Correspondance Of Death


How one knows the mystery of death it is the matter to be unable to understand there is availability yet non availability possibility of impossibility and impossibility genuinely if there is no door to way out.

The cage can not be symbolized as the open way it means that one has mingled the ideas with in his own fits of mental condition.

Mostly in literature Death is symbolized with BEE and buzzing of bees and the tiny little objects refers the dead sounds must. The sounds which are profound made by nature may reflect its sound somewhat also.

When ever there is a birth it is written the same day that it will get death similarly. It might be in soothing way. It may affect accidental, it may cause destruction and scroll other beings with, it may be catastrophic that one can’t imagine, it may appears mysteriously, cautiously planned , unconditioned sometimes, very cruel by chance on the contrary. Some times profound and wispher before it approach to some one, very sudden on the other hand. It will be extravagant some what.

That not a tale or story that might state it is about knowing that WHY we born and similarly we can die on any stage. WHY it is so mysterious that the gone ones left the dead empty bodies where as the soul flee away. As the soul flee itself or it may captured by any force?

There are so many rhetoric questions in sane mind to captivate to dig the answers from life from divine source or by the chronicles the best narration we get from religion. Different believers describes it differently but the least and the firm faith holders of religion ISLAM that last forever by ALMIGHTY ALLAH as it is the first and least religion bestowed to mankind no matter that what sort of ideologies with drawn by different people of different cultures, era, times and they change according to that where as divine chronicles are not humane to be changed but are for humans guideline to be followed.

However the topic under discussion that what basically


Death is terror? It amuses, it scolds, and it finishes the life

And its action, it scared and cause lose emotions where one can be neurotic it snatches away the love ones to the world unknown, unseen, inhabitant, uncontained, unconditioned, unventilated aestivated and unpredictable.

According to HOLY VERSION after death souls may refer to the world of BURZAG the temporary world for the souls to be rested. The spiritual people have limits and boundaries to be visited to their love ones and be blessed by them through prayers. They cannot take action of any thing but can see because they nothing but the ray of light. On the contrary the evil souls they stay bounded and troubled and mercilessly they get somehow the results of their bad and evil deeds.

Death is must to every living being and soul must be captured by divine source and force. This is law of nature destined to fate of every living being. Death is not cruel the way it comes it is. It fundamentally not finishes life but starts life in other world which is not seen by naked eye of humans of this world.

There are so many theories spirit transaction of Fisa Guars, other chapters by Christianity and other religions but truth is better knows by Lord we just know little of his bestowed knowledge.

Correspondence with death is easier according to my spiritual thinking because spirit never die, it never ends infact it is unknown power unrevealed cover by nature and its reality only know by divinity. Why we consider it harmful where as it is gate way to the other world which finally benefit the soul to its position as per its spiritual guidance and deeds and actions through body in the mortal world.

Few elements are very much interlinked they cannot be specified it cannot be separated. Like:

GOD ———————-MAN






So when ever we are discussion one topic it might reflects the other. Like if we say sleep is sister of death than there is no harm, in sleep the over all session and activities are same just that it is temporary session of death during that soul can travel can stay can wonder can be wanderer. During that phase if spirit stay or travel it stay connected with body during that if mind imbricates or fabricates dreams the eyes seen them and spirit feels the way it is happening truly and when awakes in this mortal world than estimate that it is not but just the phase of phantasmagoria (for details article posted in category psychology and Literature).

Thus, death reflects in the image of sleep though it is divine mercy, it is essential if some one been through tragedy and have it the grief somewhat minimize. After tiredness it is nothing but a balm …………..




Solitude is an element for which bacon says that:

‘’ A solitude lover may be a wild beast or a god’’.

But as per experience it is wrong every person is sufferer of solitude because every person is naturally culcated of viruses of natures’ novelties.

Since I born I’m unable to understand mine Lord the creator who has maketh the whole universe and have written this story in order to template his divine idea to suffice the holiness.

The relation between the creator and the creation is strange enough it can not judge, it can not be fully understand this is the element which is beyond comprehension which can not be touched to the boundary.

But the person who begins the journey in the solitude to pay attention to the idea of this is hunger to know about him first.

The thirst of self knowing is obvious one who starts learning himself, his inner world he must be lonely because solitude teaches the sense of sensitivity to make invincible the invisible inner world.

To know inner world is not that impossible but to explore the loneliness there need to be mighty heart because human nature is against solitude. Human can’t live without gatherings social activities where as loneliness is like gadget like rock, like darkness, likes dead winter very cold and killing.

Being lonely no one consider himself lucky, infact condemn fate that why the rit is so? Why the being is so empty hearted and alone? Why the images are wage? Why the terms and conditions are so foggy?

Solitude is not science yet it explores the unknown world which demonstrates knowledge if one starts learning from it. It creates the arts of understanding to those who concentrate upon the specific ideology of it magnitude.

Solitude is killing sometimes when one feels missing, emptiness and hollowness in the air. Living place should be enlightened with the hope and socio activities rather than be wilderness.

It is commonly signifies that loneliness is depressing, solitude is catastrophic, it leads to darkness and emptiness, it creates hole in the soul, it cause virus of barren life, it will effect like rotten leaves spread all over around the life deadly to eat up the living objects. It is like cold wind of winter, it is like autumn that shreds in accountability most of the people is of the consent that solitude is a negative and diverting source where as it is as positive as it considers to be.

To be lonely is positive if one starts thinking the way it is…….. In life as per law of nature there are always the positive/negative impacts.

Few souls are powerful enough to understand the positive impacts of each of the vibrating emotion of the law of nature element else where most of the beings are the consumers of negativity and their approach of accepting things are pungent.

For example a baby starts speaking he easily utters ‘’NO’ rather than ‘’YES’.

By the law of nature a kid starts yielding his neck negative more early than sign to positive head shaking in action yes. So the as per the law apparently the loneliness is negative but it depends on the utilization of this worth.

If one begins to praise Lord almighty in solitude than it will become the ecstasy for soul and someone starts the evil doings than it prevails the darkness that become thickest day by day.

The motive to state solitude here is positive its impacts

Is also trust worthy it will be the art for artist,

It will be the thought for the write, it will be ocean for the drop, and it will be church for the praise worthy,

It will be the most interesting part of life of any human being having it if he starts searching the

Learning aspect from it.

