CREATURE is foremost, human psyche is most complex yet very interesting science.

    Some way or another we all through our own journeys where we have few similar experiences yet rest destiny always differs for everyone. State of denial is temporary expression but yes it is important to enhance at many levels, just make sure it will not cause deception for one to ruin the genuine instinct. Old dies, new lives and life goes on. One day, the show will be over ………..



    Five people in front of Mirror
    Two Men
    Three Women
    All five, for sure look themselves in mirror, first
    After Men look women, for sure
    Two woman may response to the glances made
    One woman can resist the glances, didn’t responded and moved away.

    What demons did she battle?

    Connoting contemplation is never everyone’s verdict, only clear conscience echoes. Phenomenon truth common just see what appears in portrait………Tormenting are the realities …………….
    Greed, Lust and fatal attraction never stature to soulful emotions …… Facts are facts.

    Master made this universe with full of magnetic and magical elements. Attraction is one of them. Law of attractions, scientifically more or less mostly in usage. People agree the research work by study of science in this era a lot. Usually, they believe that law of attraction is the most irresistible and forceful. Putting that way:

    What does a mirror do? It mirrors or reflects object or a scene back. It simply throws up a reflection of whatever happens to be situated just in front of it. It is a snapshot of a specific area. It does not contain information about the time or place or context of anything that is going on outside of this perimeter. The mirror is impartial in what is reflected back. It is only when meaning is assigned to what is reflected back, that we begin to find out who is the fairest of us all. And then again, who is the judge of what is fair or not?

    Well, if you happen to be looking into the mirror that would be YOU. So my question then is, what exactly is being seen and reflected back? Well, everyone will see something different, determined by their focus, attitude and current mood or situation. For example, one day you can look at yourself and feel good with what is reflected back at you and another day, although you may have exactly the same clothes on, you may not feel so good about what is reflected back.

    So what makes the difference between one day and another? Well, quite simply – attitude or interpretation. Because we believe that what is being reflected back to us is the reality, we forget that this reflection is actually just an inverted mirage being held up in front of us. It is our interpretation of “the facts” that will determine the fairness of it all, so to speak. In other words, our definition.

    The information is not in what the mirror is actually reflecting back to us, but rather our interpretation of it. The meaning that we attach to what we see, how we feel about it, which is influenced by time and space and what we are looking to see.

    Remember, people tend to see and hear what they want to see and hear.

    This is because the brain works by matching up items. If you have been feeling ill or tired, the tendency is to search for matching criteria that will support this state. This is all well and good, yet to create change or redefine, there is an important step here that must not be overlooked.

    The step of choice!

    Reflection is always perspective holder and though of prospect too. The choice of thinking, of creating our mood or of our aptitude or attitude, somewhat is up to control of human gratitude. The mental frequencies do have the causes and effective influences, they vibe the energies we have, damage them or keep them alive. True it is complicated, but it is possible. Life on earth is difficult but considerably worth living.

    There are many elements, human cannot grip all at once. Gradually, step by step and with the passage of time we can acknowledge, we grew up and we shall be mature enough to cope them up. It’s not about how good we accumulated here or how bad we been through. It’s just about learning and the pursuit of output, we set for ourselves and to achieve what Divine sets for us.

    Mirage is optical phenomena and illusion but admirable. We can signify this with mirror and its reflection. We humans miraculously created among our creatures, to sojourn, to conquer and to evaluate. If we need mirror for assessments, the Universe does so. Beckoning the law of attraction here again, the core hit is here the gender division and related reasoning:

    How they interact and how they understand, underestimate or overestimate each other?
    Why they become playful, how they use each other?
    When, why and how they cross limits?

    First, comes own self and an individual understanding and acknowledgement, which is keep going journey till last breath. One can contradict himself/herself in many areas of life especially in period of trials and vicious circle. So in that case accepting other is reasonably tough, when a self in battling. However, Divine puts to tests, given opposite of wish in human mind and heart and devastate what one wants and check either who gonna be strong and stick to faith.

    Harassments, false attractions or illicit relationships are always been common. Humans love to have everything without any law and limits to boast or fulfill the ego. Conscience and consciousness demands laws, ethics and limits to stay pure and dignified. Evil of free will is the worst, so it should be refrained at any cost.

    Those who think they can be satisfied or contented just because they bluff other innocent soul just for their sake, they are fake. Sooner or later, here or another world some where they have to pay back. Physical appearance and its charm never lasts forever. Yes it’s impelling evil force though, but not soulful unless the union is true and bonded.

    Actions derive panted up intrinsic mirages.
    Whatever we invent inside we spit out the same. What reasonably justify:

    The step of choice!

    This is truth that Remember, people tend to see and hear what they want to see and hear. But this is not certain to keep them sound the same they want. We need to be original not the copier all the time. We need to be what worth us as original.

    Truly, enough the time comes when it is near to impossible to be sheltered or to be shielded but even the worst periods of trials we only need to be stayed genuine to ourselves. Sometimes efforts shudder the energies nothing else but time becomes the healer and the best entity to justify the recovery of loss and grieves.

    See mirror so often to address your soul and soulful acts and let be the inner true and pure mirage your lead. The step of choice!




    What, When, Why and How?

    What is velocity and vertigo in terms used here?
    When did I realize this to be felt?
    Why it is essential to address?
    How can I deal with it?

    Mental energies are so vibrant that they could travel one place to another same is the case with the thinking and imagination. What we generate in thinking, When we generate in our imagination, why and How actually matters ……………… Does physical and environmental aptitude and emancipation essential for it?

    Nah ….. Yah ….. May Be
    See mental games they are never stable, many clues and many tricks … Trick out of trick actually clue us to our performance, really isn’t?

    It is not that easy to understand, the underworld of our mind is really an invasive ocean, it has many species hidden deep down. This is about an individual, about a mind and what if there be many minds, many mental energies ……..How would they be controlled? How they would be ruled?

    Precise to the limit, motivational or inspirational spirit is mundane or a gift? Or it is subject to human will to be ruled or over ruled or its just slave to fate? How possibly we can address this?

    Labyrinth is this mind in shape of walnut……………many questions juggle at once and seek of a answer is a traveling one door to another. Capacity of human defines what, when, why and how one can learns, travels and amplifies ……..
    Yah…..Nah… May Be …

    Mental Energies……..Thinking….. Imagination ….. Unconscious Mind….. Motivation……. Inspiration ….. Capacity and strength!

    As brevity is the soul of wit, concisely, Nature is only Existence which endorsed it’s Manifestations. It’s not just happened; it exists from first to last, Alpha to Omega, Beta to Gamma and all in all to Sigma ………..

    Nature has its own course of actions in space and time and also specific actions out of spam and time. For Nature, it rules and over ruled and still be Mighty any other creature with in range of time and space can not over or under estimate the Nature. Time and space is again big thing to debate …..

    Why it is needed to be here because here on earthly life we have all the mix ……..

    Mental energies, which gave ecstasy beyond is out of the frame of time and space……. This is Universal Truth!

    Thinking and Imagination which inspires and motivates, artistic and creative is also free of limits ……..No Time…No Space … This is Divine Truth!

    Unconscious mind has no clock and an immense horizon, apparently dark, dead and transparent but it exists. Again no spam here, no needles to rule … This is Mysterious Truth!

    Reasoning to act and mental stimulation could be sudden or could be not but this is something which gonna catch with in certain lines for certain objectivity. Yah …. This is Logical Truth!

    Capacity and strength … Ahh pre-defined sometimes, absorbed sometimes, sometime this and sometimes that, controversial and emblem of change …… Nah… Yah … May Be……. It can be ordinates, originates and could be vertical or crucial ……..…. This is Physical Truth!

    Time and space revolves and changes the Truth and Nature of Truth ….. ..
    Timelessness and spinelessness changes Nada … It travels between and beyond Nothingness ……….. Nah…… Yah … May Be….

