The Wall….Windows of Dreams !!


Dreams !! What are they…………Are True…….False………..Suspension bridge between the body, soul or consciousness……………What are they ??

Saw the wall, the wall having so many windows, few are open, few are closed, all are suspended abroad, saw the wall……..surprisingly those windows of dreams……… I saw ………

Six years old girl walking confidently, alluringly, charm fully, harmlessly and fearlessly on huge built bricked wall, beautifully, surprisingly and wonderfully stand in the heart of giant, blue, limitless, deep ocean that couldn’t be measure, the ball of universe floating on the waters was magical enough that it could be anything but not dream……The sense of charm, the ecstasy of fun for girl was priceless, there were no intelligence but precious innocence, there was no experience just exciting exploration, there was results but only pure and positive……… The six years old girl enjoys alone as she was alone even then she herself inside having all the characters, she was all in all the human in solitude yet she have had all the crowd inside, she walked on wall that longest, biggest wall bare footed and she could gaze lower in the depth of ocean, she could watch the sky as transparent as the transparency of ocean waters, she can saw everything and anything out of her will because in that special world, in that special blue and green world, in that light world, her conscious was alive, her consciousness was strangely affective and attentive, she walked all the zig zag way on that wall and reached to till edge, the last corner to achieve her will and out of determination got the all the joined happiness in that emptiness ….. She raised hands in air as she flew and shore like a charming bird, she swings, she sings, she lives because in that world only life exists, there is no death………….

Closed eyes world…..What a world….Dream world or fascinated world, or world of fascinations or the massage of unknown world or message from unknown but yet it felt just happened, just exists……….

Open eyes see them and these dreams remain until the lashes keep stocked not to clip ….once clipped the desired dream just flew away …………Dreams are in any case are important for living, those keep us alive to remain stick to them which are mostly saw through the open eyes.

The dreams which are the part of human memory are the generation of human mental structure and preserved thoughts that could not be attained in the real life or in pragmatism. Logically and religiously dreams are the unseen force of knowing and they help human will in act and in actions, in trapped or specific situations. Dreams are signs, they are track to follow but by means of understanding.

There are mainly and majorly three types of dreams, The True dreams (Rehmani; the dreams bestowed upon humans by instinct or Creator’s Will), The Satanic dreams and third prototype of dreams are of human mind and will’s factory dreams.

The first category of dreams is the true and realistic, such dreams proved to be the predictions for the spiritual doers and the believers and they can be alarmed by nature and Lord Almighty for the happenings either good or bad……..But such alarms only be given to the modest people or the people who strongly believe in beliefs. The bliss of believe, the benefit of belief generates the highly imagined and preserved activities in human conscience and consciousness that it appears the truth and reality upon awakening in earthly world. The people who have their thoughts and spirit be controlled by their sovereignty of instinctive Nature.

Second category is of satanic leads and Lucifer’s acts, as this is main instinctive show time for humans either they awake or either they sleep, Satan is the ultimate enemy of human good wills and deeds to exploit them for no reasons and for nada purposes. Such purposelessness and unreasoning in human life only lead to astray, lead to the way of ignorance and hyper melancholy that leads to distress and disappointment that can only collocate and culcate the negative role in human soul and human mental structure.

Third area of definition for the dreams part is own human wills, their own conscience and characters’ desires and their own thinking consequences, human will is powerful source of different and several agendas. Humans have electromagnetic components as well which can work out in awakening condition and very strongly effects in sleeping core. Human structure has been understand these days in 21st century much to rectify the diseases, the reasoning and the consequences in earthly world to act with or interact with. Human out of his or her will is the best energetic being among all others living beings and he or she can attain ultimate all the fundamental or particular knowledge as a goal of success and for the sufficient beneficial results.

Dreams are not the over thoughts but perhaps they are preserved ones, they can be the identical truth of human fate reflected in the core of human sleep mode with the significant and modified ways. The signs and symbols are most of the time the testimony of human intelligence by understanding and judging the best selective consequence in reality that could b safe and save the human skin and existence for the betterment.

Dreams are divided also in primary in two aspects also, the formal is Heavenly Dreams (Aafaqi Khawab) and later the Earthly Dreams (Aarzi Khawab) both are significant, these dreams preserve and bestow to human mind and consciousness with signs and symbol and they appears as images sometimes or most of the times as situational short stories in which human protagonist character give performance as lead one and being cynosure.

Heavenly Dreams (Aafaqi Khawab) are mostly related to in which Nature and Natural objects are the part of main scene like mountains, skies, stars etc …… These will be the alluring dreams that provide serenity and positive procrastination to the mental conscious mind. These dreams are all the way sense of soothing calmness for human existence and have valuable significance and reality in awakening world.

Earthly Dreams (Aarzi Khawab) are mostly related to in which the oceans, oceanary living beings, mammals are in the significance of role with cynosure character being in the fabricated story of dream that lead or exposed in awakening world with any circumstances or consequence that would be part of human act in temporary world.

