‘We have returned from the lesser war to the greater war’…….


Meant by this that struggle that goes on within every human being to become a better person is the more difficult battle than the battle humans fought against their own breeds on difference of thoughts, visions, cultures, social systems or over the myths taught or over legendary stories or against the concepts of religion.

Human divide themselves in races, in nations, in skin differences, in colonies, in different sects all around the world. The human in existence and the population is increasing day by day, human getting high in ranking the technical way outs of living; they are the most civilized in the move, in motives.

Most scientific in origin today, covered even the space distance by inventions, human voice travel all around the world in few seconds. But what if we built castles and we destroy them ourselves. But what? We will make the lands and specify them and then line up for the self greed for the lust of lands’ reap. But what today we have everything before us and even than nothing before when got fit of despair having a lot using nada……But what? But ….. What ….

We are going towards the discoveries yet we stay revolve around the fate wheel for the outcomes. We afraid of darkness be descended and we are more darker than the darkness itself in our deeds, not even considering that we are committing them with due stubbornness in light …..But… What ….


George Carlin – comedian of the 70’s and 80’s – could write something so very eloquent… and so very appropriate in same context with ardent observations, with keen interest and ironically revealed reality:

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time.

We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.

We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life. We’ve added years to life not life to years. We’ve been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We’ve done larger things, but not better things.

We’ve cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We’ve conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We’ve learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes.

These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom.

A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete…


‘We have returned from the lesser war to the greater war’

is a beautiful soliloquy of the elegant supreme fantastic personality SHAB-E JAMAL and refinest of the all human KYER UL BASHIR; Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH right after returning from the Battle of Uhad 625 AD against the his own people of tribe, own people of his Holy birth land.

The unfortunate people whom false conscience drove them against Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH (the whole peace and blessing upon mankind and to universe) to fight against the Divine Truth of Knowledge.

His saying about this clause have the deepest meaning in all context, in deepest vision of content where one cannot just be plugged but also caught like a pure water, a sublime light or a delighted eloquence of voice, in a pitcher and the pitcher has no hole to link that water to be on outer surface, just like that a pure soul (Conscience) is defined and caught in the pot of mud (Human Body) and cannot be leverage to outside or be free to its actual destined place unless the Lord predefined time line for the specific character or soul not be finished ……

This is tough exam; in this time bar world of life in existence for human undoubtedly a complicated path, stony trials, and mountaineer regions across the age zone …… Time unfolds the untactful and tactful monopolies, Age unfolds the inexperience and experience hunger games, Life unfolds the wave and unwoven tides to shore, and Fate unfolds the undeceitful and deceitful truths of knowledge …….

Here in this time bar world of counted breaths we can’t be finish with everything, but such few things of acts, all acts are not deceit the power of enhancement, all acts are not based on correction. Error of judgments of behalf of human intellectual goals be there ….. Be there …..

Acts are acts they could be good, they could be evil; they could lead the way to heavens, to delight, to the light, to the Truth, to Knowledge or to the another parallel way of self oriented bog land of pride and supreme sins….

Battle to the another being in front of us though how far both have distinction and irritation of conceptions and perceptions may end by using the weapon against each other and both stays over the his own idea of knowing that he is the one correct to the path of life; that would rather be in Appearance not vs. in Reality …… It might be that both could be befall in error of judgment, or one of the opposite side or both have been deceived from their false conscience and false apparent consciousness ……

But it can be estimate by the Acts revealed with their inclination of thought. As the good always aware of the speech and core of thought to be express, good’s expression is the Act of experience, is the Act of vision, is the Act of written and the Act of sublime…….

War against the evil of consciousness and conscience is the greater war ever, and each human soul is caught in this battle as warrior in this battlefield, here the success will not to the one who show the art of killing or the art of weapon but the one who incline to adopt the art of goodness, the art of spiritual awakening, the art of spiritual wisdom, the art of true living with one interface of light, truth and knowledge. Here the winner the emperor, the successor is the one who lead to his soul to the righteous way with its adaptation to the outer cloth.

Here victory belongs to those who get the awareness of themselves so that reach to their Creator’s Divine blessing, those who approach to the Will of their Creator be the will of them, they stay thankful and patient in the trials of their fate web and stay strongly upon their beliefs to be conqueror follower of the straight path as they their memory recalls them each day each time:

‘We have returned from the lesser war

To the greater war’ …………

That could be there until the last breath of one’s worldly time bar ………

“The Militarist Origins of Tyranny”


Mesopotamia (means land between the rivers) an ancient name of Iraq, the famous rivers Tigris and Euphrates crossing this land makes it the most fascinating inhabitant. As the world history is evident of this land’s civilization from the ancient times estimated from 3500Bc when the Uruk and Ur was the focal lands. The first of best civilization had been introduced there, the first vehicle, the first king and the first trooping system.

Though this place is fertile from the day first on the phase of earth it had been grasped the sight of every other landowners. This land always gives the lust for power, the lust for gambling and ruling over other beings downsizing by their own will.

Such reality has been magnified by Simon effort in “The Militarist Origins of Tyranny’’. Writer explores the areas of reality deep from the ruler ship from the Ottoman Empire to the dirty trap of Saddam Hussein. Muslim Empire as they made the Arban Rule statesmanship that covers presently Iraq, Syria & Turkey. The kingdom of Iraq major with Baghdad, Basra & Mosul always had been the most popular in Ottoman Empire Era.

