Estimated 2000 years and above, humans are habitants on Earth.
Time passed away and history been written, how correct or false this is to assess upon our own wisdom.

As a common trend, the past generations telling the upcoming generations what had happened. Few wrote malicious stories, by adding on or exaggerating the actuality. Others depending upon controversies, whereas Truth is out there.

History witnessed itself that there were many rulers/explorers/ emperors even Politian who ruined and ignited the truth based historic books in bulk, and that’s how we have been through this half learned journey. We knew what the older generations impelled us to be known.

In such case the Authentic Sources only be the Selective Scriptures and Divine Holy Book, none other than all are the descriptive stories. Sometimes the tribal people are ahead or sometimes the urban people.

Stories are stories, bunch and bundles make the history.
All through those donkey’s years producing history, what this human race has learnt?

Let’s enlist as, this could be:
Political-Economic statistics
The urge to dominance……. How one Government or Politian lean down the other.
Political Mapping ……..Dismissal of existing boundaries by adding new geographical regions.
The Art of War……. Killing and genocide on the name of race, grace and pace.
Divide and Rule ……… Slice down the territories/countries to channel the new orders.

If we go more in depth of segregation, this may be as:
Socio-Religious Statistics
I am a Muslim, hence belongs to Arabs/Asian Region Etc
I am a Christian, so belongs to everywhere/Centralized in EU
I am a Jew, suffered and gain our state so late, now power belongs to us

Moreover, considering this division conventionally convictional in this Era, that’s perhaps:
Geographically, Political, Socio-Economic window
China explored the world by boasting their economy and beating others, they became the need of living world.

America enslaved people of world by strategic dealings, propagandas or planning, news, or controversies whatever strike most human psyche to be gripped in.

Britain/Germany/Russia, lost their political prestige in mid-1900, however they never stop b eating the bush around.

Imperialistic vision, dividing world into colonies, acquiring more and more land/enslaving people by materialism and in return to have their cheap labor, creating co-dependencies and with the passage of time inventing more linguistics terms to hide the bitter truths, here we are in the age and stage of globalization.

Drastically, it was complicated but not impossible.
Hence, such design actually worked out when one dot been connected to another. Centralized dot the king.

This is universal truth, that we have always flip side of coins
One aspect’s impact if possibly affirmative than the next side may effects negative. So does this concept of globalization, if it connects the world on one page, the evil eye or watcher is more in power to damage at once, whatever and where ever wants.

Imperialism, colonization, dependencies, banking integration and this globalization equivalent to one world order. One screen, displaying variant and various pictures in same instance, now that describes the centralized control, monitoring, assessment and evaluation, based upon setting new objectives and outcomes are really easy.

This thought transferred into such reality not in a day.
It took several experiences and experiments, hence upto this level the ocean been crossed and the edge is near to shore.

Whatever this behavior been adopted, its’ kinda deity like.
It is unsuitable for human to behave like lord of the world, therefore meet the end soon.

Time and Truth both have their own influential presence.
They have their own impactful characteristics, given by Divine Nature even after 100 of years if they destined to be revealed, they will show the actual face and reality.

Even after achieving too much, the death is evident.
Death does not allow this world to transfer whatever earned with it, unless the earning is for eternity.

The biggest dilemma of our current period, we are been far away from the earning of eternity and the reluctances been increased. Our older generations have hope for future and our generation even generating the idea of hope so mechanical based on gaming.

The command for change is really important.
Change, again has flip sides one option is affirmative for one and another may be negative.

All those Donkey’s Years, we have faced those flips of change, time and truth.
That’s how it is still going on………….



If one good wish would be granted, I would like to ask GOD to bless us all with His Mercy. We needed this the most now. If one good happening would affect, I would like to ask GOD to favor us with the renewal of the world where peace and tranquility be our fate. If one good event would be in que, I would like to ask GOD to see us, listen us and let be our prayers be heard.

I have my food for the day, I wore neat clothes and I have shelter though revelry of relations affect all the quality of life, even than I have the basics as compare to deprived ones. Whatever, I have, I am really thankful for that but than at that stage that’s not enough. It’s not that as an individual if I have that’s may be sufficient but that’s not for a mankind. For human living the environment is more important, social connections and well being of all around you are surviving in. It is a mirror feeling.

Y2020, as if began with grievances and linger on with pandemics/killing and now ending with the disasters. The year, as if GOD designed for the cleansing of the dirt in living creatures, as if to alarm, as if to rethink about revising all the living standard human so far set, in this so called modern life and as if very near time to the end of living generations to allow new generations to live on.

Cycling and recycling is consuete of Nature, hence it happens in every hundred or thousand years. So what if this cleaning is going on, what if the formal died and later new blossoms. Then again Nature has its course, that is to say death is must if the bad one taste it good one too, and similarly the way of birth is same for all. If a natural disaster is there, no question for good or bad, it will afflict both on the same extend that fate is evident for.

The people who try to generate ‘New World Order’ are actually wronged in any way. Nature and its law is really powerful and never share any of its domain with any mortal being. Hence there can be no new world order but just the one Creator wants. Through historical facts we knew there were many beings who tried to proclaim power, position, and pride all in all they met the end in vein, as nothing but in humiliation.