Dreams are commonly of common people are the part of their unconscious memory bank where the preserved knowledge travels with the passage of time and clock needle walk parallel to human age and human ability and capability of focusing an concentration within the limits of objective realities and out of the box, beyond the subjective realities. Dreams of human will travel from the unconsciousness to sub consciousness to consciousness, eyes watched them and soul being as protagonist character will be the lead actor on that stage of world. The traveling of truth, knowing and reality image from one shift of darkness (unconsciousness) to another dark corner (sub consciousness) to the comparable light area consciousness that remains the part of all the level and emerge the Conscientiousness, soul and human mind (all three major levels) connected and interacted with each other, these all shifts, traveling of divine information or significance of instinctive knowledge to the earthly being all are magically connected and electromagnetic force is the obvious in it. These entire objector are very much stead fast and human inner world is repeatedly the most vibrant, quickest running function.

Entirely, all the aspects to understand the dream corner is not that easy, itself it is the deepest of all knowledge and it could be only blessed and understand to those who are much modest to understand there HIYAT (true existence of soul and body purpose and best deeds) and of others and the people who start interacting with these blessed understandable souls.

Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad PBUH (May all the great blessings, peace and durood be upon Him) has had told the Ummah that true holy or heavenly dreams are the part of forties proportion of revelation and such dreams will be occurred to those blessed people whose thoughts are pure and their deeds are modest and in the guidance of light of Creator they follow the straight path, they realized the originality of knowledge and its use to the earthly life. Such dreams are the blessed and higher in stature and worthy to be followed rather than other alarmed dreams which are not of verge worth as compare to these realistic dreams of revelation, which explores the mind structure, soul structure and body aspects to be parallel with all above objective functions. Such dreams are for the chosen people who are obviously made of clay but their clay been modified with the purest light that could differentiate them for others………..

The knowledge of getting the true ideal significances of dreams is only the blessed knowledge and only to the chosen people. Prophet Joseph, May blessings be upon him (Hazrat Yusuf A.S) was taught by Creator Almighty Allah for this knowledge and He suggestively advise this to the pharaoh of Egypt for the better save the sovereignty and kingdom rule that could benefit the nation and pharaoh did with the help of useful knowledge of prophet Joseph.

Similarly, Prophet Abraham A.S dreamt that he is slaughtering his beloved son as a holy sacrifice to get the Will of Lord Almighty and in reality as a order of nature he acts the same and Lord Almighty blessed him His favor and accepted him as Khalil (His Friend).

Scientifically, dreams are converse thoughts, images, these are related thoughts or inner character soul traveling journey, as science mostly describes evident realities and where there the unseen forces works science is just a subject…………….

Where there is the matter of uncertain realities though certain at the same, these are the most powerful of all other impacts, they are the generation of human mind, but they are all guided by the fate and the controlling centre.

When a human fall asleep, soul intend to travel either inside of ownself rare, unhidden, dark areas to explore to know or to outside through noise and start moving to the upper level of the world that could be heavenly in structure, in due course it can interacts with the other groups of spiritual ballads of other soul characters, good times fate bring close to good friends of soul character for the good achievements or explorations and bad times fate bring close to the evil soul characters that could lead to the suspensions, suspended levels, broken areas or to the lower rank of darkness.

To determine for the good grouping for the light journey or traveling of soul in state of dream of physical body one should be neat internally and externally, should be of good imaginer or thought provoker or should be healthy enough to sustain the realities in accordance to the abilities the character been blessed with. Dreams are inter linked with the physical upheavals as well and with mental scope of thinking as well. As in the world humans have family, have blood relationships and their specific cast and family reorganizations. Consequently, in soul and spiritual world such grouping and reorganizations exists so……. Sometimes if having bad stomach then dreams may occur that cause distubia to the state of sleep as well…………. If someone who is religiously sound and try to focus of the image he or she determine to allure, he or she can achieve it with sense or ability of concentrating even in the state of sleep image provocation and imagination provoke.

Fate and fate bestowed dreams are the certain possible and the most notable corner, certainly the possibility of controlling empower is the most sound element to reveal. As dream is predictable prediction of coming times of happenings info most of the times, these could be the earlier realities of past times or they could be present state of revelation of conscious character to be alarmed for knowing. In each main aspects of earthly life all have three main and major three fold periods present, past and future and all the aspects which are temporary bound in this earthly life all revolves in due core.

All this earthly world is mortal and it is like a drop of water as compare to the heavenly world of certain and certain realities, times and ages are also different with each other but they resemble to be remember………………………

Dreams are dreams, but dreams are essential though they appear as image to the open eye in awakening or either it would be in state of unconsciousness, they are strange part of human life which are expressionistic, impressionistic, passionistic, realistic and moderate with the existence of human nature. Dreams should be understand by mental energy to explore the aura of one’s existence and existential crystal identification and celestial knowing. To determine the sign of ownself world existence one can easily accept having the guidance of his or her dreams…….Though the dream is for the awakening world achievement with open eyes or the trial of being in state of sleep.

Never under estimate or over estimate the revealed bestowed dreams, as they are gate way to light of one’s own fate window, never describes a dream of favor in gathering that could be mistrusted or misconcepted or miscalculated by others……….Never commit a dream bad out of agony or to tell someone who astern a bad reasoning for it or refers to ill omens…….

Sensitive souls have hypersensitive senses and censuses to consumes and resumes the hyper sense realties so their dreams can lead them ways most of times, provide the results and alternations ………..Keep determine the good character govern, grooming, griming and roaming all the times in all the aspects of life, in all the performance based consequences because so far the existence of blend of body and soul suitability and stability with mental cores provide and guide the best in appearance and in reality for all other worlds. Though it would be for the earthly or heavenly…………

Being a self analyst there is a long catalogue of beautiful blessed dreams in my soul and memory factory, if announced to world that could be ruined, keeping them in the heart book is the best solution of knowing but the extracts of them can be worthy to express to others for the best need of knowing and for the betterment and effectiveness …….

