The Eye Of The Sky


Watching…!! Watching on the surface of the ground, yes on the land on the surface of the ground where there are living beings is behaving like airy beings. Unknown of idsyncrasis of life and characters. Does? Does it will be! The way one thinks? Does another capture the same?

The Eye of Sky beautifies, realize, and maximize the reflection containing draught of vintage containing all the realities itself describes all the bio graphemes, one can understand, it wonna observe.

The Eye of Sky is not dominating …..yet it is fascinating while having thick black clouds evaporating the area where it wants the water fall downwards after the fall it will become light and shiny and white very clear upwards .

The Eye of the Sky is NATURE’S EYE through which nature express and speaks. It laments and has tears when ever seen the ugliness of earth and the weirdness of human behaviors on phase of earth.

True, yes true it is that nature has its eye that can see the tiny

little object in misery

And the giant size whale having dainty meals of smaller fishes.

The eye of Nature can bring changing’s due the duality and the various moods. The variations of mood of nature bestowed on the living creators made by Mother Nature. This is the kindness of nature that we receive mostly the politeness and the figurative thoughts and mercy from Nature but it can be harsh, rash and catastrophic if the variations may made by humans on the sphere of earth against the Nature’s Will.

Nature is mother, is nurse, is kindness, is loyalty, is honestly, is heart, is emotion, is deep thought, is frame of art, is beauty, is tenderness, is shyness, is innocence, is knowledge, is teacher, is experience, is intelligence, is wisdom, is the EYE that consumes the image from outer world, plays with colors recognize the colors and image, name it understand it than elaborates in mind and than speak up with the consent.

This is the outer course the inner world is more precious more vivid and enhancing have boiling bubbles in conscious, sub conscious or in unconscious grasp the idea the thought and have hallucinations and the open eye tape or videos in sight .It may sometime conclude the dream works.

Nature is divine, is mysterious but wonderful. It has moods, it has colors, it has notions, it has motions, it is dynamic sometimes it is pungent, sarcastic and static. It is universal it is unique and versatile.

Thus, the nature has Eye which is not prominent but sustained capable of everything it is seen to the souls who pay attention to nature. Those who want to know their Mother Nature.

Stay conscious, up marked, and wisdom seeker so that nature’s eye be the one of your eye. If lonesome, unable to understand the myth of nature than nature might switch and use the other caliber to those beings.

TRY to understand the nature, TRY to be the friend of nature so that EYE OF THE SKY may the observe and be the one of your fundamental expression.

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