Maple Leaf!!


Some what it is very tough to make others understand the season changings prior without evidences what they do while knowing such hidden things? As they are not eager to learn or they did not try to manage the seasons as per the level of understanding.

Seasons reflects through the leaves. Green leaf presents the available source of willingness of life the yellow life symbolizes near to death. Maple leaf is like a king leaf that contains both emotions both sign and especially the change of season observations.

Lord has made this world full of symbols and signs all has the realities hidden few things speaks but mostly things are quite and deceptive. It is up to level of wisdom that would understand the language of their actualities.

We can analyze the change of climate but we cannot calculate that how many leaves fall and becomes the victim of it. It is famous that leaves symbolize the noise or voice of seasons and they may bring the emotion to the path of realization. The above is general view where as nationwide it is famous of the reason ………..

It’s believed that the maple leaf became a Canadian symbol as early as the 1700’s. Indians have been using the sap of the trees for food long before Canada saw ships on its horizon. Several groups used the Maple Leaf as a symbol in the 1800’s, including its use on the badge of the 100th Regiment. The same year (1860) it was used as a decorative theme for the Prince of Wales visit. Alexander Muir wrote “The Maple Leaf Forever” in 1867 as a song for Confederation.

The Maple Leaf appeared on all Canadian coins in the past but is currently only on the penny. It continued to be used as badges on military uniforms throughout the years as a Canadian distinction. It wasn’t until the colour of the maple leaves on the Arms of Canada were changed from green to red, that it began to resemble the symbol of today. The single red maple leaf appeared on Canada’s official National Flag in 1965.
Maple Leaf: In China and Japan the Maple Leaf is an emblem of lovers. North American settlers used to place the Maple leaves at the foot of their beds to ward off demons and encourage pleasure as well as peaceful sleep. Also in the North American region, the stork can be observed weaving Maple branches in nests – as such, the Maple became a symbol of the love found in welcoming a new child in the home. Just as the sweet rich sap produces Maple syrup so too does the Maple leaves serve as a love symbols as they depict the sweetness and wonder of love in everyday life.

Consequently, Maple is special leaf that gives message to the world outside for the predictable things and unpredictable as well ……………It covers the login of one country and convey the message of love and it encounters reality.

Sayyidah Hazrat Hajirah; Mother of Hazrat Ismail A. S


Then………………..Then she ran quickly towards opposite hill called Marwah; in order to find any beam of life. But nothing visible even at a long distance. In this way she has taken several rounds between Safah and Marwah. She became dead tired and sat down on the ground while embracing the will of Allah.

But innocent’s thirst had shattered her heart. It was the most difficult moment and examination for motherly love to watch the apple of her eyes; who was eagerly crying for water. She mustered up her courage and separated herself gradually from the son and put scarf on her face and said,

‘’I can’t endure to see my son while departing this world’’

She felt as if the whole universe stood still for some moments. Nothing but crying of the innocent baby in severe thirst and bewailing of his mother was echoing in the valley. And besides this were the voices of fierce beasts, looking for their preys around the valley.
However, Allah had decided something else to sooth her torrent grief. A bird that was flying over the valley came down and started digging the earth with his beak. Within the wink of an eye the spring of Aab-e-Zamzam gushed up .This miracle gave a new life to Hazrat Hajirah, who rushed forward and gave water to her son first. Then herself quenched her own thirst.

The spring on Abe-e-Zamzam brought about a new beam of hope in dried and barren valley. During those days a caravan of Jarham passed by Makkah while going to Syria. They stayed in a lower area of Makkah and saw a bird hovering over the valley. They said to one another that there must be water- spring where bird was flying. But they were surprised, because they had already passed through this valley several times in the past. But didn’t find any drop of water. Then they sent one of their men to know the fact. He returned with optimistic news of a water-spring. After that they came to Hajirah and requested her to allow them to stay near water-spring whereas water spring would be in her own ownership. She allowed them. Thus they settled there.
Hazrat Ismail (A.S) grew up in that environment. When he entered into the bloom age his father Abraham (A.S) come to them to tell them about his dream as Allah says,

‘’Abraham (A.S) said, O’my dear son! I have dreamt that I am sacrificing you; now say what is your opinion? He replied O’ my father! Do as you are commanded if it is the will of Allah you shall find me among patient ones.(Al-Saffat-102)

Then occurred the greatest incident of sacrifice (Slaughtering) which is unparallel in history. When Abraham (A.S) had intended to sacrifice his son Allah sent a beautiful Ram from the Heaven and revealed on him to sacrifice that Ram in place of his submissive and patient son. Then Allah commanded him to construct Bait-Ullah (Allah’s house). He constructed it along with son Ismail A.S and made it consecrated for those who circumambulate it, bow their heads and perform prayer. And these benedictory words were flowing from his Holy tongue,

O’ Our Lord! Accept this (service) from us verily you hear and know everything O’ Lord! Make us submissive to your will and raise from our offspring a community, submissive to you and teach us our rites of worship and, forgive our trespasses, for you are compassionate and merciful. And send to them, O, Lord! An Apostle from among them to import your message to them.’’ Al-Baqara 125-129

Then Allah commanded Abraham A.S to call upon people for performing Hajj (pilgrimage). Allah acceded to his prayer and sent His respected messenger, venerable Prophet and head of apostles Muhammad PBUH in his posterity. Thus Muhammad PBHU belongs to the posterity of Hazrat Ismail A.S son of Sayyidah Hajirah. Her motherly love tolerated many worries and distress, which has become the part of history. Her strife between Safa and Marwah has become the part of rites of Hajj. This strife reminds us of that motherly love every year.

