The Pre-Mature Burial ;Pre-Mature Death


There is no need to be taste death obviously to have burial. In today’s world the death is on the way. In fact death is the over period of this world but the world has the sign for another.  Alive beings are also buried among walls or under the false materials of social systems. The pathos upon world is that they are generating each ambiguity by themselves due to their mistakes. World is going on astray, working for the so called establishment and developments but there is nothing to be last forever.

There are so many cases which known by world already where the innocent people are suffering a lot, to the excess and to the heights. There is no jury no law and order which can save them because law is blind. So called jury is paralyzed. Infact, this world is getting mean day by day having no certain objective for the humanity. People who are talking about humanity they are just delivering lectures for the sake of nothing or for the sake of their own means.

Today’s Human is greedy; his perspective is to search his own means among others and in the traits where he can enhance his own greed to be fulfilled. This greedy spirit has been spread all over due to which the most element to eat up the humanity and humanism.

Due to which one human is getting strong in his will and considering others just salve to his will and causing damage not only to their identities, but also to their self dignity. Due to this major reason today humans not need to be buried under the earth but most of them are buried alive into four walls. Buried alive into their own mentalities, buried alive into their own disorder psyche.

Imperialism or the superrich source human from the world has been begins wish to the supreme power to get control over, to rule to make humans like himself to be enslaved. This lead to astray; the path of satin to over whelm the negative sources and approaches. What is enhanced somewhat merely in the world with focus. This world has been picturesque today apparently the graphic world where humans are not needed but the machines or manmade marvels. Man made mentality is over ruling this world. Machismo and mechanical approach is the most vital.

Man is away from the nature and its instincts. Away from religious aspects, away from natural resources, away from instinctive and impulsive natural system. Though man is considering this his success but having all this and seeing all this the day is not far when Sun will rise from West as per the promise of Almighty, as a sign that this mortal world is near to End.

Gather on the plat forum where we all need unity, faith, discipline, courage, dignity and above all humanity. We don’t need to led down our own species as the salve one to one of us out of greed but to Almighty Creator.