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The Holy Prophet (PBUH) the Last Messenger of Almighty Allah is the highest in stature an blessing upon all the Universe an for all the living creatures. His humbleness, love, kindness, piety,honesty and tolerance weave the world to the path … Continue reading

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Infinity Brings Lack Of Importance

For the sake of purposes and goals make Human stronger and energetic and give good/bad significance of life and its circumstances. Humans the crown of creation in Lord’s eyes every creature is equal but Man who is blessed with wisdom … Continue reading

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Scattered Souls

Scattered Souls all around Perfection is Lost Human may Cost Collected pearls, Wasted where Will, for Lusts Making the dust Merely unknown Those people gone, Why they shown Scattered Souls all around Growth of Truth Shinned to spot, Race of … Continue reading

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Thy Gathering

Thy Gathering taking my life Thy people conversation Thou things immortal precious … Bring to me I, My, Me, Myself Moto today of common Why my lusts provoke thoughts Thou desire differentiate That power I caught Thou will give me … Continue reading

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Vibrant Laugh

Laugh if you can, Laugh though, Laughing is an art you can be an artist If you can laugh, your stage is waiting for you, Your steps are where infinity of yours finishes Your counting is where Laugh if you … Continue reading

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Pursuits ……

Pursuits of destiny, Pursuits ………. Of Happiness Of Life Towards journey …… Pursuits, To roaming a mind under affliction And maketh it invincible Among ordinary thoughts And dost it aid to attempt and maketh A tool to prevent And make … Continue reading

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My Soul Passion

My sole passion, How floats…. look my only sole passion That lends that heart of mine How floats This service which I obsessed Giving pain Shall give the right The right which brings Those desires of gains The sole passion … Continue reading

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Reality is a Trap

‘To having things are easier then finding things’ to find something brings disaster many times but if the will is not fulfilled if the emotions not let it go that disaster even gives happiness, person feel solaced even then if … Continue reading

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To be Thinker is more worthy than to be a Saint

‘’Performing the mere act is easier than thinking about the fact’’, to think about something about life and beyond the life are the complicated topics and phenomena. Thinking, thinking and over thinking is like a worm lies in the skull … Continue reading

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Character’s Self Knowing

Persons might influence through their matter of causes & Make certain reasons to develop their individuality but Alas they can recognized themselves even they reach the last breath even then they except the last super to celebrate for them. They … Continue reading

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