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Vicegerent of Earth -Part 5


World organizations has made and the thesis and the regulations has been invented and manmade laws has been bestowed even than Nation, Skin and Difference remains the same and more over the major cause superiority. Decision making, might is right attitude and the categories 1st world class countries and living beings, 2nd class and finally the 3rd world living beings or objects you might pronounce as they treated to be the same as objects.

THE DISTINCTION IS THERE, still and getting worse, politics is the foul game nothing else than that. Money is the problem for which humans are fighting? Superiority complex, hatred …….. Wah? Or ironically enough fighting for peace on tragedy land?

This topic is destined, based on destiny of Mankind, and it’s all about how the story of man begins and how it ends. It is well elaborated by the Holy Quran and the Last Messenger (PBUH).

It is not the religious impact but because of the realization of Truth and Knowledge which is authenticated and deeply versed. Just thinking and the enhancement are needed. The verge where the world and its existing Nations stand is difficult and thought provoking. It is calling the third biggest and worst situation of war as cold one is going on already among all the nations through mind ……………….. And few places are physically suffering as well.

What we ardently need is the thought of act, thought of action, thought of gathering, thought of compulsive, thought of templation, and thought of ground reality to have True Vicegerent of Earth; the one who not be ashamed or burdened of the severe acts, deaths, assumptions and consumptions.

Need Vicegerent of Thought, need Vicegerent of act, need Vicegerent of control, need ……… We eagerly and amiably need ………………………… Need Voice of Vicegerent, perhaps might assemble need Messiah ……………………….

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 4


To compare the past times with the present is not a sane act as so many changing’s has been occurred already. But what if we will compare the past times humans with today’s …… any difference? Huge and hell of difference. Everything has been changed and keeps on changing rapidly therefore it effects upon all the elements of life. So if we compare the past human with present human it’s just mere a combination or composition. Human has been always liked that good and evil.

Evil try to enhance more and more and somewhat have it whatever they strive for, evil travel far more fast than Truth. Evil travel s a lot and get so many easily be its follower where as Truth just try to tie up the lasses.  Question is not to discuss the Good or Evil, but to have thesis about the Human, about Man as the Lead and as in a lead role.

If man got the position, strength and has the power of persuasions than why he just be the self senses and self consciousness conscious. Just himself the cynosure and the conductive and other others treated to be salve. To be empower, embellished and strong in the decision and to rule or overrule the similar beings.

The history governs and gives evidences for this. Kingship, empires and imperialistic approaches all are the prove of this Man made Will and its circus. To rule is important as nations need the governors and the statesmen but how to rule is an art. How to be the part of humanity and how to serve them at best, as the leader of the nation is not the leader but the servant and the guider. But is not a hilarious joke these days? Yeah it is truly.

There been many wars and battles among the people and nations on the phase of earth, some of them are known and literature has been maintained upon such wars and tributes had given to those worriers and some of the wars have not even calculated to be remembered. In the scientific developing Era humans been through two major huge World Wars, those war has given birth to rigid and physic trembling literature and finally when human heart was tired of it a soft gesture has been vindicated and a jury or specific community decided to maintain the World’s atmosphere and environment as it is our collective home land.

(Continued as Part V)

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 3


Adam the first being, once he began his journey on the phase of earth; he has obeyed and adopted the way of life which has been taught to him by Lord. If we been through history we come across to know that Adam and his race has been exploited and they have been vanished away and become the part of history’s chapters. As Noah was the prophet who has been named as Second Adam who has built the Ark by the order of God and saved the races of each living beings by Creator’s command. There are almost approximately one lack twenty four thousand prophets on the phase of earth as per the Holy Quran who by the Will Lord preached the human races towards the True path to be guided on.

In case the history is vibrant we have lots of discussions in mind about human and his history concerns the development on the phase of earth, the religion foremost important and lots of other topics like world climate and the geographical changing’s. What we exactly enhance from the idea from vicegerent of earth? Actually it is not about the prophets or the Messenger (Pbuh) or about saints; they were the high ranked and chosen beings and blessed as well with the great favors by the Will of Lord.

Every living being as human is vicegerent, who has the thought to reside the way of life. Every human character who has the mental scope to understand the Lord’s Creations and creatures is truly the Vicegerent. Not only has the preacher had this label or designation to be diligent towards this path to be recognized but each sane human has the same duty and has same position.

