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December 26

How Far Is Too Far?

The darkest night turns serene limelight ahead……. Y2020 is the lesson Timeline is Divine Knowledge, only the Creator knows the Truth. Theologians and Historians only estimate and now their given estimations are challengeable. This 21st century is the timeline of disquietude. The time of concerns and apprehensions, impacted, and made us illusionistic. In the hour […]

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October 31


There are times when no response is actually the mighty one
But here the matter is different, MUSLIMS don’t want any false debate on their faith and on HOLY FIGURES. We believe in what is revealed by ALLAH and we believe more in unseen/unrevealed ‘Al Ghaib’ by ALLAH. We put all our trust in ALLAH.

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April 15

Man And Machine

I have observed the influence of the humans, as well the feel of it. I have seen the effect of emotions, that human may cause. The emphasis man can impact and could be of various aspects. Watching people is fun sometimes, observing people adds on learning. Noticing them is another path. Institutes/Embassy’s what are they? […]

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March 7


Whole of the ideology for competition reinvented. Women more inclined to look plastic doll instead of human, what for by the way? Money, Fame/Flattery ………. Lack of demarcation, leaving human nowhere but pretty hollow. Shallow are paths and the consciences. The hype of all emotions, is the damaging feeling of purposelessness, this is a kind […]

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November 20

Auschwitz To Kashmir

History states the stories, from which human psyche trembles. Many including me perhaps never admitting such that had happened in human world. Denial is of no use, because it happened. World had been through, had seen and still shocked over such barbarism. Does Religion really caused such ambiguities, that people on earth fought Crusades for […]

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October 9

Apple In Cage

Let me say, that dialogues are no more solution. Verge and urge is there of both dimensions, the planetary system is vibrating, earth is reacting and weather has its’ moods. Why it is so that we are just scratching the unsound screams. Unknown reasons are profound enough to echo, if they were hidden with the […]

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September 21


Year 2019, a war like situation. Albeit it is a war, from last many years. From last many centuries for above and all. This is not the war between two nations or countries. This is between existence and ego. A war of mental energies, a war of dialogue, a war of despise and a war […]

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August 2


Fate is conundrum. Really is …….. So does the free Will. There are very few who can thread their free will at their own, rest many are bound to the fate. Wars been broken out, millions of people suffered/died, countries lost their personal space and nationality phobia coverts many into immigrants (they might have spent […]

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April 25


Mistakes to learn, add the experience and sanity. Practicing mistakes for repetition, this is something which creates human behavior nothing but a mess. In contrast, people who are soulful they usually bounded among those who are anti to them, this is major cause of affliction but raising their courage. To err is human, of course […]

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November 17


Be sane by working out to earn wisdom not merely intelligence.
Be sober by working out to earn spiritual redeem not merely world affairs.
Be rational so that difference of being human stays not merely a mammal.

Be that for what YOU have been designed for.
‘Be and It Is’

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