All we are facing, the facts though, we search for reasons, wrote our thesis and share our analysis with fellow beings but how, when and why actually happens is out of our reach. May be atheist can believe another way but the truth is we are creation and made and so our fate been designed and written and mostly we confront whatever be destined to be.

Through Holy Scriptures, we knew many predication which are true enough and in que of events just going on. What role we can play in such times, this is the major essence, we assuredly need to see through our belief system. We all as humans need to revive our values for the better sake of humanity. No war against human but evil should be our slogan. We need to perform actions through which we can better have the attention of Creator for blessings and favors.

Let be the innocence prevail again, the purity stays and essence of loyal connection be made. All of us, let say no to obscene art/soft porn. Let’s be the decency our costume and good manners be our life style. This, what we adopt we shall recognize by it.

We need truth instead of deception. This is for an individual we have to play our part first, later than we can mutually work out what our compassion requires. We are though mortals even we can be immortals by doing what the originality of Nature requires.

The best source of time, it passes by, though tragic or happy.
We don’t need to last with in both, neither in the memories of happiness nor in the grief of loss. We need to understand more grave reality and that is to say go deep to strengthen the Faith and be staunch Believer, so that there remain no loop.

Years like 2019-2021, are the result of human previous errors that should be amended, if not immediate than gradual. This is responsibility of older generation to the junior. Creator given us so much even asked nothing in reverse, just to stay spiritually awaken and be responsible in this worldly life, yet our passive and slain moves are always be the bitter-sour result of our owns. This may be not the End of Times for universe or for all living beings but surely one and half part of existing generations, though physically or psychologically.

What will be the accusation if did nothing.
If one says, I did nothing than he or she will have nothing.

The course of Nature based on two sides, either moral or either evil.
Hence, selection of sides may or may not be the choice but struggle to meet the fate destined to be. Trying is fair, instead of not.

At least as an individual we must peep through, that which track we are following?

The selection of path is actually reaching the destination.
Lost Paradise is the objective or the Willingness of GOD?

Y2020, is a twist and surely the mid.
What if we are heading towards again the biggest of all wars, what if we are in the middle of the track where confront the crack?

This boundary system, nationalities and the geographical divisions all in all nothing but the super evil ego of human. We all are ONE and we mirror to each other, we need to accept this.

Human behavior is not always controllable but societies always establish on the level of mutual understanding of standard of ethics.

All these natural occurrences are pricking our conscience/consciousness towards the change of reality. Consequently, rethink, set a prospect and act to achieve the immortal. Take it positive to stay affirmative and keep going…… that’s what this worldly life is.

Magic Or Miracles…Magic And Miracles…….


Ages ago, humans practices beyond the limits of the Ethical grounds and they want to fulfill their each and every desire by the shortest possible ways and through the easy going elements.

Humans are very complex and complicated beings when it comes to their super ego and their lust of having the desires been fulfilled at once and every desired things material or humane all be at their toes.

Humans from the ancient Era believes in the means which are not actually the true signs of nature but they exist because the Evil do exist. And Evil is the force for which Creator forbids but as a tough trial of Adam it is prevailed in the life, in existence on the phase of earth to have the testimony.

In such course of hard exam lost humans are most of the times remain failure. From the ancient Era to till now it just happened that human’s lust is the biggest enemy of the times ever, of human’s life, of human’s actions, of human’s own wills and of human’s destiny …….

From the Holy Scriptures of ancient times as they are from the Divine Essence but with the passage of time the Evil doers they penetrate to transformed the Holy Scriptures by mingling of human thesis that could lead astray to many of humans to the way which is not directly or indirectly related to the positive energies but to the evil does….

Such way not only leads astray various human beings of the times but also attacked to the precious most Essence of Human Faith…

Yeah Faith that is unseen force of guidance that maketh the believe comes true and it’s Creator’s bestowed favor upon the human beings to see through seen realities to unseen realities which surely exist and may gonna happen as Lord promised for those….. So since ancient times to till date the magic been defined and so the Miracles do as well…

Now when we debate over then a long questionnaire be the part of discussion over such debatable topic; various questions kinda like:

What is Magic? On the contrary what is Miracle? What actually the difference between them both? What they infact predict? What they prove? How they relate to faith or believe? And why they happened…. Surely they happened? They really affect or sustained for the history or for the times ahead?

Many of many and lots of lots questions intellect produce to be convinced by logic or be logically consumed…… Consumptions, assumptions rest or quest of truth…..

From the Holy Book Al-Quran; that is revealed and The Holy Quran is the authentic message that describes about actually of magic and also about miracles. There is actually immense and vivid difference between the magic and the miracles.

Magic the source of those who believes to be their lust be the charmer of their souls, minds and their needs and they be alive to each corners of life according to their perceptions.

Miracles are what Divinity favor to those who are innocent and just follow His Given Track and they must need the crystal clear signs to provoke thoughts among the peoples and to the rest of the world so that they be keen in thinking for the unseen Divine Source Who is actually the Ruler, Creator, Universal Truth, Omni-Present and the Ultimate Reality to be Known………

Magic the study and knowledge of short lived charms, knowledge of deception and destructive realities that warn nothing but introduce one to have hell be bestowed in living every breath here in this world and hereafter……

The Magic is truly happened it exists as the evil does but it is the knowledge of deception, in which one deceives himself more than others in which one sold the soul to evil in the hands of super ego which lies himself as did by Dr. Faustus as mentioned by Christopher Marlowe.