The comparison of ancient times with the modern Era considering Iraq, the common points will be in front in major one aspect that whenever a powerful ruling supreme’s troop got insight they will never miss the opportunity to capture the land for their political interest. So did happen in the early eighteen century.

The walls of lands always have been marked by the rulers but when it comes to the extended interplay to fulfill ruler’s longings the most fascinating cultivating lands be the territories and then walls been extended where the Rule of the Survival of fittest belongs. The prevailing of Kurdish troops as Soviet Union and British interest for the land supports the plotting for politics in action in early 1920’s and end of 1930’s where the block of World War II conceal.

So many rhetoric questions came into mind whenever we focus to dig the historical realities of such land Iraq; Reeva Simon, in his 2004 book, Iraq Between the Two World Wars, tries to answer the question:

Why did a group from the Iraqi army seize control of the government and wage a disastrous war against Great Britain, rejecting British and liberal values for those of a militaristic Germany? What impact did these actions have on the thirty-year regime of Saddam Hussein?

Who may follow this quote evidently, I hereafter shall permit no one to make any propaganda for peace and shall oppose anyone who advocates peace’

Departing from previous studies explaining modern Iraqi history in terms of class theory, Reeva Simon shows that cultural and ideological factors played an equal, if not more important, role in shaping events. In 1921 the British created Iraq, and an entourage of ex-Ottoman army officers, the Sharifians, became the new ruling elite.

Simon contends that these elite, returning to an Iraq made up of different ethnic, religious, and social groups, had to weld these disparate elements into a nation. Pan-Arabism was to be the new ideological source of unity and loyalty.

Schools and the army became the means through which to implant it, and a series of military coups gave the officers the chance to act in its name. The result was an abortive revolt against Britain in 1941. And the legacy of the revolt is still apparent in the next two generations of Iraqi officers that led to the regime of Saddam Hussein.

This updated edition locates the sources of Iraqi nationalism in the experience of these ex-Ottoman army officers who used the emergent pan-Arabism to weld a disparate population into a nation.

Simon shows that the relationships forged between Iraqi officers and Germans in Istanbul before WWI left deep legacies that go a long way toward explaining the disastrous war against Great Britain in 1941, the rejection of liberal values, the revolution of 1958 in which the military finally seized power, and the outlook of the leadership recently overthrown by American and British armies. These army officers who turned to Germany were not Nazis.

However, they did like the German idea of cultural nationalism, which they were taught in Ottoman schools in Istanbul. In these schools, they received their first taste of westernization at the hands of German military officers. Education was, thus, the key link between Germany and Iraq.

The book compiled in seven chapters each chapter is vital to understand the importances of background thesis of Military reinforce structure of various breeds that comes in power and commemorate the collaboration with each other.

Chapter 1-‘The Creation of the State’ Assess the situation that faced the Iraqi officers returning to Iraq after World War I. Chapter 2- ‘The Officers, Germany & Nationalism’ discusses the relationship forged between the Iraqis and Germany before World War I – Analysis (i) Legacies of Military Training (ii) German cultural Nationalism related to Arab Nationalism Iraqi-German relationship. Chapter 3- ‘The Officer’s in Iraq’ explores the political maneuvering that brought the officers to political power in Iraq.

Chapter 4 & 5- ‘Education & The Army’ discusses the means they used to inculcate Arab Nationalism First through education and then the Army, once they seized power in 1941. As revealed by this quote ‘And to fill the minds and hearts of the pupils with love for their king and respect for the laws and institutions of the Fatherland.”?

Chapter 6 & 7- ‘The Rashid Ali Coup & Conclusion; Ideological Prelude to Tyranny’ It used the opportunity to put interplay the tenets of political Arab Nationalism, which the officers attempted through the Rashid Ali Coup and the war with Britain in May 1941. The legacy of these events and how they led to the regime of Saddam Hussein will conclude.

The discussion revolves: (i) King Faysal & Sharifians controls Iraq’s political aspects, (ii) France assembles their focus to Syria and interplay with politics there, (iii) British regimes and interplay in Palestine and keep eye upon all around. The inside appears clearer by this quote ‘I’ll never engage in creating kings again;” “it’s too great a strain.?

The tyranny of military assembles with the true examples in The Rashid Ali Coup & Ideological Prelude to Tyranny where all the maximum details given what the wars bring to the living land and to the breathing souls.

Iraq becomes the foundation of National political agenda where the strength of military stay in power under or over grounded with the following regime of the state rulers.

Once there was time that Iraq have rules and they pretended to be or surely move on with the democratic lead; though only consultancy of few of the ruling elites, here after this place convert to the higher focal point of One Man show of one’s self conscious interest and lust, that ruin the state civilization but the commanding force ironically enough enjoys the esteem of Ruling. The main aspects which need to highlight refers here under with book reference:

The Sharifians: The group of army officers who would influence the Iraqi military were known as, “Sharifians.” They were a group of former Ottoman military officers who had been the backbone of the Arab revolt under King Faisal. They were mainly young men who were the products of a bureaucratic military education.

