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    WOW, is one word that can defines our material world. It is sound that we have all the pitches available. Higher and lower. We have the remote to promote, dialect and to defeat. Whom we are interacting, machines? Or blood suckers?

    ‘We kill each day others or our own selves’.

    The phenomenal truth about Nature is, which is given to humans. There are two of prototypes. One harming themselves and second category harming others. This is instinctive and can’t be changed. The panorama of thinking here revolves as:

    – Humans & Machines
    – Business & Corporate World
    – World & Economy
    – Industry & Growth
    – Religion & Science

    Lots of welfare associations are working yet war for the sake of land absorption, supremacy of powering and positioning is always aside going on. Where is Kindness? Infact first question to be raised, here by the way, where is Humanity?

    We are struggling each and every day to be known as conscious minds, once we provoke ourselves up to this level we fall for hellish competition with other, humans alike us physically maybe.

    Psychologically or spiritually, yeah the essence is different. Very rarely the bond can be made in such materialistic world, where the credibility is not money. We created much knowing the elements mounting our mental capabilities to tackle the world around us. For Example:

    – Epitome of Mental Strength
    – Higher balance of Emotional Intelligence
    – Action & Templation
    – 7 Model Foundation & Function (Strategy, Structure, System, Staffing, Skills, Style, Shared Valued)

    This all about racing to put an effort to survive. By the end of the time, we cannot cave ourselves, yet we have to, very soon. This is how we rule our lives, digitally connected. We are surfaced and bedding our souls with waves and wires. Following phrases from an evaluating report:

    We crowd sourced our team to understand how Apple Retail could make a bigger difference in their communities. They shared that while people are more digitally connected than ever, many feel more isolated and alone. That while the digital economy is rapidly enabling innovation, it is also creating an acute need for individuals, educators, and entrepreneurs to rapidly re-skill. And, that while technology is creating new avenues for expression, millions haven’t yet had the chance to develop their own creative gifts.

    Really, is that so? We are more interested to fly in the air by helicoptering our cars or carriages. More mechanical more we are growing? Isn’t? Nah ……

    Well in competition maybe human were not enough that now the robots are in line. They don’t like humans, they mechanically enough, naturally envy us, as they designed to. This is how our growth of worldly affairs working out and this how the innovations are mapped.

    Sky skipper buildings to wonder the eyes, inside they are too expensive and mostly empty. People are poor and impelled to sleep on roads and eat from garbage but the luxury apartments, hotels and resorts are multiplied. Who are affording them? Of course, only those, who invent new ideas to pamper themselves since they are bored of the same entertainment they have already in hand.

    People are divided into categories (leveled the finance). This is universal truth that societies in such rank actually suffering. In such way the room of exchanging the abilities from the other zones are highly differentiated. Ranks, societies and financial categories, if they are for healthy competition than they should be figurative but if nothing but destructive, we need to address.

    The rich will control and poor has to obey, this is set rule, isn’t? Why?
    Norms to handle the economic flow, money and investments all around the world is too political. Its’ been ages and decades. Humans took millenniums to be wise enough to norm, storm and form with time, zone and universal truths. Deceit is one mask which is so loved by this creation that history states the literature of people who don’t live now, infact the tragedy is they didn’t even lived when they supposed to be.

    Wise people knew that ’Defeat is obvious, if challenging the Nature’. The structure and system, foundation and function all along, can be ambiguous if artificial indulgence is there. Heart is given organ, medical invented machines can pump it but not necessary that person is alive and how long and how far it could be.

    The word Artificial Intelligence, is perfectly fabricated and invented for our Man Made World. Somewhere this is part of reality of this Era, this gonna collapse up next for the coming generations. This satellite web and world perhaps will have the next zone of affect by the extremes of weather.

    Globalization and global accountability is steadfast today as compare to the past. Hence, rough estimations can clue us ‘We will finish, where we started’. Nuclear war would never happen, instead people will defuse them because humans keep on fighting and this is ongoing process. ‘End is not in human’s hand but in Lord’s’.

    What is in human’s mind and their dealing is the skin difference and racism. Kill them they are Muslims and they have yucky faces as they have beards and Jews have the same but respect them. We are Christians and among others we are Roman Catholics so we are better in our beliefs than the Puritans. Cultural and sect intersections are always spider’s web. It costs everything as woven and nothing once broken.