Dream for the ideal life, dream for the ideal death, dream for the fate’s given best opportunities, dream for the probable best possibilities, dream with the open eyes and dream with the closed eyes………….Dreams are good, they govern us and groom us……..Be a dreamer yet with knowing the realistic aspects that teach and guide for the ultimate light…………..

None can ride to the beauty of that horse,

Dreamer can fly with blunt of rose,

Possibly, the possibility be there for the eyes

Windows to out, indoors to rare course………………………….



Universe carries many aspects, they only can be worthy of sight and knowingly sound to heart when they would be realized by the sense and in accordance with the Expectation from your own self …..That will always inspire you….

Universe is beautiful, World is fateful, Soul is peaceful, Mind is restful, Will is successful,Wish is faithful, Tongue is soughtful, and Mouth is oughtful ……

Light is colorful, Flower is thoughtful, Life is doubtful, Stand is baleful, Cry is harmful, Moral is bountiful, Lesson is delightful, Aim is woeful, Law is heedful, Voice is mindful, Lie is baleful, Truth is hurtful, Feel is meaningful, Good is hopeful, Bad is baneful, Decision is tactful, Preparation is Gutful, Description is direful, Thus is hurtful, Matter is mouthful, Word is deep-felt, Talk is releaseful, Nature is easeful, Hole is spiteful, Dot is despiteful, To think is dreadful, Motion is cram-full, Night is direful, Day is rightful, Creature is crateful, Pen is skillful, Sin is nonfuel, Yes is rightful, Whole statements are needful, Man is mortal

All that things are possible if the basic dominate passions ultimately are significantly achieved. God made everything surprising but achievable. This world is full of mysteries and mysterious under cover the surprises, the knowledge is weapon to workout endlessly for the awakening of the heart and soul that keeps alive the spirit of living…..

Realization for the identity of ownself, for others and estimation to develop the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical realities is not that easy the insight is the blessed favor that could raise human to the level even to read their own fate and to control themselves in accordance to their levels of written fate.

This world is made for the trials and for the efforts and morals of human deeds, so far human can become anything out of his deeds and his pure thoughts. Only modesty ranks high humans other than in this specific race.

A realization is inventor of the headless way says that we cannot stop our thoughts, it is nectar of immortality while being a mortal being…………It leads the way to self awareness and resurrection, self renunciations  and self assertiveness. Realization is the best way to transfer self identity to the outer world and once one realizes own self than it’s easy to get the realization for the Creator.

A realization of ownself is the best part of knowing, and rest all knowing comes further. This is my realization and many people who feel the eternity, morality, modesty and try to establish the eternal relationship with Creator ………………

Human cannot change his instinct, his nature but he can change the germ of thinking and through firm faith and belief he can change the world and realization becomes the livery of the person who can adopt it…………

Presentation for Lubricants


Portfolio defines the fundamental structure of Business Panorama of Marketing Agenda in the specification of Product Lubricants in diversify territories under uncertainties of Market view of Pakistan. It concludes the plan and strategies along with the Analysis of roaming of Company positioning capability to market demands……

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Stream of Consciousness of Anonymous


( The Heart )

“His heart is a suspended lute, as soon as it is touched, it resounds………….”

Heart always think why such situations held to the personality who acts non judgmental, and stare the circumstances as they trapped and need badly the way out whereas trap has no way out no door to run, to have the path to select ………….BUT it resounds, it rebukes, it creates, fabricates, knits and fascinates………

‘’I sustained till the breath last me for my dream’’

You can’t be there where I’m , My Fate brings me unusual ………unconditional, uncongenial, unconventional and unpredictable ivory …………it is priceless in my sight and has no cost to world outside, as they don’t know that dream……… they have no eyes like me to see………’’

‘’Come open those parts of the window that only seen by me, which just open to the ways where the spring’s voice aloud and vice versa is character, be this is easy if u get easy in toughness’’

‘’Listen the sweet flute of my heart it swings yours, it brings the corners to the gardens of light, it make many characters of own happiness, they are not bubble …………they are ever lived characters………’’

‘’Story within story…………this is the biggest stage of all stages………this performance is the huge of all………it has contents, it has script but characters are no longer the men but here the characters are hearts…………..’’

Feather Men, they spread and wide open the wings and capture the reality in course of their selfishness, the politics is the ground and they just play the part which linger their needs and desires well……….. Flying is an art which is unknown to them but their feathers do as they are instinctively inclined.

‘’ Swans, white or though black all have art of uniqueness, they emblem the source of reality, the innocence and experience.’’

The appearance of fundamental soundness is visibly flawed…… As the Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, they are strange, full of characters, full of varity and various conscientiousness, the impulsiveness in conscience and consciousness prove futile when appearance mirror to inner character, what if both were the same, what if they don’t deceive each other, what if both stay on one straight path, what if this sound, this voice, this world where this inner character refugee for a while focus on one main subject to breath, what if these differences no more, what if this world configure, what if it confess the outer realities just to cynosure the internal Supremes……….What if this stream get a chance and be aloud with truth to the audiences, sooner or later this ultimate truth of voice heard by the sensitive keen ears ……….