    Existence and Reality both have clash. The apparent reality is not what actually it is. Nature defines it so and so in accordance to the physical and environmental sciences. Existence depends either its based on time or space just like human bodies or beyond that just like human soul and mental energies.

    Out of that what synergy we have? What synthesis we have?
    What if as Greek Myth describes the caricature characters and they exist? What if that myth would be real? What if Unicorns exist?

    What if mind says and it just happens, though it is happening distance been destroyed by man by inventing and by his innovation, where communications been done far away even with alive hallucinations, seems real person in front.

    So this if, been achieved some what man’s mind is traveling now between and beyond time, distance and space ………
    Nah … Yah ….. May Be …

    Velocity; speed has its own worth it could be controlled and uncontrolled. It is not always bearable …… It requires and challenges the mental, physical and psychological capacities. Vertigo; a sensation of whirling and loss of balance, associated particularly with looking down from a great height, similarly challenges the gravity.

    As each body of living creature has its own capacity of absorbing velocity, vertigo, time and space, same is the case of soul. We here in this universe dealing with two extremes and both differs each other and with the passage of time and space causes and effects also changes one edge to another, bad to worse, fair to good…..
    Yah …. Nah … May Be …

    We have actually alignment to revolve in, if it be out we shall be lost, because emptiness and nothingness is also Nature’s side, it is also naturally invented …. That could not be denied……….. Though it had been denied yet not …….

    Now it depends What, When, Why and How an individual will realize the spark that impelled to touch the untouched ………….. That one space to another hit from filler to the empty, existence to emptiness and every thing to nothingness ………….

    Being observer and absorber, I realized Me, Myself and I’s vertigo velocity with in range and it could be predictable to some extend and rest many aspects unattended. Since out of range subject to time, space and distance yet to explore ………

    This journey is an individual story one line to another, start to finish and there are many adventures and many more manifestations …. ……. Nah… Yah …. May Be ….

    Let Logic turns over the Cosmology, Let Nature turn over Nurture ….Let be ….Keep going and keep asking yourself questions, they are better to move forward …… Keep seeking the answers…………. Many manifestations yet to endorse ……..



    Limits and connections two majors to be addressed, both have their consequences both have their ways and results. True is the saying that a wise person in harmony with fate is sensitive but determined.

    Determination is sticking something which is intuitively accurate towards the success it is not equal to stubbornness which can has the bitter results in end. Deepening our sense of purpose is actually fortitude to win observing and absorbing true nature of things.

    Compulsive pathological lying is delusion of a persona, but it’s malicious for one till he/she enjoys. There are lots of socio problems been in our Era promoted that are by Nature and Nurture. Some times genetics are root cause of such nervous barriers and sometimes environmental sources.

    Pre-requisitions, for any pre-advancements, for the growth of psychology and it’s study is useless today by saying this I have my logic, since it is been emphasized that system and most vitally the universal karmic sources themselves drawn the destructive quantity increase to living world.

    Narcissistic approach is much highlighted in humans today. Sociopath and Psychopath is emblem of normality though, pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes are also very obvious, see selfie’s on face book and social media.

    These days social media is portraying the worse image, where as they can play the most morale institution for the humans for learning. Fictitious characters, stories and their false plot creating and wide spreading pseudo logia fantastica in common being more and on. People are interested in day dreaming and fantasizing things which are not actually existing, similarly they web unrealistic images and characters for themselves. Such activity generating many characters out of one person, this is desirable to each person today especially men, by hitting men here, I am again logical because Nature made this gender dominant and being Alpha Male they vibrate this energy more and consider them Hawks.

    Big five personality traits (Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Intraversion, Agreeableness & Neuroticism)
    In humans may elaborate their sense of category of living but this is all about theories. We never exact access the person in situation for the intentions though for actions we have way of manifestations and demonstrations. Consequently, the science we create to understand the reasons of life, nature, actions and most probably the way we think roughly the idea. This idea is actually the seed, the root cause for any result or reasoning.

    Why people are interested in killing time of others? Why people are deliberately torturing and tormenting the psyche of a common and peaceful mind? Why few people are like hawks and some like doves? Why people in this time are more mythomanic, this is generic, genetic or zonal reality? Why people are more pleased by BDSM rather than true essence of intimacy? There are so many questions and no reasonable answers ……..

    The gamut for this karma results how an individual perceives self-schema, Self image is stereotype here and it defines actually three ways:

    1. Self-image resulting from how the individual sees themselves.
    2. Self-image resulting from how others see the individual.
    3. Self-image resulting from how the individual perceives others see them.

    Now the reasons, causes and effects begin from here and than it interprets various aspects interacting with others. Our time defines the person who odors maximum triarchic model (Boldness, Meanness & Disinhibition) which is simple the accurate sign of psychopath these days.

    More or less this is true that out of 10 we are interacting 4 are psychopath or sociopath. Especially when the interactions are mostly of voice command and in person no one is interacting. But people are communicating their emotions by words, expressing it and try to empathize the emotions through reading and finally they fulfill their greed via voice command but out of that this is a stereotype of evil adultery which imprints badly the soul.

    Now the problems are many and solutions are none as the controlling authorities or counseling authorities do not bother the social grooming and governing any more. We know what people beneath the surface are doing, how evil they becoming day by day, what procrastinations they have for just better source their erotic needs to be fulfilled but so far no actions we web to count on them.

    Concept of liberalism is controversial here. Origins, Operationalizations, and Observed Linkages with Personality and General Psychopathology all are inter connected aspects. Personality of human is complex; it is emblem of mind map and intensity of emotions. Then again the day first to till the youth image of a personality the experiences, course of actions and reactions matters a lot.

    The circumstances that would be imprinted on conscious mind, though on unconscious mind actually mask conscientiousness. Machiavellianism is the main trait today for personalities around who believes short way to success in each aspects of life.

    Hexaco model of Dark triad would be more explaining term for such level. That’s true that highly sensitive person may fall to this scope of living but usually hypersensitive people are prey of such therapists. Watchfulness is essential since this is vice versa. Hence, mental disorders, abnormal social behavior, failure to recognize what is real, multiple personality/ split personality disorders which are genetic and environmental both elements.

    All this represents Schizophrenia, the signs are very obvious in humans these days. I would believe that this Era itself represents its time when humans are naturally more afflicted of this all than nurture.

    The mask of sanity which people have adopted in veil of religion is nothing but boasting of their false super ego, the end for this people defined none because they would believe for the moment staying and moment livings.
    Immorality, unethical attributes social and individual living bondages ….How we define them where as attractions to multiple or opposite sex is inhuman where as to restrict to one up to some extend would be trial most of times in living era.

    This is what we evaluate in societies these days; even history is evident over it. The kids by their own father been rejected to groom but other person may adopt for the social bondage (though they are not emotionally connected). Celibacy is evident then out of many reasons but is this human? Where as human 6 basic needs defined as:

    Self-Fulfillment Needs
    Psychological Needs
    basic Needs

    Is our fate is so easy today to have above all?

    Does we all are fulfilling the natural all needs? Desires and range of destinations are far above. The third world countries, even the first world countries are producing more sociopath and psychopath rather than healthy wealthy wise humans.

    The purpose here is not the denial of the creativeness, discoveries, innovations and the master mind activities of humans they are obvious and are ruling; on the contrary the grey shades of the today’s human are very obvious. They are having more darker area than the brighter one. New humans covering the range of old ones, even than once they reach to level and age of later one’s they realize the same grey shades. The black and grey area is increasing; knowingly we are certain of the reasons even than we fall to the traps.

    Yeah attachments, emotional links today are traps, intimacy and expectation to be cared is a trap because dysfunctional is obvious. What kinda attachments we have secure, anxious, avoidant or anxious –avoidant? Where we fall? Where other’s fall? We should evaluate …We should assess what behavior we are adopting time to time and why? Are we consistent in our behaviors, if yes than why….if not than why?

