The most important science on the phase of earth …. Yeah it is a rocket science if we make it … Then it will be the most complicated task because it is not one way….. It is two way traffic, it is two ways path have the same destination if the souls of interactions are the same and have the similar and common goals.

    The wishful results in the life are not that much especially when the clock is revolving anti considering the Time ….

    It happens that time stays same for everyone but in scales but clock stands still for few people and they stuck in their set standards … but what are the standards? What actually they are? We set them based on materials, or the sound level of learning, or upon the spell of earned knowledge? We set upon wisdom, upon knowing, upon ourselves or upon character’s exchange …. This is the focal point upon characters’ exchange….

    It is complicated give and take, when you are taken you are taken, when you are giver you are giver …..You can be destroyed can be damaged but cannot be defeated ….. To take is the sign you have to be giver by multiplying two …

    Public optimum …. The scope is to cover YOU and yourself in the merging waves of characters ….Optimum level is that positive characters are the positive source of exchange they vibrate the inspiration, the source to imagination of ecstasy based on Truth.

    Characters that are the positive in energy, in thinking, by soul and in their actions they are actually the smooth road for the driving to one edge to another. They make the traveling smooth with harmony and peace because they are actually for this purpose on the phase of earth. This is only be done when they recognize their actual purpose and they implement pragmatically for which they are made up of.

    On the contrary the evil force is also generating, it has also the quality to be think and done … Yes only this force is so quick to be in implementation, it got ways without traps and what it demands it just commands … So Think done is the quickness and readiness of the negative entity.

    This does not meant that positive energies lack in power…Noops… They are actually so sound in it but as they enhance the consistency so they consume time… Consumption of time is also one of the positive sign because it contacts with and contains the perseverance….

    To better interact with the world and the people the basic step is to groom SELF. To Groom and up date self thinking, self image, self ideal image or self productive or constructive aspects … Whatever related to self ….. Now self focus is also of two types because here in this world everything is splitted in two, every thing is divided into two and this division in two is the apparent in reality converse or contrast it becomes one …

    Yes oneness is the sign … Oneness is the actual concept …. Oneness in everything yet apparent everything has two ways, two divisions ….
    Well if oneness is the topic to describe here than each aspect will be then associated with it and here the topic may convert to another level, being a describer here the motive is to explain another topic with brevity, as Brevity is the soul of wit… The terseness is important here to the relavant topic …

    Oneness is the topic …. No Self is the topic here …. Self image and the explanation of the topic that it has also two major aspects… One is of the self positive image and character and second part is of self ego … Self ego is the centeral aspect what ever be the rope out side hanged to the self and self ego hanged to this rope…

    Self character is the sign of existence and sign of understanding that one breathing living creature is sound naturally, and instinctively the self being is the character which exist not because for the sake of existence but for the real and course reality for the purpose given to be enhanced .

    Now what is the purpose here? The purpose is to explore the wisdom with the wit of knowing and to apply this wit with brainy ideas to balance the pulsive emotions, to implement actions into practice and practice into actions ….

    It is about having a baby to the self that you long to be, your ideal self. But before this can occur, the old self, the old character, the old mindset has to die. And thus such home (of recreations in self) is also associated with loss of lifestyle. Generally the loss of lifestyle that happens is more on a psychological stage.

    Those innovative on the religious direction encounter the loss of lifestyle of the ego or of certain features of the ego. That less innovative encounter the loss of lifestyle of certain psychological or psychological styles, perhaps the loss of lifestyle of some old addiction.

    If you go through one home to another home transportation and nothing in you has passed away, well, you have not really prevailed. Just as the new day cannot start until the old day is deceased, so the new you cannot be created until the old you (the one that has been developing all the issues and dramas) is gone. Usually this is a procedure and does not occur all at once.

    But now you create improvement here if you think so and by THE WILL to do … Yeah by free will to do though free will is also to some extend clayed and played to and act under Fate but it is some thing which exists with force … The force to DO ..

    Sometimes energy in the home delivers real encounters with death: lifestyle and loss of lifestyle types of downturn, near-death types of encounters, or a need to cope with the loss of lifestyle of someone near. The purpose here is to obtain a higher knowing of loss of lifestyle. It is never penalties. People often have goals of loss of lifestyle under these transits.