Such deception is the killing source that in beginning seems very fascinating and afterwards its nothing but worst for ending and then there is no way out. Magic does affect to those who easily submissive to the evil, it plays with those who maketh themselves puppets for the same mud made pots or puppets of just like them (same humans just like them)……….

The magic is something which is associated with evil and it is associated with human lust of having the impossible as possible unethical as ethical, immoral as moral, unphenomenal to phenomenal ….. It could be anything in the beginning but surely nothing in the end…..

Being human no one is the writer of destiny no one could, every person has been alarmed, has been armed, has been clothed with the Divine Given Destiny and the only Ruler is Creator no one else could who can allow the destiny be in threads to humans …..

Miracles are the support to mankind to strengthen hem in their Faith track and to make them believe that their Guide provided by Guider is the best of all other self created thesis.

Nature entitled and has given the quality to mankind that they can make what is not actually exist it is the quality or disquality both in same instance……… if one could imagine the best thought to be creative and constructive than in the same instance mankind has power to imagine the worst thought to be non-creatively destructive towards everything to every living being even to same race ….

We get knowledge that Creator has had send two angels named as Haroot and Maroot in the times of Prophet Hazrat Suleiman A.S and they taught knowledge of Magic to the people of that times but they align and warn before teaching such knowledge but people most of that times used it negatively and to fulfill their lusts.

From Creator it was the trial for the mankind of that times as what they select out of these teachings either they stay preserved with the blessings already given to them or they keep caught on the traps for the flying birds but sorry to mankind’s material desires they always select the magical beautified traps instead of what quaintly the quality and quantity already given to them.

Miracle is the universe, from the dot of atom to the birth and death of mankind all in all miracles. The live miracles the dark sheet of sky holding the unlimited, uncountable and infinite number of galaxies of stars and planets …..

The sun to moon, moon to earth, in earth the universal truth consuming all the living kinds, the waters of waters ….the oceans……The living species under water or over the lands …the creatures of all creations all in all are alive MIRACLES of CREATOR.

These be in life with the order of Creator and stay till His order be Behold……
Further there are list of Miraculous happenings in The Holy Quran which described the unhappenings as happenings because to LORD EVERYTHING IS EASY and CREATOR JUST ORDER BE and the happenings BE UPON HIS ORDER….

Creator is the Ultimate Truth the Ultimate Reality and He has all the Knowledge for all the realistic truths that happened already and surely what destined to be….

The positive and negative energies are for human intellect to judge their selection for the deeds for their prevailing existence if they have the favor of their free will for a while than what they actually utilize it with their intellect to flourish their souls.

Magic is a negative alignment for the happenings for shortcomings and short lived empty blackness where as the Miracles are what all related to the existence, related to the life, related to the unseen realities of LIGHT and which is directly the Essence of Divine Actions they hold all the preservence and hold all the waters of spiritual ecstasies…..

We live in the broken world none other than all of times for all the earlier humans the world was also broken because the positive and negative energies always at wars, because the evil and the good always in front of each other to act or react same if the topic concludes that Magic and Miracles always stays aside from the day first of the universal history it is not wrong but the truth of truths in the totality.

Magic or Miracles both exist the difference is magic spells and vanished whereas the miracle happens and stays with its originality till end times after times, history after history to elaborates its importance to the intellect to prevail the thought and soul be demonstrative to the inclined subjectivity and objectivity…….

Present Era, unfortunately is the time which is most alarming to the mankind all around the world on the phase of earth yet we as mankind making this time worse in being and also in appearing because nonetheless most of the race who commonly believe in easy availing the lust of their desires they are playing with magical consequences despite of the fact they didn’t reward or award but depart the soul with the connection of purity and when purity and innocence is lost the lost of every precious conduct be lost ….the meaning of lost even condemns the favors than ….

We actually believe, we infact have faith but our practices lose the control over the focal point that preserve the significance of knowing. We as mankind in present getting so stubborn to realize the unrealized but even than disobey the Given Myth which is Divine.

Our difficulty is trying to reconcile suffering and a loving God. We want to believe, but all the bad which happens around us seems to make believing impossible. We crave to find some meaning to life and the bad things that happen to us.

Strongly enough when ever magic prevails and darkness be descend than the need and the call for Light is must and currently mankind needs the Miracles; the Miracles that can wide awake the eye and maketh it the seer for the Truth, for True Knowledge for the existence and prevailing of Light and for the significant souls t be lived …..

    Wide Awake ….. The Seer

    If we are going to live the life of our dreams and fulfill God’s call on our lives we need to focus our intentions.
    Dreams and passion might be the launching pad, but sooner or later we must use those things to create life.
    Every great journey begins with only potential and possibilities.

    What can happen as you begin to dream and imagine and open up the full spectrum of all possibilities of your future is that you end up dreaming and never living.

    God’s Kingdom doesn’t belong to the rich and powerful or the moral and the religious, but those who live by Love and Trust……….

    Our souls crave. We crave things like intimacy, truth, and significance. In this life we learn, listen, read and write about a human in search of significance. A quest for significantly significant significance of human soul’s eternity………

    “What we do in life echoes in Eternity.”


