The theme of life divided as mainly two domains. There is salt which is white and another is pepper which is black. School of thought for the white and black is simply truth and lies.

    Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing. We learn the most core lessons from liars, they challenge us more if we are not like them. Lie flies just like time. Truth stays as eternal. Time sustains lie, just for the moment and then no matter what how much strongly been fabricated it has to die. Truth lives ever, it never dies. It has its power for sustainability and creditability.

    The commercial area of difference if addressed, white and black together makes strong theme and contrast. This comparison been utilized by humans in many aspects. People adorn white just for the sake of presenting white they don’t actually own it and they don’t even know the meaning of it. Same is the case with black.
    People prefer black, but they don’t know the ground of preference for themselves and for others. Though the white, may be one share but it has duplication of both mix, apparently if appears white it does not mean it is deep through white. It can be incredibly deceptive. Simultaneously, the story with black.

    Humans prefer tie, rapport building and exchange. Sometimes the similar people fit each other and sometimes opposition of nature works. The challenges, they face most probably are of damaging source when the close relationships become ugly, filthy and unworthy. The ugliness of world around kills, but even than survival is there, the filthiness of close relationships murder the soul.

    A son has no fault, if his father is faithless criminal, unethical or immoral. Till the stage he gets through his rational energy he may suffers. The first source of blessing or suffering starts from the humans, we actually be given. Since this earthly domain, father and son, son and father just on earth hereafter all humans in same stature answerable to their acts and deeds. Here the causes and effects are obvious. Reactions to actions are granted.

    Better upon our knowledge, we can only assess the levels of the soul’s earnings and efforts toward its’ goal and inclination, but how far and how much the journey been into black and white or white into black cannot be estimated. Neat souls with light and truth are rare, they survive at greatest battles of times and characters. They deal with huge energy consuming and releasing to others and to themselves.

    The worst are the characters, who think they can and are controlling souls according to their false evil will. They can make it, to some extend may be of any dominating element, though material or any sort of weak will area of others. Mostly, people are stupefy due to their emotional health. People think one dies if body been separated of soul, they don’t understand one also dies, if emotions and soul been murdered.

    Variety of people cause magnitude. Multitude of their thinking and reality more often contradict. Since opponent energies are always in air they should synergize. Synergies bring more constructive output.
    Consequently, black to white and white to black by natural law bring synergy. Some people are salt, some are pepper hence, both shades white or black live in souls. This is how one can recognize to grip open ended share to vibrate with. May be one griped inside white and show off black the outer that does not mean he is evil. Vice versa with white shade.

    This is paradise, if someone been found among the saints and innocent souls. Our journey begins with the roots, with the layers and with the emblem of chromosomes. It ends with the same. Our domains, relations, areas and performance grounds are pre-destined.

    We repeat and try to copy what pre-decided, we here deal with phenomenal truths and lies. Human astonishment is at end whenever happenings or occurrences are least expected. We all expect, and been crushed. We all hope white and light but despair to another end.

    Let it be, if we assess more ourselves, than let it be that we shall be nicely mingled our given salt and pepper for better conjunction. Everything can be predictable yet unpredictable, anything can be certain yet uncertain and nothing can be fathomable yet unfathomable.
    Flame it, nonetheless is more worthy than these both shades. They only can held aside when the strength of truth and weaknesses of lies been assessed.

    We humans have the capability to read our fate book, if truth is a guide. Yeah truth is bitter enough to ruin the appearances, it gives worst lives to many but it finally wins. Eventually, lives forever!



    ‘’ They are not Solitary Rulers, they are all that, we are not.’’

    Power elite; why supremacy is enjoyable and attractive, needs are defined to them or connected to them?? ’This world is Sojourn, Journey to next we started the Horizon”.

    You never resolute things by hand you actually resolute things by your thinking.

    If the elite does not derive its power from repression or inheritance, from where does it’s strength come? Basically it comes from control of the highest positions in the political and business hierarchy and from shared values and beliefs.

    The life-fate of the modem individual depends not only upon the family into which he was born or which he enters by marriage, but increasingly upon the corporation in which he spends the most alert hours of his best years; not only upon the school where he is educated as a child and adolescent, but also upon the state which touches him throughout his life; not only upon the Mosque/ Church in which on occasion he hears the word of God, but also upon the army in which he is disciplined.

    If the centralized state could not rely upon the inculcation of nationalist loyalties in public and private schools, its leaders would promptly seek to modify the decentralized educational system. If the bankruptcy rate among the top five hundred corporations were as high as the general divorce rate among the thirty-seven million married couples, there would be economic catastrophe on an inter- national scale. If members of armies gave to them no more of their lives than do believers to the churches to which they belong, there would be a military crisis.

