Essence of Main Major 6 C’s


    Conscience, Consciousness Connection, Connotation with Creator’s Commandments

Prophesies are nearly to be fulfilled the true ones and this just been prophesized by the Prophets of all times and ages by the Will of Creator. One of the most important reliable and prophesized connections is also subject to the development of the wheel of life, fate and time; the major sources that could uplift or down size the human efforts in disguise.

These three major aspects may be the blessing in disguise and flourish one with the golden spoon and golden paradise life on the phase of earth temporarily and even these are the same aspects that could be as vulgar, as tempest, as tsunami that could never forgive the circumstances plunged into the darkest corner of them .
One of the profound realities that the self consciousness/the self conscience is actually connected and alarmed with the Creator’s Providence, Dignity, Magnificence and Proof of Sound Existence.

The Creator in all aspects disguise as Light; though it is the Light of Sight, the Light of heavens or Earth or the whole Universe.

Rarely has it been originated that someone tries hard to be close to the Creator, as Creator is the most
Merciful, Beneficent and Most Kind so He THE DIVINE LIGHT is always nearer to His All Creations, especially the Crown Creation the Humans.

Infact He Himself says, ‘We are nearer than your juggler vein’ the closeness or the Presence of Divine in the whole Universe is obvious and very clear to the modern world of believers. The cause and effects are for the believers, the heathens and the pagans can’t be on the level where the faith consumers can…..

Now the Sufi aspect and the mystic major aspect is that the one whose heart consoles, council and condole the Remembrance of Lord will be on the guided path and once the guidance be upon oneself the self get aware of the mysteries of thine and mine. The heart is the major organ that consumes life circle and the light circle it is next and foremost important treasure of all.

Once the heart become alive with the power of believing than after the power of regular practice of remembrance, the self conscience is the key character of the light towards the road of guidance and route towards the firm faith and enlightens the mind with wisdom and Divine source of Knowledge.

The self awareness and awakening is that course and chapter of life that one fell asleep even than self journey continue towards the spiritual ways to understand the Creator’s given life and its tool to be more faithful and enhancing in practice for the better place in Lord’s Eye.

Similarly, whence the self conscience be on the guided and righteous path than the heart to mind the spiritual layers could convert the spiritual character whole in shape with the clothes of light and enters to the shut doors and even the darkest closed windows of mind. This spirit than also contains the free alliance and radiance towards the consciousness of human body and inner aspects.

The light is the source of mysteriously, uniquely and divinely motivational, spiritual, inspirational and innovational kinda spark that could be anything but essentially vital for the human life externally and internally.

When human open eyes the seeing light to the exterior to universe has the same depth as the human shut the eyes and got light to travel and see through the dreams or images light in both ways the light enlightens the core of the eye and make it see through things in appearance and as well in depth in reality.

When consciousness actually connected with Lord’s bestowed guidance than one can make the mark over shoulder to be on the right track of achievement. Conscience connection developed through heart, Consciousness connection depends upon conscience heart connection and then this consciousness connection built up the mind factors in all the respective ways to be connected and connoted with Creator’s Will. The Creator’s Will is His given words for one’s Fate of Faith or in other words Faith of Fate.

It is right to say that Mystics, Sufi’s, the Faith holders and the Humanitarian servants they polish their accountability and totality through these stages few are blessed by birth and few do efforts by committing mistakes as normal beings and then repent to the level to gain such positioning.

The Prophets, The Messengers and Seers are the chosen people; they are as innocent as the lamb and as pure as the spring of milk in paradise so they can’t gain the Lord’s connection by effort but by Divine Blessing.
But it is also not wrong to say that each and every human can chose this way to purify one self’s soul and be close to the creator by developing the connection through the conscience, consciousness and through conversation in solitude by making prayers as Lord is all hearing and the most Merciful can select His beings by their pure hearts and innocence and by their simplicity and their faith.

The one who can bathe his soul by believing, than raise up to the true favors of faith, than be true and simple to the needs of self being and the beings similar to him, polish the simplicity, regain the innocence to the level of modesty and consoles the pure heart can hopefully the 6 major spectacular C’s in his or her life conscience, consciousness connection and connote with Creation’s commandments.