Metaphysical and Cosmological Doctrines


Pure Metaphysics, which is also the theoretical dimension of salvific knowledge, is the science of the Real and is therefore most essential for human beings, since they have ultimately no possibility of escaping from reality. In the modern West, metaphysics and gnosis soon became a branch of philosophy, understood in the modern sense, and this subordination was followed by the complete rejection of metaphysics by many schools of Western thought, especially from the nineteenth century onward, as we see in Marxism, Comptianism, logical positivism, Anglo-Saxon analytical philosophy, and the like. Soon real metaphysics was forgotten, not to mention the means of realizing its truths.

But the thirst for real knowledge continued to manifest itself in certain Western souls, who again turned to the Orient and with its help, to the forgotten metaphysical tradition of the West. In this quest for metaphysical knowledge Hinduism, especially the school of Advaita Vedanta, attracted many people. It is only during the past few decades that the metaphysics of Sufism, as elucidated primarily in the works of Ibn’ Arabi and his school (to which I shall turn more fully in appendix has become available to the larger Western public.

This vast body of metaphysical knowledge, along with traditional cosmology, which results from applying metaphysical principles to both the macrocosmic and microcosmic domains (not what is understood by cosmology and psychology today), is one of the great legacies of Sufism. This body of knowledge provides a key to understanding the nature of the Real, the reality of the cosmos, and our own being. It contains a map for getting from Here to There as well as the means of realizing that There is Here and Now, at the centre of our being and in the present moment.

In the traditional Islamic world this knowledge was known to only a few, but now with the spread of all kinds of modern secular philosophies and problems created by ill-posed questions that threaten the very citadel of faith, this metaphysical and cosmological knowledge bequeathed by over a millennium of Sufism to the present- day generation is of the utmost importance for psychology, the Islamic tradition as a whole. It also provides the necessary preliminary map for those, including non-Muslims, who want to know who they are, where they are, and where they should be going.

Metaphysics and cosmology is interconnected to some extent, therefore is launch the inner and outer world to be connected and be the part of logical mind to understand and soul to absorb it.

Fundamental Prepositions of BDM :


(Distributed Part I, II & III)

Part I : Basically- in a simple way- the role of a Business Development Manager- BDM are into 3 fields:
Building brand Image of the Company through exhibition and seminars
Developing trade channels and business portals
identifying new market/new product/new molecule

Business development and making your organization successful is reliant on good knowledge of best practice and management theories. 

Business development management involves asking yourself some searching questions. Are you prepared to change to realize the vision created by your Business Development Strategy?

  • Business & Development Configurations.
  • Business Development & Marketing Tooling for Company Orientation.
  • Business Development & Sales Evaluation/ Sales Generations/ Relationship Networks.
  • Business management & development Management —- Parallel study & Equilibrium.
  • Proactive Predications/ Communication/ Negotiations/ Team Developments/ Quality Assurance.
  • Customer Enhancement/ Revenue Increase Planning & Achievements.


PART II : Values/expectations of the

Sales Organization & The selling process:

The columns compare traditional old-style selling versus modern developed selling ideas.

Traditional Selling

Modern Development Selling

Typical 1960s-80s selling and still found today.

Essential to sustain successful business today.

standard product

customized, flexible, tailored product and service

sales function performed by a ‘sales-person’

sales function performed by a ‘strategic business manager’

seller has product knowledge

seller has strategic knowledge of customer’s market-place and knows all implications and opportunities resulting from product/service supply relating to customer’s market-place

delivery service and supporting information and training are typical added value aspects of supply

strategic interpretation of the customer organization’s market opportunities, and assistance with project evaluation and decision-making are added value aspects of supply

good lead-time is a competitive advantage

just-in-time (JIT) is taken for granted, as are mutual planning and scheduling; competitive advantages are: capability to anticipate unpredictable requirements, and assistance with strategic planning and market development

value is represented and judged according to selling price

value is assessed according to the cost to the customer, plus non-financial implications with respect to CSR (corporate social responsibility), environment, ethics, and corporate culture

the benefits and competitive strengths of the products or service are almost entirely tangible, and intangibles are rarely considered or emphasized

the benefits and competitive strengths of the product or service now include many significant intangibles, and the onus is on the selling organization to quantify their value

benefits of supply extend to products and services only

benefits of supply extend way beyond products and services, to relationship, continuity, and any assistance that the selling organization can provide to the customer to enable an improvement for their staff, customers, reputation and performance in all respects

selling price is cost plus profit margin, and customers have no access to cost and margin information

selling price is market driven (essentially supply and demand), although certain customers may insist on access to cost and margin information

seller knows the business customers’ needs

seller knows the needs of the business customers’ customers and partners and suppliers

sales person sells (customers only deal with sales people, pre-sale)

whole organization sells (customers expect to be able to deal with anybody in supplier organization, pre-sale)

sales people only sell externally, i.e., to customers

sales people need to be able to sell internally to their own organization, in order to ensure customer needs are met

strategic emphasis is on new business growth (ie, acquiring new customers)

strategic emphasis is on customer retention and increasing business to those customers (although new business is still sought)

buying and selling is a function, with people distinctly responsible for each discipline within selling and customer organizations

buying and selling is a process, in which many people with differing jobs are involved in both selling and customer organizations

hierarchical multi-level management structures exist in selling and customer organizations