The profoundness of thought of inner world

Of being to outer world is interlinked,

Ejaculated and depends………

Depends on understanding.

The Pen


In this world the pen is the vital aspect of education. The history of pen is eternal and divine it is the strength of pen that what ever human can sketch or save will revert back as it is after so many centuries.

These days living in the digital age, you get so caught up in emails and Face book and Twitter. There’s something to be said about handwritten notes–they really show how much time and effort you’ve put into the thoughts.

There are so many other terminologies to replace the pen in these living days but even than Pen stays in its position it can not replace by any new terminology.

Pen is the product of achievers now days, business symbol as well and arts and craft do explore by this tiny little object. To say it object is not fair because this is powerful source that may convert pagan to accept the truth is real sense.

To convert is not that easy but PEN can do this!

Pen is divine source; ink of it is like an ocean that can consume many species deep inside to develop them to be care taker of them. A pen is very important because a hand-written letter has explosive social impact.

The words written once can never erase as the pen got the importance of words by explaining and elaborating the idea what ever the writer wants to express.

To write is not important but what is written by the quality of pen and style and theme may express by the wordings are more important.

Pen is the most expressionist unconquerable object that may describe any subject of life. It plays vital role for the status and stasis of human up bringing and human idsyncrasis are only impressionistic because of PEN.

It is understood that LORD Himself defines the importance by blessing human to:


The importance of pen is verily mention in ISLAM and Morley in other religions too. The life is too short to understand the importance of PEN however KALAM is profound and extravagant that achieve the identity of reality.

PEN is sort of puzzle but not to those who know the way to use it if the use of it is positive than one can conquer the world around if the use is damaged by one’s own prejudiced mind than there is no worth of it.

It is worth living and worth developing that pen can underestimate, overestimate and even cause extremism in writer through which he can explores the world.

World will not last forever so do every worldly thing but as PEN is divine source which remains in the same position and strategic.

Consequently it is not a product that violates seasonally it is itself a character, a persona, a self writer and a divine speaker through the hands of writers.



While meeting with a blaze of my own conscience, there find a deep blue chasm with the bluish sea ever bluish very bluish that leads nothing but the essence of solitude that leaves u while thinking all those never thinked by any one else.

You become the part of that sea, becomes the drop of it that mingled with whole blue sea and makes you apart of it and huge and big part of it.

This unseen yet seen sea is beyond explanation where tongue is speechless and words are salient to state any thing with out any expression and explanation but even than there were emotions strange enough and acquiring the valued soul and its’ spiritual ambiguity.

Wonderer become thy soul there, thy very soul with the meaning it self existensial and prejudice, that sea becomes the mirror that it self becomes the reflection of the stranger with double and deceptive shadows.

When the layers comes up wards becomes the broken mirror and if comes downwards than becomes watery with the surface of the inconstant drops of profound thoughts in all the bubbles of each drops.

How things become quite, how generously, how generally and they have theres’ own language barrier…….when things become quite they become blue in their appreance and begin talking with all whom who intensified to peep in. Moreover the quite things are more spices to speak and speech towards all the sanerio around rather than tongue having things. Quite and blue things are more blue and questionable than any other thing such as death is more questionable than life becoz life has sound and death is soundless and speechless yet more enhancing than life.

Dead becomes more matter of thinking instead of living ones but both are equally bluish in the sense they are the part of that sea where blue flies spread all over.

Color blue is significant  for dept ,for thinking, for profoundness, for immensity, for foes’ shadow , for woes’ reflection, for drop of life , for ocean of death, for sketch of characters, for picture of nature, for moods of  Maker , for the incarnation of blessed, for the insinuation of luciferic seeds, for foil to green, for beyond limits yet limited, for solitude, for enhancement, for losing something , for levels of psychic memoranda, for credentials of movement, for circle of cold air, for grace of emotions, for application to words, for  viva of intectuality, for ceiling to see , for roof to walk, for ground to return, for call to the listener , for vice of sinner, for award of doer, for speech less voice, for index face, for preface of practice, for catalogue of universal knowledge, for learning , for seeking, for nourishing, for become uncontented in the same, for looking in the natures’ eye, for enclosing a note of purposelessness, for stating the account of strangness, for culting in the sentiments, for asking questions in rhethorically, for on air question tags, for answers to onself, for reply to worlds perception, for liking, for abhore, for prominence, for out come, for inhail inside , for everything yet for nada ( nothing ), for speculations , for perceptions , for implications over, for comprehensions, for uncomprehensions, for metaphors, for metaphysical, for conversation to ones’ own ears, for tales, for fairies, for adventures, for expeditions, for errands to souls’ land , for journey to yrself, for voyage to gain, for travel to attempt, for left something, for get something, for asiding, for riding towards time, for the clock of invisibility, for statue of time, for unseen clock of whole universe, for the holding few minutes, for muteness, for softness, for calmness, for prophetic verses, for measurement, for scaling the idea of creation, for creations for Creator, for seat , for crown to network, for craving the photo, for making out, for change to flash upon other, for hood to blackness, for nest to narrow lanes, for captured desire, for next and next, for coloring one, for leaving blank ones’ feelings, for majestic melody, for stony eyes, for observation , for observatory eyes, for missing, for run, for captured, for caged, for show, for hide, for music, for way, for trap, for why, for how ??? for hearty bubbleness, for crimson light, for wild & free, for loneliness, for conjunction, for suffocation, for random emotions, for unrandom, for flipping candle, for flux, for present, for nostalgia, for past, for future, for all the millenniums, for transcription, for melancholy, for melodrama, for every wish to done, for no wish to flourish, for end, for beginning, for emotions, for unemotions, for credulousness’, for injection of thought and furry, for ropes of imagination, for come, for go, for action, for reaction, for move, for being statue, for want, for blessed , for one another, for screeching, for searching, for winning something and losing every thing, for seen, for unseen, for part, for apart, for reasons, for Providence, for necessity, for remembrance of eternity, for eternal, for forget ness of all above , for promises, for vows to orders, for layers in order, for Chance, for Lot, for fate of alter, for Grecian urn, for song, for poetry, for scanning things are, for erasing , for more, for pane of window, for door to house, for instructing, for misunderstanding, for hiding, for being naked, for divine mercy, for sleep, for awakening, for day, for night, for madness, for sanity, for insanity, for smile, for dead expression, for personality, for character, for ivory tower, for the queen land, for rest, for unrest, for instrument, for certain largeness of pathos, for emptiness, for empathy, for spirit, for circumstances, for poignant expressions, for nutshell of beauty, for art , for creativity, for essence of literature, for luck, for unlucky deeds, for sight, for blindness, for warm sentiments, for cold frozen emotions, for waves of intectuality, for mental flux , for hearty waves, for seduction of thought, for invisibility, for visibility, for tumbrels to goal, for voyage for nothing but for just imaginary voyaging, for sound, for quietness, for looking at, for diverting, for fishing upon, for  props and corns, for liking, for dispising, for love in the same for hatred, for foil to every wish comes true in mirror, for wish remains in the mirror, for asking , for answering, for meeting, for advancing, for net, for web, for castle, for dark, for light but suspicious and un named, for made shapes, for unmade ideas, for signs of past,  for symbols of present, for signals of future, for colors mingled in blue, for triumph , for defeat, for tears, for smile, for staunch faith, for getting weaker, for uncaused clause, for caused situations ……………for bubbles as life

