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Forwarding as Business


Freight Forwarding Services guarantee that products will get to the proper destination by an agreed upon date and in good condition. These services utilizes established relationships with carriers of all kinds, from air freighters and trucking companies to rail freighters and ocean liners. Freight forwarding services negotiate the best possible price to move the product […]

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 5


World organizations has made and the thesis and the regulations has been invented and manmade laws has been bestowed even than Nation, Skin and Difference remains the same and more over the major cause superiority. Decision making, might is right attitude and the categories 1st world class countries and living beings, 2nd class and finally […]

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 4


To compare the past times with the present is not a sane act as so many changing’s has been occurred already. But what if we will compare the past times humans with today’s …… any difference? Huge and hell of difference. Everything has been changed and keeps on changing rapidly therefore it effects upon all […]

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 3


Adam the first being, once he began his journey on the phase of earth; he has obeyed and adopted the way of life which has been taught to him by Lord. If we been through history we come across to know that Adam and his race has been exploited and they have been vanished away […]

Vicegerent of Earth -Part 2


They were called Humans, first humans. They have been vindicated. They have been made with purpose. Once their creation has been originated only life has been known and after committing Sin, the death as well. Once when they have been together in Eden only happiness will be there for them and tasting fruit of the […]

Vicegerent of Earth


Niaab is the word used in Holy Quran for the Adam before his creation and it was decided by the Creator to make him the Khalifa of the Earth. Why man has chosen for such an honorable designation? Because of the Knowledge he had been taught before assigning him to that designation or because he […]

Split Personality – Several Role as one – Part 5


Split personality is inter connected with the mental storm of the personality, so far it affects the way human think , have structure in their mind along with the emotional balance of their outer envoi mental behavior. Human mind and skull  not yet been understand completely so far it has been study it elaborates so […]

Split Personality – Several Role as one – Part 4


Sleep talking and walking to some extent the science says that is a type of paranoiac and is a type of phenomena. It context is so debatable but here to some extend I’m linking this up with the Split personality. Split personality is not emotionally generating maniac but it is psychological. The unconscious mind is […]

Split Personality – Several Role as one – Part 3


Split Personality: “A relatively rare dissociative disorder in which the usual integrity of the personality breaks down and two or more independent personalities emerge”. Normally and scientifically, disorders for the spit personality is randomly advised, and many of the major sites and articles are referred on it psychologically even by the experts. Majorly for an […]

Split Personality – Several Role as one – Part 2


Personality is individuality, is a character, is a destiny of a being as center of among all other creatures; ‘’Personality is the supreme realization of the innate idiosyncrasy of a living being. It is an act of high courage flung in the face of life, the absolute affirmation of all that constitutes the individual, the […]