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‘Sleep Research & The Subconscious Mind’


Sleep research is all about coming to terms with the darker side of the mind. The science of sleep helps us delve into the subconscious mind and return with insights into the basic needs of the human brain and body. “I’m not alseep… but that doesn’t mean I’m awake”   In this section, you can […]

Bulleh’s Poetry


The blossoming of love is strange and wondrous! When I acquired the knowledge of love, I dreaded the mosque. I fled to my Lords dwelling, Where a thousand sounds reverberate. When love revealed its mystery to me, The parroted words vanished. Inside and out, I was cleansed. I saw my Beloved wherever I looked. Heer […]

‘Spiritual Ballads’


My Eyes Pour Out Tears He left me, and himself he departed; What fault was there in me ?   Neither at night nor in the day do I sleep in peace; My eyes pour out tears ! Sharper than swords and spears are the arrows of love ! There is no one as cruel […]

‘I Have been Pierced by the Arrow of Love’


I have been pierced by the arrow of love,  what shall I do ?                                                                                                                                  Bulleh Shah —Century’s Spiritualism I can neither live, nor can I die. Listen ye to my ceaseless outpourings, I have peace neither by night, nor by day. I cannot do without my Beloved even for a moment. I have been […]

‘Bulleh Shah’


Tear down the mosque and temple too, break all that divides But do not break the human heart as it is there that God resides. Bulleh Shah was a Sufi poet who lived in Pakistan from 1680 to 1758. His given name was Abdullah Shah, Bulleh was a nickname and it is the name he […]

Health Is Wealth


FIRST ARTICLE . 1- BOINIC EYE LETS THE BLIND SEE                            INCREDIABLE!!!! Truth is whitest, is transparent wonder and mysterious than adventure than mystery. However the reality based truth is A BIONIC eyes has allowed a blind patient to see well enough to sort his socks and work the washing machine after one of the […]

Fundamental Prepositions of BDM :


(Distributed Part I, II & III) Part I : Basically- in a simple way- the role of a Business Development Manager- BDM are into 3 fields: Building brand Image of the Company through exhibition and seminars Developing trade channels and business portals identifying new market/new product/new molecule Business development and making your organization successful is […]