For paused feelings, for bubbles, bubbles and bubbles………………………!!!!!!!!! One for life and other all for death.

How incredible it is that blue color is very obvious of all as even some living beings are color blind such as cats and dogs they can see easily bluish + blackish things but blind to all other colors there is vision to be provoke if one tried to be …………….. Why its’ so ………Nature is it????? But there are so many levels and layers of meanings one can and could understand if attempt to catch the actuality of two major bubbles one of life second of death!!!!!!!!

Would ever focused upon the two major realities than there would be the one vitual question for essentially for THE LIFE as normally the life itself is a phenomenon, apparently it is the most enhancing thing with the data of Creators’ most darkest plus lightest idea where there is one is speechless no matter what how much intellectual, how much saint in vision or so possessed with thoughtful soul. It is hard to bear the actuality plus reality of life as made out itself of chaos the material of dark bluish layers of atoms spread and spoiled in place unidentical and unevident above all reality. So life vomits out of this chaos as an idea of bulk to be made vincible to be writ in the invincible book the writer of whom is itself Lord.

Maketh the life all over in universal data listed as Oceanary Sea, in monetary regions, in landery vision, petty beings to the crown of creation, from bee to man, from beat to touch, from root to tree, from larva to butterfly, from drop to sea, from one to crowd, from solar to earth, from seed to ripped fruit, from closed to open eye, from breathing creatures of land to under sea………………………… that becomes zanthic and significant , symbolic and meaningful where thought prevails all over and dense upon and upon.

Another one is in response the paradox answer or itself is a very huge question THE DEATH ……..where life becomes speechless, quite, phase less, faceless, prophetic, prohibited, slave, comes under ground, strange very strange one once born …….step forward chase the foot steps of time and clock and grown to the heed and than meet the ultimate denouement of life the death ………….what’s’ up with the soul??? What’s’ up with all the fundas related to life after this death is it really an end???????

No No never this is the beginning where one can visualize what actual meaning of all this we deed upon in the circle or that bubble we called life. The explanation of it is not as easy but truth can explore with the passage of time though so many are blind to truth but few can explore that eye that can have light to see all …… see beyond the limited horizon so the matter of  BELIEVE  if wonna be

Matter of BELIEVE, this believe is not a small word to say it has the majestic power in it that can construct, instruct, valued in itself, guider, the teacher, the way to deliver of delivery of actual identity…………. here I can state an element that if one who maketh the pitcher of soil and start believing in it than it will serve in the same as ones’ belief.

To believe in, is the staunch faith that will serve, act, response, beguile, return the same as u sight in. It will as the desire as made, its’ like the same image as seen under the layer of mind

I do adore and love to symbolize SEA all the time with so many things because water by nature is the 90 % element of all the living creatures by my sum up of things psychologically so to carve all the things is import to get their image first in under the layers of mind that will serve at best.

Remaining with an idea of breathing there is no chance with it but it cans forcible if one can rap with his own psychology and personality. The whole world starts from inside of a Person and also ends well there if there is sufficiency of thought.

The tales of my barren leaves representation of the identity which I wonna explore through my eyes in the same with the sight of the world so that I could reach the limit I wonna touch.

The inspiration I had had driven from my dreams I see while my eyes open or closed my soul is like a well filled with the genre of the pure water that wonna make layers out side the limited boundary but limited enough but even than I believe that there is possibilies of mere un possibilities so every thing can be happen what so ever the reasons behind because always the reasons don’t work, not the rationality not the intellectuality as the life and its’ path are not symmetrically arranged and the ways we follow are not always decided or full of purpose.

The autonomy of self side is always very easy but not the justifiable the theory of existensliam is somewhat true in so many cases because reasoning does not works every where but little and few specific places, so the purposelessness of the things of the world is forcibly sufficient somewhat but it is true patched to untrue track.

The desirable elements …………….ALAS not always desirably achieved but it would remain desires as maketh or balanced or in an account so romanticism and the growth of that era can may up hold this little it is an element that can tolerate the ideal that romance is not just between the two bodies or souls but it can be possible between lord and slave between heavens and earth, between air and sky, between the mind and the intellect, between the psychology and mental flux , it may between the ideal of living as it is or ought to be it may appears between the sight and the blindness, between the light and dark, between the dream and reality, between the realisticism or behaviorism, between the idolism of spirit or spiritual reality or between the iceberg psychic of between the mild emotion , between the slice of one to another, between the place and unplaced, between the line of hand to fate, between the only vision or image, between the riot to fruit, from sun to moon , from day to night from land to ocean from the digit to language from the dot to explanation from silence to voice, from the desire of heart to wish of sight to be, from the relation of Lord to man & man to Lord, ………………………..

The Story


How would I begin this tale………….

what should I write of it………………this is the story of the closed doors, behind the closed doors, of the closed windows, of winter, of blue surface, story of characters, story that weeps itself over itself, story that makes u weep, story with seasons, story that is history ……….

