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August 30

Drawing Lines in the Sand ….

Drawing Lines in the Sand …. Harmless days are when I thought I am in the middle of danger, in the mid of whirlpool, perils are all around, the walls around are getting tight, I am afraid, I am scared, my frets are just nothing but just frets …. My Fears are just nothing but […]

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August 18

Time Caged !

What is actually the independence? What is Emancipation? What is Liberty? What is Freedom? What is this all? What is this all about? There be millenniums of millenniums involved to understand the truths about above. The centuries of centuries involved to attempt to be crawled towards such places one can sigh the relief. Independence for […]

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August 15

The Coins …

Coins; The key coins or the manuals … I found and lost so many, I kept the less… The kept ones are not desirable they are subject to net, The lost were the desirable but out of the nest The found were kinda silver lining, they never took as best Endings are the findings, finding […]

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August 13

The Third Eye

The Third Eye; The Preconception, The perception… During the course of life I wander and wonder all along that how fine is the idea if everything and every channel must be smoothen and directed as Myth or as per given books. How much the life is easier if the predicated given books are easily being […]

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