    Let us think about it …………
    Let us think and evaluate our own grey shades and than of others……..

    To Be Continued!!

Distance ….. Distances!!


    So far instantly the sight travels, distance never be covered by the sight as sight has the limitations. Far sighted things are vague enough to carry, to adore to understand and to analyze…..

    Is there any book of logic that defines the distance chemistry, is there any school of principal that elaborates the distance created blue feelings? Is there any equipment that could measure the emotions been evaporated or aspired by the gaps and the gulps?

    Emotions travel also, yes they do travel where as the distances are certain and static, they remain the same, emotions travel with the senses….. Distances have nothing to with senses and emotions …. Infact there is no comparison of Distances with the Emotions but they lingered hanged up with the entities.

    Quest for nest and nest quest is obvious in this world but who can make nest over the slippery waters… Does any one can? No one can …. Never … Never Ever be …

    The distances themselves quest for the ends, each way has the end but distances has no ends , it is the journey with in journey, it is distant far away for the distance.

    What else one can do if the distances themselves become the language and define what emotions can….. What else one can do if the natural resources and instinctive all aspects been covering and rolling up the different perspective….

    Perspectives for distances … All around the world are different yet where ever you are in the world… It is in shape oval….

    This is the year 2013 and the distances to the central point of one’s standing to another is gummed, this is the year 2013 and the century is static yet Universal entities are revolving., this is the year 2013 yet the emotions of this Era Human is the same of the First Human, this is the year 2013 and the world remains in shape oval …. This is year 2013; yes it is year 2013 yet ….

    Time, Years, Distances and Emotions all are strange in their resolving and revolving entities, they have their existing circles yet they empowers the another, interact with each other …..

    Only the Creator is the Creator of all Creativity….
    All above are Creator’s Creativity …

    Destiny is also His Creativity. He Creates we copy, He Generates we creep….
    Every thing is copy of copy…. Origin is Nature; Nature is originality fake is the reflection which is of origin which disappears with moth light what stays the receptivity with deceptively…. I am talking about Destiny of Destiny! Struggle is something Destiny is everything!! A command is of Rule and of Ruler.
    Destiny is one focal point and distance is associated with….. Distance of destiny or destiny of distance both varies one scale to another ….

    This is all about here in the world distance to destiny or destiny to distance….
    Traveling is for sure the possibility to explore….

    Destiny of distance obviously fluxes with distance of destiny….
    This flux emanates and rejuvenates with Destiny to Distance and Distance to Destiny…

    Provoke the thought it seeds the incredible duel, doings, deeds …. Yes Indeed.

Me, Myself And I …….


How strange is the lot of our mortals, each of us is here for brief sojourn; for what purpose we know not, though sometimes sense it but we know from daily life that we exist for other people first of all, for whose smile and well-being our own happiness depends !!

I looked in the mirror I searched where is ‘Me’….. I watched myself in the reflections and I quested where is ‘Me’… I saw myself a shadow, as shadow and in shadows and I struggled where is ‘Me’……. I eyed myself once and again whatever I do, I remain do the conscious effort that where I Am as ‘Me’……..

I looked mirror, I watched reflections, I follow shadows, I eyed….. I do all to endure myself, to capture the own, to innovate the self image, to explore as I Am be Me ….. I searched, I quested and I struggled what I got ……

‘’Nothing is out of the realms of possibility. But to make a change it does take conscious effort.”

I look in mirror and I found that I am ‘Me’ … … I watch myself in the reflections and I found that I am ‘Me’… I see myself is shadow, I see myself in shadows and I found that I am ‘Me’ …. I eyed myself once and again whenever I found that I am ‘Me’ ….

Strange are the times when I look in mirror and my eyes hold Me, Myself and I in the mirror and as well in my eyes cornea, I found that even mirror is in my eyes to see myself not the extrovert that been model to watch oneself….

Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange is the lot of our mortals……. I am what I am …But what actually I am … I found that and I know that I am “Me’ but what actually I Am? And what infact ‘Me’ is? Does this be examined sometimes… … Do we have parameter to judge it?

Do I can a justice to Myself, justice to Ownself, justice to Self Image, justice to I, justice to Me and justice to Self …. Reliance and Self Reliance is key to open the specific door of knowledge for the Self window World…… Do I can? If I cannot, no one else can……….If I do possibly all do …..

    Nothing belongs to my soul here from the beginning to end, for me nothing is mother seed…… I learnt everything here on earth by life through nothingness to everything!! Through everything to nothingness…….. Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange the lot of our mortals……is.

Here belongs what spell the magic forward and backwards, what send to above will receive the same as revert …..Resume to what Self Preserved ……. It plays as mentioned to……… ? Make a wish into the well, that’s all you have to do. And if you hear it echoing, your wish will soon come true. ?

The self dilemma is a phenomenon of Me, Myself and I ………The self is phantom of many phantoms that lives in the world of phantasmagoria of Me, Myself and I ……… The self is universe of self universe where the colors can see and violet the roses but even in that universe the thorns are there….. Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange the lot of our mortals……is.

The self is a throne of throne, the throne of self, impressive if the inside the wolf is a pet …….If not than the king of throne himself the peril, the peril worst than enemy ……… Than the king of throne himself the enemy of peril to none but himself, to own self, to me, myself and I ……. Stand on your own two feet. Self-reliance is all you have………….!! Even if you are king in Self Throne ….. Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange the lot of our mortals……is.

I found fire on the surface of waters; the fire is on the waters on the same waters that bear and wide up the fire …….Though knowing the self is fire or the water of depth of depth whatever it be it covers the three faces of oneness, though they be three faces of Eve or three faces of Adam…….. All three faces rolled up in one … The one splited as three ……..Me, Myself and I …… Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange the lot of our mortals……is.

A human as self is an amphibian due the power of imagination and because of unconquerable will six times roll as one and when comes to faces three times roll in one, committing the lines of Me, Myself and I ……..The three faces of oneness, though they be three faces of Eve or three faces of Adam…….. Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange is the lot of our mortals…….

    I am not my own ideal image yet in myself and I hold what holdings convey through speeches ………I am not my own ideal image yet …………

    This is possibility of impossibility so far here again the stand on own two feet and self reliance all what we have but till yet the ideal is of the image yet I have not achieved …..I am not my own ideal image …..

    Self satisfaction is phantom here ….self reliance and self satisfaction may occur to that bravest lucky who achieve the ideal image of own, of all three faces and all in three face of Me, Myself and I ……

Every person has a unique perspective on their life and so does upon the self of self. As human beings, we are prone to make mistakes. One mistake we can make is a self-confirming diagnosis.

Self alarming diagnosis, self angling, and self aligning without considerations what the source being committed to…….. Though it highlights the hamersia, it segregate the errors but it is exploration of self image and when it comes to explore the self image than self alarms, self diagnosis, self angling and self alignments all are there…..

The most important character is self, and own self is the king of all other rolled images or faces ….. Be simple and listen to your profound being. Act freely and with serenity…… Listen to self and own Profound Being! As profound being is proof of what ideal image self needs to has…….. Prove to be a profound being ….It’s not easy but conscious effort can prove to ……….

In every social psychology book out there, a section is devoted to the self. Obviously this is really important because we all have a self concept that drives how we operate in the world around us. There are many words used such as self concept, self schema, self-serving bias, and dual attitudes.

Each of these ideas influence the importance of how we need to understand ourselves better in order to be better school psychologists and serve the students who need our help. When working with students it is important to keep our self bias out. We cannot let our personal opinions or attitudes (implicit or explicit) to influence our work.