Story which is time itself……………story that standing by for results, story that keeps something, story which is mirror to life, story of someone’s’ heart, mind and conscience……………there is no Villon but fate, no one is guilty but fate itself because all the characters of it is victimize of fate……………..story of mixed blend………..story having virtues and vice versa………..a tale , a pure tale that tell a heart……..a story that makes spectator stunned in imagination for the out come…………but some tales ends for nada.

‘’All well if ends’ well’’ but alas the end would be never be in our hands, even of the writer……… distressing this is that man is remain man nothing than that, if he tried to be something more he can be superficially but in his own sight and spoils all the broth that he makes before him above for all life including the previous chapters of life.

So the philosophy of life all over creates anxiety if one senses to be smell it, taste it , hear it, touch it , feel it, imagine it …….

Unknown fears displayed themselves and they will come truer as they kept inside of chest.

Unknown fears, these fears leads life in all stage, in all the ages of characters ……..

When these fears come in front and one becomes seer of it than gradually it reacts in way that one becomes fearless ……..but even than unread fate organizes all in all.

Yes, in my story fate dominates because this makes tragedy well, because it produced Oedipus ……………I appreciates but most probably it makes one neurotic and psychotic the reasons and effects and beyond this where one character forget to act and becomes statue of stone that signifies many things as per the mind of each who wonna understand.

The distribution of the fate to all …………….is always very familiar, because it is the known fact for all, uncertain, UN predictable, unappeasable, unalterable………………….

What all this about????? what for ………………why ………… the stories produce and generate ?????  By the will and observation of the deep soul ………………with the aviation of the mind mingled with the intellectual…….

Lord has bestowed something more upon me hence I don’t wonna read further more characters but this is net work that if one enters than should be intellectual in a sense to search firstly among all that what is the actual identity of ones’ soul and than assume in a way that should make himself differentiated from others and should try to ascend among the race……………

I never speak out of reason ……….there is reason hence i behave in  a way ……….this reason ultimately creates a frame for a picture, a material for the Picher that a potter makes, a chaos out which the universe come, an oasis for the drinker for thirsty in the long journey of the desert, reason for the errand of darkness to light, reason for flight, reason for journey on land , reason to obtain, reason to enhance ……I have selected fate and reason because I never comment upon petty things its’ not culcated in my soil, in soul, in my origin …….disclosure and explorer of anything is easy but not in a impressive way .

Characters are very important element of life they differentiate their selves by the way they think not by the way they feel because the emotions are most probably the same of all living beings …………………but the way of thinking is matters …………….some think in esteem that differs them so much from others that they can not affiliate with them not even in common and petty things………………some are not exceptional and thing in the way others stuffed them to think the most pathetic souls…………………..

Story of self denial, in the same the self determinism, self exploration the self production with lineage to the linkers and the linkage of the thread starts from the beginnings to the end.

The thread is the important element as it is controlling the puppets so intensively, delicately and sometimes so unpredictable harshly that one may just surrender nothing but the last breath ……….last lat breath the import theory and the taking of first breath in the same the most vital compound the function the beginning of the all worlds in human physic & psyche.

Characters as rotten leaves, barren leaves, barren deserts, frenzies themselves in their boundaries, as blossom flowers, greeny ………


The Horse of Time


The horses of time running, running and running fast they wonna promptly reach to their ultimate destination but the reason, the knowledge, the mind and the essence where should be placed if the virtuous soul is missing.

This is the time which realized not the whole not everything but something regarding the outer world connected with inner world and ultimately the voice of conscience said:

‘’Wasting yourself among wolves, among business men among those know nothing about the spirit’s world, among those blind to truth, among those falsified to foul games, among those mean in manners, among those fair to themselves foul to others, among those that unknowingly behave the treaters, imitators and cheaters of others whom they just praise without sense and essence. And among that follower of Machiavelli even after many chapters of time and period. Among insane pretended to be same.’’

The ultimate foil was burning and people were enjoying the show. That might when feel the taste of death seems delicious and dainty enough, sky skippers considering themselves successful whereas justice ought to be baptized and ought to rebirth but what? And why the major words of all the mouths zip up and they believed to be crowned to blast, to speak and to be considered intellectuals.

Time is like pendulum swinging to and fro, clock is its character, hours are idsyncrasis the numbers are calculation, needles are hands and the gradual possession is the emphasis of happenings and the speed of it is like sand to in hands that cannot stay, its working like water in hand which also cannot stay, its reality is like bubble which cannot even stay, its hours are like season that are dynamic and keep on changing one after the other. Thus this TIME enemy sometimes friend sometimes, right some times wrong sometimes. Sometimes identity of itself some times of others. Play with characters some times and played by characters sometimes.

Time’s representative and sister concern is CLOCK it is more describable yet indescribable it contains every bitterest, sarcastic and pungent reality yet it represents the sign of goodness as well to some extend. Time never awaits but it becomes the sign to be awaited by humans.

What ever be the chemistry of time by nature it is not slave to any one but to its own bridle time may represents by horse because of its velocity, form and line of action. Its symbol and sign is clock because it can at least estimate it calculate it add it minus it multiply it and even divide it. The needles of clock resemble hours as their reflection they are ticker and taker, the noise the voice of needles the tickers all represents the philosophy of life and nature.

If it is said that time is machine it can be interpret in other words too as it frame the line of action, line of course , line for things ought to be, line as things are .


Total ability of time is equal to the divine frame of work which is hidden to the beings on the phase of earth but is also written in DIVINE BOOK about all the realities of life and TIME.
Time is the most important prediction, the essential prophecy of divinity, the sign of change, to change, the symbol of unconditional realities, the identity of END, apart of beginning and represented of story after beginning…………….

(To be continued)

What Is Literature ?