In the age of science and materialism we forget the actual learnings of our faith we are harassed with frustrations and looking and searching up short cuts and short lived ways to the material one world goals for us. We completely ruin ourselves by spiritual levels and therefore our souls are starving for the spiritual diets.
Let us ourselves one by one try to make self peace, try to make self effort of contented pure innocent heart. Lets us try to make self dialysis, self connotations, self analysis, self awareness, self declarations, self esteems, self controls, self and self enlightenment, self conscience awakening, make journey to self soul, self conscience to self consciousness that may develop connection and connotations to Creator so that we may have our splendid here after results .

Come let us have the sight to sow, to reap, to weave, to culminate, to cultivate , to see through things beyond to their appearance to realities, to their main meanings, to the level where our fate may stand up and praise our wills to rise up to this level. Be become praise worthy by praising the Creator by servitude the Master as he commanded ……..

Let us try …… Let us try self by self……

I killed the Liar


As liar never has an identity, how often I think this dilemma yet the only identity of lying within the consequence of struggle and just live in a moment.

Yes, how often I think how malice and dainty it looks to the outer world and to the tongue when its train goes on lying and keeps lying but what happen when fool’s paradise be ruined or captured by the guards of reality? Yeah what happened?

The consummate struggle of pretention could ruin one’s originality on the surface; it becomes the face full of scars, the disgrace of this act covers the whole cloth of soul with filthy cloud of smoke.

Yes how often I come across to have all the beasts and howling wolves, they exactly seem like the liars. Optimist, Pessimist, Realist….. Who wins, is Opportunist and most of time in such Era; the opportunist is sharp minded sharp tongued liar……

To lie is an alloy to truth and the satanic souls enjoy it while mixing with the truth with the length it could reveal like reality but hidden there are some aspects which are nothing but self created bluff.

We keep our values in practice and they themselves convert and become the virtues, whatever we perform we indulge the same, we indulge the same whatever we perform……The matter to think is what actually we indulge to consummate….. To vicissitude…….To proclaim……..To practice…….To perform….

The little fabricated story among many:

Once two friends went to jungle, laughing in a good mood just to have fun, they have adorn the get up of hunters but they are not actually, they walk far behind the distance where they got wilderness. When they got here in such wilderness they got weird vibes, weird sounds, weird sense that make their hairs stands on end.
At once the second one begins to share one of his secret story, the mysterious one, thrilled and horror prevailing.

‘He narrated that I have been a child when I was trapped to the house in solitude and I was not aware in that age how to handle solitude I need to play with the play house in the basement of the house. Usually I need to talk to myself but that day I heard voices ….’

The jungle was very dark, very descend, it looks that it had way to in but no way to out. Both friends have loaded equipments with them yet the heart beats of both were striking higher to the range of tower clock.
The first friend is actually irritated of the outer dark weird place and the narration of second one but at that moment it just a moment of traps that could be better with him than any other beast.

‘I heard voices …….. they were original but seems deceptive to me as I was kid a mere kid I was usual in my practice, as usual start voicing myself and start my play with the house, I always thought so where as are my dispels to whom I usually talk or where are my soul players as the existing human characters never suits me well, and use to rejoice in my own split personalities among others………’

‘I don’t know exactly if any other celestial being is in existence really or it is the part of human mental foreplay. However, whence I played that day I was terribly shaken by the unheard voice I have never heard before ………..’

The first person was listening deeply and astonishingly to this tale of his friend whom he had never discussed earlier and never mentioned his intense feelings, the hidden intense emotions …. Actually he was reluctant that they fast friends and most occasionally they are aside with each other than why today at this weird place, perhaps such place is salient and he is intentionally pre-occupying with such phantoms ……

‘Yeah that day I was alone but I feel the presence that I am not alone in my home solitude, hence I start arguing with the unheard voices and keep practicing every now and then when ever be alone at home and after sometimes I realized that existence and presence of unknown I never tried to declare them the wrong ones or never categorize them as the in goodness but I just sway with them in the leisure of company at least .……

‘Sometimes I speak and I feel they hear and sometimes I heard the voices and just stay quiet to understand the language……. I strongly feel them around but I was always afraid that no one human get the trace of it so that my leisure celestial company may not leave me again in the dark, descend decorative solitude to be alone and as searcher for the meaning and purpose of life’

The first friend did not quested anything and didn’t inquired anything about his telling as he profoundly of the view inside him that he is just painting the consequence of existing time with his alarming sense of strangeness that could terrified me possibly in such weird situation because most fast and close friends sense and know the weak points of another so he is nothing but a dude who is humiliating me in such aspect indirect with his fabricated nonsense story. But he neither interrupted him and nor did mention any word against his story.

