Once Decided – Decided forever


The power of decision is the power of autonomy, the power of determination that can change the rest of the world except the stubborn ones because they exploit their soul out of their own executive will that longs for nothing but the to the centre of their own figure that will be abolished with the passage of time.

The decision is the matter of true souls with the power of intellect that can influence and enhance. No matter what they are of their appearance but the surety must be of the personality and of character.

If the character is domiciled, sharpened, deepest by identity and has the profoundest thinking with solid silence like nature it can explore all the worlds, learn them and teach those who knew not to became an artist and identify the true spirit of artistic quality it will cause variations it can instructs the way and may cause the supreme source to it.

The learning is power but without the observance ,intellect, balance, stasis, equilibrium, aquarium ,variations, chance, eagle eye, mobbing soul, vacuum of diabolism, with in limits of goodness and true horizon and with the spirit to achieve beyond it is ‘NADA’ ……….. NOTHINGNESS….. EMPTYNESS.

The learning must be applied to all students but most probably to the students of life and literature who can not only or merely figure out the characters but response to them in the truer way. The way all the characters ask for.

To explain the characters of life and literature though fiction or non fiction, fabricated or non fabricated it is not that easy but is not even impossible as there is every possibility of each impossibility and all well if the end leads to good so for the observant eye it is not that easy to illustrate what he sees but it is easy for the liberated artist to shows off the same picture he has beyond his curtains of sight.

The words begins with the power of decision that is the most complicated accomplishment for a man who deceived by his own animal instinct but is easier for them who can explore little animal instinct and pay attention to the human instincts.

Human is basically the supreme animal in all animals with the specialty explored out of religions, science and knowledge he can be dominated easily if weakness are in hand and it can nominated easily for any of bigger bang tasks also if has vigorous attitude. Because after studying the eternity , lessons of morality , the day when the first word of the chapter of life begins of the book of fate human has nominated for the tasks of life and its all sources and all the terms the colors include sky of heavens and the lining of earth has been invinced to him for him.

But what human is?? What exactly this creature is?? Short in figure tall in mentality, feverish or liverish, only the product of flesh for flesh of blood for blood or anything else ……….??? All theses rhetoric questions are very essential for explore the true identity of learning if one wants study to write to teach.

I’m the soul who is not much experienced to comment because I have not met as much characters in my life but rather to visit so many it is much better to understand and study one or two completely so what I did spiritually and intellectually therefore I have enhanced the knowledge that adds to my womanish instinct and that adds the sixth sense to my basic and fundamental five sense.

I’m unable to understand the rest of the characters out of so much stunning and surprising elements but even than there is way or lessons to instruct or to solve the papers …………I have divided the characters in order to understand them well with the power of decision and intellect I may be wronged in my judgments to some extend but most probably I’m right because of the logical thinking and rational approach.

So the character in my average are the first of all the categorized as nations, than to atmosphere and circumstances, than to the writ of fate and chance, and than the tricks may applied of community and society and than the will of humans own .

The most important and vital element I think regarding the character of human is basically the linkage of creator to the creature. The relation of LORD to man and than man to LORD though in this era our time and these running hours we have forgotten this essential element but it is true that human is not earthly due to only this element other wise there is no such aim to achieve because the beyond this if any thing most achievable than today humans has achieved a lot but than are not contented why not??? Is any one think??

No because thinking not made home in the petty minds or souls it only appears to them who are blessed and favored and selected and chosen to do something special that sow the seed, ripe it and tilith to have the favored harvest. Thinking is only appears to them who are blessed and are favored but it is another way to predict and the to have the real knowledge of the character is another edge both has no match as the era old classism and the romanticism portrait.

If the Shakespeare has born on earth he can not replaced as Chaucer and he can never be ….because the Chaucer is his own age and the Shakespeare is the representative of his own age and the ages are ages they have their own tongue and language to tell the whole story of their age and their time and the time is the name of change because of its steadfastednedss.

Time is it’s agent like hours can not be captured in hands as the water can not uphold in hands as the sand can not …..This is what the matter of fact and fact represents itself in a way that one may astonished to reality only.

So lesson begins with the learning about the characters and the characters are like colors to me that represents so many things but they are originated as only seven in number as the heavens as the lines of earth as the coverage of womanish ovary as the passage of life’s stage and the death’s correspondence.