Now this realization should just need self acknowledgement so that every character should know the meaning the purpose of his/her life. In early eighteen century and onwards when the world got the edge of exploitation and killing is the only source and game which the nations were playing with each other. The famous literature writer Hemingway has given the concept of ‘NADA’; that refers to the concept of purposelessness of life whereas it is not true it was the conditional depression because of the Era, elsewhere life, soul…….. Adam and his race have so many Reasons to be responsive on this phase of earth.

The reason itself the major part of Human thinking and his existence. If the hidden purpose can be searched by the human than he can lead his life towards his gaining. Objectivity and subjectivity is always the human mental charm as he has designed to qualify up to the standards made by Lord. Though man is not that much hallow or shallow the way he pretends when fails to attain anything but actually he needs so many sources to get the ultimate goal. Such as Time that brings so many turnings and level of understandings, such as community that acts or reacts, such as experimental outcomes that will convert as experiences, such as conditional bias and basis. All the cosmic energies are the evidence for the Creator’s Miracles and Human’s browsed and search.

(Continued as Part IV)

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 2


They were called Humans, first humans. They have been vindicated. They have been made with purpose. Once their creation has been originated only life has been known and after committing Sin, the death as well. Once when they have been together in Eden only happiness will be there for them and tasting fruit of the forbidden Tree grief born………. The story of these two Humans perhaps not designed they way they have selected for them, perhaps it was just for their peace and harmony but they have been introduced tragedy themselves.

The ultimate Sin is not that they tasted the Fruit of Knowledge or they have been deceived by Evil which was arrogant, deceptive, and jealous and revenge taking. The Sin was they did not obey the order of Creator. Obedience of the order of the Creator was essential. The curiosity in human instinct itself is killing sometimes, in fact most probably it lead to the way where one can lose. So do the first beings did .

This is not the story of mankind or of first humans, Adam and Eve. But it enhance such realities that so far we study, so far we think we will have every time a new thinking and a new reason to understand. This chapter of Human life is the most vital one, one who understands this can understand the purpose of life of this place and hereafter.

There are so many orthodox studies, many vibrant thoughts, different and in significant and raise objections, conflicts and arguments. But all this Literature has been originated hereafter. First and the foremost element to get an actual idea that so far what has brought life on the phase of Earth …….. A Sin, A Reason, Human Inner curiosity instinct, Impatience of knowing the knowing, Deceptively, Innocence, disobedience, Greed of charm of eternity………………. A Woman …….. What? Why?

As a posture to adhere the regret of sin Man’s downfall, this was not mistake that can be taken as granted that was Sin for which the regret, guilt and the killing breath was there….

Why is it so?

Only the Adam, the first human is the Vicegerent. Only he be the responsible of life and its tragedies. Only he be the part of this earth to scroll it, to know it, to search on it. The answer is straight away a big No. He is the first Human, the tragedy of life begins with him on the earth and it is true that everything has been new only for Adam and Eve. After wards for other humans it is like just happenings.

If we go through the religious scripts, we come to know that Earth is the place is first sufficiently enough maketh the home land for humans so that they can spend their lives with due care, understanding and with the most vital element knowing. The home land has been decorated for him with greenery with trees, with flowers. The ripped fruits and the crop reaping have been taught to Adam, so shall he saw so shall he reap the same. This land has been open to Adam to explore, to know and to stay for the time being till the day his soul meet the God and have the results.

(Continued as Part III)

Vicegerent of Earth


Niaab is the word used in Holy Quran for the Adam before his creation and it was decided by the Creator to make him the Khalifa of the Earth. Why man has chosen for such an honorable designation? Because of the Knowledge he had been taught before assigning him to that designation or because he has been created with that purpose. It is said that Man is master piece of creation, the crown of creation, even than scientifically an animal falls in mammal’s category.

There are lots of sayings of the beginning story of Man’s life on the phase of earth. Science or mental scope of man researchers said that it is from the matter itself, as per Darwin’s theory originated from Ape, some say from a single cell of life bubble etc. Religion never misguide it explains for the better enhancement that Man is created being, a master piece of Creator, as Man is not only a piece of flesh but he has many other scales that are yet to believe by some of the people even today as they don’t want to understand. Consequently, Man is made and designated as ‘Vicegerent of Earth’, though the fruit of Knowledge introduce death after having thoughtful breath, thought that Tree blows the tragedy of Life and expand the branches of sorrows and grieves…..

‘Vicegerent of Earth’ —— The Man master piece of Creator —- Living or surviving —– Alive or dead —– Make so ever —– The story of Mankind—- History of history — Chapters of chapters —– All narrates but still hard to elaborate ………..