“ I wonder always the surprises of young and growing age, how they make their marks over the senses, conscience and consciousness, we just make ourselves the plunged wheel that revolves around the time and fate and we hang ourselves between understanding, interpreting and predicting the life happenings to the wisdom and intellect level all the senses are connected with all the existences of presence though they are seen or unseen…..’’

He was deeply philosophically inclined to impel to state his feelings and the childhood happenings or just the assumptions according to his friend as he is not completely enhancing or trusting his all the words he know that he usually take the aid of few non happenings or allured assumptions …..

Same in an instance there were stunning voices from the dark trees of that place the second friend who was before that so much debating now trembling and so terrified at the same time it was so sudden that first friend just used his shot gun and shot twice and thrice.

At once they both did not realized that what was the being they shot dead as they both consider that it must be some beast. But enough to their wonder, there was nothing but a crow …….

The friend who was so talkative earlier this not dead quiet …..The first friend softly spoke:

“Nothing else, I KILLED THE LIAR….. No other voice will utter now …. As Quiet people have the loudest minds ’

Delve In ‘Selves’


It is just not the emotion but more than that, very strong, very fascinating and it trapped me in the crown of jewel, the best of all, the rest of all, quest of all and nest of all …… ‘Myself’ is a core of that crown of jewel, it contains selves, many selves, but most known the seven selves as explained by Khalil Jibran:

‘’In the silent hour of the night, as I lay half asleep, my seven selves sat together and thus conversed in whispers:

First Self: Here, in this madman, I have dwelt all these years, with naught to do but renew his pain by day and recreate his sorrow by night. I can bear my fate no longer, and now I must rebel.

Second Self: Yours is a better lot than mine, brother, for it is given me to be this madman’s joyous self. I laugh his laughter and sing his happy hours, and with thrice winged feet I dance his brighter thoughts. It is I that would rebel against my weary existence.

Third Self: And what of me, the love-ridden self, the flaming brand of wild passion and fantastic desires? It is I the love-sick self who would rebel against this madman.

Fourth Self: I, amongst you all, am the most miserable, for naught was given me but the odious hatred and destructive loathing. It is I, the tempest-like self, the one born in the black caves of Hell, who would protest against serving this madman.

Fifth Self: Nay, it is I, the thinking self, the fanciful self, the self of hunger and thirst, the one doomed to wander without rest in search of unknown things and things not yet created; it is I, not you, who would rebel.

Sixth Self: And I, the working self, the pitiful labourer, who, with patient hands, and longing eyes, fashion the days into images and give the formless elements new and eternal forms — it is I, the solitary one, who would rebel against this restless madman.

Seventh Self: How strange that you all would rebel against this man, because each and every one of you has a preordained fate to fulfil. Ah! Could I but be like one of you, a self with a determined lot! But I have none; I am the do-nothing self, the one who sits in the dumb, empty nowhere and nowhen, when you are busy re-creating life. Is it you or I, neighbours, who should rebel?

When the seventh self thus spake the other six selves looked with pity upon him but said nothing more; and as the night grew deeper one after the other went to sleep enfolded with a new and happy submission.

But the seventh self remained watching and gazing at nothingness, which is behind all things.’’

Self is the disclosure of many aspects, of many jewels, of many shells, having pearls of sands, having soap of water, of surf of waters on the shores; it has shadow very rare and exceptional sinking water, deep, blue and treasure holding.

Self soul is not just one n number it has many converse layers because if it can be measured through the eyelid of mysticism, it became most rare pearl having many flashes and shines in it, multi-colors lights that cover through the identity within identity.

Such philosophy is not understandable to those who just live one life based on materialism; they can’t get even the minor ray or tiny little hole to peep into the world of mysteries of crown of jewel.

The souls who could always be thoughtfully extravagant, terse with realities, awaken with the voice of inner mystic, bathe with the height of tragic truths and rejoice within their world of galaxies are actually the trace keeper.