management structures are flat, with few management layers

authority of sales person is minimal, flexibility to negotiate is minimal, approvals must be sought via management channels and levels for exceptions

authority of sales person is high (subject to experience), negotiation flexibility exists, and exceptions are dealt with quickly and directly by involving the relevant people irrespective of grade

selling and buying organization are divided strictly according to function and department, inter-departmental communications must go up and down the management structures

selling organization is structured in a matrix allowing for functional efficiency and also for inter-functional collaboration required for effective customer service, all supply chain processes, and communications

supplier and customer organization functions tend to talk to their ‘opposite numbers’ in the other organization

open communications to, from and across all functions between supplier and customer organization

the customer specifies and identifies product and service requirements

the selling organization must be capable of specifying and identifying product and service requirements on behalf of the customer

the customer’s buyer function researches and justifies the customer organization’s needs

the selling organization must be capable of researching and justifying customer organization’s needs, on behalf of the customer

the customer’s buyer probably does not appreciate his/her organization’s wider strategic implications and opportunities in relation to the seller’s product or service, and there will be no discussion with the seller about this issues

the seller will help the buyer to understand the wider strategic implications and opportunities in relation to the seller’s product or service

the buyer will tell the seller what the buying or supplier-selection process is

the seller will help the buyer to understand and align the many and various criteria within their own (customer) organization, so that the customer organization can assess the strategic implications of the supplier’s products or services, and make an appropriate decision whether to buy or not


Nowadays, more is demanded from the selling process by consumers, professional buyers and organizations choosing their suppliers. The analysis below refers both to the development in recent decades of what customers require from the selling function.


PART III : The Development of the Selling Function :

1. Pure Transaction

Since time began. Pure transaction is effectively one step removed from stone-age barter.

Basic selling. Standard commoditized products, price and reliability – there is little to build on, business may be spasmodic, hand-to-mouth and unpredictable. There is no relationship other than the transaction.

2. Relationship &Trust

Since the beginning of selling as a profession, popularized by Dale Carnegie, among others, early-mid 1900s

Continuity, consistency, sustainability, and some understanding of the customer’s real issues are seen to have a value by both selling and buying organization. Intangibles such as continuity on communications and contacts, matched styles of trading, mutual flexibility and adaptability, are regarded as relevant benefits by the customer, which can justify a price premium, and therefore offer protection against ‘cheaper’ competitors, and build loyalty to supplier.

3. Management & Information

Operated instinctively in isolated examples in business relationships for centuries, but not generally seen in selling methodology, sales training and strategic application until the 1960s-1970s.

The provision of management and information support by seller to buying organization, and the exchange and cooperation in these areas represent a significant increase in depth and effectiveness of selling relationships.  

 A longer-term supply arrangement – a requirement for and outcome of this level of selling – is seen as an advantage by seller and buyer, because it brings extra intangible benefits of co-operation and support other areas of the customer’s business, e.g., training, technology, product development – which improve the customer’s own competitive strengths and operating efficiencies. The supplier is seen as part of the team, and is likely to be more involved in some of the customer’s own internal systems, meetings, planning, etc.

4. Partnership

A sophisticated open approach to selling which mainly first developed in the 1980s, probably in response to the increasing complexity of business relationships, technology, global markets, etc., and the increasingly fast pace of change. Organizations could be more effective and adaptable by devolving operating responsibilities to suppliers. Very different to merely buying and selling products and services.

The activities of the buying and selling organization become almost seamless wherever they are connected; the supplier is virtually part of the customer’s organization and treated as such. ‘Out-sourcing’ generally requires this degree of collaboration, which involves a level anticipation, innovation and integrated support that is very difficult to un-pick, even if it were in the customer’s interests to do so. Partnership level selling is not a legal or contractual arrangement; it describes the relationship, which operates virtually as a formal partnership would do. There is typically an enormous depth of understanding and cooperation which is not written down or detailed in a contract. Partnership selling relationships generally need time to develop – probably between 1-3 years depending on the size and complexity of the seller and buyer organizations.

5. Education & Enablement

2000 and beyond. The dimensions, scope and impact of this new type of selling are not yet fully developed and defined.

There are signs however that the sellers who can give most to their customers – especially in areas that the customers didn’t even know they had a need or an opportunity – will be the most successful.

The educational and ‘giving’ activities of the selling organization extend the aspects of anticipation and information found in the partnership level. Also incorporated are aspects of facilitative and enabling support, which are for example well represented by Sharon Drew Morgan’s ‘Buying Facilitation methodology.

The seller gives to the customer any and all help it can reasonably offer as might improve the customer’s understanding, interpretation and commercial development of issues relating to the supply area.


This is a hugely sophisticated level of selling which was difficult to see anywhere in the last century. Sellers and selling organizations take the role of teacher, guide, mentor, enabler; which can influence and help customers far beyond commercial and financial outcomes, into previously unimagined strategic business development and considerable change. Internet organizations such as Google are examples of this sort of selling, which at its best can actually give more than it takes.




General Over View: – Main Structure of above preposition Business Development Management/ Manager:

  • Ø Business Development Manager; Responsibilities, Roles & Manipulations.
  • Ø Business Development Analysists —- The Manager.
  • Ø Successful Business Development; Business Development Services.
  • Ø Business Development Keys.
  • Ø Business Development Planning/ Strategies.
  • Ø Fundamental preposition of BDM.
  • Ø Selling Process, Comparison…….. Up dated Version.
  • Ø Values, Quantity & Quality —— Finally as Money Making.