Life not that much easy on the phase of earth as it was in Heavens for Adam. Adam is made up of clay with soil, this mud which has been melted with the water and hereafter with that muddy clay the scripture of the Adam maketh by Creator. Adam was at once get life when with the command and order of Creator Soul has to be entered in Adam’s body so that he can Listen, See and speak and can measure, analyze and prevail with logic all around. So do the Eve, a beautiful and wonderful creature a woman, created from the rib of Man, as companion, as partner, as life mate, as fellow being.

Woman is not created from foot of Adam that can be enslaved, nor created from the head that from the originated source may consider superior. Woman has been made from the side rib of Adam so that be loved, honored and the partner of good and bad times. Be treated the part of the soul and body so that compassion of companionship will succeed.

(Continued as Part II)

Split Personality – Several Role as one – Part 5


Split personality is inter connected with the mental storm of the personality, so far it affects the way human think , have structure in their mind along with the emotional balance of their outer envoi mental behavior. Human mind and skull  not yet been understand completely so far it has been study it elaborates so many plunges and the connects with the outer world and the behavior, atmosphere, grooming, environment, nature and its source and the community; social circle to whom he/she belongs.

Disorder brings disaster in any case, if a desk is not well maintained than at the time of need if a single pencil is needed to note down something it can’t be located easily. Similarly the mind is, if the proper data not stores in the proper column it will create mess. If sub-conscious will be awake to the limits and grounds of consciousness and unconscious reacts with other two or one, human physical body, his behavior, his emotions, his reactions will be affected very easily.

Human is Lord made machine, it can be only control well if the sorts and the life strategies has been designed the way has been elaborated by the Lord Himself, elsewhere not believing, not just accepting the logic, mind just scroll human consciousness as well to the underground dark world of his own mind where he can’t come outside, even after lots of efforts. The concept of darkness and light is also itself lies in the inner world of human stamina.

Mind is the most hyper-sensitive, effaceable, prolifically gentle and the most vitally a nutshell of human existence. Human invention is majorly caused by the Awaked Mind, although it has respectability of unawake as well but at that stage one part is on the peace side, on a temporary off side and the other is on the active. The Neurons in any case work, that control. The decision making or ruling area of human structure is strongly the Mind, which delve thrice parts and each of them to some extent prefer Control. It is commonly seen that if the body get affected of any disease it is not that harmful or sustain that level of limits than the Mind.

Human Mind has limits of patience and behavioral structure, so far if the outer world speech or sudden happenings or undesirable accidents appear, human mind reacts. People who got mental disorder like they just lose their mind and become mental they have been or their mind world caught in a specific maze where they just not even forcefully get out of it and it will affect all the body all the actions. Even an educated professor can convert into just a damp cellular being who knew nothing but just to react.

So far there are different reacts of different situations and happenings which are mostly not known by the blind eyes of human but unconscious is the unseen, sleepy vague memory where the whole fate description has been restored for an individual so far, to spend life as earthly being. The sharp mind got such intimation and work out consciously whereas who does not pay attention to the voice of unconscious world of their own mind they just caught up in the mind made labyrinth.

‘There is no enemy of human but his own mind, that pretend not be but it is.’

People who caught up in comma, they are just a kind of dead ones in our living site, sight but they stay alive, they listen, they feel, they just been paralyzed but they just live the way their mind decided for them . Mind is the source; it might be that so many people will not agree upon this that split personality is may cause of unconscious world’s dilemma, or some desires which are hidden deep inside the mind of the person what they want to or want to do but they can’t in real consciousness due to some behavior or emotional restrictions but during sleep they can. I consider it a part of split/ dual personality conflict.

Not to reveal but act. So far each human has the dual personality conflict to the level. The major level which is so high of this disorder is mostly explained by so many senior psychologists and psychiatrists. But the minimum level so far I have assess in common people, their pretention of their inferior and integrity complexes and so far sometimes superiority complex as well, due to the unlike atmosphere and grooming structure, so far excessive deep thinking, hyper-imaginative mind which can just make a plot and can assume that everything happening in front of them .

