Correspondance Of Death


How one knows the mystery of death it is the matter to be unable to understand there is availability yet non availability possibility of impossibility and impossibility genuinely if there is no door to way out.

The cage can not be symbolized as the open way it means that one has mingled the ideas with in his own fits of mental condition.

Mostly in literature Death is symbolized with BEE and buzzing of bees and the tiny little objects refers the dead sounds must. The sounds which are profound made by nature may reflect its sound somewhat also.

When ever there is a birth it is written the same day that it will get death similarly. It might be in soothing way. It may affect accidental, it may cause destruction and scroll other beings with, it may be catastrophic that one can’t imagine, it may appears mysteriously, cautiously planned , unconditioned sometimes, very cruel by chance on the contrary. Some times profound and wispher before it approach to some one, very sudden on the other hand. It will be extravagant some what.

That not a tale or story that might state it is about knowing that WHY we born and similarly we can die on any stage. WHY it is so mysterious that the gone ones left the dead empty bodies where as the soul flee away. As the soul flee itself or it may captured by any force?

There are so many rhetoric questions in sane mind to captivate to dig the answers from life from divine source or by the chronicles the best narration we get from religion. Different believers describes it differently but the least and the firm faith holders of religion ISLAM that last forever by ALMIGHTY ALLAH as it is the first and least religion bestowed to mankind no matter that what sort of ideologies with drawn by different people of different cultures, era, times and they change according to that where as divine chronicles are not humane to be changed but are for humans guideline to be followed.

However the topic under discussion that what basically


Death is terror? It amuses, it scolds, and it finishes the life

And its action, it scared and cause lose emotions where one can be neurotic it snatches away the love ones to the world unknown, unseen, inhabitant, uncontained, unconditioned, unventilated aestivated and unpredictable.

According to HOLY VERSION after death souls may refer to the world of BURZAG the temporary world for the souls to be rested. The spiritual people have limits and boundaries to be visited to their love ones and be blessed by them through prayers. They cannot take action of any thing but can see because they nothing but the ray of light. On the contrary the evil souls they stay bounded and troubled and mercilessly they get somehow the results of their bad and evil deeds.

Death is must to every living being and soul must be captured by divine source and force. This is law of nature destined to fate of every living being. Death is not cruel the way it comes it is. It fundamentally not finishes life but starts life in other world which is not seen by naked eye of humans of this world.

There are so many theories spirit transaction of Fisa Guars, other chapters by Christianity and other religions but truth is better knows by Lord we just know little of his bestowed knowledge.

Correspondence with death is easier according to my spiritual thinking because spirit never die, it never ends infact it is unknown power unrevealed cover by nature and its reality only know by divinity. Why we consider it harmful where as it is gate way to the other world which finally benefit the soul to its position as per its spiritual guidance and deeds and actions through body in the mortal world.

Few elements are very much interlinked they cannot be specified it cannot be separated. Like:

GOD ———————-MAN






So when ever we are discussion one topic it might reflects the other. Like if we say sleep is sister of death than there is no harm, in sleep the over all session and activities are same just that it is temporary session of death during that soul can travel can stay can wonder can be wanderer. During that phase if spirit stay or travel it stay connected with body during that if mind imbricates or fabricates dreams the eyes seen them and spirit feels the way it is happening truly and when awakes in this mortal world than estimate that it is not but just the phase of phantasmagoria (for details article posted in category psychology and Literature).

Thus, death reflects in the image of sleep though it is divine mercy, it is essential if some one been through tragedy and have it the grief somewhat minimize. After tiredness it is nothing but a balm …………..


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