‘’Extremes and Supremes are there in world of achievements, this business of earnings all to such norms who even waste their last breath for money making and finally got nothing …… Only Virtue endears’’

‘’This wealth for the richness and for the riches is just nothing more than weighing a weight upon a shoulder and handover to another once finished the journey and change the tram for the another journey…………The understanding to that is simple to those who knows the meaning of travelling and stay in such course, they don’t stay, they don’t keep, they don’t lust ………they just fastened the belt for safe journey’’

“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

‘’ Heart is the strangest character, believe, beat, blow, swings, sings, possessed, assessed, let go…….it pursue, it is the purest part yet it is a strange character……it is heart, the time of all times, it is the heart, ages of all ages, it is the heart, strange of all strangers, it estranged …..It is the heart, condemns, consoles, speaks the loudness; captures the sound and play salience as role.… is the heart, though mine, and others have their own but yet it is anonymous……….Yes this is strange a character and anonymous, unknown to myself yet and how could other can understand it……….Heart as it has selective color the red but strings out for others and other variant colors…..Various, it has no language but it understands the purest one, simplest one, loyal one……. What if nothing touched to but yet emotions so close, perhaps it is gate way of knowing the celestial world, the real, the existing and the hereafter…….it gives the signs……this is Mr. Anonymous yet looks like me……….perhaps if finds for it cause, perhaps alive to seen the purpose, perhaps the guide for the actions, perhaps magic to allure, perhaps magnetic for the charm……… ‘’

‘’Heart; Self Esteemed……The Character……The Self Image…………The Self Schema……The conscientiousness…….. This is heart it believes in love in harmony, it believes in truth of innocence, beauty of experiences, source of nature, and to instinctive yearnings …. Heart which lead to the way of certainties, which bestow towards blessings, which attracts and attaches to the unknowns and the people of out of circumference………. This is heart which understands sometimes the unsaying and sometimes ignores the heard truth……… ’’

He thought of many ideas, out of which one is the best to play with the heart, endlessly it will provide and tell a unique story which could never be listened to the world outside, it has its own self world of happiness, own self world of awareness, own self world of assertiveness, own self world of defence mechanism ……… All aspects here in this special corner are the subject of knowing, are the object of procrastinations and are source to travel in so many other imaginative world……….

Stream of Consciousness  is itself a character of sound inside the mind and soul of human self home, this extreme and extravagant sound that would make noise through the speech or by the gestures or expressions, all these impressions are the subsidiary of whatever the emotional flow compare and contrasts……….

The stream of consciousness of mind is elaborated in the phase of earth and the stream of consciousness itself attached with the stream of structure of the emotional flow, the character HEART is one of its best example which adorn so many stream of sentiments, desires, flow of realities and appearances, it has the idiosyncrasies of its own character traits, Heart is the deepest core than ocean and the most highest in emotions as the mountain peak……..Its stream of knowledge, stream of emotions and stream of emblems all exist in core of senses……….The mingling of emotions with the course of consensus all allure the charismatic door opening to the journey of Innocence and Experience…………

This article depicts and symbolizes the wholesome desires, dreams and consequences of characters that heart allures and portrays in different phases, the heart is the most secretive of all other sense provoking components, it is not just the alive beating organ of human body but itself a character that own the identity of anonymous ………. Heart is conscientiousness, is a loyal active character, is esteemed treasure of self being.

The stream of consciousness of anonymous is deep as ocean and realization of that bliss beyond belief………….

Aristotle’s Oedipus Rex



Oedipus Rex is one of the groups of three plays by Sophocles known as Theban plays, since they relate to the destinies of the Theban family of Oedipus and his children. The other two plays of this group are Antigone and Oedipus at Colonus. However although the three plays are connected by theme and subject, they do not form a trilogy in the usual sense of the term. In English translation the play is generally known as Oedipus the King or King Oedipus, but Oedipus Rex, the Latin title, is the most popular. In Oedipus Rex, Sophocles leaves a major part of story outside the plot. He deals directly with only the last day of Oedipus rule over Thebes. We are to believe that Oedipus has been ruling happily over Thebes for about fifteen years. His personal life also has been a very happy one. He has four children by his wife, Jocasta. Infact, it appears that even a further happiness is in store for him, for after the death of Polybus he is to succeed him to the throne of Corinth also. However, all this happiness is illusory. It is revealed is a moment that, far from being the happiest of men, Oedipus is the most miserable of them. Instead of being the intelligent solver of riddles, which he himself and as well as his subjects believe him to be, he is ignorant even of his identity and parentage. In ignorance he has killed his father and married his mother. Believing himself the Corinthian prince, and trying to evade the fate which the Oracle has predicted for him, he actually runs into its clutches. He becomes a dire example of the ignorance and helplessness of man in the face of destiny, although in one sense Oedipus in Sophocles play, is ironically the master of the fate at every stage, and whatever happens the play does so at his own initiative. Oedipus Rex is a marvel; it is rich in beauty and complexity of theme and symbolism. It is the most fascinating Greek tragedy which elaborates,’ Man is a mere puppet in the hands of fate’. There are various standpoints for looking at the theme of the play. It may be considered as a play enacting the theme of blindness to fate, insecurity of revealing realities, Being ignorant the rashness, knowing the truth as tragic and illusoriness of human happiness. The inadequacy of human intelligence in resolving the riddles of destiny may also be considered one of the major voice of the play. The play also brings out the tragedy as well as the dignity of human determination and will power. Critics have found all sorts of symbols in the play, the most famous such interpretation being that of Freud, who has named a complex after Oedipus viz. the Oedipus-complex. This play may also be looked upon as an allegory—that if one tries to avoid one’s fate, one would only aiding and hastening it. Thus, Oedipus Rex is a perfect tragedy because of its harmonious blending of Character and Fate.

