Frets // Fears


Fear is a sense, it is natural somewhat but sometimes it will be descend upon the creature though because of circumstances, the circumference in which living or the immoderate happenings around the scheme of the creature’s around. This is just natural implementation over the sense of creature that sense of terror always strong in mammals this sense is so high that their sense of defense may cause effect and the sense which comes after to protect .
Universe is revolving in a circumference and similarly acts upon as per the law of Nature, though Era’s changed one after another but the LAWS always are there. Fret is sense that covers creature in it as the cocoon do wrap in the frame – This can not be broken unless it will not shudder by the creature it self with the sense of protection and defense.
All creatures’ birds, mammals, animals and even the sea species all aware and instinctively known of this sense. Little common usual sense might be the results of facts and the awareness but most senses are blessed and can’t be challengeable.
Senses are blessed but these will be built up in the world with the frame work of the existing life circle such as for the humans. They live in different areas of landmarks and in different land marks style of living due to which they have different development of giving impressions to the experiences of life.
Frets are the external and internal based on both give actions and reactions onwards to the living frame of life and circumferences. Fears are based on the sense of anxieties or on sense of intimacy that shared or not be shared with the beings we lose or we love to have them for substantial and unsubstantial affairs.
The living Era as matter a lot so do the surroundings, noises and voices though they be the external of comes nasty from inside. Based on deeds or acts done or based on the matters or acts undone. Consequently, the life is always been under circles in circles and in bubbles under bubbles. Living scenario’s up to the mind is bit different, to soul is different to heart is different but mutual collaborations of all must be in shape will create the balance towards all the metaphysical , substantial and non-substantial affairs .
This is what the feeling to explore and cover on page that either the direction may cover this. Either the emotions may speak to it or either these are the part of the sense to be provoked on.

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