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October 29

Correspondance Of Death

How one knows the mystery of death it is the matter to be unable to understand there is availability yet non availability possibility of impossibility and impossibility genuinely if there is no door to way out. The cage can not be symbolized as the open way it means that one has mingled the ideas with […]

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October 27


Solitude is an element for which bacon says that: ‘’ A solitude lover may be a wild beast or a god’’. But as per experience it is wrong every person is sufferer of solitude because every person is naturally culcated of viruses of natures’ novelties. Since I born I’m unable to understand mine Lord the […]

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October 27

The Pen

In this world the pen is the vital aspect of education. The history of pen is eternal and divine it is the strength of pen that what ever human can sketch or save will revert back as it is after so many centuries. These days living in the digital age, you get so caught up […]

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October 27


While meeting with a blaze of my own conscience, there find a deep blue chasm with the bluish sea ever bluish very bluish that leads nothing but the essence of solitude that leaves u while thinking all those never thinked by any one else. You become the part of that sea, becomes the drop of […]

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October 27

The Story

How would I begin this tale…………. what should I write of it………………this is the story of the closed doors, behind the closed doors, of the closed windows, of winter, of blue surface, story of characters, story that weeps itself over itself, story that makes u weep, story with seasons, story that is history ………. Story […]

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October 22

The Horse of Time

The horses of time running, running and running fast they wonna promptly reach to their ultimate destination but the reason, the knowledge, the mind and the essence where should be placed if the virtuous soul is missing. This is the time which realized not the whole not everything but something regarding the outer world connected […]

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October 21

What Is Literature ?

Literature originated from Latin word ‘littera’ describes the meaning ‘’acquaintance with words & letters’ .It covers whole ground of life aspects and spheres. Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material. Broadly speaking, “literature” is used to describe anything from creative writing to more technical or scientific works, but the term is […]

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October 16

The Eye Of The Sky

Watching…!! Watching on the surface of the ground, yes on the land on the surface of the ground where there are living beings is behaving like airy beings. Unknown of idsyncrasis of life and characters. Does? Does it will be! The way one thinks? Does another capture the same? The Eye of Sky beautifies, realize, […]

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October 13

Once Decided – Decided forever

The power of decision is the power of autonomy, the power of determination that can change the rest of the world except the stubborn ones because they exploit their soul out of their own executive will that longs for nothing but the to the centre of their own figure that will be abolished with the […]

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October 13

Chapter of Reflection

Further to be assist with this word that obtain and carry so many dept in it where there is so much insecurity where there is so many terms to understand but one who try to enhance and wish to achieve beyond comprehension than the most important, subtle and abstract term is to understand is personality […]

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