Preface Umm-Ul Nabi (PBUH) // Authoress Dr, Ayesha Abdul Rehman
Eminence Muhammad Abdul Wahid Qadri

Hazrat Hajirah was the honorably the Wife of Hazrat Abraham A.S (Khalil-Allah) and the Mother of Hazrat Ismail A.S (Zabie-Allah). She was daughter of king but salve to Hazrat Syida Sairah A.S. She was the one who live the life based on chastity and make her LORD Almighty favouarably agree upon her deeds and Allah blessed the favour till the day end that every Muslim performs the same act in pilgrimage upon Lord’s blessings.
Thousands blessings upon Hazrat Syida Hajirah!! May this tribute be accepted!!

Light and Darkness


Sun rise and it gulps the last night saying that Creator makes me the ever light maker for the earth and around the whole other worlds and for the Universe. I’m the one symbolically and vital sign of Creator the biggest object and fire burning specie. That’s true that I lit up the light all around but whence I bring ray of light one place the other stays in the darkness.

The darkness is nothing big or expanding object but it creates shadows even with the little rays of light. This is the ultimate reality that both are important and speech vice versa to each other. The competition becomes when it becomes the part of the idea either darkness works more influential upon or the Light ………………
Sun and the light is substantial but it is more unsubstantial in the same way, the thinking process is the similar like the expansion of the light source or similarly when it get dim and the darkness take its role. Each surviving circular thing works like comes after one another.

The Globe is the mingle world it has many layers of understanding. The reality that if one part of the world stays in life (Light) the other stays in death (Darkness). One rest in one part the another stays another and once it travels to another the former comes in the circle of later.

Burning object spread light and switching off the burning flames cause darkness. This is not that darkness just presents the negative or the evil aspect no its not only that … circle that links with worldly life have its own doctrine and myth but has always reflecting two fold realities and deep meanings. If darkness bring dead ends it gives awareness to lit the light in it, it make an urge to creative being creature, to search for the open edges that make eyes to see.

If concentrate and try to visualize in darkness eyes start seeing in it also it is depends on the exercise how it can be precise and make presence in the darkness of the skull to lit up the flame or creative idea towards light.
Similarly, light has twofold affects if it brings the advantages it also cause effects it can be the way out for the walker and it can be trapped as well it won’t wait for darkness to make someone prey of its learning.
The lesson is that creative minds full of ideas are the part of world which is half in darkness and semi- half in Light and this circle travels on when light comes to the dark areas it become more aware of the flammable areas. In such case it won’t be in darkness any more the light covers and travel.

    Be the Optimistic, Atheistic creative being generate ideas be motivate towards the Light life and life light. Be thinker and innovative for darkness to yield to make field to feel deep the life here after the darkness ? that’s truly bring the life never ends the light never ends the season knows no winter just the spring …………………………..

Frets // Fears


Fear is a sense, it is natural somewhat but sometimes it will be descend upon the creature though because of circumstances, the circumference in which living or the immoderate happenings around the scheme of the creature’s around. This is just natural implementation over the sense of creature that sense of terror always strong in mammals this sense is so high that their sense of defense may cause effect and the sense which comes after to protect .
Universe is revolving in a circumference and similarly acts upon as per the law of Nature, though Era’s changed one after another but the LAWS always are there. Fret is sense that covers creature in it as the cocoon do wrap in the frame – This can not be broken unless it will not shudder by the creature it self with the sense of protection and defense.
All creatures’ birds, mammals, animals and even the sea species all aware and instinctively known of this sense. Little common usual sense might be the results of facts and the awareness but most senses are blessed and can’t be challengeable.
Senses are blessed but these will be built up in the world with the frame work of the existing life circle such as for the humans. They live in different areas of landmarks and in different land marks style of living due to which they have different development of giving impressions to the experiences of life.
Frets are the external and internal based on both give actions and reactions onwards to the living frame of life and circumferences. Fears are based on the sense of anxieties or on sense of intimacy that shared or not be shared with the beings we lose or we love to have them for substantial and unsubstantial affairs.
The living Era as matter a lot so do the surroundings, noises and voices though they be the external of comes nasty from inside. Based on deeds or acts done or based on the matters or acts undone. Consequently, the life is always been under circles in circles and in bubbles under bubbles. Living scenario’s up to the mind is bit different, to soul is different to heart is different but mutual collaborations of all must be in shape will create the balance towards all the metaphysical , substantial and non-substantial affairs .
This is what the feeling to explore and cover on page that either the direction may cover this. Either the emotions may speak to it or either these are the part of the sense to be provoked on.