    The decisions made within the political domain determine economic activities and military programs. There is no longer, on the one hand, an economy, and, on the other hand, a political order containing a military establishment unimportant to politics and to money-making. There is a political economy linked, in a thousand ways, with military institutions and decisions.

    On each side of the world-split running through central Europe and around the Asiatic rim lands, there is an ever-increasing interlocking of economic, military, and political structures. If there is government intervention in the corporate economy, so is there corporate intervention in the governmental process.

    In the structural sense, this triangle of power is the source of the interlocking directorate that is most important for the historical structure of the present. The fact of the interlocking is clearly revealed at each of the points of crisis of modern capitalist society—slump, war, and boom.

    In each, men of decision are led to an awareness of the interdependence of the major institutional orders. In the nineteenth century, when the scale of all institutions was smaller, their liberal integration was achieved in the automatic economy, by an autonomous play of market forces, and in the automatic political domain, by the bargain and the vote.

    It was then assumed that out of the imbalance and friction that followed the limited decisions then possible a new equilibrium would in due course emerge. That can no longer be assumed, and it is not assumed by the men at the top of each of the three dominant hierarchies.

    In early centuries, rule and rulers invented power conspiracy theory, the higher circles are of the core and their distribution of political power calculated as:

    • Role of Elite
    • Middle Level of Politics
    • The Public

    And according to Top Command Posts or Hosts, they mirror their strategy of above stages in below two edge levels:

    Shared attitudes & beliefs
    • Candidates’ insiders & outsiders

    Higher circles depends their independence upon Life- Fate strata ’Wealth, Power & Prestige.’’ They supremacy is of all three. They use them for their rule of the survival of fittest. To them they design their lines, the people who are beneficial and have same status/ standard of living are more than welcomed. Rest for them are the rank, where they applied their templates and policy to rule.

    Power Elite, is world ruling class, they are gold plated, they belong to rich class bureaucrats, aristocrats, higher militants and people of positions. Behind there could be brutal cause or better one, certainly they have hunger for power for wealth or power for prestige.

    Power elites and their higher circles, always been in the lime light and history speaks of it and rest present time is very evident of their mask integrity and allegory. Future prospects lead to similar aspects, since history revive itself. This is chain store, its keep going the same.



    Magnitude is frightening……..Magnificent realities explode the mind away….. Sudden happenings never have been being part of acceptance where one can be contented. By force if a human be some one is actually not amiable for acceptance. Acceptance comes over the contentment whatever we do, we think or we want. The UNIVERSE gives you everything you NEED, but you have to pay for everything you WANT!

    The law of destiny
    The law of Karma
    The law of Attraction

    All above three elements are thought provoking for living on earth. What if we don’t follow any rules and try to live, this calls to be taboo and it is forbidden.

    Two ways to live either be submissive either be rebellious to all around. Both ways are demanding and have it’s own nature of sacrifice, loss of in-definitions and on the contrary the gain. Tutelage for both is none. Early it marks escapade later the results.

    All results are always not fair. The results which are unexpectedly not fair are actually sign of more effort and struggle towards the goal to have better and concrete learning and yearnings. As one whom does one work thrice have better practice and value than one who just passes by and gets something for granted and loses the value. Conditions applied speak well of it. Sometimes few frequent practices kill more than anything. It makes the act monotonous and non-vibrant.

    Maze, labyrinth and games are good for mind as conscious works better if it be challenged, so the smarter use their head and be in queue early and first in rank where as they may lack somewhere in emotions or the world that connects to soul and its blessings.

    Physical attractiveness same play good and foul, it effects and causes and it creates the magic of attraction just for while. What if most beautiful badly ruined …..It happens butterfly full of fresh colors does not survive in polluted atmosphere.

    It can be around only the fresh roses and representing beauty of nature. We cannot expect butterflies in suffocation but cockroaches. For both one common aspect is best both breeds don’t kill each other but humans do!

    What ever be the signs we are having in awakening or in sleep they represent the bubble of our own very individual existence. This bubble carries basics as well as particularities. This is though bubble but weigh the pros and corns and the whole major/minor arena of the person’s life/death, actions and repulsion.

    This bubble has hall of mirrors where persona is classified, personality may defined, level of brain be specified and finally the declaration thinking and action of one’s existence. Now, actually what need to identify is how far-sighted and how narrow minded we are to question ourselves and around the universal realities to have the proper answers.