They were dependent on their position within the military for their livelihood. The Sharifians provided a new country with a new ideology. German influence led them to transmit a cultural nationalism with a militaristic bent. The 1871 German unification was seen as the model for Arab unification. The Iraqi officer corps, which was a distinct social class, learned to place an emphasis on the distinction between the ruler and the ruled.

German Influence in the Middle East: Simon shows what kind of influence Germany had in the Middle East. Germany never colonized the Middle East and, therefore, was not seen by many of the people as an enemy. When Britain began to acquiesce to Jewish immigration in the 1930s, more in the Middle East began to support the German anti-Jewish policy.

German radio broadcasts reached the Middle East in the 1930s and 1940s. These broadcasts emphasized British imperialism and its weakness while contrasting that with German strength and its support for pan-Arabism. German agents were also in Iraq. By 1942, British intelligence concluded that 95 percent of the Iraqi population was pro-German.

The most important chapter in the book is the chapter regarding German influence on Iraqi education. The British had lost control of Iraqi education in 1923. Much like in Germany under the Nazis, Iraqi schools would teach order, discipline, cooperation, love of the fatherland, and the role of the individual in service to the nation. Language and national history was emphasized. Students were taught to abandon their comfortable life and sacrifice for the nation.

Nationalists and pan-Arabists fought over control of education. From 1936 to 1940, historic “national” heroes became “Arab” heroes. Arab strength and unity was emphasized. Teachers, in effect, became political agents. The British were concerned about the violent anti-imperial and anti-British tone of the textbooks. Anti-British student riots and an increased militarism in schools also worried the British.

Army Led the Movement toward Militarization: The army became an instrument of propagation for this militarism. It created loyalty to the country and stifled individualism. Following a 1933 military victory over the Assyrians, support for the Iraqi military grew. While the British did regain control of education in the 1940s, many Iraqis believed their form of “liberalism” was a sham and resisted it.

The 1958 revolution brought back Arab nationalists who had been underground since 1941. By the mid-1960s, nationalism had once again become emphasized and accounts of the 1941 revolution had become a source of inspiration for Iraqi youth, including Saddam Hussein.

Blood.” Like all of his social order, Wangenheim worshipped the Prussian military system; his splendid bearing showed that he had himself served in the army, and in true German fashion, he regarded practically every situation in life from a military standpoint.?

Ruler ship, kingdom & the lust of power enhancement combined from Ottoman Empire inside chemistry to the outer forces of Nazi and British regime with German Influence in ascending, descending and assembling the army all they favor their fulfillment to lust of power. This quote explains well ‘Defend their own belongings were killed; while eight miles to the west waited the eager British force which could have prevented all this. Ah, yes, but the prestige of our Regent would have suffered!?

‘The Army ‘Page117 in the book defines and exemplify the keen realities of Military aspect of that time: End of 1930 corruption was rampant. Both Tawfiq-Al-Suwaydi disdainful of the young military upstarts and Taha Al Hashmi Their beloved commander who deplored the spread of the civilian graft epidemic in his army, tell us how the Politian’s completed for support and describes the over ridding importance paid the perquisites of power, prestige and privilege: rank, salary, cheap houring servants and medical treatment in Europe.

Politians certainly tried to keep the army cut of daily decision making but Ghazi continuously asked for the officer’s advice, creating a feeling of military indispensability in political life. The officers interfered nonmilitary matters. Thus, for example they insisted on Baghdad for strategic reasons.

Oct 1936 Army in politics and the slogan rose as ‘’ Iraq’s choice between death and free will’’ and such duration ‘’ were probably the most violent in their Anti-British broadcast.’’ British dominance to forlorn the lead of Rashid Ali was evident. General Walter Warliment analysis of German propaganda directed to the Arab World which is nationalistic:

‘’ An Axis victory will bring to the countries of the Middle East liberation from the British yoke and there with the right of self determination. All who love freedom will therefore take their place in the ranks against England.’’

Baghdad citizens began the work themselves, at time frivolously sometimes vengefully. A woman whose gold button inadvertently appeared through her black Aba was detained for signaling the British as was French violin teacher who was accused of caring a wireless in his violin. All the above facts just rise in such state the deceptive regime of fear, hopelessness and helplessness as From Riots to Rebellion all picture themselves the same.

Right after the Ba’th Rule, the lingering favors and at once the Ruler like Saddam be in position Personality Cult ‘’ Saddamism’’ has been invoked whose key ideologies add sense over all as ‘The leader is a requirement of history……. He sets historical events in motion’. Saddam was equated with Iraq with the Iraqis and with the Arabs. As the father of Iraq he was addressed as ‘’ Our Saddam’’ and a song of children, the verse went as follows:

We are Iraq and its name is Saddam

We are love and its name is Saddam

We are people and its name is Saddam

We are Ba’th and its name is Saddam

The reference of Sami Shawkat’s ‘’Profession of Death’’ in the chapter seven Ideological Prelude to Tyranny page 163 is the most vital imagery of the times where Saddam Hussein apparently and ironically glorified the ruler image (his) enough in Iraq history books as a prototype, love for land and martyrdom is the patriotic sound key for the nation. Such regimes are prolific and also historical novel ‘’ The Long Days’ mention it wide open. Such as Winston Churchill portrays and anticipates in ‘’Warning of War’’ …

Saddam stays in position and world realized the political aspects herein with passage of times. History revives itself by the names they made themselves big and recalls all the happenings by their elite actions though certainly in impact of positive or other way. Saddam identity as ruler, procrastinations of politics and interplay of monopolies later defines by many works in literary zonre, the recent work ‘Devil’s double’ regulates the same. Concept that, ‘ In Iraq there is still—and I say this with a heart full of sorrow— no Iraqi people but unimaginable masses of human beings, devoid of any patriotic?’