Literature originated from Latin word ‘littera’ describes the meaning ‘’acquaintance with words & letters’ .It covers whole ground of life aspects and spheres. Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material. Broadly speaking, “literature” is used to describe anything from creative writing to more technical or scientific works, but the term is most commonly used to refer to works of the creative imagination, including works of:

PROSE — Other prose Literature (Philosophy, history, journalism)
ORAL LITERATURE —- (debates, speeches, literary conversation)
NARRATIVE FORMED LITERATURE —– (Electronic Literature, films, videos, soap operas, graphic novels, Comic books)

Literature represents a language or a people: culture and tradition. But, literature is more important than just a historical or cultural artifact. Literature introduces us to new worlds of experience. We learn about books and literature; we enjoy the comedies and the tragedies of poems, stories, and plays; and we may even grow and evolve through our literary journey with books. Ultimately, we may discover meaning in literature by looking at what the author says and how he/she says it. We may interpret the author’s message. In academic circles, this decoding of the text is often carried out through the use of literary theory, using a mythological, sociological, psychological, historical, or other approach. Whatever critical paradigm we use to discuss and analyze literature, there is still an artistic quality to the works. Literature is important to us because it speaks to us, it is universal, and it affects us. Even when it is ugly, literature is beautiful. ‘Literature’ is primarily divided into three categories: Poetry, Drama, and Prose. Each category is further sub-divided into genres and sub-genres. Literature consumes the literary genre that explains its literary work in wider concept enlisted below:

  • Autobiography, Memoir, Spiritual autobiography
  • Biography
  • Diaries and Journals
  • Electronic literature
  • Erotic literature
  • Slave narrative
  • Thoughts, Proverbs
  • Fiction
    • Adventure novel
    • Children’s literature
    • Comic novel
    • Crime fiction
    • Detective fiction
    • Fable, Fairy tale, Folklore
    • Fantasy literature
    • Gothic fiction (initially synonymous with horror)
    • Historical fiction
    • Horror
    • Medical novel
    • Mystery fiction
    • Philosophical novel
    • Political fiction
    • Romance novel
    • Historical romance
    • Saga, Family Saga
    • Satire
    • Science fiction.
    • Thriller (Conspiracy fiction, Legal thriller, Psychological thriller , Spy fiction/Political thriller)
    • Tragedy

    Further to know about literature there are many themes and text are available, the following link explains unique thought about knowing literature and to understand:

    What is literature? A Definition Based on Prototypes by Jim Meyer

    No definition of literature is really possible; perhaps not desirable either. What is literature can better be understood if we consider the following issues with the help of our actual experiences of reading:

    * How is a work of literature?

    * How is a story told in a work of fiction?

    * Do the characters in a drama/novel resemble men and women in real life?

    * Why has a play like Dr. Faustus or Hamlet attained universality? What makes the

    ‘Particular’ so ‘universal’ in literature?

    * What devices of language and structure are employed in a work of literature?

    This list of issues is perhaps inexhaustible. Hope you can initiate your investigation whichever way you find interesting. These provoked rhetoric questions linked literature with its elements in fiction and in drama Plot, Character, Setting, Theme, Structure, Point of view, Conflict, Diction & Foreshadowing. Poetry enhances the theme, the lyrics denoting Etc.

    Literature is history.  Its truth in recording the human experience far surpasses the accuracy of history books which are interpreted and reinterpreted by historians, and edited and reedited by the various powers who gain of the country in which these histories are written.

    Napoleon himself stated that “History is a fable agreed upon.”  In his famous “War and Peace,” Count Tolstoy writes a two-fold book:  a narrative set against the background of the Napoleonic Wars and a commentary on what forces enter into history.  In contrast to the contentions of many historians, Tolstoy dispels the theory of cause and effect in his reflections of the occurrences that constitute “historical events.”

    He realizes that there is an internal force in human beings which affects a revolution, not a particular incident.  History, much like his narrative, evolves from the hearts of man, Tolstoy purports.  The famous French critic and philosopher from the Enlightenment Period, Denis Diderot wrote.

    The truest history is full of falsehoods, and your romance if full of truths. Of paramount importance to any culture, literature is immortalized truth that is not tampered with; it is the veritable outpourings of men’s souls, a truth that is renewed over and over with the recordings of other poets and writers…………..


    Consequently, Literature is all about life and its aspects. Experiences, History, Culture, Ethics, Religion and Environment these are the most vital components for literature fabrication and generations.

    Remaining the provoked ideas, literary work and details about literary work and artistic writings are established in defined categories and best links may approached to have better exercise and practice to be the best representative …………

    Following phrases capture the true identity while explaining the ground reality of literary art, craft and gallery of production.



















The Eye Of The Sky


Watching…!! Watching on the surface of the ground, yes on the land on the surface of the ground where there are living beings is behaving like airy beings. Unknown of idsyncrasis of life and characters. Does? Does it will be! The way one thinks? Does another capture the same?

The Eye of Sky beautifies, realize, and maximize the reflection containing draught of vintage containing all the realities itself describes all the bio graphemes, one can understand, it wonna observe.

The Eye of Sky is not dominating …..yet it is fascinating while having thick black clouds evaporating the area where it wants the water fall downwards after the fall it will become light and shiny and white very clear upwards .

The Eye of the Sky is NATURE’S EYE through which nature express and speaks. It laments and has tears when ever seen the ugliness of earth and the weirdness of human behaviors on phase of earth.

True, yes true it is that nature has its eye that can see the tiny

little object in misery

And the giant size whale having dainty meals of smaller fishes.

The eye of Nature can bring changing’s due the duality and the various moods. The variations of mood of nature bestowed on the living creators made by Mother Nature. This is the kindness of nature that we receive mostly the politeness and the figurative thoughts and mercy from Nature but it can be harsh, rash and catastrophic if the variations may made by humans on the sphere of earth against the Nature’s Will.

Nature is mother, is nurse, is kindness, is loyalty, is honestly, is heart, is emotion, is deep thought, is frame of art, is beauty, is tenderness, is shyness, is innocence, is knowledge, is teacher, is experience, is intelligence, is wisdom, is the EYE that consumes the image from outer world, plays with colors recognize the colors and image, name it understand it than elaborates in mind and than speak up with the consent.

This is the outer course the inner world is more precious more vivid and enhancing have boiling bubbles in conscious, sub conscious or in unconscious grasp the idea the thought and have hallucinations and the open eye tape or videos in sight .It may sometime conclude the dream works.

Nature is divine, is mysterious but wonderful. It has moods, it has colors, it has notions, it has motions, it is dynamic sometimes it is pungent, sarcastic and static. It is universal it is unique and versatile.