    Because reasoning is one major element of learning, we knew things because we wanted to know, we are by nature curious what we want and what for.

    – How one can assesses the hidden karma, only if head speaks?
    – How one can understands his/her persona, aura, reality of existence, only if intuition/ perception work?
    – How one can ultimate achieves what he/ she sets for him/her, only if struggle to catch the pre-destined stuff?
    – How one can elaborates and satisfied for what he/ she gains, only if comes out of fruit of struggle and application of gained knowledge?

    Mind seeks to learn out of questions and answers but how soul learns? The brain games affect the soul? Soul/ psyche is different entity than the mind? Emotions are connected with mind or soul? So many realities embalmed to humans, so many questions and answers need to be searched out.

    Even the pre-destined elements need to be defined to human world in each approach and in every course of life. Time to time the demand of favor changed but the fundamentalities remain the same.

    Few people ask themselves so many questions that their over thinking bring them to the another edge of the soar where they can only suffer their individual emptiness, gloominess and in revert it comes as apparent anxiety, sadness and loneliness. That does not meant, they are wrong in their thinking patterns. No, not at all its just they attract that energy which infact not the demand of that specific time frame set for them.

    Evaluation of conscience is a different course of study as it grains the morals, ethics and religious aspects to follow. Material world’s speech differs from the conscience’s karma. However, the trial just begins here when we start dealing with self-conflicted two edged extreme thinkings. Self-conflict out of any difference of thinking domain creates huge confusion which ruins the confidence.

    Dare to win self-control and self-conflicted thoughts. As self -winning is the best and biggest victory ever. Self-journey is actually the purpose and this the factual road map for each individual to move on. Try to recognize what lies in self and set the road to follow.

    Though all paths are not set by humans, fate traps.
    Even than dare to win, dare to ……

    Certainly magnitude is frightening by nature but self-magnitude is spiritual meditation best of all essence. Dare open it ………… dare to


Legitimate Factors


    To stay abreast, life is such a sandwich ………
    Truly it is, in it’s own versatility of uncertainty ………

    Where to dude….. where to and where from we with draw that sign of spirit and unconquerable will to be that graceful, to be part of all the rapid changings this life is bringing…..

    To stay abreast, life is such a sandwich ………
    Truly it is, in it’s own versatility of uncertainty ………

    We roam the world and come to know that religion is code of conduct. No religion taught the learning beyond humanities but when it comes to moderations or liberal approach people separate the religion from their acts and actions for the routines…..

    Confusions been caused from ages to ages, decays after decays …….
    It is in nature that human separate one level of origin to another. They actually don’t respect the difference of opinions when they took them personally.

    Let’s say every religion has procedure for the marriage contract or bonding two people in such a relationship that could frame out respect for generations. Traditions and cultures are different but bonding aspect, the need of living or the instinctive desires are the same they could not be negotiated or could not be denied.

    Now if Muslims says only Nikkah is legitimate factor for the bonding. No!
    But yes as it is Sunnah of Holy Prophet PBUH so is the right way …….. But repeating Sunnah with out the spirit of Sunnah is wrong just to fulfill the need for sake not the respect worthy values of life.

    Now days this legitimate aspect is equal to lust fulfillment. So when the generation been raised in such circumstances they neglect the original version of the topic and practical aspect and based on traditional norm what ever be the easier way to fulfill the need they may adopt that.

    So the young generations though they are in Muslim community or in Muslim countries they are equally doing the same stuff which is legally, morally and religiously not legitimate. They support this ideology because they themselves lack the practice and they didn’t watch their times to follow this religiously.

    Values never be prompted just by sayings, they have been rooted robustly by practicing the right directions. The biggest ambiguity and immorality is caused when an intellect being just come to the grounds to content the animal instincts. Societies, nations and communities been vanished, completely destroyed and been distracted by this very need that humans just follow their instincts without any values or ethics been carried.

    Relationships are the emotional tag and feelings are tangled with the relations so intensively that any emotional set back in such corner destroy the whole panorama of life. This is just the lack of understanding to the values and to continue the right practice that could be coloring life now in different aspects.

    Legitimate factors are the keen elements, to be implement in this era of change where each day seems to be a flight of dimensions.

    Humans need mid ways and easy references without any cause and effect theory, because easy ways lea to luxurious life and that is what demanded by each person but what if all the bosses and there is no labor?

    The best day is a day we work ………….True enough work is actually the Ibadaa ore than worship, more than prayer as it is the direction hat keep the psyche intact with the factors we are circled in.