They follow and find infact the length and the meaning of tracing the shadows of their own. What is this shadow, to the soul the apparent body is just like a shadow as it appears in darkness, the light of soul illumines it with the gallop of realistic rays of ultimate truth.

Body shadow on the phase of earth gives the same impressionistic approach which body actually gives to the soul inside. Unless one self be insidious, can’t actually quest this mystery…..

Soul is not actually intellect, neither the heart spirit, nor the emotion, neither it is the motivation or any inspiration, nor is it any kind of worldly objective apprentice, nor any vicissitude of tempest, neither the symptom of any predication that sooner or later fulfilled.

It is in ethereal appearance, liquid yet in shape, it is door to the another way and world to understand the language of the world which introduce the innocence in existence, purity as emotion, virtue as intellect, modesty as senses and honesty as tastes but neither this world understand this version nor the usual common humans they are many in races but few of origins and connected to their actuality.

We easily commence the Mystics, Sufis and the Hermits as merely and occasionally lunatics because we don’t actually cop up with their true sciences of nature and natural journey of soul essence.

There are so many rhetoric questions, what are actually existence compact of, why we are here, enough of self wars, enough of communication with inner self, enough of the angel or devil concepts, enough of the inner war of good or evil…….Just simply enough……

The shadow of light (Soul) which is trapped in the pot of mud (Body) is actually the order of Will of Creator who contrast it with the light, converse it as mirror, sharp it as still water drops and maketh it the most divine origin, the most deeply thoughtful and meditative, bathe it with spirit of mightiness and confine it with supreme quantative qualities and compass it with merits and demerits. It has been ordered to live to be alive from the day first till the Day of Judgment…….

Awakening is the sign of its’ knowledge, sleep is the divine mercy for its more awakening and spiritual enhancement, it is strangely connected with the under waters, with the mystic above heavens and all in all with the connectivity of the Truth, Knowledge, Kamaliayt, Jamaliyat and Tajaliyat of Creator but one who quest the way for the source of rays, often talk deeply, usually conversed with profound SELF.

Whenever, one drove to the converse realties actually the intension and attention drives by the soul essence, the selves, no matter what how many faces, layers of self characters are but it is due reality that Self remains recognized with the virtue of ever living goodness and by making it enslave to the Creator’s command.

Aggressive is Progressive!!


Living is not just a mere chance of acting the best in the trial but is possibility to achieve impossibilities through uncertainties of a certain plan to grow , to sow, to reap, to fertile and to make what actually does not seems to be.
The power and the thinkable adjustment which comes from human mind that this thing as it is a bit need change and it ought to be…… This OUGHT TO BE is the taking the chance of human intellect in a direction of struggle at once and to roam about in all areas to achieve the direction of will.
Undoubtedly, the achievement comes to those who stay innovatively productive, imaginatively active, emotionally passive, intellectually motive and finally progressively aggressive.
Progress is sometimes very gradual process, that could be far away through the obstacles and substantial realities and one can be on the track and should very consistent unless one can not gonna make it.
For such level the persistence, preservence, consistency, calmness and patience are the major keys to be on the road of progress. The slower the journey on this road is much safer and ultimately whatever the set goal would be achieved will be in results long lasting and sustainable.
The steadfast progress may leave the loops these gonna be in the weak edges when one could expect the best of best. At that level it’s just kinda holes in the success that would seem to be near but far from the point.
The best thing we ever do, to hunt our own consciousness to the scale of veneration, and this level is not that easy, infact one who could reach to that level is actually the aggressive soul who attains the progressive consciousness.
Focal point is rather than to be so vulnerable to situations, the adversity of maturity lies in admitting, crawling, adjusting, understanding and veiling the natural vicissitude to the glamorous outside to the innocent inside.
Search is a quantative quality, and aggressive may progressive in it with the aid of superlative degree of invade invention of spiritual enhancement. Adhering the scrutinize identity for oneself the set ground of goal may invest human effort in true direction to confront realities. No matter what the fate plays or set the unpredictable planned investments to the human life consequences the one who stay aggressively consistent be objectively progressive in all sorts, thoughts, aspects and respects ………..