Business Development Keys


Business Relationship Management Gaining clients’ confidence and trust in you and your company is key to developing good business relationships. Too often, consultants, sales people or other company representatives go into meetings like a team of ‘gangbusters’ deluging clients (or potential clients) with too much information and barely drawing breath.

Business Relationship Management Skills Creative Business writing everyone can finesse their Creative Writing and Report Writing skills. Our practical workshops explore easy ways to structure clear, persuasive and impactful messages, ones that fully engage with their readership. Creative Report Writing Customer Service How to deal with Customer Service Issues. Taking care of yourself and the Customer. Development Training for Front Line Staff, Teams, Phone Centers and anyone who has to interface with Customers. Customer Service Training; Pitching for Business Pitching for Business – The key to the programmers is “It’s you they buy”. The guy who comes in after you will likely have just as good a product, so can you forge a relationship which makes then prefer you over him? Pitching for BusinessWriting Effective Press Releases Here, we get you to think like journalists for the day, to help you to hook and engage your readers, to support you in understanding, practicing and crafting your next press release. To coin the cliché, we explore in a practical day all the ways you can ensure the maximum oxygen of publicity for your company or clients. Creative Writing Effective Press Releases Writing for the Web and Other Online Media Effective copywriting skills for today’s electronic media improve your communications; build relationships with your readership. Digital Copywriting


Advanced Presentation Skills Training Presentation skills training that will take you from being a capable presenter into becoming (with a little hard graft from you) one of the top presenters in your field. Advanced Presentation Skills Training Media Training – Media Skills Training Impact Factory Media Skills Training prepares you for every type of Media Experience – from the ferocity of Jeremy Paxman-like interviews to managing your role as a leading expert in your field. Media Training – Media Skills Training PowerPoint Presentation Training —-Presentation Training that focuses on building compelling PowerPoint Presentations Building Compelling PowerPoint Presentations Training, Presentation Skills Training From Basic to Advanced Presentation Courses and Effective Presentation Skills Training designed to help you ‘run’ a room, working with Individuality and Style, rather than learning how to present properly. Effective Presentation Skills Training Public Speaking. You can learn to enjoy Public Speaking and become far more effective at standing in front of a group of people and delivering a potent message, Public Speaking INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Assertiveness Training, Assertiveness Training that Develops Confidence and Self Esteem to Manage Conflict and handle Other People’s Aggression. Assertiveness Training Business Networking Skills Networking is all about Relationship Building. You need to make yourself and your company attractive to people in ways perhaps you hadn’t thought about before. This is about developing your business, not cramming it down someone’s throat.  Business Networking Skills ——-Communication Skills Training , Basic and Advanced Communication Skills Training designed to improve your Effective Communication and promote Interpersonal Relationships. Understand Communication Dynamics, Body Language (verbal and non verbal) to become a more effective communicator. Communication Skills Training Conflict Management Training, Conflict is necessary, but learning Conflict Resolution Skills can help you Deal Effectively with Disputes, Customer Service complaints, Disciplinaries and make Workplace Difficulties much easier to handle. Managing Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Disputes

Interview Skills Training ——-Interview Skills – An intensive day to ensure you make the most of your career opportunities. Become someone who enjoys interviews instead of facing them with dread. Interview Skills training —–Personal Impact Training Make the Impact you want and understand your body language and the Impact you make on others. Personal Impact. Stress Management Training……Dealing Effectively with Pressure and Stress and learning how to manage both Workplace and Home Life Stress. Stress Management Training Work Life Balance, A better title would be Life Work Balance. Learn to set priorities and run projects to make work fit your life not the other way around. Work Life Balance
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Successful Business Development


Often requires a multi-disciplinary approach beyond just “a sale to a customer.” A detailed strategy for growing the business in desirable ways is frequently necessary, which may involve financial, legal and advertising skills. Business development cannot be reduced to simple templates applicable to all or even most situations faced by real-world enterprises. Creativity in meeting new and unforeseen challenges is necessary to keep an enterprise on a path of sustainable growth.

An important aspect of successful business development is to follow a process of how you will assess a business idea or concept (project), decide whether to move forward with the project and build a business if it is decided to move forward. The five steps below help outline a simple process you can follow. The steps are not a rigid structure to follow. Rather they identify issues you need to address and when to address them.

Successful Businesses Development Services :

The Major philosophy is simple. We collect and analyze data of every market possible to bring to the consumer products and services that identify and address exactly what they want and need to the last decimal. Many are looking for your products and services somewhere else. They don’t know where you are. You don’t know how to access them and sell your products to them.

  • Your online presence known to your target customers.
  • Identify your target customers and enrich the potential of your Web presence.