    To stay abreast, life is such a sandwich ………
    Truly it is, in it’s own versatility of uncertainty ………

Contour Cauldron


      Heavy feelings are the part of life but they must not be life, no one likes to have heavy feelings for the soul, it just happened by universal law

      The desires of your heart do come from your Soul. Your Soul which is the Higher or Expanded Self that knows all that you are capable of being and doing. It sees your true potential and sends you the longings to fulfill your heart’s desires because they are the only desires that are truly worthy of your achieving. Yes, there may be many other things that you accomplish and manifest in this life that are good and worthwhile. And yes, they may fulfill you on different levels for a time.

      Yet they never seem to be what you truly want for yourself and your life. There is always this longing for “something more” that you may not always be able to define in words, and yet you recognize as coming from the deepest part of yourself. You may have thought that by achieving goals that you hoped would take the place of your true heart’s desires that you could feel satisfied and happy with that, that the longings and the “what if’s” would somehow be diminished and eventually cease to be. Yet you can never put out the fire of your own Soul!

      Life is HUGE ! It is magnificent! It is filled with wonder and experiences that are simply waiting for us to wake up to the reality that they exist! Life and we ourselves are so much larger, expansive and creative than we give it and ourselves credit for.

      Higher Self ….. Original You …. Self Soul …..
      You do not have to sacrifice what is heartfelt to you. You are here on this earth to increase the Light and Joy of life. You can do this best by allowing your own Soul to guide you to that which makes you truly happy for then your joy and happiness will radiate out into all of life which will uplift and inspire countless others!

      To fulfill what actually soul’s desire, the fundamental of all is the true relationship which is as grounded as Nature as sound as Instincts…..

      Relationships are most important entity that should web and gel with in so intimacy that no outer course can hit or violate its centre points. Web and gel are fluid of course, it could easily be effected and fall away.

      Contouring elements are essential in relationships to make them intense and make them close – This contouring is communication, what ever be the signs of life do condensate and communicate with each other in relationship because in relationships salience is killing sometimes. It won’t help in close relationships but it would affect the closeness.

      When the multiple groups of people are wavering around they would never succeed, the core relationship in worth, unless interactions between the two get pure understanding and natural alignments.

      Small groups of people make good acquaintances and fair deals instead of enlarge circles they are not actually concerned with each others emotions intensely. They just took notice or granted the crowd but better reasons for their sake or others.

      When cook something in a cauldron, what ever the ingredients are, on fire in such utensil every thing is mixed- This is called relationship. Relationship needs everything mixed and matched!

      A hidden source of power for the great is the study of the past. The lives of wise and successful men and women are like buried treasures of wisdom. Great good fortune comes to those who unearth these valuable treasures by applying the lessons of the ages to current events.

      Complex is the human, who is introvert, surely because he/she juggles with his own layers of thinking, course of actions and emotional chemistry, if unbalanced then nothing left if balanced, all done successfully.

      Humans are changed, they accept change and those who do not they are actually not developing them selves. Change to values left no humans but the varmints, change to course of actions which are apparently beneficial but actually not is worthy to rapid wrap up.

      Nature has it’s own pace, it is over governed by Supreme and THAT SUPREME is of all MIGHTINESS, as human what we can do if HE makes others against us, makes our owns against us or makes us alone in bewilderness, in darkness what goodness left if nature be harsh ….. This all happens by the will of GOD, as HE is the Master, He Rules….

      What will be the Ruler, if His state is just and prosper?
      What will be the Ruler, if His state is ugly and diseased?

      This core reality here is will comes from strong not from weak…….Weak is receptive of what strong perceptive. Weak just do what strong tame to……..

      If we as human cant understand ourselves how come we can to our Maker, Creator … We can’t. The one who understand himself/herself certainly the mysterious treasures are there so same related to Creator.

      What ever we suffer or gain it’s all because the Creation Will to …. It’s just that Ruler delivers the good and rebel the evil and surface it as figure ………He took responsibility of Goodness and repel the other but all done by HIS WILL surely!

      One who understands the nature of time, recognize & understands best situations, who understand situations recognize & understand human and who understands others, actually recognize & understand own self, the one recognize own self recognize and understand THE LORD !
      Solutions are many to none sometimes and solution none to many complications sometimes, consequences and circumstances are there, wise try to be over whelmed by anything in the world because this is actually the sane’s choice.

