The Holy Prophet (PBUH) the Last Messenger of Almighty Allah is the highest in stature an blessing upon all the Universe an for all the living creatures. His humbleness, love, kindness, piety,honesty and tolerance weave the world to the path of harmony . He taught to enhance the pattern of life to be successful in the worldly affairs and be in higher rank hereafter. His Message is Islam and His Alive Miracle till the judgment day is the HOLY BOOK QURAN which is full of all the knowledge, Realities and Truths .We are lucky to be His followers who is nothing but all Mercy for us .

Infinity Brings Lack Of Importance


For the sake of purposes and goals make Human stronger and energetic and give good/bad significance of life and its circumstances. Humans the crown of creation in Lord’s eyes every creature is equal but Man who is blessed with wisdom who is blessed with God’s acquaintance blessed with favors that gives humans the source and power of living.

And the most important things and goods and blessings of all are the purpose that makes humans respectable and acceptable in the sight of Allah Almighty.

Unique and intellectuals and persons with wisdom gain knowledge about their purposes and then give performances that make them admirable and talented actors on the stage of world.

They became the shiny stars that can rarely see but when they appear on the mighty sky they look different and special.

The specialty about them was not their shine but those important purposes that blessed them the shine among others that differentiate them. Lord made nothing for vain every thing has motive behind its originality some purposes are hidden as they made for hide and some are openly performed as their motive is to spread its shine.

But then we oftenly see the persons and the things which apparently looks useless. Their will be certain reasons but one the forceful and impact able one:

‘’Infinity brings lack of importance’’ and ‘’ Numerable seems probably useless’’ and ‘’Motives lies beyond the curtains when things divide mostly’’

In human existence multiple things and the process of becoming larger in number brings uselessness on today’s life. What Motives?

What are the purposes?

What are they?

Any monetary or the melancholy that spoils the human enjoyment the monster that make humans neurotic and psychotic as they struggle hard and hard unless find possibility and what the possible fact do not have apparent appearance for humans the believes that do not seen by humans that make persons serious and sensuous.

Aims and results of course waste of time……. Time is life you know it bring changes and persons adopt it and spend the life time as they wish and that’s right.

Enough of these unreachable phenomena’s and persons beyond understanding — Related with same other world where the strange creatures live we are not strange that we adopt the crucial motives (The World Speech). For an instance if this life remains for ever what happened to results.

There are certain things beyond understanding of this world lasted for ever like this the purposes and Aims, Goals and motives flown away as there no results sheets no remarks no meanings nothing and the drape insignificant the temporary world became the place of Time beings. Thanked! There is end of every thing.

Almighty made End first and the Finish Line and the things belong to it first then this unspeakable, undeniable, unsourceful and unreliable world and the seed of origin that gives start secondly. Few persons recognize the reality as it always bitter and give the power and anchor of Truth, that bring closeness with creator.

Today purposes are not strong enough to catch the goals to find the way to will because persons and humans are in debt and doubt with life as it giving the possibilities and as Time preparing the non- wisdom people with its source of giving so much grains to human’s skull, therefore and that is why humans the creatures whom Lord love most and blessed enough are in insanity and in drugs as they forgot about end.

‘’The day to meet Almighty with results brought by the sustain purposes that give Sadat or Sakawat in the End.’’

They will have blessing of Lord or the punish that gives repentance for ever….. Forever there no one to save anyone but the good purposes through which the ‘sake of having God’s will’ the real motive fulfilled. Persons are in grief in trouble in present time and in life as they do not thinking about end and the results.

Satan is playing with humans, giving tricks and gambling with human wisdom doing magic towards person’s path and hide the true motive behind his ugly and meaningless dice using device which apparently seems the purposeful but in reality is deceptive and deceive things and good have no value no meaning they are nothing but smoke the bubble that soon lasted even with unfixable touch.

Almighty Allah may bless us with the favor that lasted and give respect and importance in End. Our purposes came in their true significance. Then we have the real and original crown of reality and truth towards the head. This is the sake ….. For the sake of nothing but beneath that have meaning.

Scattered Souls


Scattered Souls all around
Perfection is Lost
Human may Cost
Collected pearls, Wasted where
Will, for Lusts
Making the dust
Merely unknown
Those people gone, Why they shown
Scattered Souls all around

Growth of Truth
Shinned to spot, Race of Evil
Why not stop
Though Art of living
Nor can consider
Skating around the smell of life
Only can smell, Thy fragrance of deep impact
Thy immense all around
Scattered Soul

Leave thy sky
For thy moment, that will let suppose
Still the faded Colors
Waiting for these souls out of reach but though,
All around Scattered Souls…..

