Crusades of Experience


    The most enhancing and the most complicated entity in Universe is time, unforeseen, upfront, unpredictable, and unfathomable and the most important entity that can be friend or foe.

    No one ever predict the actual practical course about it. The world around revolving for better cause and the figures, available one not much up marked sometimes, perhaps most of the times.

    Often sometimes the foggy things get so clear to the normal eye and sometimes the facts in front become the foggy unremembered dreams. No better half, no better course, no source, if the revolving circle trapped somewhere.

    What externalization we need, some times to better explore and enhance?
    How many rhetoric questions? Do all these questions have logical practical answers? Or just the estimations?

    What? Why …. How far? And when? Questionnaire …
    A long catalogue of human dialogue based on questions reasonably there are not such reasonable logical answers because most of the mechanism in this universe is rather magical or miraculous.

    When there is no other purpose left of questioning than the counting of the leaves on a tree itself an exercise. When no exercise works then the mathematics does though it will be on the surface level.

    Experiences come from practicing life itself, lots of exercises, lots of experiments, though good or bitter, sour or dainty all are emblem what person’s desire to be in the revolving circle…..

    Most often the experience themselves defined, destined, bestowed again though bitter or good, sour or dainty all are bestowed, for granted, for the sake of sake pre-destined, pre-planned, pre-practicing for the pre-puppets on the phase.

    What can be eliminated against this by effort? What effort itself …… when efforts are themselves a salve. An effort itself a salve to the destined course? What analysis, what out comes, what enhancement? What is what, when efforts are also salve ……

    Yes, enslaved to the unknown consequences, beyond human resources and managements. Beyond calibers and Maintaince.

    Enslaved ….. The efforts are enslaved … They are enslaved to blind fates, unbreakable destinies of the norms of the earth…. Enslaved …

    The human of this Era salved not only to time, to universe, to destiny but to also all the mechanism and mechanical entities. True enough that human and their live strategies all are enslaved to the Universal courses.

    All the realizations of the Universal truths and realities are the Crusades; surely they are crusades of experience. Nothing on phase of earth is with out reasoning where there is no reasoning there is no logic of breathing creatures, those souls of world are empty.

    Emptiness is somewhat also the part of universe but not all areas are empty. All areas have their own definitions. Every thing has importance when it is in the spot light on enhancement but this is also truth that every being every person surf the whole breaths some times in searching the stage to be in spot light.

    But few or less there are people who lose this opportunity when should be availed…… However the world is all about the performance during in transit of this performance juggling with all crusades of experiences.

    Heavy days, heavy feelings, heavy loads are there in air, in land in whole universe but then there are signs of refreshment as well…. This is all about exploring the directions and has enhancement and observance. Absorb the waters when in shape of drops or when in shape of layers try to absorb and see through …

    This world is about all crusades of experiences …. All about crusades …. All about experiences … Absorb the water when in shape of drops… Juggling the best is the performance among rest …. All about crusades …. All about experiences…

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