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There are lots of realities which are mostly unknown to a common person. Most probably time never stays friend instead of few vary moments, which stay also always unpredictable and unfathomable. Mountains, rock mountains the most solid state on the … Continue reading

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The Source of Life – The Colors

Each object or molecule may stay transparent but Lord has not maketh ever thing transparent because dulibility is also a study which is vivid and deep to learn. The source of life is the COLORS and Almighty Allah has blessed, … Continue reading

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The Last and The Least Generation

It is true that nothing lasts forever and so do never be any being lives forever, generations comes and gone with the passage of time and with the change of Time and Era. Time never returns back but it recalls … Continue reading

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Metaphysical and Cosmological Doctrines

Pure Metaphysics, which is also the theoretical dimension of salvific knowledge, is the science of the Real and is therefore most essential for human beings, since they have ultimately no possibility of escaping from reality. In the modern West, metaphysics … Continue reading

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