Nationalism and National politics undoubtedly, been plotted to Iraq, and inside of the empire and outside boundary wall all been affected to the source of power. Whoever attain the charge always have the self esteem focal foundation. Wars been never sorted out wholly, the thoughts underlying stay, evolve and revolve, even Elites never finished the World Wars, they just quested the new ways to positioning the reasons ……..

SubtitleReeva Spector Simon’s Study of Iraq between the two world wars is “The Militarist Origins of Tyranny (2003-2004).

Tone of Thesis- Reeva Simon’s creates a thoughtful impact by provoking the idea questioning and self elaborating ‘’How the Germany military based military education of an Iraqi elite led to the regime of Saddam Hussein?’’

Short Summary- Writer used common version of thesis considering historical aspects stick to the conscious attempt to aware the world nations the plotting stigma of political gambling, their causes and effects over all, main leads Iraq’s own kingship/Sharifians, German Supreme Militancy, French political approach and Britain political monopolies.

Main ThemeArgumentation over the historical events during World Wars, Presentation of the focus of Supreme National Politics and Reasoning with Persuasiveness of redemption and consumption of main attention of Iraq (as political territory interest).

Background –The resistance for lust of power commemorate the blasts as World Wars I & II against the Ego’s of Elites and Supreme Rulers though they belong to kingdom or militancy. Iraq, Britain in consort with France and the British reoccupying Iraq after the abortive War in 1941.

Conclusion- (Self Judgment by extracting the topic) – Rulings Elites interplay the forces and their sources to be in power, so did the world history covers and humans been caught in World Wars, in political and military tyranny. Even the existing Era somewhat emphasis that World War II been just rectified but not over in context of National Politics, which just has been going on…

Fate Wheel


Day and night is the vital most signs of nature, they will be the powerful signs of existence and being oriented for the existence. The existential realities been described by their apparent presence but they converse and contract with the hidden core realities they might link up the hidden mysterious to analyze the purpose of being existed.

As day and night comes and leave and just mark some important memories or the few important remembrances they just move on to their new circles with changes, with chaining the different signs.

This is the course of time zone and the wheel of fate that absorbs the hidden realities and truths which they here after reveal and comes forth towards the apparent curtains of worldly aspects of life. …….

Fortune is so variant, and the wheel so moveable, there is none constant abiding…. Some circles of life are so large in scope and scale that we will never live long enough to see the finish for the first revolution of them.

Maybe if it’s true that our souls return again to this physical realm, we may encounter the conclusion of something contemplated or experienced long before. I don’t know if that really happens or not, no one does.

I am able to conceive at this stage of my life that the beginning marks of some circles are always getting further and further away from me as their arcs rotate along a large radius of time. I know I will never see those circles complete in my time left to live; no matter how long I live.

The lessons for all involved who would need to learn are too great, too complicated, too humbling to assimilate in one lifetime. We are imperfect beings. We make mistakes. We can forgive and try to move on in life.

For each of those complex events, a mark is placed on the Wheel of Fate. The Wheel is then spun every time we make a life-changing decision. We watch as each mark recedes from view. We only remember making the marks.

We cannot observe them as they progress about the circumference. We will never see or fully comprehend those milestones again with our eyes. We only consider deeply why that is so.

Since the ancient times the fate has been symbolized and attached with the metaphor wheel may of course it reveals the truth hereafter the trials and hardships, that one been through.

But again the best of times, this wheel keep on spinning, if it halts somewhere in complex condition that it is hard for one to stay positive for the rest of other consequences to be comprehended.

Considerations of concentrating arts, is what the wheel of fate, one who concentrate to considerate the fundamental ideology of life and its basic source of light can have the plight of ecstasy in a spiritual world.

No one can fascinate the consideration unless be through the ultimate trials of fate wheel. Now one can be so smooth with the spinning wheel fate if could achieve own’s consideration attempt of living.

Fate is unsolved mystery; it is the Will of Ultimate Will of Divinity for each breathing imperfect being as perfection only belongs to Divine. There are so many worlds within world’s originality, but limited access to the thinker who have the specific wheel to be spinning in his limited ground of living pool.

Here and there is in this human world, beginning to end is also here in this human world, light and darkness, positiveness and negativeness, good and evil, one way and the another all conceived and perceived here in this human world so did this wheel fate that revolve all around above major aspects and made or spoil the human attempt to be in fame or to be in doom to despair.

Work with struggle counts to the wheel fate, certainly if the wheel get jammed and if one try to fix it with the required element it will go on to the way, surely it is key for the wheel to spin in order .

Fate is also like nature of seasons, unpredictable, unfathomable, soap and wave, have tides high in rank lower in course…….. It’s all about Time, Age of ages that make history, that make signs, the marks ……That’s what wheel fate……fate of wheel , spins, revolves, allures…….. Keeps giving the symptoms for the unique and deep techniques of observations …….