Every person has a unique perspective on their life. As human beings, we are prone to make mistakes. One mistake we can make is a self-confirming diagnosis. Self alarming diagnosis, self angling, and self aligning without considerations what the source being committed to…….. Be simple and listen to your profound being. Act freely and with serenity……

Profound Being! The three faces of oneness, though they be three faces of Eve or three faces of Adam…….. Me, myself and I…. Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange is the lot of our mortals…….
Idea of the self: self-image of a man going to build gradually throughout life, from infancy. They did years have a decisive influence in shaping self-image, self-image, but changes occur throughout life. Changing self-image adapts to changes in physical, mental, social intellect that occur in man.

Self-image is one of the main factors that influence human behavior. Self-image is an organized system of assessments that the person ascribes attributes to himself and behaves accordingly.

A different person during his lifetime his views on the system itself: the physical and personality traits, the difficulties in different areas of his ministers and his aspirations for the future.

Self-image and to adopt man is an important factor in shaping behavior. For example: a person who appreciates my friends felt himself safe in society and tends to tie knots faster than a person who believes that he is not sociable.

William Pitts (of the major researchers in the field component that self-image questionnaire Lmadidtho) distinguishes between self-image of five parts:

    1. Personal image – perception of the personality traits.
    2. A physical image – perception of body, health and appearance of the individual.
    3. Image removed – by the concept of morality and behavior norms.
    4. The image of family – the human perception of time itself in his perception of the family structure family treated him.
    5. Social image – perception of himself in relation to others in social interactions. Self interest in individual properties attributes to himself, the self-esteem and the value he attributes to these features. Self-esteem is a function of the human ability to achieve estimated his company, such as athletic ability, education and profession.

Adopt a positive assessment about himself when his accomplishments or qualities respected company, a negative evaluation when they are not valued in the company. There is also feasible to distinguish between image and ideal image.

Real image is the perception of himself as he is present. With the construction of his real self-image and apply a value to the child learns to make up the features of his self-image. Earliest childhood his parents instill values.

From these estimates, the child learns what you want the company to adopt an ideal image is the image of a man himself is not as present, but as it was like to be. This is the figure that the person wants it.

The greater the gap between the real image and ideal image, the stronger a person’s feeling that he could not fulfill his ambitions. Self satisfaction is phantom here than again the three faces, Me, Myself and I roll in oneness.

Adopt the inspiration of profound being ideal image to real image but don’t ruin the existing image, the breathing self ….. Both are in juxtaposition yet have the same entity of survival……. Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange is the lot of our mortals…….

Resulting in low self-esteem. In contrast, when a small gap between the real image and ideal image, the person close to fulfilling his ambitions, and values himself positively. A certain gap between the real image of an ideal is a driving force. He drives the individual to realize his ambitions, provided they are realistic and not too far away real capabilities properties.

Carl Rogers believes that too great a gap between the real image attests to the ideal image of poor mental health. With such a person might wake up feeling inferior result was not achieved, which set itself.

Rogers saw the parents at the donor centers and an initial self-image design. He believes that a child whose parents believe that a positive appreciation, love and accept it, will formulate positive self-image and vice versa.

Rogers did not mean that there are foster child assessments that do not have basis in reality but rather intended to say that to accept the child as he stressed that the party’s charges.

Development of self concept: self-assessment: As mentioned above, school age also begin to develop the human self-esteem. Until now was almost self-image component values. At this age children become more aware of important features that are considered admirable in their company.

They internalize the ideals and expectations of society and build the ideal self-real self. They feel high self-esteem gifted and they chose the features you want, and feel low self-esteem if they do not have these features.

At a central role in shaping self-esteem. Since the IPS is one of the goals, including academic achievements in sports and art achievements, academic achievements occupy an important place to self-image and self-esteem at this age.

Erickson, referring to the age at (Stage Arrow runs against inferior) highlighted the crisis that characterizes children at this time. They feel high self-esteem. On the other hand, when they fail or do not meet the requirements at, they feel inferior – low self-esteem. Self-identity: formation of individual moral image in adolescence has important development on the self-image: designer to adolescent self-identity.

Self-identity of human consciousness means being unique and different from other people and receive their own basic, if not all perfect with my own eye, identity formation of I believed for some time that while chemical reactions can explain how we gather and process information, the actual “consciousness” (“soul”, if you will) exists in another, separate part of the brain.

Dr. Jacob Sage describes this perceived separation of mind and brain as “dualist”. As a neurosurgeon, he considers the consciousness equal to the brain: It gathers processes and stores information. That is all YOU are, and that is all YOU need to be to function as you do.

The concept that humans are nothing more than biological creatures is not novel; but beliefs that humans are more than animals because we think progressively and temper our reflexes with logic, survive to this day.

Religion, philosophy and modern individualistic values affirm and reaffirm these concepts. But at the same time, Copernicus finds the geocentric model incorrect; Freud proclaims humans nothing but products of genetics and environments; Nietzsche declares the way he saw in image of wars ………

I believe as, God’s Creature ………Profound in being if wanna be …….Self indemnity is the identity of what perceived, conceived and declared ………. Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange the lot of our mortals……is.

A heliocentric solar system does not make people any more or less important than they were before the discovery; Freud’s insight does not eliminate free will; the existence (or lack thereof) of a deity should not diminish the value of moral behavior; and having a “conscious brain” does not make minds any less human.

    If your mind is your brain, your brain is your mind; whatever you call it, ‘IT’ is still YOU….. Covers the depth of Me, Myself and I …..

    Conflux and juxtaposition as what is You emblem of Me (Consciousness), Myself (Sub-Consciousness) and I (Unconsciousness)

This occurs in our experience of our own “Inner Life”, and in our concepts of the structure of “the person”. Thus we come to see the self as a bounded persisting entity, rather than as a dynamic open network of relations.

I will argue that the view of self as entity or essence is maintained so strongly because it is rooted in these basic non conscious cognitive approximations.

However, the other side of our pattern seeking, which simplifies by lumping (unifying, finding more relatedness), can be corrective to the creating of isolated entities by splitting.

Considerations of self existence to self knowing to the journey of self ideal image construction to a profound being and then tree of three facet of Me, Myself and I…..

Then there is distinction of one more vital aspect of No Self, if one lives and still be static like stone and no reorganization to the own entities which sojourn of life to live and to sustain as alive………

Huge are the topics when they come to such entities of thought to analyze or to elaborate, such vividness of thoughts got more expansion and more extensions because they cannot conclude easily, they are complex in complicated frames ……

Strange is the lot of our mortals, each of us is here for brief sojourn; for what purpose we know not, though sometimes sense it but we know from daily life that we exist for other people first of all, for whose smile and well-being our own happiness depends !!

Self alarming diagnosis, self angling, self aligning, self assessments and Own self emphasis of changing and exploring the frames ……..

Even if you are king in Self Throne, in self image or in self frame….. Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange the lot of our mortals……is.

As alternative compassion the clause Me, Myself and I, may consider as the self centered pride worthy somewhat of human as well but again …. Even if you are king in Self Throne, Strange are the times and strange are the beings and how strange the lot of our mortals……is.


Caged in a Bubble …..!


Yeah finally I got it where I am caged in …………caged in a bubble, a bubble may pinned by circumstances any time, some time and every times but what merely happens is the caged bubble remains the same…..

Bubble and bubbles make their distinction what they carry, what they are ballooning upon …… What they are made up of and how far they transfer the forum …..

Seeing everything as either great or awful cuts a lot out of the picture. Most of life falls somewhere in between. Similarly as caged in a bubble is between where the life and breath could lead up to, now the distinction between life and breath could be easily sorted out once the breath could be held and life could be seized and once breath could be released the life would be at ease.

Caging yourself in something that mind core the aura of thinking but being caged by time’s myth or fate’ will is the what killing sometimes when mind’s entities reserve and deserve the knowledge of knowing all about but even than in tough times it is better to at hands of time and be in will of fate because in trials they could seize or release even better than human own choice…….

