I killed the Liar


As liar never has an identity, how often I think this dilemma yet the only identity of lying within the consequence of struggle and just live in a moment.

Yes, how often I think how malice and dainty it looks to the outer world and to the tongue when its train goes on lying and keeps lying but what happen when fool’s paradise be ruined or captured by the guards of reality? Yeah what happened?

The consummate struggle of pretention could ruin one’s originality on the surface; it becomes the face full of scars, the disgrace of this act covers the whole cloth of soul with filthy cloud of smoke.

Yes how often I come across to have all the beasts and howling wolves, they exactly seem like the liars. Optimist, Pessimist, Realist….. Who wins, is Opportunist and most of time in such Era; the opportunist is sharp minded sharp tongued liar……

To lie is an alloy to truth and the satanic souls enjoy it while mixing with the truth with the length it could reveal like reality but hidden there are some aspects which are nothing but self created bluff.

We keep our values in practice and they themselves convert and become the virtues, whatever we perform we indulge the same, we indulge the same whatever we perform……The matter to think is what actually we indulge to consummate….. To vicissitude…….To proclaim……..To practice…….To perform….

The little fabricated story among many:

Once two friends went to jungle, laughing in a good mood just to have fun, they have adorn the get up of hunters but they are not actually, they walk far behind the distance where they got wilderness. When they got here in such wilderness they got weird vibes, weird sounds, weird sense that make their hairs stands on end.
At once the second one begins to share one of his secret story, the mysterious one, thrilled and horror prevailing.

‘He narrated that I have been a child when I was trapped to the house in solitude and I was not aware in that age how to handle solitude I need to play with the play house in the basement of the house. Usually I need to talk to myself but that day I heard voices ….’

The jungle was very dark, very descend, it looks that it had way to in but no way to out. Both friends have loaded equipments with them yet the heart beats of both were striking higher to the range of tower clock.
The first friend is actually irritated of the outer dark weird place and the narration of second one but at that moment it just a moment of traps that could be better with him than any other beast.

‘I heard voices …….. they were original but seems deceptive to me as I was kid a mere kid I was usual in my practice, as usual start voicing myself and start my play with the house, I always thought so where as are my dispels to whom I usually talk or where are my soul players as the existing human characters never suits me well, and use to rejoice in my own split personalities among others………’

‘I don’t know exactly if any other celestial being is in existence really or it is the part of human mental foreplay. However, whence I played that day I was terribly shaken by the unheard voice I have never heard before ………..’

The first person was listening deeply and astonishingly to this tale of his friend whom he had never discussed earlier and never mentioned his intense feelings, the hidden intense emotions …. Actually he was reluctant that they fast friends and most occasionally they are aside with each other than why today at this weird place, perhaps such place is salient and he is intentionally pre-occupying with such phantoms ……

‘Yeah that day I was alone but I feel the presence that I am not alone in my home solitude, hence I start arguing with the unheard voices and keep practicing every now and then when ever be alone at home and after sometimes I realized that existence and presence of unknown I never tried to declare them the wrong ones or never categorize them as the in goodness but I just sway with them in the leisure of company at least .……

‘Sometimes I speak and I feel they hear and sometimes I heard the voices and just stay quiet to understand the language……. I strongly feel them around but I was always afraid that no one human get the trace of it so that my leisure celestial company may not leave me again in the dark, descend decorative solitude to be alone and as searcher for the meaning and purpose of life’

The first friend did not quested anything and didn’t inquired anything about his telling as he profoundly of the view inside him that he is just painting the consequence of existing time with his alarming sense of strangeness that could terrified me possibly in such weird situation because most fast and close friends sense and know the weak points of another so he is nothing but a dude who is humiliating me in such aspect indirect with his fabricated nonsense story. But he neither interrupted him and nor did mention any word against his story.

“ I wonder always the surprises of young and growing age, how they make their marks over the senses, conscience and consciousness, we just make ourselves the plunged wheel that revolves around the time and fate and we hang ourselves between understanding, interpreting and predicting the life happenings to the wisdom and intellect level all the senses are connected with all the existences of presence though they are seen or unseen…..’’

He was deeply philosophically inclined to impel to state his feelings and the childhood happenings or just the assumptions according to his friend as he is not completely enhancing or trusting his all the words he know that he usually take the aid of few non happenings or allured assumptions …..

Same in an instance there were stunning voices from the dark trees of that place the second friend who was before that so much debating now trembling and so terrified at the same time it was so sudden that first friend just used his shot gun and shot twice and thrice.

At once they both did not realized that what was the being they shot dead as they both consider that it must be some beast. But enough to their wonder, there was nothing but a crow …….

The friend who was so talkative earlier this not dead quiet …..The first friend softly spoke:

“Nothing else, I KILLED THE LIAR….. No other voice will utter now …. As Quiet people have the loudest minds ’

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