Images reflect, reflection has its own idosyncraisis though that reflection is on the surface of the transparent water, though it is in the clear mirror or though it be in the IMAGE. Reflection is temporary but it adds on meaning as permanent as the mark.

Natural images are much more reflective and delegated towards the human mind, that it enhances creativity. This creativity has been converted in two major sorts, one to assume from the outer layer, one must be Extrovert and second pungent source is the inner one that one must be the Introvert. The functions or the devices might collaborate. Both sources have their powerful and ruling effects, whereas it also dominating to the most earnest humanly desire to capture.

If for a while we pay attention may get the idea that Human Eye is itself a camera, Human Mind photo gallery. The artists who paint, who color, who sketch all are the genius in   Capturing the Introvert and the Extrovert Imageries and Reflections.
So we get an ardent idea that this instinctive product of human nature that capturing images, maintain them, cropping the pictures, shadowing the images, collect and save the natural photos, be the sharpened and the refinest photographer…. And so on.
Today world has an eye, we are surviving in the metallic satellite universe where things have been expanded and on the contrary micro minimized as well so do all the areas of life. To collectively united on a platform, are winner’s choice.

The image in mine article is the representative and shadowed image explaining the most important and vital reality and truth of human life ‘BELIEVE’. If we believe in, it could pave the track to achievement, it is unseen yet the most powerful instinctive source that rule over the spiritual contexts.

This imagery is selective and corporative with the templates of happenings or the sense to assume the Divine testimonies. While emphasize upon this topic, is the urge as this is the deep thoughtful tooling.

Hence, to compel the thought right here with the clause is not wrong that reflection is made up by the images. The dulibility here is of two topics, one is of Image and the other of Word Believe. Image is one way of expression of thought and word is another and the expression, thought altogether linked with the idea or the subject which is fabricated to reveal.

Believe is unseen, untouched. It’s not physical, it has no body, has no color as well. Some say that it is unreliable and unreachable. It is nothing but the mystical myth created my human mind or it is something just attached with human emotions. The missionary approaches enhance such thoughts, or the atheists ‘neglect such an important reality but one who is the believer cannot.

Believe is spiritual thought, it is as powerful as the Will can make it. Distances are out there as soul is the major source of believed. The race of human is still on the phase of earth who does not believe in God; The Creator. But if they do not believe it will not the refusal or if they deny than their denial is just their falsehood it will just affect them not anyone else.

Believer can make the difference, mental exercises, to see to examine, to analyze than accept is the scientific mode not the spiritual ground, not the reality exposure and not even the religious note. To believe is a mystical spirit which endowed and empowered with the depth and the heights of covering letters. It is embellished with the purified thought and only the neat and pious and pure can reach the level to start believing in.

So many happenings had been through on earth, from the day Man has been made the vicegerent of this place, history elaborates everything but few not which has been only known by Lord. Religion has bestowed to Man, if think for a while what is it? Specific Holy Book that gives or astern the way to follow terms and conditions to live ethical life, miracles and ancient nation’s scruples’…….. What?  It is hard to believe if scientific narrations would add on.

Religion’s soul is believe, who believe get purified. Generosity may depends just to be staunch in whatever be identified the Truth by spirit.

There are so many examples where we can estimate that we have no evidences, no proofs but the miracles. Miracles just prevail and reveal there where believe sprang. As:

‘There can be miracles, when you believe, the hope is frail it’s hard to believe’

The breath taking soul believes, because it is maketh so. Life of physical world is just like that being in the field to crop, but life for the spirit is trackless, traceless and placeless but not priceless.

Life is Whispering of Soul


My thought is curser, verdict is different and deep
Why the shinning star is eye catching, why the sun shine vital for the fruit ripping, why the water flow bears color dual, why the sky sees blue where as it is transparent !!!! Appearances often deceive…. you never know why when how and what kind of community around you………… the duality of life effects —————–

Only Soul has life, life is made for soul —— life is soul, life is light; he who is true and follow the path of knowledge will get the true identity of life. Life is ray of light for soul to bestow to count to widespread life is whispering of soul.

Life is blessed if the soul is blessed. Life is hellish if the soul reacts. Life is the most meaningful and significant of all the other subjects because subjectively it is the most vital for whole of the creation. Universe has been majorly the context of life as it is alive. Every living object is based on matter and it got life in its specific condition maketh by Lord.

Life is the first natural instinctive source that brings the universe a shape and figure for further penetrations that’s true that Lord Almighty has made this world invincible for the vicegerent of earth who has been favored with the intellectual qualities that can understand and search the wonders of the creations of the Creator.

There are schools of thoughts and their philosophies about life are predictive in nature that elaborates some where the ideologies and some where the ideas. The authentic descriptions are of Divine books that are giving the true hints about the Life and its sources.

For humans they believe in life but as they have been divided in the different nations and communities so they have different concepts and the bending sources. The Divine scriptures are major source of their believes, the religions so they start developing the graphs of their mind their grown emotions.

Apparently the human body is made up of so many elements that are essentially the part of his existence but the vital role for the Life is soul. This soul is unseen but the most powerful instinctive source that revolves the whole circle of life beginning to end.

Life through this soul is dual but expressive and impressionistic, actual whispering of the life is of the soul, so far the light of soul is high the caliber of living the same or depends on it. Few of verdicts that people symbolizes life, some says that it is journey, some says that is like ocean the ups and down are like ocean’s waves, some says is the examination and results we will have hereafter.

As the book states and reflects the personality, mentality, psychology and the ideology of writer so do the environment of the sprang up soul effects the life and its walking paths. Life is too short to realize the whole spiritual world and its’ happenings but life is too long if the soul stays not the guide for one to act.

Listen the Voice, the whispering of the soul, the guiadance and the light to lead the LIFE on the simple clear tack that makes it prominant as reflection, as image in the mirror …. Listen not for the argumentation but for the discussion of parallels on introvert and extrovert balances. Listen the life beep, whispering voice as soul ………….