Split Personality – Several Role as one – Part 4


Sleep talking and walking to some extent the science says that is a type of paranoiac and is a type of phenomena. It context is so debatable but here to some extend I’m linking this up with the Split personality. Split personality is not emotionally generating maniac but it is psychological. The unconscious mind is inter- linked with it. So far the disorders and the happenings been through the mind of a human it affects the same upon human acts and reactions. Personality is one part of image and minds itself is a strong clue or guess to understand. The subconscious mind is a concept created more than 200 years ago, by a man named Carl Gustav Corus. He theorized that beyond our conscious existence, humans also have a latent unconscious mind.

Later, Sigmund Freud said that this subconscious mind is a fairly dark place, that stores traumatic and repressed memories. While we may be unaware of them, these experiences can strongly influence our daily lives. The only time they are freely expressed are during psychotic episodes – and dreams.

But Freud’s protégé, Carl Jung, took this theory even further, blurring the rules that Sigmund Freud had set for the unconscious mind and forming a whole new structure of the human mind. Jung said that the unconscious mind is full of transcendent truths – and that we can grow by bringing these truths into conscious awareness. He said the best way to achieve this is through dream interpretation. Modern Theories of The Subconscious Mind; There are a whole range of interesting theories on this. The idea I like most is described by Janet Greene of Greene’s Release in The Five Stages of Life. It explains how the subconscious mind builds up inaccurate perceptions of the world through early experiential learning. Here it is, in a very small nutshell:

Stage 1 – We enter life with complete freedom to be ourselves. Our inner self (or spiritual essence) shines through to the physical world. We eat when we feel hungry. We sleep when we feel tired. We laugh when we feel happy. The only thing influencing our behavior is gut feeling. We live in the now.

Stage 2 – As children, we learn the rules of life from direct experience. There are good and bad experiences, but even the bad ones – traumatic events, abuse, and poor self esteem – are stored as “life rules” in the unconscious mind. It is like a layer of a child’s perspective, and becomes the guiding rules for life. These rules are all stored in the subconscious mind.

Stage 3 – As we grow, we apply these life rules to our entire waking experience. If our childhood taught us to have low expectations, they we go on to enter low paid jobs and disappointing relationships. If we never learned to love ourselves, we may self sabotage and never learn to love another. The inaccurate life rules of the unconscious mind filter negativity into our whole lives. Some people get stuck in this stage of life forever, trapped in their own personal nightmare.

Stage 4 – Others will feel there is more to life and seek the truth. That’s when we realize that many of our life rules set as children are completely out of whack – and we need to reset them. The only way to do this is by emptying the emotional storage bin and consciously setting new life rules. That’s what the Greene’s Release technique does, and its unlike any other I’ve heard of. (You’ll know of Hypnotic Regression, NLP, and The Sedona Method… they have nothing on this!)

Stage 5 – The final stage of life begins when you have released all the unconscious emotional blocks that were holding you back from living a truly happy life. You are able to instinctively feel once again, and wake up smiling from the inside out. You will always act in your best interests and seek fulfilling relationships. You will not experience anxiety or anger or guilt about anything. Best of all, your experience is not filtered by a negative unconscious mind; instead you communicate directly with your wise and intuitive inner self.

Split Personality – Several Role as one – Part 3


Split Personality: “A relatively rare dissociative disorder in which the usual integrity of the personality breaks down and two or more independent personalities emerge”.

Normally and scientifically, disorders for the spit personality is randomly advised, and many of the major sites and articles are referred on it psychologically even by the experts. Majorly for an example child abuse or the youth imbalance guidance or torture lead this disorder. Especially sex abuse and sexual mistrust may also lead to this severe disorder. This disorder is somewhat is the naturally culcated in human memory to some extent. Psychology of human is itself is labyrinth, a human can be vanish in this maze, may disappear in it, may get the gate way to Truth or Reality.

One human brain can have two different personalities dwelling in it, according to a new imaging study – and each personality seems to use its own network of nerves to help recall or suppress memories. Alternative personalities are typically developed by children who suffer severe trauma or abuse. The condition, called multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder, appears to help people cope by cutting off difficult memories, making them seem as if they happened to someone else.

There is no category or phenomenon in psychiatry called split personality. The term is commonly used in popular language to indicate an ambiguous or radically and spectacularly alternating type of behavior. It is often bewildered with the medical illness of schizophrenia because the etymology of the latter (from the Greek schizein, to split + phren, mind) suggests, misleadingly, that schizophrenia is a type of split personality.

In schizophrenia, however, the splitting is within one single personality as the individual’s thoughts, feelings and emotions are seriously and confusingly disconnected from each other in a chaotic and random fashion. Schizophrenic individuals, far from having split or multiple personalities, actually have a great struggle maintaining the coherence and integrity of even a single self.