Explore to read own fate, absorb to learn how to run the wheel fate in order for the balance, who said this it can’t be control by man’s will, it can if human asides with the positive aptitude to be deeper into the content of life and practice the spiritual aliens for the shining light stars over the head of the wheel fate that could be smooth and steady of this mortal life and hereafter for immortal………..

Think…. Explore…..The Signs…..The Greatest Signs as they are for the provoking Knowledge and for the wisdom seekers…… Wisdom the Cloak of Divine, the custom and costume for the quest of Divine, the signs are the revealing paths, the symbols are the lighteners……..Ultimately all in one are for the understanding ……. To comprehends, to compensate, to be compassionate ……

This is direction of direction, that direct the way for human which is hidden but meaningful and directive to one’s better result…. The directive consequently be the source Fate and wheel Fate delve in right…………..

Tragedy Taught Well…


Nothing happened by chance, every happening has a reason, and reasoning is the depth of life. Depth consumes not only darkness but with in hidden treasury ….. Such as ‘Isolation’ is indeed a treasury, a treasury unknown. Grief somewhat associates with isolation and taught loneliness in sound.

To explore loneliness is a brave act because exploration of isolation is not easy; it is the toughest task ever, such definition of loneliness that belongs to grief and belonging to grief one’s self consciousness or self character, self conscience profound indeed, may convert in tragedy and as tragedy taught well the lessons of life….

Grief associates to loneliness, tragedy associates to isolation and losing precious most that deep attached to soul, heart, or emotions or the deepest consciousness and conscience diverse the ways of life.

Human psyche may establish the enlightment when carried but well with life. But the accidents, consequences and the conditions may trap could lead to astray rare souls could hold on against the spiritual realities.

Life haunted, is not life at all. We make ourselves the ghosts…… Life shadowed, is not life at all. Life darkened with loneliness, is not life at all. Life in despair is not life at all. Life on chances, not life at all. Life as tragedy is not life at all ……Yet life without tragedy is life with lessons, life with learning, life without literature, life without impact…..

Truth is bold and stranger than fiction it makes its own way to bridge the life between all the sudden or chance realities. It make road to the knowledge to explore all the depth consuming aspects in which one of the tragedy, undoubtedly it taught well. It teaches and brings learning to even dead soul.

Good times never explore the deepest aspects of life, but the grief does, so does the tragedy and comes to once a while in every human beings life to taught, to smell this worldly life as mere a practice place to allure the wisdom and intellect to obey Someone who is all in all Controlling Power.

Tragedy is original ground of realization the reality and the centre of all attentions to be concentrated. It breaks the human false hopes, and paves way to have the legendry impacts, Characters to be role models and be the part of remembrance of others forever. Most important it provides the chance for catharsis which is the human needs either it would be raised on Self Pity or on Sympathy to others or it converts to higher most level of human gesture Empathy …… Such emotions are not the common gestures and they never be in air unless something which conjure and conjuncts the inner world of soul at pain.

Pain, trials and ultimate tragedies that could trap few characters in such trap that they lose their breath but their trap all over refer lessons to the other living human beings….. Truly what as human being we can learn and seek from pain, grief, trial and tragedy we cannot ever estimate in pleasant times……

On phase of earth ‘5T’s’ are the syllable and emblem that incredibly connected to the Truth of Mysteries, Truth of Realities, they take the precious chances to make aware of ‘Teaches, Trials, Tragedies, Times & Tales’ ……

Certainly all these 5T’s ‘’ Teaches, Trials, Tragedies, Times & Tales ‘’ are the sooner or later the part of every human being to get into the deeper context of apparent objects and in reality the Mirror of Truth, Mirror of Reality & Mirror of Light….

Explore the hidden lessons, realities for the self conscience by exploring and taking positive the deeper meanings of Teaches, Trials, Tragedies, Times & Tales in the life on the phase of earth……. This is methodology of living literature of life

Thou the art that paints the models of life,

Could be held by Tragedy or by Trial,

By Times or by making the Tales of Happenings.

Crystal Palace


The persona in a rare doctrine may interpret as a crystal palace on the bottom of the sea or a building with a suspicious destination, an ivory tower or a prison. Or a house with the blinds pulled down, a house of secrets and isolation about which few people know what is going on inside.

The estimations for the personality categories are present all over the world in all doctrines and there are many angels and level of judgments in human world to interpret and anticipate the aspects of it.

Mostly it is defined as Gnostic in origin and truly it is in major two sorts of levels, one that ambiguously apparent and treatise of the experiences and experiments of the exchange on the outer layer, second the insertion where the self conscious may be the opposite most of the apparent figure.

Most probably, the various aspects of the personalities may count in numeral dealings and humans pretend per situation plotting and per conditional labyrinth. It is rare that one could be like mirror, as transparent as water, as pure as innocence and the true as light. It is actually rare, complicated but not possibly impossible…….

On the phase of earth, every tiny little object or the living creatures all are the mirror of reality, all are the mirror truth and mirror of light, though it converse and contract as the spiritual positive side or worldly trial and testimony of negative side. All are mirror to reality……Now what is this reality means? What actually is the myth or the deeper context?