Bubble ….How last a bubble could? Yeah for very short frame so does….. The breath does and the life avail …… by taking this breath does…..And when it comes to such understanding that breath always caged in bubble though that journey be begins from the womb where a human figure rest in ball of womb same as bubble and apparently in outer world though the bubble may not be seen but each character caged in certain bubble of breath that be designed for the specific for the selective own.

Bubble …. How last a bubble could? Yeah for very short frame so does the breath realistically, as it proven one breath comes and later dies…… The later dies and the formal lives, the former dies and the later lives …..

So one’s death is gateway to another’s life and one’s life is door way to another’s death, same as one breath kills the next and next coming breath kills the first breath that been taken…..

Imagery be the bubble ……Bubble though has very thin film but it’s been sustain so far it could be…Life in such cage, that lasts the same duration as the bubble lives and dies, bubble be in air and touched the ground or even disappear before touching the surface of the ground…….

I am caged in my certain bubble and you are in yours certain, out of certainties or uncertainties. Everybody caged in certain bubble, knowingly or unknowingly what last is breath in the bubble unless it touched the surface to kill the bubble Aura of circumference.

Bubble may or may not be in origin by appearance, or by existence but what it is just for the shortage of short time frame in such a mere unrealistic reality that couldn’t be apprehend so easily…..

Caged in bubble is though apparently never been realized but it does if intensity could rise up to …… Cage is the cage and trap is the trap…..Cage is similar to trap and trap so far to cage ….Both Bounds….Both Capture…Both Line Up …..Both are far from the sense and ability of liberty and freedom ……

Cage is a cage though it is made up of various bubbles or a single balloon bubble, though it balls around but the character preserved in remains in the orbit can’t untouch the unlined surface ……. Cage is though a cage …. Though it is of bubble ….

Caged in a bubble is the realization of the intensity of the pregnant thought that could breath for a single second and dies in coming next one ……. Cage is a cage though it is of Bubble ….

Finally I got it where I am caged in …………caged in a bubble, a bubble may pinned by circumstances any time, some time and every times but what merely happens is the caged bubble remains the same…..

Doors…Dream Doors..Doors of Dreams…Dreamy Doors


How many doors? How many doors I have to open?? How many doors?

Doors… Dream Doors……Doors of Dreams… Dreamy Doors …Doors full of locks…locked doors…open doors… the doors I wish to open ….the doors already open for me ….Ah…The doors ….All these doors …

The doors I wish to open they are with certainties and with uncertainties, far beyond reach if I cover the distance they seems to be close but still holding the distance and still hold the pain that are closed for me ….

The shut doors ….doors made of all materials high and huge in size and I stay figured in the stature so low in energy to cover all the distances and begin the journey to watch, to open, to pass on or pass in through all doors….

So far how many and how far……How far I road to run to and how many these doors all around to open them with my powers, with my essence…..The keys and catching or the hold ones, they are all very much heavy and lots in number ….

No, how many doors? To walk in and how many world I have to see more over where do I am travelling so far and how far I have to …..Why such long distances to cover? These long distances?

Perhaps I need distances to come closer to my own self and these all doors are the worlds of my own major world of purpose … Does really so?

The feelings to rush these distances are like a rolling stone gathers no moss ….. The fact of facts that why such huge doors are the hideous or insidious? They are all the ways in front, at back, at distance, at step and far away to reach to them ….

It seems to be funny to beat the drum by yourself….. But in such world of lots of doors and I have to select consciously for the conscious steps for the opening of the gates and the available doors with the specific keys they all are not worthy of the available doors ….

Sometimes its’ easy to open door after door with the same sole key and sometimes there are many keys never fix to any of them ….. Numerous keys and various doors…

That’s really effort worthy very thoughtful but I cannot just be stuck there …..Need to move on as moving on is somewhat a need whereas on the road of life there are so many turns so many spots where one want to be nothing but a statue ….

Among all the doors the greatest one is of which relate with the destiny…The destiny door is the rarest very hidden among so many other doors…This door is like window sometimes open outdoors and usually it is insidious when it opens inside it writes every reality on the whole clear pages ….

For me the doors remain magical and magnetic sometimes they be open with the essence of eyes, sometimes essence of sense, sometimes with the essence of feelings, sometimes essence of emotions, sometimes with the essence of mental capabilities, sometimes within the need and sometimes powers never work…

Sometimes faith and believe may also deceive to the ultimate edge nothing works when emotion being kill by emotion, when sense being kill by sense, when weakest of need kills by the peakest, when peakest of need kills by the weakest, when and then nothing works but something which is hidden or insidious to destiny ….

Rules or be ruled by destiny by play, by role, by key, by door, by steps, by faith …..By faith….By faith or by belief when ultimate edge stays perceptive or deceptive or inceptive … Inception be the course…

These door though they appear in imagination or deepest of perception these all doors are meaningful it depends how they associated, judged, interpreted and enhanced by knowledge within the life scenario …

Doors interpret as many reflections, such as that if you are entering through a door indicates fresh opportunities that you will encounter. An open door may indicates a new opportunity or the entering into a new facet of your life. You are moving into a new chapter in your life and to a different level of consciousness. A door that opens to the outside represents your desire to be available to others more.

A door that opens inward suggests your wish to have self-realization or internal discovery. About opened doors represents your ability to take on new thoughts and ways of doing things.

To see light behind the door indicates that you are on the path to better spiritual faith. About locked doors indicate that you have either been denied chances or that you have missed them.

If you are on the outside of a locked door, then you may possess some characteristics that others would call anti-social….……. If you are on the inside of a locked door……… then you must accept the knowledge of a difficult lesson.

If you are locking doors that indicate that you are shutting yourself ……… off from others……… You have difficulty letting people get to know you and this is significant of a halt in development, serenity or maturity.

Revolving doors indicates that your life is simply moving in circles and nothing is moving you forward. You could be sensing that your choices are going nowhere. You may feel that your opportunities and choices lead to a dead end

To me, to I …… to Me, Myself and to I …. The door is the abstract reality, it subtract the sense of existence and add the sense of concentration and consciousness to the world ahead for the knowing of gain …..Doors are abstract reality …..

The door or the doors, many in number or shape, appearance or in reality all doors are the gateway to some knowings …..Doors are abstract realities based on inspection, inception and deception ….Doors is abstract reality …. Surely are …….

Stream of Consciousness of Anonymous


( The Heart )

“His heart is a suspended lute, as soon as it is touched, it resounds………….”

Heart always think why such situations held to the personality who acts non judgmental, and stare the circumstances as they trapped and need badly the way out whereas trap has no way out no door to run, to have the path to select ………….BUT it resounds, it rebukes, it creates, fabricates, knits and fascinates………

‘’I sustained till the breath last me for my dream’’

You can’t be there where I’m , My Fate brings me unusual ………unconditional, uncongenial, unconventional and unpredictable ivory …………it is priceless in my sight and has no cost to world outside, as they don’t know that dream……… they have no eyes like me to see………’’

‘’Come open those parts of the window that only seen by me, which just open to the ways where the spring’s voice aloud and vice versa is character, be this is easy if u get easy in toughness’’

‘’Listen the sweet flute of my heart it swings yours, it brings the corners to the gardens of light, it make many characters of own happiness, they are not bubble …………they are ever lived characters………’’

‘’Story within story…………this is the biggest stage of all stages………this performance is the huge of all………it has contents, it has script but characters are no longer the men but here the characters are hearts…………..’’

Feather Men, they spread and wide open the wings and capture the reality in course of their selfishness, the politics is the ground and they just play the part which linger their needs and desires well……….. Flying is an art which is unknown to them but their feathers do as they are instinctively inclined.

‘’ Swans, white or though black all have art of uniqueness, they emblem the source of reality, the innocence and experience.’’