Thus, the nature has Eye which is not prominent but sustained capable of everything it is seen to the souls who pay attention to nature. Those who want to know their Mother Nature.

Stay conscious, up marked, and wisdom seeker so that nature’s eye be the one of your eye. If lonesome, unable to understand the myth of nature than nature might switch and use the other caliber to those beings.

TRY to understand the nature, TRY to be the friend of nature so that EYE OF THE SKY may the observe and be the one of your fundamental expression.

Once Decided – Decided forever


The power of decision is the power of autonomy, the power of determination that can change the rest of the world except the stubborn ones because they exploit their soul out of their own executive will that longs for nothing but the to the centre of their own figure that will be abolished with the passage of time.

The decision is the matter of true souls with the power of intellect that can influence and enhance. No matter what they are of their appearance but the surety must be of the personality and of character.

If the character is domiciled, sharpened, deepest by identity and has the profoundest thinking with solid silence like nature it can explore all the worlds, learn them and teach those who knew not to became an artist and identify the true spirit of artistic quality it will cause variations it can instructs the way and may cause the supreme source to it.

The learning is power but without the observance ,intellect, balance, stasis, equilibrium, aquarium ,variations, chance, eagle eye, mobbing soul, vacuum of diabolism, with in limits of goodness and true horizon and with the spirit to achieve beyond it is ‘NADA’ ……….. NOTHINGNESS….. EMPTYNESS.

The learning must be applied to all students but most probably to the students of life and literature who can not only or merely figure out the characters but response to them in the truer way. The way all the characters ask for.

To explain the characters of life and literature though fiction or non fiction, fabricated or non fabricated it is not that easy but is not even impossible as there is every possibility of each impossibility and all well if the end leads to good so for the observant eye it is not that easy to illustrate what he sees but it is easy for the liberated artist to shows off the same picture he has beyond his curtains of sight.

The words begins with the power of decision that is the most complicated accomplishment for a man who deceived by his own animal instinct but is easier for them who can explore little animal instinct and pay attention to the human instincts.

Human is basically the supreme animal in all animals with the specialty explored out of religions, science and knowledge he can be dominated easily if weakness are in hand and it can nominated easily for any of bigger bang tasks also if has vigorous attitude. Because after studying the eternity , lessons of morality , the day when the first word of the chapter of life begins of the book of fate human has nominated for the tasks of life and its all sources and all the terms the colors include sky of heavens and the lining of earth has been invinced to him for him.

But what human is?? What exactly this creature is?? Short in figure tall in mentality, feverish or liverish, only the product of flesh for flesh of blood for blood or anything else ……….??? All theses rhetoric questions are very essential for explore the true identity of learning if one wants study to write to teach.

I’m the soul who is not much experienced to comment because I have not met as much characters in my life but rather to visit so many it is much better to understand and study one or two completely so what I did spiritually and intellectually therefore I have enhanced the knowledge that adds to my womanish instinct and that adds the sixth sense to my basic and fundamental five sense.

I’m unable to understand the rest of the characters out of so much stunning and surprising elements but even than there is way or lessons to instruct or to solve the papers …………I have divided the characters in order to understand them well with the power of decision and intellect I may be wronged in my judgments to some extend but most probably I’m right because of the logical thinking and rational approach.

So the character in my average are the first of all the categorized as nations, than to atmosphere and circumstances, than to the writ of fate and chance, and than the tricks may applied of community and society and than the will of humans own .

The most important and vital element I think regarding the character of human is basically the linkage of creator to the creature. The relation of LORD to man and than man to LORD though in this era our time and these running hours we have forgotten this essential element but it is true that human is not earthly due to only this element other wise there is no such aim to achieve because the beyond this if any thing most achievable than today humans has achieved a lot but than are not contented why not??? Is any one think??

No because thinking not made home in the petty minds or souls it only appears to them who are blessed and favored and selected and chosen to do something special that sow the seed, ripe it and tilith to have the favored harvest. Thinking is only appears to them who are blessed and are favored but it is another way to predict and the to have the real knowledge of the character is another edge both has no match as the era old classism and the romanticism portrait.

If the Shakespeare has born on earth he can not replaced as Chaucer and he can never be ….because the Chaucer is his own age and the Shakespeare is the representative of his own age and the ages are ages they have their own tongue and language to tell the whole story of their age and their time and the time is the name of change because of its steadfastednedss.

Time is it’s agent like hours can not be captured in hands as the water can not uphold in hands as the sand can not …..This is what the matter of fact and fact represents itself in a way that one may astonished to reality only.

So lesson begins with the learning about the characters and the characters are like colors to me that represents so many things but they are originated as only seven in number as the heavens as the lines of earth as the coverage of womanish ovary as the passage of life’s stage and the death’s correspondence.

Well ….. All Well ……..this life is liked deep well

And death is like well too and yet differentiated………….

Wow upon the games of nature.

I’m the soul once born on earth and yet not born on the phase of earth as I’m not competing own internal world with my external world the controversy is disturbing of the receptivity of extrovert. I’m sad of the fact but hopeful that it will cover when I try to be at the point with the blessing…It will happen when I think towards ……….. it will happens when I want because I’m of the view that there is no LORD out side of the human soul ………..LORD is himself in human if human wonna know in the positive sense as LORD says

‘’ We have created human and we are nearer to him than

his juggler vein’’.

So if human just little pay attention to himself and begins to understands his own juggler vein he can understand his maker well and the creator will be definitely the part of his own soul.

Start weaving and knitting the true ideas that will lead human to the reflection of that mirror that speaks truth. The knowledge of truth may appears dangerous to so many characters but is very dainty in tasting and so interesting to explore as Adam and Eve did after tasting the fruit of knowledge … it becomes the cause the reason no matter what they became naked in their eyes and before that they will only naked in LORD’S eyes.

But this what man did he became naked in his own eyes and did not ashamed of the fact that he is already naked in LORD’S eyes. As I said that human is generously the supreme animal of all animals even of his extensive Sexual Will that may cause him the worst beast.

If he not control but that this instinct is also natural and sex is not the matter of shame it is the most pleasurable, adorable, favored and blessed thing on earth if not used in wrong sense. the usage of it may assured of the gain and gift because it is the most vital source to learning and knowledge because this relation is the relation where human seeks the learning that how creator blessed the originated of zicot that will become here after the human after suffering the darkness thrice.