      This world is full of everything it depends on our choice what we pick to have and what we pick to give- Sometimes choices been made by others for us, those are what our fate circles been commanded and recommended by others even then SUPREME Decides !

      Human relation to understanding, from dealings to implementations all are bounds……
      Web is very weak but even stronger if the centre stay in connection – Bound is all …

      Stick to the communications of own and the ones you care most ….Bound them in tough times and in easy ways …..Go Ride the life don’t let life ride You !

      Dream and try to fulfill it, our purpose for coming into this life is to recreate heaven on earth………. Contour Cauldron


Estranged Bugle


    It’s been with the passage of time, we learn we experience and we get matured …. This is common saying but during this twofold journey where we have the spirit development and the physical enhancement we have many jolts, halts and many hiccups…..

    The most vital law of karma is to ‘LET IT GO’, the most courageous, the person who absorbs many unwanted, different and opposite burdens of emotions unequivalent to his/her nature and even than stay align to the affairs worldly and universally.

    Flamboyant is one in terms of radiance to light, truth and known realities. When we have an eye which becomes keen to know about the inner truths that would actually help to jolt the outer world. Here on earth there are many of many fates so far the humans.

    We struggle to get what we want; we never struggle for others to get what they want. We use struggle for self redemption, we don’t apply this formula for redemption of all. There are lots of people who need sparkling characters to support to them; there are less people who actually promote their working for other’s sake

    The hemi-sphere of today’s human brain is self cored, self recorded and elf to the verge where the materials are the standard, materials are the command, materials are the brain speech and materials are the ultimate behavior as conclusion. Trends to be followed, trends to be announced and trends to be flourished, so far what ever be in practice, all about human earthly and mechanical inventions.

    Thread the game, the game will thread itself back……Thread the player, the player will thread the game in response. This is intransigency, that would vain or vein the brain!

    Clairsentient is a higher quality of second in rank to Philosophical idioms ….
    Androgynous is also known for the strong personality that could gain ultimate success for the colorful exuberance and eternal gain!

    It’s not me who seek the young fool, but the young fool seeks me, this means >> first of all, that the youth himself must be conscious of his lack of experience…….. Then act…. Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fools. … What the wise seek is in themselves, what the fool seeks is in others. …

    Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other ……

    The Fool is associated with circumstances that are unique, unpredictable, and inscrutable — one who is suspended between realities. The Fool is often portrayed as an empty headed simpleton unaware of the forces that move him to and fro, following his impulses. But tradition tells us that this Fool has a secret that protects him: the magic of synchronicity.

    He proceeds without calculation, spontaneously, without hesitation or resistance. If you trust in your own mystery and that of Divine Providence, you can step into a new realm of opportunities. For now, trust your instincts. If you have no expectations, you have nothing to lose. If that’s so……… I am a Fool!!

    As a person it is false statement one is alone, none is never alone, and infact loneliness is one good virtue that tames the beast in the worst tracks if the insight be alive ……

    Yin and Yang ……..
    Black and White……..
    Left and Right ………
    Good and Evil ………

    All about journey innocence to experience, that would lead one’s stubbornness reflex in determination or one’s determination flux in stubbornness ….. Never mind the natural unpredictabilities don’t take up to mark on your personality stay light to universal approach be strong and enhanced in your own thinking at least this will call upon reward and regard ……..At Least !

    Peculiarities and the fogy spectrum of instinctive specific aspects, multitude of changes are its part of action. Synthesis, you will never discover the true extent of your own abilities until you, at least once in your life, dive into a crisis with complete abandon, dedicating every ounce of your energy, every fiber of your being, to the cause at hand. Dare to win!

    When the roof is collapsing, run first, choose your destination later.
    Extraordinary times bring out the best and worst in people. Natural disasters bring with them stories of great heroism — but also looting and rioting. When the pressure is on, powerful moments present opportunities to make positive gains………….

    I understand that streams don’t climb mountains but descend instead……
    Niched within the shadowy reaches!!

    Resist the temptation to strike out prematurely. Gather strength behind you, and summon your inner resources, because arresting decay is no simple task.

    When you do act, make your strike as precise and clean as the path of the surgeon’s knife.

    The ever-spinning wheel of life never reaches an absolute conclusion. Just as a hidden sadness resides in the heart of true euphoria, just as the seeds of great achievement often sprout first in a cauldron of adversity, so too no end is ever really complete without a new beginning stirring inside it.

    Though we divide life into categories in order to understand and master it, experience itself is seamless……

Drawing Lines in the Sand ….