The appearance of fundamental soundness is visibly flawed…… As the Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, they are strange, full of characters, full of varity and various conscientiousness, the impulsiveness in conscience and consciousness prove futile when appearance mirror to inner character, what if both were the same, what if they don’t deceive each other, what if both stay on one straight path, what if this sound, this voice, this world where this inner character refugee for a while focus on one main subject to breath, what if these differences no more, what if this world configure, what if it confess the outer realities just to cynosure the internal Supremes……….What if this stream get a chance and be aloud with truth to the audiences, sooner or later this ultimate truth of voice heard by the sensitive keen ears ……….

‘’Extremes and Supremes are there in world of achievements, this business of earnings all to such norms who even waste their last breath for money making and finally got nothing …… Only Virtue endears’’

‘’This wealth for the richness and for the riches is just nothing more than weighing a weight upon a shoulder and handover to another once finished the journey and change the tram for the another journey…………The understanding to that is simple to those who knows the meaning of travelling and stay in such course, they don’t stay, they don’t keep, they don’t lust ………they just fastened the belt for safe journey’’

“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

‘’ Heart is the strangest character, believe, beat, blow, swings, sings, possessed, assessed, let go…….it pursue, it is the purest part yet it is a strange character……it is heart, the time of all times, it is the heart, ages of all ages, it is the heart, strange of all strangers, it estranged …..It is the heart, condemns, consoles, speaks the loudness; captures the sound and play salience as role.… is the heart, though mine, and others have their own but yet it is anonymous……….Yes this is strange a character and anonymous, unknown to myself yet and how could other can understand it……….Heart as it has selective color the red but strings out for others and other variant colors…..Various, it has no language but it understands the purest one, simplest one, loyal one……. What if nothing touched to but yet emotions so close, perhaps it is gate way of knowing the celestial world, the real, the existing and the hereafter…….it gives the signs……this is Mr. Anonymous yet looks like me……….perhaps if finds for it cause, perhaps alive to seen the purpose, perhaps the guide for the actions, perhaps magic to allure, perhaps magnetic for the charm……… ‘’

‘’Heart; Self Esteemed……The Character……The Self Image…………The Self Schema……The conscientiousness…….. This is heart it believes in love in harmony, it believes in truth of innocence, beauty of experiences, source of nature, and to instinctive yearnings …. Heart which lead to the way of certainties, which bestow towards blessings, which attracts and attaches to the unknowns and the people of out of circumference………. This is heart which understands sometimes the unsaying and sometimes ignores the heard truth……… ’’

He thought of many ideas, out of which one is the best to play with the heart, endlessly it will provide and tell a unique story which could never be listened to the world outside, it has its own self world of happiness, own self world of awareness, own self world of assertiveness, own self world of defence mechanism ……… All aspects here in this special corner are the subject of knowing, are the object of procrastinations and are source to travel in so many other imaginative world……….

Stream of Consciousness  is itself a character of sound inside the mind and soul of human self home, this extreme and extravagant sound that would make noise through the speech or by the gestures or expressions, all these impressions are the subsidiary of whatever the emotional flow compare and contrasts……….

The stream of consciousness of mind is elaborated in the phase of earth and the stream of consciousness itself attached with the stream of structure of the emotional flow, the character HEART is one of its best example which adorn so many stream of sentiments, desires, flow of realities and appearances, it has the idiosyncrasies of its own character traits, Heart is the deepest core than ocean and the most highest in emotions as the mountain peak……..Its stream of knowledge, stream of emotions and stream of emblems all exist in core of senses……….The mingling of emotions with the course of consensus all allure the charismatic door opening to the journey of Innocence and Experience…………

This article depicts and symbolizes the wholesome desires, dreams and consequences of characters that heart allures and portrays in different phases, the heart is the most secretive of all other sense provoking components, it is not just the alive beating organ of human body but itself a character that own the identity of anonymous ………. Heart is conscientiousness, is a loyal active character, is esteemed treasure of self being.

The stream of consciousness of anonymous is deep as ocean and realization of that bliss beyond belief………….

‘Sleep Research & The Subconscious Mind’


Sleep research is all about coming to terms with the darker side of the mind. The science of sleep helps us delve into the subconscious mind and return with insights into the basic needs of the human brain and body.

“I’m not alseep… but that doesn’t mean I’m awake”


In this section, you can learn about the history and science of sleep, and how breakthrough theories from Sigmund Freud helped us to further our understanding of dreams and the subconscious mind.

Learn about the shocking effects of sleep deprivation – a state which lingers at the edge of consciousness, but for most people never quite takes hold. Later we will look at voluntary and forced sleep deprivation.


A History of Sleep

The science of sleep and dreaming goes back millennia as you will see in the history of sleep. See how the ancient Greeks and Egyptians interpreted dreams and created their own primitive theories of sleep.

Learn about Circadian Rhythms and how it was another two centuries before Sigmund Freud emerged on the scene with his famous book on dream analysis: The Interpretation of Dreams.


Why Do We Sleep?

To learn about modern sleep research, take a look at why do we sleep? This article explains the nature of the NREM and REM sleep cycles, with the brainwave changes that occur in the subconscious mind. It is all about the science of sleep and the human brain.

Discover the role played by neurotransmitters in sleep rhythms and compare human sleep requirements with a host of other animals. This leads to a look at evolution and the four main theories of sleep.


Sleep Deprivation

The most famous sleep research often involves sleep deprivation. When humans go without sleep for more than 24 hours, strange things begin to happen… Their minds and bodies soon deteriorate.

Learn about attempts to break the Guinness World Record for sleep deprivation, including Peter Tripp and Randy Gardner, and the planend stunt by David Blaine.

Discover the mental and physical effects of sleep deprivation, including real life studies of people with Fatal Familial Insomnia, a tragic genetic disease which kills its victims from a complete lack of sleep. Understanding this condition has driven the science of sleep to new realms.


Why Do We Dream?

If the light has been shed on sleep research – then we are still poking around in the dark for a practical theory of why do we dream?

There is plenty of dream research from the last few decades, but still there is no single accepted theory for this hallucinogenic state. Sigmund Freud had many ideas (including the theory of Id, Ego and Super-Ego) but Freud remains controversial to this day.

Some scientists say that dreams are random impulses from the brain stem, while others insist there is logic and meaning to our dreams, arising from the subconscious mind. Find out why some researchers think dreaming may be a coping method to help us deal with potential real life traumas.


Dream Interpretation

What is the meaning of dreams? Dream interpretation is based on the theory that dreams offer hidden messages from the subconscious mind. They may be vital to uncovering lost memories and repressed thoughts – if you really want to dig them up, that is.

Sigmund Freud was the first to put dream interpretation on the map of sleep research. Many people still find his dream analysis useful today. Here you can learn about the language of the subconcious human brain, and how we can relate to it with dream symbols.

This article explains the true meaning behind dreams – with scientific dream interpretation.

Dreams are like letters from the unconscious brain. If only they were written in the same language that we use in waking reality!

Alas, they are disguised through conceptual thinking, which is how the subconscious mind works. But we can decode this information with dream analysis.


How to Begin your Dream Interpretation

To begin your dream analysis, start a dream journal, for three reasons:

1. Improve your Dream Recall – so that in time you can remember up to five dreams every night (one for each REM sleep cycle). A powerful technique for remembering dreams is to set your alarm clock to wake you after each REM cycle has finished: first after 3 hours, then every 90 minutes thereafter. This can be disruptive to your sleep, but it is worth trying one night – you will be bowled over by the number of dreams you can recall!

2. Identify Dream Symbols – a dream journal allows you to track recurring dream symbols and translate the underlying meaning behind dreams. For instance, you may repeatedly dream about falling, but this only becomes clear when you count the number of times it appears in your dream journal. That’s because your subconscious mind is trying to send you a message in conceptual form.