Aristotle’s definition of tragedy and the play King Oedipus

Aristotle first defines tragedy in his poetics around 330 BC, and all subsequent forms of tragic events have been influenced by his concepts. According to Aristotle, “Tragedy, then, is an imitation of a noble and complete action, having the proper magnitude; it employs language that has been artistically enhanced . . . ; it is presented in dramatic, not narrative form, and achieves, through the representation of pitiable and fearful incidents, the catharsis of such incidents” (chapter 6; Golden 11). Sophocles wrote “Oedipus the King” for the annual festival where playwrights competed for prizes. It was a major civic occasion, with attendance expected. Sophocles the writer is phenomenally good, especially considering his era. His writing is impressive with each phrase contributing to the whole. He is full of succinct observations on life. And despite the limits of the form, he often manages to make his characters seem like real individuals. The title of our play is often given in its Latin translation “Oedipus Rex”, rather than in its original Greek (“Oedipus Tyranneus”), since the Greek term for king is the English “tyrant” which means a monarch who rules without the consent of the people. There is a deep philosophic content at the back of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex. It seems through this play he advises that man must concern himself with his own actions and remains within his appointed sphere in life. He must not presume to equal the gods in any respect (as Greek Myth revolves around gods, and Oedipus is also a mythical play as well). He seems to hold out moderation as a great virtue. Excessive desire even for such a good things as knowledge angers the gods, who then bring about the man’s ruin through his own overweening pride and conceit. To Sophocles every deed has its ultimate consequences, which no one can escape. The ways of gods are mysterious and no humans being must seek to prey into them. Along with leading a morally unblamable life, one must show the proper reverence for the gods as well as for the various institutions and practices of religion.

Oedipus as Tragic Hero

Oedipus fulfills the function of a tragedy, and arouses fear and pity in the highest degree. But unfortunately a modern reader, coming to the classic drama not entirely for the purpose of enjoyment, will not always surrender himself to the emotional effect. He is correct to worry about Greek fatalism and the justice of the downfall of Oedipus, and, finding no satisfactory solution for these difficulties, loses half the pleasure that the drama was intended to produce. Oedipus is superhuman, yet the play possesses universality. Parricide and incest are not common actions, yet the delusion of happiness, and committing of unwitting crimes is a universal tragic theme. Oedipus is a symbol of a man, who is elated by good fortune, only to be disappointed all the more when that good fortune gives place to disaster as stated in play by chorus:

‘’All the generations of mortal man add up to nothing!

Show me the man whose happiness was anything more than illusion

Followed by disillusion.

Here is the instance, here is Oedipus, here is the reason

Why I will call no mortal creature happy.”

According to Aristotle the tragic hero must be a person of noble birth and prosperity whose misfortune results, not from depravity or vice but from hamartia. The last word has translated as error of judgment by most critics but strongly interpreted as tragic flaw. Oedipus is clearly intermediate kind of person stipulated by Aristotle, and he is in enjoyment of great happiness and prosperity at the commencement of the story. However, it is difficult to say that his misfortune befalls him because of some flaw in his character, or some error of judgment committed by him. There is no doubt that his character has several flaws and that he does commit some error of judgment, but the question is whether these errors are the cause of his tragedy? Oedipus is no doubt rash, impatient, irritable and passionate. He is also very proud of his intelligence, and believes that he can find the answer to every problem. At more than one place he is also guilty of impious words. His treatment to Creon is far from fair, and he is unnecessarily harsh to Teiresias. Yet, if we take his tragedy to be the basic actions of incest and parricide, then these flaws and errors of Oedipus are quite irrelevant. On the other hand, it is Oedipus who proclaims a severe punishment for the murderer of Laius and also says that he will award the punishment even to himself, if he is the guilty person. It is by his words that Teiresias is angered and prophesies a severe punishment for the murderer of his father and the husband of his mother. Moreover, Oedipus provokes him further by making fun of his blindness and this lead Teiresias to predict that Oedipus also will become blind and will leave Thebes like a helpless beggar. Although the predictions do not bring about the actions mentioned in them,, yet they add to Oedipus suffering and humiliations. Or one may say that Oedipus commits the fundamental mistake of thinking himself equal to the gods and of being able to solve every problem. In that case the tragic flaw in Oedipus would become that of arrogance or hubris. His career changes from prosperity to terrible adversity, and he makes the terrible discovery that human knowledge is extremely limited and misleading.

Hubris or Destiny

‘’You cannot alter this. The gods themselves

Cannot undo it. It follows of necessity………..’’