    1. Drawing Lines in the Sand ….

      Harmless days are when I thought I am in the middle of danger, in the mid of whirlpool, perils are all around, the walls around are getting tight, I am afraid, I am scared, my frets are just nothing but just frets ….

      My Fears are just nothing but just my fears … Truly and entirely harmless days are than in such position when fears got their access and excess, when frets got their access and excess all over and over, to such limit, where fear’s limit is over where the limits all over ……

      And I overcome my fears, my frets, my wounds, my scars …..
      Harmless days are when I cover myself yet explore to others…..

      Harmful days are when I collect myself to my own glass menagerie … Harmless days are when I never released earlier life style is for experiencing it.

      Nothing really happens in your expert lifestyle ….
      Becoming self reliant is in fact becoming more self reliant …. More self reliant ….

      Self reliance is the key here
      Self compliance is the lock, flock yet the knock ….

      Get the pointed figure that much tamed to sketch in sands, that much effective that drawing lines in sand would be…. Draw the lines that could help to wisdom to understand that these lines are actually the lines that could hold up for the self reliance.

      Drawing lines in the sand is an expression that could be more effective to look up clearly to the one’s objectives and desirable destinations….

      Harmless days are when one draw line and hold it by self with determination to keep pace with… Over coming your fears is the most important task and this is act of bravery …. A very act of bravery, there are various ways …. Various if we ought to be

      There is no way if mind refuses to make the ways through wisdom ….
      Drawing lines in sand is the emblem opposite to the making castles in the sand by the sand ………

      Lines remain the lines if they have been drawn correctly…….
      Sand is the particle that could be the article of speech or article of action somewhere… The sand castles if stand they can be easily erased as well …. The easily erasing products are sometimes aiding and beneficial and sometimes inky …..

      Flip turns we need as humans….
      One ways are difficult … Two ways deceptive but helpful, adopt two ways be helpful being helpful ….. That really overcomes the frets, fears……

      Best days are when harmless days over ……
      Harmless days over when best days been prevailed … This can only happen when the self reliance is the key … Key yourself because key is what Lord holds for every toy puppet …….. If toy knows key’s clock movement, the toy never breaks, the clock never breaks, the circle never breaks …………

      Harmless days are when self reliance is the day, self reliance is the night, self radiant the eye and radiance is the ray ………

      Again flip turns we need as humans….
      There is no way if mind refuses to make the ways through wisdom ….

      Drawing lines actually mining the underlying idea, supportive to the core identity what really needed …….. Need is something, effectiveness is another ….. Necessity is something, causing is another …

      When come to reasoning, wisdom saws it, reaps it, swords it ………
      Where there is no reasoning is the Faith …….. Yet drawing lines keeping both remains.

      Draw the lines for self, for other ….
      Keep peace with them for self for others ….
      Don’t mix the flip corners; flip turns they won’t made for each other’s presentation …

      Knock…. Knock … Knock
      Unlock the Knocking one ….

      Harmless days are when I thought I am in the middle of danger, in the mid of whirlpool, perils are all around, the walls around are getting tight, I am afraid, I am scared, my frets are just nothing but just frets ….

      My Fears are just nothing but just my fears …
      Truly and entirely harmless days are than in such position when fears got their access and excess, when frets got their access and excess all over and over, to such limit, where fear’s limit is over where the limits all over ……

      Drawing Lines in the Sand ….
      Compromise is not the holding stick for youth but for aged …….
      Don’t compromise where understanding can make room …..

      Draw lines though in sand, though upon paper ….. Though on land …..
      Drawing lines are good …. Draw lines ……


  • The Coins …


    1. Coins; The key coins or the manuals …

      I found and lost so many, I kept the less…
      The kept ones are not desirable they are subject to net,
      The lost were the desirable but out of the nest
      The found were kinda silver lining, they never took as best
      Endings are the findings, finding the endings, nothing would be rest.
      I found and lost so many, I kept the less… The Coins

      Yesterday I was on fire, today I am in fog
      Searching the middle ways, questing the scales
      The signs are many, the tracks are less
      Roads are wage to the destination far
      Far sighted are less…. Wondering the surprise
      Surprise is every sunrise
      Wondering the waiting, waiting to wandering
      Waiting to sunrise … True sunrises are less

      The Coins … I found and lost so many, I kept the less…

      Considering the possibilities and the opportunities, Contriving with the possibilities or with the opportunities, Striving with the possibilities or with the opportunities, Conceiving or perceiving …….