Reality in all phase is ‘Light of Truth’, the Actuality of Being in Existence by the Favor, by the Ultimate Will. This has very deeper context and very wisdom based content and one can spend whole worldly life to understand only this Reality …..Once again it is actually rare, complicated but not possibly impossible…….

Personalities can be like it if they will be purest at the depth of their consensus and spiritually high in intellect that the wisdom provoked get into the mysterious of the Reality. Even the tiniest particle on the phase of earth has the thesis and the world of knowledge inside, therefore we humans conducted the various aspects in categories of subjects and fields to carry on. Infact one could never enhance in this short lived life the whole of the geometry of the living world around.

The though here is to provoke the idea in common aspect, in common discussion that each character consume various colors of personality, but majority are the personalities who follow the trades of given track by the fittest, no matter what they are willing to do so but they have to, as they are bond to specific geographical notions, nations, cultures, social, economical and most important ruling powers and their given resources. These major aspects reveal the outer life bringing up enlightenment so do they are powerful derive so they effect in inner world similarly.

Now the question is the feeders of inner derived inspirational personalities how they act in such web of outer course, they actually be the rebellion of their own stake of existence, they actually go through all the outer pillars but they never stuck with one, they never took the opportunity to be the playing object to the fittest, as they recommend their inner soul to be their fittest being which holds the Mirror to Reality, which holds the Mirror to ‘Light of Truth’, which holds the Mirror to the ‘Garden of Light’…….. As mentioned it is actually rare, complicated but not possibly impossible…….

The self anticipations brought one’s personality to this edge, to be sincere to other is actually staying sincere to yourself, the good you brought to someone else is actually for yourself, similarly the deceptive face is actually coined to same person who pretend to deceive another. This is all chemistry in this world because in mirror one can see none other first but Self. Now it is up to the personality what actually the character wants to be through or see…… Once again it is actually rare, complicated but not possibly impossible…….

Human Existence (the Mirror of Light, of Truth, of Reality), the personality (mixture of body and soul) the character (the pot of conscience and consciousness) are consequently be not just be derive and drawn by the world inner web but also the cosmological travelling, the universal objects, the planetary maze all are in the race of effectiveness and in direct relation of strangled causes because this universe is actually made to be known and Human existence is the core evidence and mirror to the Perfect Image of Creator’s Creation. To understand this knowledgeable aspect, Once again it is actually rare, complicated but not possibly impossible……

This course of life is just a chapter, to the another topic resist to another and hereafter the result in the end of the book, the catalogue of the book refers the code words list, and the summary of this life book mention the riddle words to unimaginative cores leaving to solve them to the imaginative minds……. Again it is actually rare, complicated but not possibly impossible……

Consequently, human emergence of persona, of this very mark up personality, like at same time the body works and the soul works, the conscience speaks, the consciousness sound…. Does anyone need more miracle of Divine than this one?? Favorably the answer is No …..

Human existence is an ivory tower, is an ivory crystal palace, it can be decorative from outer side or be from inner as well … One who achieve the goal to explore self, can expose the Truth, can see the Light in the Mirror, can escape from the Mirror of Self twofold……. Yes it is actually rare, complicated but not possibly impossible……

Provoke such thought once in a life and explore the crystal palace of your character consciousness……. It is actually rare, complicated but not possibly impossible…… Human is the key creation on the phase of earth, among all the universe and universal truths human consumes miraculous existence by Nature, By Creator, By Beneficent………

I Am nothing just a Bagger ……


‘ Last night I stare the stars so much I talked to them perhaps they are the only source who can understand by unknown inner version, they understand my language since I was so young. They fascinate me since then and till mine last breath. You are shining I since I took notice of you especially when took grief of unknown expressions of instinctive source. You became shining more when I saw you in my solitude, in my loneliness. These stars are waving, moving, traveling in their own frame but they appear the same to me from such far distance. I can’t catch, I can’t be one of you, and I can’t be the source to near to you…….

The difference of distance should be more than my thinking as you all are the shining stars and I remain in my existence unknown I belong while breathing to the world of wonders but yet I stay unconsciously far above that in the world unknown. You are stars, infinite, numeral, unlimited in access belong to the Galaxies of times of times but I won’t be the compare to your existence. Your life, your age incomparable to mine I have limited countable breath, beatable and mark able heart beat where as you stars are above high above than that……’

‘Who do you talking old man’? Humbly questioned by a young boy ……..

He became troublesome a little, hesitated, give diverse expressions and want to hide himself under soil or any powerful roof that could cover him, hide him, in himself in his own inner world.

The boy still there looking to the old man, infact waiting for his continuation of delivering speech but he remained silent for sometimes …….The boy keep looking at old man’s gestures and moves, they were so uncertain and out of attained Will …

The young boy may caught be in the spirit of the old man as he himself look to stars in the same spirit… the boy caught in……..rear in…..rare in and caught up in the same tone as boy wants to know that why really stars are so fascinating and he realized that he is not the only one who look up to sky for them … for them in longer and longitude length … The boy very slightly emphasize his question again to the old man,

‘Who do you talking old man’? ‘I can estimate a little to yourself isn’t it? The boy stressed out his words in his curiosity where as he knows that old man was talking to stars…….

Old man said:

‘’ Leave me with my words, with my world, I am not like you young boy….. I am not that dream counter or dream maker… I am just a very common poor, weak in appearance and in thinking… I am nothing just a ….Just a …..I Am noting just a bagger ……..’’