In Sophocles tragedies human suffering visits the innocent as much as does the guilty, and he who suffers is, therefore, not automatically guilty. The poet has a tendency to sharpen the edge of suffering; he does note—especially not in his later works—accept it as a punishment or retribution; rather he emphasizes the innocence of the victim…. And despite this treatment, the poet still demands an acceptance of the hero suffering. And so we find in his works no testing theodicy, no investigation into the cause of suffering, but the conviction that suffering is inherent in human nature. Sophocles leaves little doubt that whatever there is a conflict between the human law and the divine; it is divine law which deserves to be observed.

‘’Of happiness the crown

And chiefest part

Is wisdom, and to hold

The gods in awe.

This is the law

That seeing the stricken heart

Of pride brought down,

We learn when we are old.’’

Chance is the major tooling in the plot of Greek Mythological plays. Fate is itself the major control of characters in any case. Greeks believes that Destiny is preplanned and the writing by the deities and the divine law so powerful that bestow, enhance and control all the metaphysical and cosmological functions. As William Shakespeare portrays in such words, the same religious and mythical divine theory:

‘As flies to the wonton boys,

Are we to the gods?

They kill us for their sport.’’

This is the most debatable point and in few words of expression it could not be easy to capture the whole theory and the concepts. A lot of literature has been vindicated and generated on this topic, yet there is so many space to be filled. Consequently, Oedipus Rex represents FATE as a controlling power as a strong theme, divinity and divine power in highest stature and ruling over the free will. One of the main theme of this play is FATE or FREE WILL. So far in Greek mythical play Fate wins over the free will. Fate cannot be over write by gods and not even can erase, which gives birth to the tragedy and this what happens to the ideal tragic hero Oedipus. Therefore Oedipus Rex is also recognized as tragedy of fate.

Paradox in the play

Oedipus Rex is undoubtedly, a play which defines contradictions. The speech clashes, thought and verdict clashes. Conflicts regarding appearance and truth is firmly and strongly culcated as a theme in the play. The contradiction arises when Teiresias confronts Oedipus and the dialogue in exchange reveals the truth from one side and ignorance from another. The reality beyond curtains bring forth by the persistent nature of Oedipus. Sophocles is genius enough to make contrast of fate and free will by clothing them as characters and the main theme of the play. Compare and contrast, contradiction and conflict and this has been pictured through the characters and their speech. Oedipus and Jocasta represent the image of hidden contradiction, where as their relation based on sympathy. Oedipus and Laius indirectly, So far the paradox is the one of the major themes of the play which strengthen it as a tragedy and make it unforgettable over the centuries.

Relevance of Teiresias

Although Teiresias is a character in two of the three Theban plays of Sophocles, he is in reality a figure in Greek mythology. Teiresias was a Theban who was once changed into a woman for a time for the crime of killing the female of a pair of snakes. There two traditions about how he became blind. According to one of them Zeus and Hera asked him whether a man or a woman enjoyed sexual union more. Zeus had been insisting that women enjoyed it more, while Hera of the view that men received greater enjoyment. Teiresias supported the view of Zeus, as a result of which the jealous Hera struck him blind. Zeus compensated him for this misfortune by blessing him with a long life and conferring on him the gift of prophecy. According to another story he was stuck blind because he happened to watch Athena while she was bathing. In Oedipus Rex his role is more extensive, he is the one who is blind seer, though apparently blind but blessed with extraordinary sense of knowledge about future and its predictions:

‘’Student of mysteries,

Of all that’s taught and all that no man tells,

Secrets of Heaven and secrets of the earth’’

It is Creon who advises Oedipus to send for Teiresias and ask him to find some solution for the troubles of Thebes. Later the Chorus also give him the same advice and Oedipus replies that he has already done so. It appears, however that Teiresias is not very eager to appear before the king. Teiresias is a symbolic and contrasted figure in the play. The contrast between the outward magnificence and inward blindness of Oedipus and the outward blindness and inward sight of the prophet is one of the given attributes of the scene and Sophocles does not waste this natural opportunity. Oedipus taunts Teiresias with his blindness, saying that he has ‘eyes for profit only, blindness in his craft.’ Teiresias’ answer is a magnificent consummation of this play on sight and blindness. Teiresias retorts, ‘’you have your sight, but you do not see in what evil you are.’’ His speeches, thoroughly in the play are significant and revealing. He is the representative of deep conscience spokesman in front of Oedipus for his Fate and Character’s hamartia. Teiresias is representative of truth and reality and the one who removes the cover of illusionary curtain of happiness and glory of Oedipus. So far Teiresias is the one who pinpoints the error of judgment and his character is the vital, powerful and central one in the climax and the plotting of the play.