      In this era, its true that we mostly slip the grounds we actually observe and absorb we are deserving for and then there is lack of possibilities actually and opportunity in reality. We are universally growing rapidly yet we are losing worth behind somewhere we can’t get it back because time as a universal biggest truth and reality gulping it.

      When we float on the surface this just to ease self not to be the stubborn starter or stubborn fighter all along in the life, but when we dive in that’s actually verify the limits or beyond limits. That’s actually define what we are made up of, and why we got birth to…..

      Swimmer and diver are not equal, both they can’t be… Their skills are different.

      Our world of identity defines us by our skill and talent we possess and we show off.

      Showing off is not actually a good sign but possessing it as a quality or virtue is best ….. When one actually possess something which is higher in talents of stature the being sparks radiantly different ….. Being different is good… causing differences not ….

      Coin has two sides … Old statement … Nothing new in it…

      Like or unlike other major stuff coin is actually identical … Always the flip side…

      Don’t let your fears blind your trust, but allow your trust to blind your fears. There’s always a flip side to everything. Head to Tale of coin to negative to positive of nature…
      Always the flip side…

      Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two legs… Two world for humans this the world of act and here after for the results ……Flip sides and two in number – Identical
      Matter to think … Time to think

      Coining the opportunity is not purely in one hand never it be… It has also the flip side … Flipping the clipping …. Who clips is actually the master
      Certainly Flipping the clipping …. Flip sides and two in number – Identical
      Matter to think … Time to think

      The Coins … I found and lost so many, I kept the less…

      Is actually the monologue of today’s every Conscience and Consciousness which framing the time into reality and reality into time. Framing and adjusting what comes and goes and what next.

      Being analysist of news around and time counting over each aspect is rather getting political the one subject which always befallen the supremacy of one to the dynamics of others.

      How rude is this world, if the supremacy is in charge, if Super Ego is the ruler….
      How rude ……

      Nothing far aside, this place is full of all the grains been cultivated … All the grains
      Then again all grains are not subject to growth many fall and fall for nothing just for nothing.

      So with the matter of coins…. All are not luckily able to work out for the benefits or success only the key coin does…

      Only the Key Coin Does …. To quest first and so and on to effect and affect the key coin in practice well makes the life itself as opportunistic in idiosyncrasies.

      Thoroughly the characteristics of life are dynamics so the one who transforms the same blinks, flips, clicks, clips and bumps the same….

      The Coins … I found and lost so many, I kept the less…
      The Key Coin Does….. Find the one which is key to coins and key in coins …

      Certainly Flipping the clipping …. Flip sides and two in number – Identical
      Matter to think … Time to think

      Life by force, Live by source
      Life by source, Live by course
      Life at force and at source is equal to living by multiplying the coins, even the key coins

      The Coins … I found and lost so many, I kept the less…

      To Be Continued …..

  • Area Of Limits


      This is the area of limits when it is designed to be hold on.
      Area of limits …

      Do we have limits or any area of limits in life to carry on or hold on? Do we pass through any sublime system to believe in any ideology? Do we have actually any grounds to move forward or to keep us hold back to and in lines?

      We have limits to physical realities and universal approaches but we have no limits to spiritual levels, soul animations and for the imaginations.

      Human Imaginations are as vivid as wide as the ocean and as sky, it is emblem of so many various aspects. Imagination is one powerful reality in which one can travel from one world to another, one level to another, in present, in past and in future as well.

      Here is no area of limits, here no limits to the thoughts, to the realities with in mind layers and waves of thoughts. Here every thing is possible; here everything is profound and sound. Here nothing is impossible, nothing is no where…. here the ecstasy of achievement, here the diligence of success and here all the wills are granted.

      When it comes to will and the wants of human, all are not amplified as the sound realities but Man wishes to have them done in any case. World is full of wants and wills but all wants and all wills are not subject to fulfillment in fact sometimes the most heart throbbing and breath taking desire is also not in catch of human fist.

      Why is so?
      Why this world is so complicated when it clashes with human wills, human wants and human needs? Why as human himself is not the lord to mount and to create, human himself not the one pore or pure the nature, human himself is not the holder of the instinctive intimations…..

      Why is it so? Why the human world is getting so complicated? Or it was always the same complicated to all thinkers of times? To all logical minds who quest to have the desirable answers?
      Why is so?

      The world is full of wanderers, full of mysterious, full of colors, full of surprises, full of differences and different species. World is full of variations, full of vividness and wideness yet it turns around to the knot and dot from where it’s been started. World is oval in shape no matter what happened where one goes, always drop down breath from the beginnings dots….