Thy Gathering


Thy Gathering taking my life
Thy people conversation
Thou things immortal precious … Bring to me

I, My, Me, Myself
Moto today of common
Why my lusts provoke thoughts
Thou desire differentiate
That power I caught
Thou will give me the exceptional sentiments
This, the character of this act
This, thy calendar giving the dates of past
Thy past where no morals

Glorious Protector!

My sleep healing my wounds
Nor any one’s sympathy
Thy bliss, Only Friend of mine
Come and take my sufferings of others

Thy darkness of all nights
Bring to me the Shine, the Light that bright up
The Heart and Soul system

That brings me the largest scale of deeds
That fills up the sack of my conscious
And make me immortal in my deeds

Oh Lord, my Highness
Majesty of All
Give the spirit to live the life …..Give the Spirit

Thy Gathering,
Thy People — Taking my Life
Though things immortal, Precious…
Bring to me, Bring to me……

Thy Gathering.

Vibrant Laugh


Laugh if you can,
Laugh though,
Laughing is an art you can be an artist

If you can laugh, your stage is waiting for you,
Your steps are where infinity of yours finishes
Your counting is where

Laugh if you can
Huge Mountain behind
Scattered life in mind
Purposes are of nothing
Loss makes you fine

Laugh if you can
Doubt is your way
Depth is your sight, looking for an individual
Thy is your lie

Laugh if you can
Desires of materials
Imperishable for the life
Dreams of one for Truth
Unless use of trial,

Laugh — though an art
You can be an artist —– if you can laugh.

Pursuits ……


Pursuits of destiny,
Pursuits ……….
Of Happiness
Of Life
Towards journey …… Pursuits,
To roaming a mind under affliction

And maketh it invincible
Among ordinary thoughts
And dost it aid to attempt and maketh

A tool to prevent
And make signature to recognization
‘And tamed a soul to loveth PROVIDENCE.

My Soul Passion


My sole passion,
How floats…. look my only sole passion
That lends that heart of mine

How floats
This service which I obsessed
Giving pain
Shall give the right
The right which brings
Those desires of gains

The sole passion
Pinching and dragging

Look how it floats
Insisting and inspiring
How it floats

There’s no surface
No bubble that last
But this service is a bubble
Now and then which blast?

But there remains
Mine sole passion….. How floats

Reality is a Trap


‘To having things are easier then finding things’ to find something brings disaster many times but if the will is not fulfilled if the emotions not let it go that disaster even gives happiness, person feel solaced even then if there is no meaning in the thing he likes but because it is his desire therefore near and dear of his own and among the rest.

No one can change the rit of Fate even then some people tries for this impossible deed according to their will just for the sake of this phenomena that there should be things in their Lots what they want to have but fate is not the key in human hands that they can use it for their latch doors.

Fate brings changes to human’s life some times harsh and rough and some times amiable but itself has no value of these things because it can do every thing according to the order of Lord as he is the master who can do everything but there is no doubt that some things puzzle instead of knowing reality, he counts those unnatural things, which are made for only vain.

We have desire for fate and its games but it has its’ own even then he blames and doubted the thing and make certain accuses to pretend but there’s no way out of it because


It traps and then there is no escape. Escape relief and the bliss of having liberty and emancipation brings forth former and later desires of having deeds with the lust of human nature. Intelligible things and world beyond of human reach and out of his understanding. But the Blessings and favors of Almighty gives life and maintain its existence.

Fate is something which is made for humans and for their travelling of life, for their turn and burn for their ways for their life and death and it is a tool, a very precious key a flower in the hand of nature its petals are full of colors and every color gives ink to pen to write a literature and history of one, who want to smell this flower, those petals never fall which are rit and those fall which are changed by Lord may Almighty made this Fate, a flower full of fragrance which gives saint like qualities among many.

To be Thinker is more worthy than to be a Saint


‘’Performing the mere act is easier than thinking about the fact’’, to think about something about life and beyond the life are the complicated topics and phenomena. Thinking, thinking and over thinking is like a worm lies in the skull area and eating it harshly and as badly that person could not even realize the thing how to get out of this trouble.