The character may judge well with that source of learning too. In our era human are the matter of joke and they have made everything noting but the jerkiest game. They gambling with each other and are followers of Mephistopheles, Micaville whom Bacon preferred. Economy and money matter a lot instead of talent and thinking…….Ah………….Alas… is difficult to survive like this in where the motto of world is to cheat the rule of the survival of the fittest .

The survival of the fittest is easy in my sight because the followers of it only live the one way of life they cannot manifold they cannot enjoy the fruitful end. But to manifold your self among the world is much difficult and different task. I always talked about the world not the world why?? Because lord has maketh all the things in couplet and it is beyond the rule of nature to consider only one side. So there are always big bang two major ways and sources of all so that they are divided further ………..far far away the door to knowledge to reach it not that easy than try to open it and if be open to one than it is not that easy to have all the keys to open all the locks in it..

To study the characters is comparatively easy rather than to illustrate, some characters are passionate if they really are they are artists and they are adorable and incurable in their mental diseases. Some characters are like utensils and the utensils with food never maketh the voice only those utensils maketh the voice that is empty.

If in this era I write than the critics will only justify my writing only because of my congested breathing atmosphere while living in the third world country it is most difficult task to have your basic right the people who are so called your own will start snatching your collected little things……its so complicated to maketh your space here and than survive in it u can only with the will of LORD other wise it so disgusting element to breath among the beasts.

Most of the people are like wolves having foxy nature and in third world there are so many wolves around you it may be your own among your own shelter you can not judge because appearance is always very deceptive in attitude and behaviorisms the far beyond the wolves as it is the human instinct.

Looking forward is not easy that seems that is enough complicated task so far, it is like to achieve the dreams in reality impossible to reach so far, but one can, if determination, autonomy and stony staunch faith will be the tools to lead.

To change something is like the revolution and it will bring by only those who are thoughtful and have hyper excellence intellectuality.

Now the element to proceed further with is that how much you have the power of perseverance and patience to adhere the ugliness and the vary components as well the hurdles that make your way more complicated.

So once we get any thing in hands it is not that easy to hold it forever it will consumes life’s to life in order to generate the actual grace and reward as per the genesis.

Blind fate basically spoiled and exhausts the true decisions and also the strong ones as it is like the darkness over gulped the spring and light of hope it can empty the jar the water similitude as it can empty the character of ability.

Untrue decisions may lead to:

  • Possibility of impossibilities.
  • Predictability of unpredictability.
  • Comprehensibility of incomprehensibilities
  • Creditability of uncreditablity.
  • Audit ability of unauditabilities.
  • Abilities of  unabilities
  • Brightness of unbrightness.
  • Covetousness of uncovertouness
  • Novelties of Unnovelities.

Chapter of Reflection


Further to be assist with this word that obtain and carry so many dept in it where there is so much insecurity where there is so many terms to understand but one who try to enhance and wish to achieve beyond comprehension than the most important, subtle and abstract term is to understand is personality either it would be of any else or of persons’ himself.

The mirror of the personality is very strange where there is so many pieces of tips some have dust over it , some have mist over, some have crack in this inner mirror , some have scattered pieces , some have broken sides , some have many reflections , some have supreme images, some have extravagant layers on it, some have only light ….only light.

The light of sense, the light of wisdom, the light of imagination, the light of spirit, the light of soul, the light of confiner, the light of goodness, the light of awareness, the light of inhalltation, the light of exaltation, the light of reconciliation between soul and body between physical & spiritual  dilemma, the light that instruct, the light that splash all  over with power of autonomy, the light that makes the water of tear vital, the light that makes the lining of dots,  the light of where a word makes a sense of sentence, the light that crawl ,stand on foot and than walk like a man in youth, that light that makes u invincible in will in appearance as well in reality, the light that knows no death, the light that live for ever everywhere hence where there is no physical sight can avail chance to make it earthly, no earthly not made for earthly never be among them never be along with but with the ethereal that not only suppose to be but as of beyond reach remain able to fly, fly above reach where there is worlds above worlds all are special seems to be drop but extreme in there origin the relation with and related with are all brilliant enough to catch all that wish to be catched.

The light that explain every thing positive every thing that refers to the peace where there is sense to live and to be lived but as to reality so many abstract people, figures and the personalities always deceptive very interesting all somewhat special but don’t realize their specialty. What passes in earthly beings?? And from which the earthly people go through?? All around the world, all around you, all around everywhere but what?? The rhetoric questions like these all flourish in mind where we start learning about the nature and all about the live faces and live books of peoples’ personalities. All over it is very vital and also very complicated subject to chose to read, write and to speculate. As sometimes the speculations become gigantic enough to capture their shadows and some times so tiny to observe. The absurdity of one thing that nature and its’ arctic and the toys all very multisource and multipurpose in observation and there are so many mingling munches and crunches in it. Can’t specify anything but must inhale what sight swallow though it would be poison or the dainty dish to taste.

Explanation of anything never is justified than how the explanation of personalities could justify?????

Never be because to decide something is something else and took decision is something else and to justify and the justification is soothing else. What would be the level of intellect and dialect that would be suggesting something that mark up the mind plus the mirror of the personality?

Personality is reflection of another man in a man which appears behind the curtains of ones fig, facts and figure. The mask of it would suggest something else but the behind the walls there would be strange colors that would not be easily named or differentiated.

Above all colors the superior one is white with the light of soul and with essence of love with the shadow of all in all power of imagination. left all are also special but so mingled with the appearance and reality that requires very delicate touch and minute glance to make acquaintance with because all other colors captured the frame of lining where there is approach of making walls thick than the thinner strip to survive in that world where there is thickness of this not acceptable.

Personalities are reflection of their own and some souls which have none of their own identity omit their black color that makes the outer layer dark and blue isolated and tough. And very few souls have their identity from the day of creation who if vomit out something that makes the whole world enlighten with the marks and numbers that couldn’t be count till end because they are endless and deep deep like green sea. The cold war between the shadows of personality with it is impossibly spear and endlessly beyond surface. The rough and scattered language of it causes nothing but sense of scaring the scar and the mask of the face itself.

