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March 28

‘We have returned from the lesser war to the greater war’…….

Meant by this that struggle that goes on within every human being to become a better person is the more difficult battle than the battle humans fought against their own breeds on difference of thoughts, visions, cultures, social systems or over the myths taught or over legendary stories or against the concepts of religion. Human […]

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March 27

“The Militarist Origins of Tyranny”

Mesopotamia (means land between the rivers) an ancient name of Iraq, the famous rivers Tigris and Euphrates crossing this land makes it the most fascinating inhabitant. As the world history is evident of this land’s civilization from the ancient times estimated from 3500Bc when the Uruk and Ur was the focal lands. The first of […]

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March 27

Fate Wheel

Day and night is the vital most signs of nature, they will be the powerful signs of existence and being oriented for the existence. The existential realities been described by their apparent presence but they converse and contract with the hidden core realities they might link up the hidden mysterious to analyze the purpose of […]

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March 14

Tragedy Taught Well…

Nothing happened by chance, every happening has a reason, and reasoning is the depth of life. Depth consumes not only darkness but with in hidden treasury ….. Such as ‘Isolation’ is indeed a treasury, a treasury unknown. Grief somewhat associates with isolation and taught loneliness in sound. To explore loneliness is a brave act because […]

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March 9

Crystal Palace

The persona in a rare doctrine may interpret as a crystal palace on the bottom of the sea or a building with a suspicious destination, an ivory tower or a prison. Or a house with the blinds pulled down, a house of secrets and isolation about which few people know what is going on inside. […]

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March 6

I Am nothing just a Bagger ……

‘ Last night I stare the stars so much I talked to them perhaps they are the only source who can understand by unknown inner version, they understand my language since I was so young. They fascinate me since then and till mine last breath. You are shining I since I took notice of you […]

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March 4


Long discussions, attempt to be so obviously ambitious, be workaholic and look so busy but do nothing…………. A simple definition to Procrastination……Actually it is more than just a word and it has a definable thesis because it happens in the world of work where humans postponed so many regular, important and vital issues in waiting […]

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March 1

Self Entification

Human sciences estimated a lot about world and of course about human existence and relationship between human and the world exploration around. Science and human explore world and key accountancy of knowledge rang wide across. The debate is of Self Entification either it be the sign of psychological science or emotional one, whatever it necessarily […]

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