    This is another way of dealing with loss of lifestyle on the psychological stage. As described, old factors of you and yourself should pass away and thus it is quite organic to have goals of loss of lifestyle. Be ideal in all that you do, and, of course, do your preparation before developing significant strategies.

    Your economical lifestyle now or then stays under evaluation for many more several times .Your objective is quality. Once this is accomplished, your economical developing choices will be easy. Your associate, associate or present really like is still in an annually economical optimum and still seems more awesome with you than regular.

    Wellness still needs a lot of viewing and care. Wellness in you, in self …in character … most traumatic times are the times when there are changing seasons though outside in Nature or in your inside season. So keep in thoughts our past conversations.
    New Synthesis …. The creation of a new entity or idea from elements not previously joined. This new synthesis must be needed to every self now and then by the converting and conversing times, with the age and with the stage ….

    Self image is for remunerating and regenerating sometimes subject to the consequences because consequences are made for the regenerating or recreating, polishing or revising the structures or the practices or home works. Do your new home works when the old ones are not working.

    Self Image…. Am I in an ideal stage of my S-e-L-F I-m-a-g-e? Does any one has Ideal Self Image? Again the answer – What Ever I am…. I’M ….. I AM!!

    What ever I Am is by nature what I can adopt and what I can act is the favor of Will. Adaptation is of course based on the outer interactions….. Interactions are the most important myth ever made. If they are sound you have sound proofs of the practices, acts and actions …

    Wisdom play role, as the pulses and heart is the course is the center of course. Self character is the observer, the analyst… So there can be miracles if we believe so if one believe to generate and work out for ideal self image he/she can ….
    Then again Interactions though it be with the SELF or with others … It is the HOLY Aspect it is worth living because it what LORD is counting up there ….

    Be solid in Interactions, Be Truthful in Interactions, Be the one originally you are in Interactions … Be the REAL YOU ….

    Be the real YOU is the Upper echelons of process, progress, purpose and prosperity ….

Distance ….. Distances!!


    So far instantly the sight travels, distance never be covered by the sight as sight has the limitations. Far sighted things are vague enough to carry, to adore to understand and to analyze…..

    Is there any book of logic that defines the distance chemistry, is there any school of principal that elaborates the distance created blue feelings? Is there any equipment that could measure the emotions been evaporated or aspired by the gaps and the gulps?

    Emotions travel also, yes they do travel where as the distances are certain and static, they remain the same, emotions travel with the senses….. Distances have nothing to with senses and emotions …. Infact there is no comparison of Distances with the Emotions but they lingered hanged up with the entities.

    Quest for nest and nest quest is obvious in this world but who can make nest over the slippery waters… Does any one can? No one can …. Never … Never Ever be …

    The distances themselves quest for the ends, each way has the end but distances has no ends , it is the journey with in journey, it is distant far away for the distance.

    What else one can do if the distances themselves become the language and define what emotions can….. What else one can do if the natural resources and instinctive all aspects been covering and rolling up the different perspective….

    Perspectives for distances … All around the world are different yet where ever you are in the world… It is in shape oval….

    This is the year 2013 and the distances to the central point of one’s standing to another is gummed, this is the year 2013 and the century is static yet Universal entities are revolving., this is the year 2013 yet the emotions of this Era Human is the same of the First Human, this is the year 2013 and the world remains in shape oval …. This is year 2013; yes it is year 2013 yet ….

    Time, Years, Distances and Emotions all are strange in their resolving and revolving entities, they have their existing circles yet they empowers the another, interact with each other …..

    Only the Creator is the Creator of all Creativity….
    All above are Creator’s Creativity …

    Destiny is also His Creativity. He Creates we copy, He Generates we creep….
    Every thing is copy of copy…. Origin is Nature; Nature is originality fake is the reflection which is of origin which disappears with moth light what stays the receptivity with deceptively…. I am talking about Destiny of Destiny! Struggle is something Destiny is everything!! A command is of Rule and of Ruler.
    Destiny is one focal point and distance is associated with….. Distance of destiny or destiny of distance both varies one scale to another ….

    This is all about here in the world distance to destiny or destiny to distance….
    Traveling is for sure the possibility to explore….

    Destiny of distance obviously fluxes with distance of destiny….
    This flux emanates and rejuvenates with Destiny to Distance and Distance to Destiny…

    Provoke the thought it seeds the incredible duel, doings, deeds …. Yes Indeed.