To be Thinker is more worthy than to be a Saint


‘’Performing the mere act is easier than thinking about the fact’’, to think about something about life and beyond the life are the complicated topics and phenomena. Thinking, thinking and over thinking is like a worm lies in the skull area and eating it harshly and as badly that person could not even realize the thing how to get out of this trouble.

The pain and the pinching anchor disturb the nerve of Human. Person can not live without of its Imagination and even could not leave it behind but have to suffer with its metallic remedy as it become essential for that person who thinks….

Perhaps it seems like that to think about some thing gives nothing but debased suffering that gives psychological impact towards Human mind but actually it is a foundation of performing acts….. To think is greater than Ibadat and is the power and source to give motivation to doing. Thinking about one, myself and I even if this quotation is under-observation it is full of wonders…..

The astonishment is lies in every fact and figure of Lord’s work. Even if there is a tiny little thing probably the tiny and little things observe much wonder than gaint one. So if, I write about even the word of Allah, it shall not finish unless the whole oceans even the whole world or Universe met the end but the word for the Creator and His wonder, observed objects do not end.

Here I am thinking about everything the origin the life the results the end this world next world my place other’s place and about everything but mostly importantly about the Almighty ‘From whom the word starts and the words end’.

Everything has link with another but than at one spot the link broke instead of any reason in our sight but actually there’s no relation between anything but between Man and his Creator. And another all are just for the remembrance.

Nothing but the few pearls on the decorated Albee of the world, through which she sustains the strange and pitiable sights of Creatures they follow the path of decorated, deceptive disguise of that cloth and went to the path of repentance but what if we think and think it can save us as the positive magnitude is required.

Nothing, no desire. No Expectations, no costs—no lost……No link no wonder, no frame of life, no pain …….

If we remove the certain barometer of saving unrealistic and unromantic things the second phrases automatically replaced to the right figure but the need of over-having desires out the track.

I am thinking since I was child still I am about the common and special, good bad life and death about Universe and its depths and peaks and when I reached to the important and essential fact my hairs stands on End.

Latterly I realized that to think about Him (God) and His works is the most favorite hobby of mine which giving me doze to live and I am still thinking and will think unless I give up my breath.

My soul feels palmed and has unconquerable harmony due to this blessing of thinking. I am thinking none other thing palmed me or gives me endurance but this thinking.


This khayal lasted with me with my end.

My start and my end…. The Thinking ……

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