Business Development Services :

Business development includes a number of techniques designed to grow an economic enterprise. Such techniques include, but are not limited to, assessments of marketing opportunities and target markets, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors, generating leads for possible sales, follow-up sales activity, formal proposal writing and business model design. Business development involves evaluating a business and then realizing its full potential, using such tools as marketing, sales, information management and customer service. For a sound company able to withstand competitors, business development never stops but is an ongoing process. You just need to focus on accurate business development services rendering you the most profit. Developing business development services is an important strategy for achieving competitiveness and sustainable growth for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). BDS are designed to help micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises and cooperatives overcome barriers to increased profitability, by improving their productivity and access to high value markets. In this way, they can create and sustain productive, remunerative and good quality jobs, as well as reduce poverty, and contribute to the development of the local economies. These services include training, consultancy and advisory services, marketing assistance, information, technology development and transfer, business linkage promotion, and linkages to finance and financial services. Business development services assist your business with factors such as beginning, growing and managing a star-up business. Understanding the business world and what it all involves can be stressful. It can also take up a lot of time, especially time that is needed for more important aspects of the business. Business development services include strategies implementation, business goals, and marketing plans, developing a blueprint for success and providing assistance with hiring of the correct staff and how to achieve optimal sales.

Business development services are aimed at helping businesses during their initial startup and at guiding already established businesses through new goals and challenges to ensure growth and productivity. Various types of business development services are available to meet a vast variety of needs.

Business development services are also available for large and already established businesses. Many successful businesses call on the services of business development consultants when they are launching a new product or are looking to achieve worldwide recognition for what they offer. Business sales strategies are continuously evolving and changing and sales processes that worked 5 years ago do not necessarily work now. Business development services introduce you to a completely new method of sales strategies, processes and optimal marketing strategies in order for the business to reach its desired outcome. Successful businesses are victorious because they engage in the ever-changing world of technology and what it has to offer. They are also successful because as new knowledge emerges, they become a part of it. They are therefore on the same timeline as the developing world. Business development services are available for individual entrepreneurs and large enterprises. They do not have a restriction on who they help or the period you are allowed to be involved with them. Business development

Services assist with the optimal development of your business thereby ensuring best possible development and success of their business. Professionals within a particular field are assets to the company to whom they render assistance. These professionals would have in-depth knowledge of all that they have to offer.

They are experienced in their field and want to help you to make the most of your company and to make decisions based on rationality and fact rather than based on an old remedy or instinctual feeling. Business development strategies are therefore utilized by many professions and businesses and the persons who run the companies are experienced professionals who are waiting to help other people become successful through correct pioneering of innovative business plans.

BDS; is the focal point for information needed for business development i.e. capturing and increasing market shares, enhancing competitiveness, accessing new markets and increasing profitability. It also connects people with ideas and companies of all sizes, to uncover and unleash opportunities for business growth. It creates and fosters a unique framework for collaboration that leverages the strength of its wide network of national and international offices and various industry affiliations to help members expand business opportunities and open new outlook.

In the field of commerce, the specialist area of Business Development comprises a number of techniques and responsibilities which aim at attracting new customers and at penetrating existing markets.

Techniques used include:

Business development involves evaluating a business and then realizing its full potential, using such tools as:

A sound organization aiming to withstand competitors never stops business development, but engages in it as an ongoing process. Business-development roles may have one of two modes:

  • Sales-oriented (client-facing); or
  • An operational function to support sales.

In a sales role, business development could concentrate on developing strategic-channel relationships or on general sales. This emerges from analysis of the varied job descriptions found in job-search engines, especially in the UK. In the US, the term “capture management” appears as an alternative job or role title, typically used when describing business development as an operational function to support the selling function of a company. The Association of Proposal Management Professionals have produced the “Capture Management Lifecycle” that describes the process in three broad stages:

  • Pre-bid phase
  • Bid phase
  • Post-bid phase

Small to medium-sized companies often do not establish procedures for business development, instead relying on their existing contacts. Or people in such companies may assume that because they know people in high places that this will solve any business-development problems and that somehow new financial transactions will come to them. Such thinking can have significant ramifications if one cannot exploit those relationships, which very often [citation needed] remain personal or weak. Such a situation may result in no new sales in the pipeline. Business development professionals frequently have had earlier experience in financial services, investment banking or management consulting; although many find their route to this area by climbing the corporate ladder in functions such as operations management or sales.

Skill sets and experience for business-development specialists usually consist of a mixture of the following (depending on the business requirements):

  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Proposal management or capture management
  • Sales experience

The “pipeline” refers to flow of potential clients which a company has started developing. Business-development staff assign to each potential client in the pipeline a percent chance of success, with projected sales-volumes attached. Planners can use the weighted average of all the potential clients in the pipeline to project staffing to manage the new activity when finalized. Enterprises usually support pipelines with some kind of CRM (customer relationship management) tool or CRM-database, either web-based (such as the software-as-a-service solution) or an in-house system. Sometimes business development specialists manage and analyze the data to produce sales management information (MI). Such MI could include:

  • Reasons for wins/losses
  • Progress of opportunities in relation to the sales process
  • Top performing salespeople/sales channels
  • Sales of services/products

For larger and well-established companies, especially in technology-related industries, the term “business development” often refers to setting up and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other, third-party companies. In these instances the companies may leverage each others’ expertise, technologies or other intellectual property to expand their capacities for identifying, researching, analyzing and bringing to market new businesses and new products, business-development focuses on implementation of the strategic business plan through equity financing, acquisition/divestiture of technologies, products, and companies, plus the establishment of strategic partnerships where appropriate.

Present Day Muslims


‘’All things in the heavens and on the earth give glory to God, the sovereign Lord, the Holy One, the One Who possesses all power and knowledge’’.