He just waves his face to another side, lower the gaze and stays silent for a while.

The boy smiled as he was young enough to be so realistic but he made words, he sprinkled his serious side and said:

‘Though you straight up the line of your appearance in this dust, though your words correctly define your condition with this unknown corner, I don’t know which track of tragedy you been through but your tragedy seek wisdom and taught you well that you could explore the conscience with the indefinable speech, rare are those words……. rare are those thoughts…..

Distance is there of your age to mine……. but perhaps the thinking counts on same ground…. I stand here among crowd waiting my turn though I stare to my own this is what these stars intensively show ….I got your spirit though can’t caught up to their track…… Your tragedy may befall to your apparent livery of bagger but this tragedy always taught well….. Yes this tragedy always taught well so that one can even talk and spend time with stars to be the on the ground wall of conscience…….’ The boy still wants to continue his words as he didn’t finished yet

The old man laughed, aloud, stare, and act fondly, crazy in his gesture, trying to make the boy afraid of him out of his unconditional sudden moves …. Laughed … again and again and said,

‘You are the young version of mine in thought, you are more than intense perhaps what you caught up with life but still you are decently dressed you are not like me young boy …. I am just a ….Just a …..I Am a bagger ……..’’

The young kid was not afraid either he was stand still and fond of having even exchange of words with such bagger. He think and speak inside to his persona, to his character this old man is same in fascination of these stars as I am, this old man still stays here, me too and we looked up to the same sky with two different eyes of characters but these stars fascinate, this corner may be this old man’s home for a while but I need to move on, I can absorb whatever the vibes I am getting but can’t be like him to be in such appearance …. I have to move on …

‘Yeah you are and I can see well through, yeah you are, your tragedy taught you well so that you can be in wisdom, your tragedy through conditions offers wisdom and understanding to go through, perhaps you can be able crop but can’t cop up with, but I have seen through things, your tragedy taught you well, I appreciate your words of wisdom …..’

While paused here he just looked up to stars in sky shining and slivering…. Gaze one more time to the old bagger who was saying at that time again:

‘’ Leave me with my words, with my world, I am not like you young boy….. I am not that dream counter or dream maker… I am just a very common poor, weak in appearance and in thinking… I am nothing… just a ….Just a …..I Am nothing just a bagger ……..’’

He walked away while talking inside that perhaps this old man is not mad but look upon, perhaps sometimes he be the young guy like me the time of unconditional conditions, the time of certainly of uncertainties makes him the bagger…. But such people who become so disgraced somewhat rarely be the victim of some sort of rear tragedies, and as his pet sentence again flow to the tongue yeah tragedy taught you well Man………

He was young but sensitively mature enough to have the spirit in disguise, the spirit of disguise…. Perhaps this sensitivity derives to the world of knowledge unknown, wisdom of course that see through things…………



Long discussions, attempt to be so obviously ambitious, be workaholic and look so busy but do nothing………….

A simple definition to Procrastination……Actually it is more than just a word and it has a definable thesis because it happens in the world of work where humans postponed so many regular, important and vital issues in waiting list or mention on high priority ‘Things to do’ although they pay attention to other stuff just to kill time or utilize time for their favorably fulfillment of psychological desire to seek pleasure rather to take pressure on nerves to attain possibly the impossible task by effort to be achieved.

Sometimes it happens in the world of sane that wisdom deserves intellectual efforts and human behaviors decline the importance of what comes on priority and list high the ignorant part of exercises those could just be the timely product of unprogressive elements and they just sustain for the spare time to kill the quantative and quality work.

In psychology, procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority or important actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time.

In accordance with Freud, the Pleasure principle (psychology), may be responsible for procrastination; humans do not prefer negative emotions and handing off a stressful task until a further date is enjoyable. The concept that humans work best under pressure provides additional enjoyment and motivation to postponing a task.

Some psychologists cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision. Other psychologists indicate that anxiety is just as likely to get people to start working early as late and the focus should be impulsiveness. That is, anxiety will cause people to delay only if they are impulsive.

Schraw, Wadkins, and Olafson have proposed three criteria for a behavior to be classified as procrastination: it must be counterproductive, needless, and delaying. Similarly, steel (2007) reviews all previous attempts to define procrastination, indicating it is “to voluntarily delay an intended course of action despite expecting to be worse off for the delay.

Procrastination may result in stress, a sense of guilt and crisis, severe loss of personal productivity, as well as social disapproval for not meeting responsibilities or commitments. These feelings combined may promote further procrastination. While it is regarded as normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning.

Chronic procrastination may be a sign of an underlying psychological disorder. Such procrastinators may have difficulty seeking support due to social stigma, and the belief that task-aversion is caused by laziness, low willpower or low ambition.

Such behavior could in practice does nothing but low level of quality in work or any aspect of life that would not be constructive but rather destructive for the self character and for the social vibes.

Procrastination is habitual to those who under estimate their own character in the crowd of exterior frame and down size the level of motivational, substantial and conventional existence of importance.

Procrastination is garmite to the skillful people who somewhat get tired or little furious with the routine dilemmas of work. This must rusticate so easily so it could rush to cover on initial stage and initiatively it should be vibe out from personality corner because to define it vital to save a personality from demonization and demotivation.