      Beginnings and beginners are eye openers to the world if they have inclined and keen of their imaginations and their flourished thoughts. The world is a teaching place, similar it is the place one can learn according to the capability and skill of a concern.

      Human instincts are the major signs of the creative identity, the capabilities and skills are subject to human instincts and natural abilities these always differ from others due to which variety , difference , jealousy, pride and comparison been generated.

      Area of limits are predefined to manage the physical realities but area of limits are open headed when it comes to human mental energies, spiritual powerfulness, imaginative qualities and perceptional heights…..

      There of, there are certainties yet uncertainties, reliabilities and vulnerabilities, possibilities and impossibilities ….

      This is the area of limits when it is designed to be hold on.
      Area of limits …

      Boundaries are certain and certainly made up for the protection not for the hindrances. We are making boundaries for causing turbulence for ourselves by ourselves, we are establishing such links that are web locked and web logged…….

      This is the area of limits when it is identified it should be to firm with.
      Area of limits …

      We are not the being of our will that wills can rule all the times, we are the beings under ruling authority where wills be slay and slaved to the commanding authority.

      Area of limits is the area where one defines the ideals or the balance between the acts and the implementations of the keen desires. All should be balanced with in lines, defined or predefined, either based on religion or upon ethics …. All should stay in line

      Beyond line is the area for soul …. For Imagination …. For perception
      Beyond line is the boundary of vividness where construction may be of pearls and may be of petal ….

      Beyond line is the limit for limitless ….
      This is the area of limits when it is identified it should be to firm with.
      Area of limits

      This is the area of limits when it is designed to be hold on.
      Area of limits …

    Crusades of Experience


      The most enhancing and the most complicated entity in Universe is time, unforeseen, upfront, unpredictable, and unfathomable and the most important entity that can be friend or foe.

      No one ever predict the actual practical course about it. The world around revolving for better cause and the figures, available one not much up marked sometimes, perhaps most of the times.

      Often sometimes the foggy things get so clear to the normal eye and sometimes the facts in front become the foggy unremembered dreams. No better half, no better course, no source, if the revolving circle trapped somewhere.

      What externalization we need, some times to better explore and enhance?
      How many rhetoric questions? Do all these questions have logical practical answers? Or just the estimations?

      What? Why …. How far? And when? Questionnaire …
      A long catalogue of human dialogue based on questions reasonably there are not such reasonable logical answers because most of the mechanism in this universe is rather magical or miraculous.

      When there is no other purpose left of questioning than the counting of the leaves on a tree itself an exercise. When no exercise works then the mathematics does though it will be on the surface level.

      Experiences come from practicing life itself, lots of exercises, lots of experiments, though good or bitter, sour or dainty all are emblem what person’s desire to be in the revolving circle…..

      Most often the experience themselves defined, destined, bestowed again though bitter or good, sour or dainty all are bestowed, for granted, for the sake of sake pre-destined, pre-planned, pre-practicing for the pre-puppets on the phase.

      What can be eliminated against this by effort? What effort itself …… when efforts are themselves a salve. An effort itself a salve to the destined course? What analysis, what out comes, what enhancement? What is what, when efforts are also salve ……

      Yes, enslaved to the unknown consequences, beyond human resources and managements. Beyond calibers and Maintaince.

      Enslaved ….. The efforts are enslaved … They are enslaved to blind fates, unbreakable destinies of the norms of the earth…. Enslaved …

      The human of this Era salved not only to time, to universe, to destiny but to also all the mechanism and mechanical entities. True enough that human and their live strategies all are enslaved to the Universal courses.

      All the realizations of the Universal truths and realities are the Crusades; surely they are crusades of experience. Nothing on phase of earth is with out reasoning where there is no reasoning there is no logic of breathing creatures, those souls of world are empty.

      Emptiness is somewhat also the part of universe but not all areas are empty. All areas have their own definitions. Every thing has importance when it is in the spot light on enhancement but this is also truth that every being every person surf the whole breaths some times in searching the stage to be in spot light.

      But few or less there are people who lose this opportunity when should be availed…… However the world is all about the performance during in transit of this performance juggling with all crusades of experiences.

      Heavy days, heavy feelings, heavy loads are there in air, in land in whole universe but then there are signs of refreshment as well…. This is all about exploring the directions and has enhancement and observance. Absorb the waters when in shape of drops or when in shape of layers try to absorb and see through …

      This world is about all crusades of experiences …. All about crusades …. All about experiences … Absorb the water when in shape of drops… Juggling the best is the performance among rest …. All about crusades …. All about experiences…