    To deal with the karma of life, this is how we just realize the timely solutions. Though they are not accurate all the time but keeps the wheel revolving….. And that’s what needed. It’s not that we started a war or we did ended. We never did.

    ‘All days are war alike’. We are daily battling somehow or another same wars or the new ones. This is life just a passage and surely gonna meet the next phase of end. The length maybe the unknown. Life and death circle is mortal, certainly gonna meet the end.

    However, we can approach to immortal, unrestrictive, undestructive and forever lived life hereafter where one side of Nature will not be living that is to say death, evil and alternative source which is anti.

    To be lived hereafter, here need to be compromised. Hence where we met the injustice we cannot snatch our right from the cruel but we can have patience as higher value. Forgiveness is not for others but for ourselves to cherish here after. One piece of goodness is not for the other but own self to get the fruit of abundance. This all could be possible by believing in.

    This sort of so called living on earth (which we are up to) highlighting that all the seeds ripe here in front of us, this process of thinking is wrong. Few elements are physical and seen rest many of many are spiritual and unseen yet very strong for further enhancements.

    ‘All days are war alike’
    ‘We kill each day others or our own selves’
    ‘We will finish, where we started’
    ’Defeat is obvious, if challenging the Nature’
    ‘End is not in human’s hand but in Lord’s’

    This is castle of cards, one blow to one card shall ruin all. If diploid in correct number we can form our origin. We stay if connection remains………………

Technologies of Millinium 2000


Rockets, Satellites, Wireless connections, Cell phones, Remote less Devices, Gigantic Machines all these inventions by human genius mind explore the universe through his intellectual approach. Now a day there is no life with out the technical objects. Human can not think life without technology today.

Mornings to night and so on humans are living among machines. Infact humans are replaced as machines; human preference is machine instead of human because this invention of human has expanded the source of technical approach and humanly conduct has been placed and exchanged with that vital need of human.

Lord made natural sources are not desirable by Man today but Man made materials are getting more scope. Man is just worried to explore the world and the other places as well to fulfill his curiosity of knowing.

Man has stepped on Moon on 1969, onwards from eighteen century Man has invented the unachievable levels of outer world his discoveries brought new light and ray of knowing to the Man’s intellect. To touch the space is not just an achievement but is the school of thought because Earth is not only the survival land for the life but other planets too have the existence. The Existence itself is life.

GLOBE; The Earth is in hands of human its suspension its’ expansion, it’s extension out dated in so many ways that Man is in need to save it or to exploit it due his own mental or intellectual reasons. All the techniques and technical products are not only the supreme need of human but also becoming the phobia of Man’s psyche as well. If the cell phones can work on the expended land of earth and have an honor to be the connection between the other chaps than it is the most ugliest reality too that Man is spiritually and psychologically addicted of these accessories that the physical and the face value of self beings or familiar beings are violated.

Why? Human is an amphibian being, why is it so that the Man in his mind is so strong that he can rule the half earth with his anchor with his ego.

The phase of earth has such beings earlier as history itself is witness for that an example is none other than Hitler. Man is so unbound and inbound in extension sometimes to the heights and sometimes to the depths of realities.

All these discoveries aging humans earlier, and to some extend causing extension that Man won’t live but just survive upon the materials.

Man is getting greedy to have more and more where as the available fundamental necessities are not sustainable by this being.

Machines are desirably admirable but they just be the will command processors they are not gently design as Lord did, they are humanly conducted so that

they can be the source of developing the part of Man’s insignificance.

Millennium 2000 is the growing day by day; traffic off discoveries and the inventions of Man is at peak where Man is the horse of success in the race of life.

Whereas even than Man is dissatisfied of the present situation and needs of Man is increasing with every passive coming day.

Undoubtedly, this Era is the best of times yet it is worst in this own nature; however it is the Era of remembrance that all the other

Era’s has been the historical thesis in front of it. Technologies itself the provoked branches of Science that invokes Human mind to be the most vitally connected with the source of knowing to explore.

Consequently, seen growth of this world is making it congested and race of nations are in superior complex to conquer not the world only but also the same kin’s of their own and other skins. This is causing us.

Reasoning is logical always but when it touch the heights it can conquers, it can demolish, it can up heal and might can round the earth in hands and it can ……… To sum up the writing here Empowered technology is all around today Man is glad while living his own made materialistic world ………