To the boundary of soul to the boundary of body, from the bounder of sense to the boundary of mind, to the boundary of arc to the boundary of circle, from boundary of physical to the boundary of psyche, from the boundary of essence to the boundary of intellect hence from the boundary of sight to the  limit of reach all over there is chaos that has the tongue to spoke with thine who absorb not only fundamental elementary sense of touch but also the non blundered sense of touch whence humans and their all theories may glance in a word and explains the data in com in dot.

Person is a personal and personally figs itself in the frame where it differs and the difference prevail where there are rays to be captured and sometimes don’t be captured. There are types and categories catalogue in a way by nature where there units are equilent. This is environed in nature that the difference is very obvious

I have achieved one thing but what I don’t know this is the ultimate idea of being remain alone and desolate. But one being need to actives would be the ethereal love with the ethereal emotions which are only understand by only the beings who are best in assuming the funds and the expression of nature.

The perplexity of being alone but even every thing in yourself makes the personality wide and groom though gloomily enough but makes the sense that suppose to be higher and more probably the predictable and unpredictable sometimes that gives a chance to make a glance in a wider horizon .Preposprous people with the faces of double actions, dualibility and gullibility appears to be the negative all over in the ways but they remain in the sight of people with the and even in the sight of world that assumes the power and the agility of everything.

The velocity and the gravity of imagination 0nly flourhes when one try to assume the reality as it is but act in a way as instruct in fate. The readiness of fate and to read the fate is some other thing. The person who only under stands fate is destined to do what is rit of fate. But a person who read it and solve its’ paper is intellectual and filled enough to submit every thing in accord with the practice. Though no one can god because he is the extreme power who is ruling over and man is only human and never be god though try to become but not even can rule to it self. That neither is the misery so nor can never.

The history of fate and all the elements of it servers the supernatural factor that is disguised in many ways and that factor dominates all the way life. a person who starts believing in become miserable , a person who violets become heathen .a person who starts loves his life the fate irresolutely dominates him  yes this is fate more and more u want to learn u become the fable student of it. What exactly fate is????

Fate is a picture that gives u the vision of what u doesn’t and never be think of. Fate is a mirror like personality that deceive u somewhat with in the limits and sometime beyond the zeal of limits and that cause hamarsia.

Now to reach beyond this not as much easier but really very complicated where controversy prevails all over. That darkness of not knowing and the light beyond this for those who severs to their nerves more than that one can expect.

What is reflection actually????

Of life, of human, of light of the whole universe????

Its’ difficult to state very difficult!!!!!!

But the reflection of whole things all in all is the word life which serves in the same and violets the condition to get from out this labyrinth. The reflection is also like a labyrinth like life that catch one in a way that causes, reasons remain question.

The difficulties and the questions are the obvious for the life itself and for the reflection of it.

This reflection becomes clearer to those souls who dive in the river of humanity where there are only emotions and the feelings not specific of one but for all and equal.

Few ways are easy in this path but most of them are difficult to enhance even the understanding even with the base of it. Even sometimes fun also produce the fundamental understanding to cope with up the reflection of life.

This topic which is indescribable and in the same is a topic which is the hottest one in all the paths in all the ways.

The life is like a crimson art work that leads with the rainbow colors draw on it. What structure that could change the destiny all in all of whole universe any time.

So the life, character and personalities are interlinked and there is bondage between them that can not break away in any case. Like characters recognized out of there imbruted alterable nature that would be specified by so many ways, the way they act ….the way they explore themselves and the other elements of life to their minds. For personalities there is little difference because this is the matter of introversive, the conversation between the pendulum of mind and emotions.

Character can easily be understood by giving little concentration on the contrary to understand the personalities is not an easy task because personalities are maketh of psychology which is nature’s most complicated work .

To craft it, to crave it, to sketch it, to identify it, to observe it, to abstract it, to make it in contact ………….impossible to inhale wholly.

The worth of it is to explore what deceptive inside………….some personalities are domain to earth, some are roman by nature, some are great myth in themselves, some are neurotic, some are psychotic, some are spiritual, some are dual able, some are soft and light, some are stonesh, some are of foxy, some are passionate, some are satanic, some are nominated, some are verminesh, some are vomitic and rest of deceptive.

The reflection can effects when try to run from it the true sign of reflection is mirror or the picture in river that can splash the left image of figure though beautiful apparently but not positively in reality. When one maketh the image in mirror the emphasis of is definitely than the figure of him only. The variations though appear but disappear of the thought of just sole image.

The imagery in the world all around is very obvious but in so many colors  the calamity of which is obvious some times so dusty so rusty so risky so dual so cordial so changeable and some times just suffocated to frame only .

Character and their sketches all are very ambiguous and are deep slop of thinking where there is no path to walk upon accept just to dive beneath the surface,. The mind which only floats over the surface cannot possess the ethereal and fundamentality of the actual idea.

Where as the only intestinal mind can probe through …………..even that flash mind get confused and prejudiced but can judge well with the sight of sublimity with the consolidated product of thought.

the spiritual manifestation along with the harmony of thought , balanced fabric of conscience and the sight of living will lead the character to the status where the waves of the sea become the penetratable feeble and apt to make a voyage to desired place. Now it does not matter what this journey or voltage is for is it for the spirit or for the physic.

Now if this journey is to the light house than the personalities are directly or indirectly are the framework of the life the whole panorama of which depend upon the foot prints they follow all through they represents each and every thing from genre to phylum from psychology to the juice of marrow of bone.

I can not conclude the topics I select to write because they are ethereal and unlimited and infinite in their boundary so I could not reach so far even than with the spirit make hold my head up high any where with the staunch force, source and solemnity of my pen i represents that life and personalities are not the series of gig lamp symmetrically arranged but are luminous halo, semi transparent envelopes surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.

From the tales of barren leaves.

How personalities are pure if there be honesty if there be props and corns of wit in it, makes relation with life and universe and with all beings in the same as we wonna or not .

  • the essence of mine source of thinking and completion will never be attained and completed i think, because in this life and on the phase of earth, to be completed it is against the ethereal law of nature to dialect this essences’ it would be remain and ever since under completion even after tasting of death the journey of mine ethereal thought begins here after and even than I’ll travel …………………………. ( continued )