The Last and The Least Generation


    It is true that nothing lasts forever and so do never be any being lives forever, generations comes and gone with the passage of time and with the change of Time and Era. Time never returns back but it recalls the older days and gives the memory and the remembrance.

    The generations always are the reflection of the time and the Era they live and they portray the whole identities of the happenings all around. The differences rise when the time adds on the ages; time is old enough but still remains young with every new Era and generations to lead them to the way from life to death, beginning to end.

    The last generation must recognize with the true spirit of religion by the end of the day of material life of the world we can’t consider any time prior the end of the time because only Lord Almighty knows the realities well we just can estimate with the levels of myth and the literature we are having based on truth.

    The least generation would be the one which stay on the world near to Kiama (Kiamat) and the rest generations will be gone with the passage of time and its circumference. The Muslim Ummah understands the props and corns of this Era in light of Holy Quran and Hadith.

    Life of earth for humans is not forever but worth last as per the deeds of human themselves. The World has been adjusted to clock needles with the passage of their movements. The generations are worth living till the arena stays over the humans acts and this is the main motive that human acts bestow upon their human deeds.

    Generations known upon their genetical identities and these may lead to their natural needs and their provoked ideas and the groups of people may acts and reacts in their said circumference in accordance to the environmental and educational grounds of group of humans living in.

    Generations to generations the cultural heritage, educational ideals and the lots more shifted one after another one time era to another time frame. Time and its limits and its implementations always be upon the changings. Character reveals over their acts and speeches and the generations known of their own introvert identities and their innovations to the outer world. So do the generations known and last their images and learning in shape of literature and history and their history revives them in such course the way we read and search for the earlier the former will seek about us.

    Through the Divine source and essence we come to know that remaining and the least generation could record the Muslim Ummah and world ends upon and rest starts the new journey of ever living here after ………………..

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