However it is commonly seen in all the places and usually to the respective norms who pretend to be rather too busy infact they become over possessed with their positioning in outer course and internally they precise themselves to tame others to be burden even for their sense of responsibilities.

It happens, but everything happens for some reasoning, some major purpose if purpose gone the rest leaves the death soul life and such way of living in any context, in any content remains with the concept of Nada where as this universe, this place the whole nebula has depth to sense by wisdom ………..

Sustain the world of personality from the destructive vibes of tsunami that could cause turbulence and retain nothing but destructive source. Be in the deeper context whatever  we do, be in the spirit of commitment whatever we mean, be determine as determination high the context of living …..’As man can be destroyed but cannot be defeated’…………

Human recognized of in real because of unconquerable Will and continuous spirit …..

Self Entification


Human sciences estimated a lot about world and of course about human existence and relationship between human and the world exploration around. Science and human explore world and key accountancy of knowledge rang wide across.

The debate is of Self Entification either it be the sign of psychological science or emotional one, whatever it necessarily defines human existence in the wider consequence on both ways, both good as well as evil. Upon all the signs and symbols those involve to capture human existence into reality of material and also to delve in the depth of oceans and peak of mountains.

Chosen being is human to incarnate and incarnation of mixture of good and evil. Now this depends on effort of being illumination of wisdom and knowledge that either human wants to be empowered of what into the delving truth of reality in existence. Human conduct is impossible myth based on physical, psychological, substantial, sensual and believing roots this is struggling journey from the ancestors of human existence.

Today human is rather mechanical form of neurotic experiences and experiments. Human neurotic race is unachievable and unlimited in source. Many of us in this race feel the pressure of our thinking imbalance but most of us can’t be aware of all the mortal waves to be stated and to be sanely acted upon.

That is because the lack of self concentration on the emblem and realm level. If we understand one side of our own personality, we definitely ignore the other because human is not self generated being. It is a refined crown creature by the Divine Source and human is near to creation’s perfect among and as compare to other creatures.

According to the Muslim religion especially in Sufism human is the reflection of Divinity and the Divine Essence therefore as a whole human is a wide subject to conquer.

Mental capabilities their resourcefulness their balance and brain activities today all are the front stage show on the phase of earth among the world human races. Human brain is extreme technical and mechanical source it is extra-ordinary in structure especially in function. Though human brain has no brain itself, human desires acts that flourish and human conduct save messages in brain and provide holograms to be in function and be activated as demand that could be positive indeed and negative incase and of course per demand.

Here the exterior atmosphere relationships and interior human emotional science and spiritual conductivity rule and explore. Commonly what collective gatherings and Era perform the same new born and coming generations reform themselves in such shade.

Despite of the fact that human brain has no brain itself and human own self entifications, self anticipations can feed or programme the neurotic essence as human desires, emotional behaviors or spiritual aspects, lead the way to be in delve. So far human brains can mechanically work out the sane, it has the power of hallucinations it is empowered with the essence of adjustments.

Consciousness works for alive arena, sub consciousness the suspension between aware brain/mind and the hidden brain mind unconsciousness. Sub consciousness is rather expansion to both. Being ardent student of this journey and its’ all subjects myself I feel that Mind/ Brain is the strongest essence beast of all other living beasts.

The hidden slept mind/brain (Unconsciousness) is more empowered memory bank. I would rather declare a staircase to the upper most world above heavens and the lower most world of world of knowledge and wisdom.

Yet not completely explored this area of study but yet this brain mind can be declare as self anticipation, Memory room which is connected of conductivity and connectivity of the spiritual Divine Essence and to the material norm of this world within world and here after.

Mind science or brain calibers are more strongly connected and webbed with the sentimental emotional Essence of the human ‘Conscience’ and spiritual essence. Human soul is empowered in declination and inclination of the adaptation of what brain necessarily or unnecessarily does not accept. As an example Miracles as a believe in spiritual essence which are beyond wisdom.

If the mind is prepared source from the Nature than new born should just come in this world and just be ready for the performance on any ground but this is not true this world is learning place for the human mind/ brain instead of trials and tests human brain cannot work steadfast.

Human mind need riddles to solve to be in activated connectivity to get the desired results. Human behavior, emotions and Nature is the Divine essence that could be source of human genetics or the Natural blessed favors but the mind/brain need worldly testimonies.

Anticipations demands tests so do the brain of human for the better work out and best in results for thinking and intellectual resourcefulness. Human emotional behaviors and natural instincts are culcated, captive and cultivated source of knowledge where as brain works with the effort of programming with the practice and time management of mind feed with fruit of wisdom, knowledge and learning exercises.

Tame your practices of positive thinking and positive learnings for the productive and progressive fields that fruit in intellectual wisdom provoked sources so that human brain be the part of humane generous source not that it reacts like machine and destroy all other human aspects of nature, emotions sciences or spiritual consequences.

Brain entities are miraculous by Nature but yet they are structure of flesh and blood they thoroughly need the same natural source of food to be in shape ……

We as today’s human unnecessarily need to be near to nature rather than so mechanical in our attributes instead we are exploiting our own nature systems by our own selves.

Fall in Self Entification and Self Anticipations for the better subjectivity and objectivity ….for better knowing and growing …….