Well ….. All Well ……..this life is liked deep well

And death is like well too and yet differentiated………….

Wow upon the games of nature.

I’m the soul once born on earth and yet not born on the phase of earth as I’m not competing own internal world with my external world the controversy is disturbing of the receptivity of extrovert. I’m sad of the fact but hopeful that it will cover when I try to be at the point with the blessing…It will happen when I think towards ……….. it will happens when I want because I’m of the view that there is no LORD out side of the human soul ………..LORD is himself in human if human wonna know in the positive sense as LORD says

‘’ We have created human and we are nearer to him than

his juggler vein’’.

So if human just little pay attention to himself and begins to understands his own juggler vein he can understand his maker well and the creator will be definitely the part of his own soul.

Start weaving and knitting the true ideas that will lead human to the reflection of that mirror that speaks truth. The knowledge of truth may appears dangerous to so many characters but is very dainty in tasting and so interesting to explore as Adam and Eve did after tasting the fruit of knowledge … it becomes the cause the reason no matter what they became naked in their eyes and before that they will only naked in LORD’S eyes.

But this what man did he became naked in his own eyes and did not ashamed of the fact that he is already naked in LORD’S eyes. As I said that human is generously the supreme animal of all animals even of his extensive Sexual Will that may cause him the worst beast.

If he not control but that this instinct is also natural and sex is not the matter of shame it is the most pleasurable, adorable, favored and blessed thing on earth if not used in wrong sense. the usage of it may assured of the gain and gift because it is the most vital source to learning and knowledge because this relation is the relation where human seeks the learning that how creator blessed the originated of zicot that will become here after the human after suffering the darkness thrice.

The character may judge well with that source of learning too. In our era human are the matter of joke and they have made everything noting but the jerkiest game. They gambling with each other and are followers of Mephistopheles, Micaville whom Bacon preferred. Economy and money matter a lot instead of talent and thinking…….Ah………….Alas…..it is difficult to survive like this in where the motto of world is to cheat the rule of the survival of the fittest .

The survival of the fittest is easy in my sight because the followers of it only live the one way of life they cannot manifold they cannot enjoy the fruitful end. But to manifold your self among the world is much difficult and different task. I always talked about the world not the world why?? Because lord has maketh all the things in couplet and it is beyond the rule of nature to consider only one side. So there are always big bang two major ways and sources of all so that they are divided further ………..far far away the door to knowledge to reach it not that easy than try to open it and if be open to one than it is not that easy to have all the keys to open all the locks in it..

To study the characters is comparatively easy rather than to illustrate, some characters are passionate if they really are they are artists and they are adorable and incurable in their mental diseases. Some characters are like utensils and the utensils with food never maketh the voice only those utensils maketh the voice that is empty.

If in this era I write than the critics will only justify my writing only because of my congested breathing atmosphere while living in the third world country it is most difficult task to have your basic right the people who are so called your own will start snatching your collected little things……its so complicated to maketh your space here and than survive in it u can only with the will of LORD other wise it so disgusting element to breath among the beasts.

Most of the people are like wolves having foxy nature and in third world there are so many wolves around you it may be your own among your own shelter you can not judge because appearance is always very deceptive in attitude and behaviorisms the far beyond the wolves as it is the human instinct.

Looking forward is not easy that seems that is enough complicated task so far, it is like to achieve the dreams in reality impossible to reach so far, but one can, if determination, autonomy and stony staunch faith will be the tools to lead.

To change something is like the revolution and it will bring by only those who are thoughtful and have hyper excellence intellectuality.

Now the element to proceed further with is that how much you have the power of perseverance and patience to adhere the ugliness and the vary components as well the hurdles that make your way more complicated.

So once we get any thing in hands it is not that easy to hold it forever it will consumes life’s to life in order to generate the actual grace and reward as per the genesis.

Blind fate basically spoiled and exhausts the true decisions and also the strong ones as it is like the darkness over gulped the spring and light of hope it can empty the jar the water similitude as it can empty the character of ability.

Untrue decisions may lead to:

  • Possibility of impossibilities.
  • Predictability of unpredictability.
  • Comprehensibility of incomprehensibilities
  • Creditability of uncreditablity.
  • Audit ability of unauditabilities.
  • Abilities of  unabilities
  • Brightness of unbrightness.
  • Covetousness of uncovertouness
  • Novelties of Unnovelities.

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