For instance, if a person has one major alternate and several minor ones the minor ones would be integrated first before the major etc. The difficulty arises because for each personality present there is a tremendous loss of individuality for each one and in each case this loss of an individual “persona” is often felt as a grief or loss of a friend for the true self. As each personality is re-integrated the true self becomes more in tune with its own emotions and feels this grief more keenly.

For this reason it is important to take things slowly and to address only personalities that emerge rather than force anything. In many cases a person’s sense of self may be so buried under all of these layers of ‘others’ that finding the true self may be the most difficult part of the therapeutic process. Often this self is so weak and lacking in will that it presents as a smaller, other personality. It takes caring, sensitivity and insight to help these people since this true self is often a very young child.

Patients with dissociative identity disorder can have personalities that are very different from one another both emotionally and physically. In one example recounted by Jenith, one of a woman’s personalities could play volleyball whereas the other one fumbled. The phenomenon has become part of the everyday language used to describe shock, as when people say “I was beside myself” or “I was falling apart”. But some people are skeptical that dissociative identity disorder is a real condition, suggesting instead that patients might be role-playing or faking.

Jenith hopes her results will help to resolve some of the controversy. Her study and others suggest that different personality states cause brain changes greater than those seen when people simply flip moods. But, Chu predicts, “It will mainly convince the people who are already convinced.

Split Personality – Several Role as one – Part 2


Personality is individuality, is a character, is a destiny of a being as center of among all other creatures; ‘’Personality is the supreme realization of the innate idiosyncrasy of a living being. It is an act of high courage flung in the face of life, the absolute affirmation of all that constitutes the individual, the most successful adaptation to the universal condition of existence coupled with the greatest possible freedom for self-determination.”

There are three distinct meanings for the term “personality,” two of them general and popular and the third technical and philosophical. The first and most general meaning is that personality is the sum of the characteristics, which make up physical and mental being. These include appearance, manners, habits, tastes and moral character. The second meaning emphasizes the characteristics that distinguish one person from another. The two meanings overlap or merge into each other, as the first considers all characteristics pertaining to the individual, without comparing him with others, while the second sees the same facts in relation to the outside world and fixes attention mainly upon the features that distinguish the subject from his fellows. This second meaning is equivalent to individuality. It represents a widely prevalent conception of the term.

But the third meaning is the most important, and is the only conception of any value to the psychic researcher and the philosopher or psychologist. This conception of personality is concerned only with mental characteristics; it makes no distinction between common and specific marks. In fact it connotes mental processes rather than fixed qualities. The capacity for having mental states, or the fact of having them, constitutes personality for the psychologist and the philosopher. Personality is thus the stream of consciousness, regardless of the question whether any special state is constant or casual, essential or unessential. Physical marks will have no place in this conception, unless they may serve as symbols of mental states. It abstracts from them and denotes only the stream of mental phenomena.

This third meaning is so radically different from the other two that it gives rise to perpetual misunderstandings between the philosopher and the public. These misunderstandings arise particularly in the discussion of survival after death. The layman with his conception of personality looks for physical phenomena of some kind to illustrate or prove it. Consequently, if interested in psychic phenomena at all, he prefers materialization, which best satisfies his conception of personality. He cannot take the point of view of the psychologist or the philosopher, who neglects these purely sensory characteristics, and fixes his attention on mental states as the proper conception of the personality, which may survive.

Materialization would supply the very characteristics, which the layman fixes upon to represent personality. But precisely the fact that mental states are not presented to sense, leads the philosopher to conceive of immortality as possible.

If the layman’s conception were correct the philosopher and psychologist would deny the possibility of survival with entire confidence, as a necessary implication of bodily dissolution. The day could be saved only by the doctrine of a “spiritual body,” an It astral body,” or an “ethereal organism,” supposedly a replica of the physical organism in its spatial and other characteristics. These represent personality after the manner or analogy of the physical body. The real spirit may indeed have a transcendental bodily form; but the stream of consciousness remains the same whether there is any “spiritual body” or “ethereal organism” or not.

This is the fundamental element in all conceptions of spiritual reality. It is not necessary to decide the question of a “spiritual body” or “ethereal organism” as the condition of believing in the existence of spirits. That is another and perhaps a secondary problem. What we need to know is, whether the stream of consciousness survives, whether the personal memory continues, not how it continues. The fact of survival is to be considered first and the condition of it afterwards.