Significance of Jocasta character

The characteristics of Jocasta that comes into play are mostly those of a wife and a queen but we are still able to forum some impression of her qualities as a woman. She seems to be quite in contrast with the fiery impetuosity of Oedipus for she is mild, moderate and cool –headed. This we see best of all when she rebukes Oedipus and Creon for indulging in personal quarrels at a time when the city is afflicted with a calamity. She deals with the two disputants as though they were small children and is able to restore calm and peace. She always keeps her personal emotions in check, expect at the end when she cries hysterically, calling upon the dead Lauis We come accorss to have the significance information about Jocasta also by the retrospect of the events that took place in the time of Laius. It seems probable that Jocasta played the same role of comforter with Laius which she plays now in the case of Oedipus. It was she who gave the child Oedipus to the shepherd so that he should leave it on the mountain to die of exposure. This seems the heartlessness of a mother but then what was at stake was the life of her husband and king, and for that all other considerations had to take second place. She was easy to access and considerate to her servants, for she at once agreed to the plea of the shepherd that he should be sent away from Thebes into the countryside. However, she seems to be capable of self-effacement. When a hard fate compels her to take another husband soon after the news of the death of Laius, she seems to have submitted tamely. Not once, it appears, has she talked to Oedipus about her first husband. We do not know to what extent Jocasta’s lack of reverence towards the gods reflects her real nature and to what extent it is a pose assumed in order to calm down her husband’s fears. Perhaps there is a little of both these considerations involved in her attitude. In her words it is chance and not the will of gods, which rules human life and she seeks to convert her husband also to this view which is a direct contradiction of Greek religion and morality:‘’Fear? What has a man to do with fear?

Chance rules our lives, and the future is all unknown.

Best live as best we may, from day to day.

Nor need this mother-marrying frighten you;

Many a man has dreamt as much. Such things

Must be forgotten, if life is to endured.’’

Jocasta is the central and important character, whose significance is obvious because of all the character revolves around her directly or indirectly. She is pathetic as well after revealing the reality and the shame of that reality endowed nothing but his guilt to death in shape of suicide.

Modern day relevance of this play

Many aspects of the modern conception of the tragedy owe their origin to Sophocles. It was he who made one important character the central figure (protagonist) and the focus of attention in ever tragedy. As Aristotle points out, it was Sophocles who constructed his plots in such a way as to make reversal and recognition their integral part. The characteristics feeling inspired by the tragedies of Sophocles is that of respect for human life and values and pity for those who fall a victim to their errors or the machinations of fate. The balance between character and fate is very well maintained by Sophocles. The dialogues in Sophocles are also more life time than is the case in the play of Aeschylus. Sophocles philosophy seems to have pondered deeply over the questions which concern man’s place in the universe, as well as the role and destiny of the individual in society by every Era of man. His plays best embody the essence of Greek life and culture at one of the highest points in its history. After Sophocles all other famous dramatists used the same tolls such as Marlowe’s’ Dr.Faustas’ and number tragic writing of Shakespeare, King Liar, Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet and winter’s Tale. In modern Era many playwrights believes in the same structure and they follow the pattern to be successful on the ground of tragedy.


Undoubtedly Oedipus Rex is the great tragedy of Appearance and reality, of unconscious to conscience crime, Pride of a king to pathos of a mere man, of character and fate, of truth of ignorance and reality of knowing.  Oedipus Rex in not only the greatest play of Sophocles but also the greatest Greek play. Accordingly to many critics it is the greatest play ever written. Aristotle in the Poetics gives very high praise to this play. It is also credited with possessing one of the three best executed plots in all drama. In this play Sophocles performs the miracle of creating terrible suspense through events the outcome of which is known to the readers beforehand. The reversal and the recognition in this play arise out of the play itself. It is very well integrated play, no part of which can either be transposed or left out. It can also be regarded as first detective story in literature. Its poetry, especially in the lyrical odes, possesses a great beauty and haunting power. There would be no exaggeration in saying that Oedipus Rex in one of the glories of Western Literature. To sum up the play it is an ideal tragedy which underlines the frailty of human happiness and prosperity by exposing that reality and truth are bitterest in mode of destiny if it holds harshness for the character.

General Quotes


  • Galaxy is the dream.
  • Pen makes you strong
  • I am dreamer of fantasy
  • True idea is your identity
  • Empty bottle give you space.
  • I wonder my luck to wish me.
  • Life is a book and we are readers.
  • Thought is the delicious food of mind.
  • Elders are very forgettable on their turn.
  • Now a day’s blindness is on the pavement.
  • Walk, walk and walk towards your attitude.
  • Lock your talk, and speak well whenever you do.
  • Prayer makes you week until it would be blessed.
  • I find many things instant of those I lust them more.
  • Just try to make a life sketch never try to make it snap.
  • Give way to yourself your conscious gives you lot and lot.
  • Compliments give you the way to success but if they are true.
  • Pretention in relationships kills the role of characterization
  • How sad! We are making our selves deliberately mummies.
  • Even Sky deceives us it has no color and shows us that it is blue.
  • Make sure about yourself that you are good no one can spoil you.
  • Diary is infact inquiry about you sometimes about reality and others.
  • Incredible inside me that my hopes are for everything yet for nothing.
  • My dreams make me stupid sometimes and they make me wise most of the times.
  • Finding the shade means you are making up your mind to take a walk without shelter.
  • Don’t believe in others just believe in God; trust others but then when you trust yourself.
  • Everybody have feeling but some only feels for them and some only feels that feelings are just the expressing thing.
  • People stare me and sometimes laugh but I remain keep quiet, because I am waiting for my time.
  • I like novelists because they wrote for others; I like writers because they waste their dozes for us.
  • I do believe that whenever you got any idea just make it because if you spend any second to think about that mean you just losing you idea.

Err Star (Morning Star)


I am an Err star, I’m morning star,

I am star that glows……… I am a star

I am the star that only glows ……others make their shine

They set up in darkness ………..they raise their fun in night ……….

I differ ………I differ, because …….