The Crowd…


Noise…..Aloud noise…..people of certainly of all ages uncertainly uncertain of uncertainties …..Noise….Crowd …they are all around, some are revolving each other, some are revolving around themselves…..They rose up and make noise …..This crowd … The huge crowd that makes the thinkable annoyed …

The crowd that make nothing but protest against everything especially about living, regarding ordinary living and about their idealistic goals. They are so much brutal now that even their protests are of no use…..In such situations they; protestors can’t achieve the sympathy, as they are not considered worthy of it ….

The crowd itself is the matter of amusement, it amaze the one who inside hidden the super ego. The is the lengthy subject to describe that one’s supreme ego can convert to such height of self fulfillment selfishly that one could be nothing but surely self centered giant among others.

The crowd of the common people and people of average knowledge, of average living standard, average estimations and planning about this worldly life are just the part of crowd and just be the prey of supreme egos.

The crowd of group of the people who are tight to the threads of their struggles to live this hard life would always been the part of the plotting of the supreme thinkers, super players and supreme egos who think of ruling the world and the common people by their visionary so called powers.

But this is realty of truth that power shifts with the circles, with the running wheel of time and fortune. It never stays or honored to one but it keep on shifting to the people who caught and convert themselves to the supreme egos.

Many of the people on the phase of earth still living on the same pattern introduced to them once by their forefathers. Yes, right there are still the villagers in the towns of world who don’t know about the electricity or scientific inventions, they are on the same ancient track and they provide the image to us the people who caught up and juggling in the mechanical world.

On the contrary, there is the world who is rushing towards the race to be more mechanical than each other, be the supreme in power ego machine than the one standing in front or left some one behind while be fast in the race.

Most probably, it has been noticed that the people who make the crowd are the people who trendy to follow the line draw to them, in it the wisdom is out, knowledge is out, intellect is out and what in is; the omega will of human to be in favor of the needs or the alpha human desires to fulfill their exceptional dreams.

The crowd is sufficiently is the symbolic term to understand the loud noises all around that could rise it and intimate the intimacy of human far longitude from the courage to understand himself, the inner consciousness.

Crowd around us usually very noisy and it always abhors our disliking not being part of it but the rest of the people who will be the part of or make the crowd to be known as crowd who basically they are?  Most possibly the answer could be ….. They are made to be the crowd …..

Yes they are surely made to be the crowd, they can be the instinctively belong to the world where the sign of line of living would be to stay in crowd. If there are the disadvantages and the disliking for the crowd than it possible provide an advantage as well the most vital one is to be hide in such shore is the best.

Hide and seek the way out for the self side is the best advantage and the one who is speedy and fond of having the identity under identity, layers under the layers of the identity for the better disclosure to the world, favors nothing but indeed everything for the rest of life.

Crowd majorly defines oneself to develop intimacy to inner side or to the salience because what salience can teaches tacts and tames none other unseen force can. It is the biggest of mystery yet of teachings. Crowd is the opposite to it, loud and noise that could even snatch the quality of being the seeker, be the mediator or be the master of self exploring art.

The unwanted noise, the unwanted crowd always been watched by the keen eye of the supreme egos who would never want them be the living state but it is also a greatest of reality that the ruler of the world had never been and could be never the humans, they pretended to be but they are not there is one major Supreme Authority who is Alpha and Omega and ruling the whole universe even the tiny little particle.

So the crowd , though wanted around or unwanted is nothing just the flow and they are the follower of the themes of the apparent realities just to be the part of the tracks which can just elaborate the needs or desires.

Be more knowledgeable and rise up to know more about the originality of human existence not just ruin these all breaths to this counting time frame to short fall in another dimension of soul life. Just be not the crowd of the self ego who try to control the crowd, be the thinker to a peep into deepest and achieve the highest ……

As intimacy of self endured comes from the inspiration of salience not by sound, crowd just make one self to be hurry to be in search and follow his/her track and finally be on destination and then get time to explore what had happened, where as now time has no time to liver the thread more to stay on a specific destination ……

We have to be the part of crowd and also to verify who we are, we have to catch and endure all aspects in one indeed sequence ………..

This is just a phase, yet another to come what we have to do is the preparation, penetration and practice, though it would be the preparation of practice, penetration of practice or practice of practice…………