3. Increase Dream Meaning – writing and talking about your dreams places greater importance on them in your subconscious mind. The power of the subconscious is truly amazing, and if you give it a task (to remember more dreams) it will comply. Suddenly you will be able to boost your dream recall and have greater opportunities to translate the meaning behind dreams. You may also realize that your dreams become more meaningful for as you open up a new communication channel with the subconscious mind.


How to Translate Srubconscious Dreams

The essence of dream interpretation is not to take things literally. Dreaming about death does not mean you are going to die. Instead it may represent the end of an era or part of your life.

Dream analysis is symbolic – because that’s how the subconscious mind works.

The human brain thinks and learns in neural patterns. If you fall off your bike and cut your knee, you will associate your bike with pain. Your subconscious then creates a “rule” to avoid falling off a bike in future. This is a neural pathway; a link between neurons in your brain. It is learned through experience.

Neural pathways become more complex over the years. They apply to every kind of experience in life. Your subconscious mind uses these associations in dreams.


How to Interpret Dream Symbols

You have a unique understanding of the world around you. As you grew up, your subconscious learned about friendship, love, loneliness and betrayal. It made up rules about every human emotion and how you should feel about life. These “rules” are reflected in your dreams each night.

But equally, we have all grown up in the same culture, the same era, and we are all human. So it’s no coincidence that we all make the same conclusions about life, subconsciously. That’s where a dream dictionary comes in extremely useful.

Cloud Nine: A Dreamer’s Dictionary is the most complete and comprehensive dream dictionary for beginners. It provides thousands of dream symbols and definitions to translate your subconscious dream interpretation.

For anyone looking to find the meaning behind dreams, this dream dictionary is an excellent start. It also teaches you how to:

  • keep a dream journal
  • identify dream symbols
  • encourage peaceful sleep
  • remember more dreams
  • gain insights from nightmares
  • invoke healing dreams

Cloud Nine is written by a practicing psychologist in California and has received some rave reviews on Amazon. Highly recommended for understanding the true meaning behind dreams.

What is The Unconscious Mind?
The Search for The Inner Self


What is the unconscious mind? How does it think? And what is the connection with the inner self? This article takes a look at the nature of the subconscious mind and how to communicate to your true inner self with Greene’s Release.


A Brief History

The subconscious mind is a concept created more than 200 years ago, by a man named Carl Gustav Carus. He theorized that beyond our conscious existence, humans also have a latent unconscious mind.

Later, Sigmund Freud said that this subconscious mind is a fairly dark place, that stores traumatic and repressed memories. While we may be unaware of them, these experiences can strongly influence our daily lives. The only time they are freely expressed are during psychotic episodes – and dreams.

But Freud’s protege, Carl Jung, took this theory even further, blurring the rules that Sigmund Freud had set for the unconscious mind and forming a whole new structure of the human mind. Jung said that the unconscious mind is full of transcendent truths – and that we can grow by bringing these truths into conscious awareness. He said the best way to achieve this is through dream interpretation.


Modern Theories of The Subconscious Mind

There are a whole range of interesting theories on this. The idea I like most is described by Janet Greene of Greene’s Release in The Five Stages of Life. It explains how the subconscious mind builds up inaccurate perceptions of the world through early experiential learning. Here it is, in a very small nutshell:


Stage 1 – We enter life with complete freedom to be ourselves. Our inner self (or spiritual essence) shines through to the physical world. We eat when we feel hungry. We sleep when we feel tired. We laugh when we feel happy. The only thing influencing our behavior is gut feeling. We live in the now.


Stage 2 – As children, we learn the rules of life from direct experience. There are good and bad experiences, but even the bad ones – traumatic events, abuse, poor self esteem – are stored as “life rules” in the unconscious mind. It is like a layer of a child’s perspective, and becomes the guiding rules for life. These rules are all stored in the subconscious mind.


Stage 3 – As we grow, we apply these life rules to our entire waking experience. If our childhood taught us to have low expectations, they we go on to enter low paid jobs and disappointing relationships. If we never learned to love ourselves, we may self sabotage and never learn to love another. The inaccurate life rules of the unconscious mind filter negativity into our whole lives. Some people get stuck in this stage of life forever, trapped in their own personal nightmare.


Stage 4 – Others will feel there is more to life and seek the truth. That’s when we realize that many of our life rules set as children are completely out of whack – and we need to reset them. The only way to do this is by emptying the emotional storage bin and consciously setting new life rules. That’s what the Greene’s Release technique does, and its unlike any other I’ve heard of. (You’ll know of Hypnotic Regression, NLP, and The Sedona Method… they have nothing on this!)


Stage 5 – The final stage of life begins when you have released all the unconscious emotional blocks that were holding you back from living a truly happy life. You are able to instinctively feel once again, and wake up smiling from the inside out. You will always act in your best interests and seek fulfilling relationships. You will not experience anxiety or anger or guilt about anything. Best of all, your experience is not filtered by a negative unconscious mind; instead you communicate directly with your wise and intuitive inner self.


A New Perception

So while Carl Gustav Carus and Sigmund Freud laid the basic principles of the unconscious mind, they cast a very dark shadow over the inner self. I don’t believe that deep down we’re all riddled with repressed urges as Freud said. Instead, it’s the pure, vibrant inner self that is bursting to get out – but we’ve caged it up as a result of carrying our childhood perceptions through to adulthood. In fact, many modern thinkers believe Carl Jung had it right with his theory of transcendent truths – wisdom emanating, unfiltered, from the inner self. That is the ultimate goal of living according to Greene’s Release, too.

That is how we can access the inner self, by breaking down the misconceptions in the subconscious mind. This is something you can do, consciously, over time – I recommend the Greene’s Release Heal Your Self workbook if you are interested. Its also something to explore in your lucid dreams, as the oneironaut Robert Waggoner explains in this article, 10 Things to Ask Your Lucid Dream Self.


The Hypnagogic State:
Hypnagogia and Lucid Dreams


The hypnagogic state is a strange phenomena that occurs at the onset of sleep. Also known as hypnagogia, it induces visions, voices, insights and peculiar sensations as you sail through the borderland state.

You are probably used to seeing hypnagogic imagery as you fall asleep. You may see familiar faces, landscapes and geometric shapes take form.

Complex patterns flow across your field of vision, becoming almost hypnotic in nature, and with focus these can be manipulated at will. What many people don’t realize is this imagery can be used to induce lucid dreams.



What is The Hypnagogic State?

“Only when I am on the brink of sleep,
with the consciousness that I am so…”

Edgar Allan Poe

The term hypnagogic was created in the 19th century by a French psychologist. He derived it from two Greek words: hypnos (meaning sleep) and agogeus (meaning guide). Later, the term hypnopompic came to being, to describe the same phenomena which occurs between sleep and waking. Essentially these are the same hallucinatory states.

Scientists have linked the hypnagogic state with NREM sleep, pre-sleep alpha waves, REM sleep and relaxed wakefulness. There is also a theory that regular meditation can enable you to develop a skill to “freeze the hypnagogic process at later and later stages”.

Some consider hypnagogia to be meaningless activity of the brain – a way of decluttering and clearing out unwanted junk. Others believe it has more value; just like lucid dreams, hypnagogic imagery can be consciously guided and interpreted as it happens, forging a gateway to the unconscious mind.


Hypnagogia and Lucid Dreams

Observing your own hypnagogic imagery as you drift to sleep is one way of entering lucid dreams on demand. The most popular technique is known as Wake Induced Lucid Dreams, also called the Hypnagogic Induction Technique.

I strongly recommend attempting the WILD / HIT method as it is an excellent way to explore the realm between consciousness and sleep. There you will find deep relaxation, sudden insights and a connection with the subconscious mind.

Some people may find it difficult to master at first. Usually the hardest part is making the transition from simply observing the complex hypnagogia to interacting with the dream. However, it is worth practicing because this also serves as a powerful form of meditation.