(The Holy Qur’an)

The general condition of life for Muslims in the second half of the twentieth century can only be understood if we consider the totality of all the factors shaping their current situation. One of the most important points is the present geo-political distribution of Muslims. The majority are living in so-called Muslim states, many of which are Arabic speaking (nearly one-sixth of all Muslims are Arabs) joined together by a powerless political coalition called the Arab League (established in 1945). In 1971 over forty governments with Islam as their declared state religion joined together in an Organization of the Islamic Conference and by 1992 there were forty-six members of the OIC.

The reality is that Muslim states are continuously embroiled in the senseless controversy and even political or military confrontation with each other. There is very little real harmony between them or a common higher objective. Muslims with in these states are also divided in the broader sense along ethnic, racial, sectarian, and linguistic lines. Sectarianism within the Sunni majority, as well as between Sunnis and shi’is is often exploited. The unifying attributes of Islam—– Humanity, reasonableness, piety, submission to Allah, knowledge of the Qur’an and way of the Holy Prophet of Allah ——– are not the primary objectives of Muslims rulers or their state policies. Present day Muslims are divided by artificial geo-political lines and ruled by puppet kings, sultans, and presidents who are allied to or nominated by Western diktat, upon whose advice, technology, and economic control they are dependent.

Within these states much official propaganda and discussion about the glory of past Islam is indulged in. Thus, we see and hear of Islamic conferences, Islamic parties, Islam banks, and even enforced Islamic codes. As the Islamic sentiment of the masses grows their governments label most of their acts as ‘’Islamic’’, without any true spiritual conviction or transformation.

For the first time in the twentieth century, however, the shock of the Islamic revolution in Iran brought the decaying conditions of Muslims sharply into focus and triggered attempts to arrest this decay and possibly renew and revive the Din of Islam. The rise of Islam in Iran, and its challenge to the techno-imperial power of America, resulted in a decade of war against Iran, fought of course by proxy of the brutal Iraqi government with aid and encouragement from Arabs Muslim states under the supervision of the West. The events in Iran brought about widespread interest and debates throughout the Muslim world.   (Continue Part II)

The superficial divisions among Muslims are perpetuated by the lack of proper basic education. This lack is comprehensive for it includes the Qur’anic and prophetic teachings, in particular the higher spiritual values of the Din. The historical neglect of the education of Muslim women has ensured that the mother is left ignorant and thus bound to raise children in an un-Islamic manner.  The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: ‘’ The true school is the mother’’.

A tradition which, like many others, is often repeated and little acted upon. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also called upon Muslims to seek knowledge ‘’even if it was a china’’ (I-e, far away), but as we have seen, The Qur’anic and spiritual knowledge of Islam, have become the preserve of a few specialists while the majority of Muslims remain content with outer Islamic cultural or ethnic trappings.

A contribution factor to the lack of Muslim mass education is the dominance of a class of professional ‘Ulama and Mullas ——-the so—- called ‘’clergy.’’ As they established themselves as the guardians of the Din, People complacently delegated their religious duties to this class of experts instead of fulfilling the prophetic injunction for everyone—-man and women alike — to strive to gain full spiritual knowledge. And so we now have dismal but common scenario of Muslims paying someone else to recite the Qur’an once in a while, usually on the occasion of bereavement, instead of learning and acting upon the Qur’an itself.

Islam teaches that it is the community that has to perform all functions of the life-transaction for themselves and by themselves and not to rely on the specialist professionals. In fact, it is blame worthy act to be paid for teaching religion, reading the Quran, or even being an undertake. The community is beholden to serve itself and thereby increase human interaction and interdependence.

The slow erosion of Islamic values and way of life during the twentieth century, coupled with Western material, monetary, technological, educational and political dominance over Muslim lands, has caused most Muslims to imitate Western culture wholesale as  an act of ‘’progress’’. Blind westernization has naturally resulted in frustration, disappointment, anger, and nostalgia and sometimes a desperate desire to revive the Din at any cost. The average educated Muslim continues to be confused about the possibility of modernization without de-spiritualizing westernization.

A natural outcome of this confusion is seen in frequent upheavals, usually accompanied by ineffective anti-Western slogans and various other forms of emotional and sometimes violent defiance, ranging from small demonstrations to hostage-taking and major revolutions. Many Muslims feel nostalgic for the past, disappointed in the present, angry with unjust rulers, and despairing as a result of poverty, exploitation, and other inhuman and un-Islamic conditions. Large numbers of Muslims also live in non-Muslim states throughout the world. For example, the population of Muslims in India, which is secular, is greater than that in Muslim Pakistan.

Most Muslim living in the West is economic emigrants from Asia or Africa, with the exception of a small but increasing number of converts. Although these immigrants have brought with them some of their national, ethnic ways and customs peculiar to their individual cultural backgrounds, their descendants are gradually rediscovering original Islam and its high values and moral standards, as their inherited cultural baggage is gradually peeled off.

Younger Muslim generations in the West are no longer hypnotized by the myth of an alternative system for honorable and fulfilling human interaction other than the sublime path of Islam. In a shrinking world where it is becoming increasingly clear that the emperor has no clothes, their awakening is gradually being shared throughout the Muslim world. The myth and collapse of Communism can only be followed by the discovery of the falsehood of apparently civilized Capitalism. The idol of Capitalism is being dethroned.