I am an Err star

I set up for free time ……I rise for the glee shine……I rose in a little light

Early times when dark mourn …….I differ ……I am an Err star

When sun awake up from revolving bed

Open the eyes and peeps……….His light saw me and ask

For risen to brighten the world………its light rose as I show my glow

I differ myself from others, AS……..

I am an Err star

Wonder I am in myself ………..I rose in the light

Others disappear in light

I vanish also but I show once glee ………….I am the morning star

Darkness wishes to have me ………………Light wishes to have me

All wishes to have me ……………but I am for the free time …………Because

I am the Err star ………

I am different …….My revolving

My appearance is signed for extravagant ………. AS

I am the Err star ………

Morning star is an extravagant sign of Nature which is unique and point of awareness for special knowledge, this is prolific creation that is part of half darkness and half of morning and could be seen for special fate searchers.

As it is special so its own self identity is also different from other stars, stars language is unknown and mysterious but those have their version that would be imagine by the high thinkers………

Lust For Flight


Once I lust for flight

When I saw some birds having flight ………..I lust for flight

Few birds flying in group ………make a beautiful arrow

Once space was empty ………while their flight ……. That time I wish to join them

When pay attention to myself………realize that I have no wings …………


I lust for flight…………those birds fly and shore in blue sky ………and I wonder

Those birds watching the shine ………..From very nearer

And I wonder ………those birds were friends and giving joy each other

And I wonder ……Those birds were flying ……and I wonder

Their flight makes me crazy

There replacement in the air fascinated me

Though I’m not one of them ………….


I lust for flight …………My love is for fact …………BUT

Lust of heart haven’t given up …………..I trust my hopes ………and I believe in peaks

To one day fly over …….. And I am a dreamer for this …………..

That one day I make a Flight ………………..I can fly …….. I will fly ………….I believe …..

And this makes differ between earth and sky

To make difference your fact hopes are essential ………..

And I am doing so ………My love is for fact …………….


Lust of heart impels you to think …………Unfit, unfix, nonfactual things……… That couldn’t be possible in real

But you can do if you can trust yr hopes ………..

When I saw some birds …………… I lust for flight ……………

Flight of birds are always very fascinating, they fly and shore in the breast of blue sky with out fear and fret and this is the only art they have ………..This art is convincing and meaningful if we try to insight , it has significance for humans to be yourself in and by any means and trust your natural instincts to be higher in stature …………..

Further to fly is not that impossible because man is an amphibian beast, as well as the intellectual norm that has tool of imagination that has converse glass of course that could high light all the selective ways to this kind……….If flying is an art of birds who have wings ……..

Today man is also flying without wings but flying………..Having flights …….. Be yourself…….Trust your positive instincts………

Be part of nature……….Allure and quest, be creative, innovative, imaginative and maintain balance…………..

I’m one of those…….


Once I sit on a chair

That was not made for me …………….Unknown from this fact

I replace it for me ………..

I didn’t take permission …………I didn’t about conscious

I care for my thinking ………….

I just look at my flee …………Unknown from this fact

That it was not me ……that seat was not for me

I’m from those who stand,

I’m from those who stand and led hand

Seat is not for me ………. That seat was not me …………..I’m the one who stands ………

Who stands and swing the speeches, split the converse …………

I’m from those who stand and led hand …………..

I’m one of those who quest until they reach

I’m one of those who think until they preach

I’m from those who stand…………

I’m from those who stand and led hand …………….

To realize own self is the instinctive need, the success lead to those who peep inside and understand the reality of their self identity……..

Own identity is unknown phenomena but once a self recognizance becomes the reality conscience and consciousness than soul obtained the ruling determination to conquer the world with courage, with solace, with upfront instinctive force and with full awareness……….

This is the true sign of being on track of success

One Fine Day


One day, one fine day … I feel …..One day

I feel …..That light, that light touches everything…….

That day was for everything, that ray belongs to everything

One day, one fine day … I feel  ….one day ……..I feel…. that light,

That day was pleasant, that light was shining

That breeze was cool, that moment was hiding but expressive

One day, one fine day … I feel that …one day ………..I feel that light

Though that day brings light to everything

Though that day gulp the darkness from everywhere

Though that day ask happiness to be spring

Though that day is the ordinary day just like all other days …………

Even then soothing, shining …….it was happened………….everything is same, still But

The things that light touches, that day which was for everything

That ray belongs, that pleasure, that shining, that breeze, that moment wasn’t for Me ……………. I felt that light wasn’t felt me …….

Though there was light but remain dark for me

Day had manner to show itself ………. I wasn’t had

I felt everything, but nothing can feel me

Me myself feel  one day , one fine day……………..that light that day ……………..

Similarity was………..Everything exists………So did I………… Day brings……… come and wipe

I stay, hear, see and wait ……….Nothing new but feeling was ……….

One day, one fine day … I feel that …one day ………..I feel that light

The day was new …………or old, special or ordinary

Of I belong to such feelings ………………. The day was day ………. I was I ……..both don’t convert but the feelings ………….. One day, one fine day …

I feel  …one day ………..I feel that light………….

One fine day I felt the outer rays so snatching for soul, rest all remain the same but the feelings were new after every still consequence there is a move………..And every move there is stillness ………

The days are days the pass on, the bring the light and move on same routine……….That’s our feelings, emotions, sentiments and thinking how we access, how we act and so far how we understand our own fate it carries light, darkness, sight, insight all above the way ………….