The pain and the pinching anchor disturb the nerve of Human. Person can not live without of its Imagination and even could not leave it behind but have to suffer with its metallic remedy as it become essential for that person who thinks….

Perhaps it seems like that to think about some thing gives nothing but debased suffering that gives psychological impact towards Human mind but actually it is a foundation of performing acts….. To think is greater than Ibadat and is the power and source to give motivation to doing. Thinking about one, myself and I even if this quotation is under-observation it is full of wonders…..

The astonishment is lies in every fact and figure of Lord’s work. Even if there is a tiny little thing probably the tiny and little things observe much wonder than gaint one. So if, I write about even the word of Allah, it shall not finish unless the whole oceans even the whole world or Universe met the end but the word for the Creator and His wonder, observed objects do not end.

Here I am thinking about everything the origin the life the results the end this world next world my place other’s place and about everything but mostly importantly about the Almighty ‘From whom the word starts and the words end’.

Everything has link with another but than at one spot the link broke instead of any reason in our sight but actually there’s no relation between anything but between Man and his Creator. And another all are just for the remembrance.

Nothing but the few pearls on the decorated Albee of the world, through which she sustains the strange and pitiable sights of Creatures they follow the path of decorated, deceptive disguise of that cloth and went to the path of repentance but what if we think and think it can save us as the positive magnitude is required.

Nothing, no desire. No Expectations, no costs—no lost……No link no wonder, no frame of life, no pain …….

If we remove the certain barometer of saving unrealistic and unromantic things the second phrases automatically replaced to the right figure but the need of over-having desires out the track.

I am thinking since I was child still I am about the common and special, good bad life and death about Universe and its depths and peaks and when I reached to the important and essential fact my hairs stands on End.

Latterly I realized that to think about Him (God) and His works is the most favorite hobby of mine which giving me doze to live and I am still thinking and will think unless I give up my breath.

My soul feels palmed and has unconquerable harmony due to this blessing of thinking. I am thinking none other thing palmed me or gives me endurance but this thinking.


This khayal lasted with me with my end.

My start and my end…. The Thinking ……

Character’s Self Knowing


Persons might influence through their matter of causes & Make certain reasons to develop their individuality but Alas they can recognized themselves even they reach the last breath even then they except the last super to celebrate for them.

They have no eyes to see inner world of their intelligible world. Once heard by some one that through perception you can make acquaintance even the evil materials but people can’t use perception, they can not and could not field meaning in every thing.

One can not reach on the cliff of goal one cannot step on the mountains of Lusts, one cannot client the wills of desire one cannot; some one can who thinks who have had ‘Khail’ to make a portrait of over due facts. Some one who can tackle the materials in a way that they would not supposed to be spoiled.

Some one who can try to who can try to convince the rigideous remarks the humbles complaints in possible effort of conventional and regular form of fluttered compliments. Person may not understand history possibly in a little time, but limitations of time for history has to be understood by some ones and might by even common ones.

Psychology says that histories made by persons as great and remember able history is made by unforgettable people. But this phrase is uncommon that has been this reality is shown that psychology of history is made or even understood by remember able or unforgettable persons.

‘No’ is the common word even enough common that a child in his first stage of speaking utters this word without any difficulty, this word made half of the world crazy about ‘Yes’ generally that kind of things or descriptions are not under discussion by persons every where or think about these things persons have no time to waste on these moraless features because this is a very obvious fact by nature that creatures follows the negative aspects more then positive ones.

Lots of passions and feelings are not described and yet they have been discussed by results always and in other ways the results usually not shown to every person in its original condition. Two’s or threes of person get the cards on which their identity of future smiles and lasted the effect in various ways.

Mostly persons waited for their turn and term of getting that kind of card but impossibly remained unfilled with their immortal and invincible desires because they are unable to understand the fact that this fortune card is not any common card of identity that they get it through worldly manner and will became like two or threes.

This card is special one made by Supreme Power that would not lead by any materials. World is the performance place where every person is actor, persons have to be understand and provoke thought towards this bitter, inerasable fact.

These marshlands of persons have extreme depth in itself. No one could explain every thing in words because words are themselves key of mysterious and unopenable doors, which are closed for common people but whom try to become uncommon they will live in sergeant water of layers float in the non sense minds.

But persons who are by natured indifferent are able to find the keys to open the doors of unsolid and invincible states:







And certain reasons and words that not used may be they must not use as every word is not for explanation. But you know, ‘PERSONS’ predictable fact to understand.