Hypnagogia and Sleep Paralysis

The hypnagogic state can also play a rather distressing role in sleep paralysis. While many WILD lucid dreams involve passing through sleep paralysis briefly and uneventfully, some people suffer from prolonged sleep paralysis against their will. In some cases, the fear of being unable to move, paired with complex hypnagogia (or hypnopompia), results in terrifying hallucinations.

The most common experience involves a foreign entity – a stranger, intruder, or even aliens – entering the room and putting pressure on the chest. All this happens while the sufferer is completely paralyzed (with the exception of the eyes, mouth and maybe fingertips). Frequent episodes are rare, but do happen, and are mostly associated with sufferers of narcolepsy or other sleep disorders, such as sleep terrors or even sleep apnea.


Interacting with The Hypnagogic State

The purpose of hypnagogic imagery is to relax your mind and send you to sleep. So to take advantage of it for lucid dreaming, you need to maintain a certain level of conscious awareness while your body falls asleep.

One way to do this is practice meditation. Another is to relax while listening to binaural beats – used in products like the Lucid Dreaming MP3. This guides your brain to the right frequencies to experience conscious dreams through hypnagogia.


Why Do We Dream?
Modern Theories of Dreaming


Why do we dream? Ancient civilizations saw dreams as portals for receiving wisdom from the gods. In modern psychology, Sigmund Freud famously theorized that dreams were the “royal road to the unconscious”. Are we getting closer to understanding dreams?

Sigmund Freud gave psychoanalysis as one explanation for why we dream. But Freud had little understanding of the REM and NREM sleep cycles – and modern day dream research has pointed us to a number of other theories of dreaming. But first, let’s start with the father of dream research…


Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) is best known for his theories of the unconscious mind. The controversial psychoanalyst said that our brain protects us from disturbing thoughts and memories by repressing them. Freud also believed that we are almost entirely driven by unconscious sexual desire.

If you asked Sigmund Freud “why do we dream?” he would say our dreams are a secret outlet for these repressed desires. Freud used dream analysis to interpret the underlying language of dreams – which is very different from normal conscious thinking. I discuss this idea more in dream interpretation.

To support his dream research, Sigmund Freud split the human psyche into three parts: the Id, Ego and Super-Ego.

  • ID – Newborn babies are born with only an Id. The Id is a sense of mind that causes us to act on impulse: to follow our primary instincts and ignore the consequences. The Id runs on the “pleasure principle” – it doesn’t care about anything but its own satisfaction.
  • EGO – As they grow up, toddlers develop an Ego. This is the part of the psyche that allows us to understand that other people have needs, and that impulsiveness can hurt us in the long run. This “reality principle” makes sure we meet the needs of the Id, without conflicting with the laws of the Ego.
  • SUPER-EGO – By the age of five, we develop the Super-ego. This is our moral brain, that tells us the difference between right and wrong. However it doesn’t make special allowances – it is up to the Ego to decide.
This concept can be demonstrated with The Iceberg Metaphor…

Just like an iceberg, the conscious mind is only the tip. It is a small part of who we are. There is much more under the surface.

Way down below, we have little or no conscious awareness of the Id, which influences all our decisions.

The Ego is free floating in all three levels – both conscious and unconscious – monitoring our behaviors by day.



Every night when we sleep, we disconnect from our conscious tip of the iceberg. The lights go off and we are protected from external stimuli (like noise, temperature and pain) as well as internal stimuli (like emotions and fears). We do this by creating our own internal worlds – our dreams.

Freud said dreams are a way to express the unconscious emotions arising from the Id – otherwise we would be constantly disturbed by them in our sleep and soon wake up. So why do we dream? To protect our sleep.


Carl Jung

Carl Jung (1875-1961) thought he could answer the riddle: why do we dream? Jung was a great follower of Freud and his dream analysis, but he eventually broke away to form very different theories.

“I want to keep my dreams, even bad ones,
because without them, I might have nothing all night long”

Joseph Heller

Jung claimed that the function of dreams is to compensate for parts of the personality that aren’t properly developed in real life. However, this conflicts with the fact that our waking life and our dreams show consistent thoughts and behaviors. For instance, if we are aggressive in real life, we will have violent dreams.


Dream Research

There are many theories of dreaming – some overlap with others and some are just plain bizarre. Dream research has given us these core theories:

Why Do We Dream?
…Because of Random Impulses

In 1977, two doctors put forward some dream research that would seriously challenge Freud’s dream understanding. Hobson & McCarley said that dreaming is the result of random impulses coming from the brain stem.

Using an EEG machine, Hobson & McCarley were able to track the regular REM states of people during sleep. They used this data to form a predictable mathematical model and conclude that dreaming is a freak physiological (bodily) occurrence – rather than a psychological function.

According to them, the fact that we see images and hear sounds in our dreams is simply the brain’s way of understanding noisy electrical signals. They said that dreams are random and meaningless.

However, many scientists point out that dreams often make sense. In fact, they can follow very intricate plots. This suggests that our higher brain is playing a role. What’s more, if dreaming was just the brain’s attempt to make sense of nonsense signals, lucid dreams would be impossible!


Why Do We Dream?
…To Organize The Brain

We may dream to de-clutter our brains. Every day we are bombarded with new information, both consciously (eg learning) and unconsciously (eg advertising).

This modern dream theory suggests dreaming is a way to file away key information and discard meaningless data. It helps keep our brains organized and optimizes our learning. This theory hasn’t been proven by dream research. If it were 100% correct, our entire day would be replayed to us during our REM sleep!

Critics of this theory also point out that our brains are not the same as computers, and to draw a comparison to filing, processing and storage space is likely to be inaccurate. They also point out that although some of our dreams relate back to the waking day (Freud called this day residue), the majority of our dreams are not about real events.


Why Do We Dream?
…To Help Solve Problems

A number of researchers think that dreams are for problem solving.

One scientist in particular, named Fiss, claimed that our dreams help us to register very subtle hints that go unnoticed during the day. This explains why “sleeping on it” can provide a solution to a problem.



Unfortunately, there are also arguments against this theory of dreaming. For a start, most people only remember a very small number of their dreams. So if our dreams contain important answers – why don’t we remember them better?


Why Do We Dream?
…To Cope With Trauma

Dreams may be a way of coping with trauma. Based on the intensity of our emotions, we will generate dreams to cope with certain situations.

For instance, if you escape from a house fire and the experience shakes you up, chances are you will dream about it that night. The more traumatic the event, the more emotions are felt, and the more important it is to get over it. Dreaming about the fire will help you come to terms with what happened and prepare you for it ever happening again.

Of course, this doesn’t explain why we dream of fantastic or mundane things – only that nightmares can be a kind of rehearsal for trauma.


Dream Analysis

Here are some more examples of how humans interpret dreams in different cultures around the world:

  • Shamans use dreams to diagnose illness. It is thought that the subconscious brain has an awareness of malfunctions in the body long before the conscious brain. In this sense, shamans are psychoanalysts, much like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.
  • The ancient Egyptians used dreams to make predictions about the future. They thought dreams were messages from the gods, which contained vital wisdom and prophecies.
  • Similarly, people in the Western world in the 1900s used dreams to find game, predict the weather, and tell the future.


So Why Do We Dream?

Dream research offers many theories – but still no definitive answer to the question: why do we dream? Scientists generally seem to agree that dreaming is a form of thinking during sleep. Dreams contain at least some psychological meaning, but this doesn’t necessarily prove a purpose, such as problem solving. Overall, our understanding of dreams is still quite vague.

In a way, Freud gave dreams an unfortunate legacy. He taught us to associate them with psychological problems and anxieties. But in reality, most of our dreams are healthy and engaging – aren’t they?

Dreams are a mixed bag. The truth is, science still doesn’t have a definitive answer to the question: why do we dream? Most dream research shows that it is worthwhile to remember your dreams – at least, until we figure out what they are for! And if you plan to have lucid dreams, your dream recall is vital…