Solitude is an element for which bacon says that:

‘’ A solitude lover may be a wild beast or a god’’.

But as per experience it is wrong every person is sufferer of solitude because every person is naturally culcated of viruses of natures’ novelties.

Since I born I’m unable to understand mine Lord the creator who has maketh the whole universe and have written this story in order to template his divine idea to suffice the holiness.

The relation between the creator and the creation is strange enough it can not judge, it can not be fully understand this is the element which is beyond comprehension which can not be touched to the boundary.

But the person who begins the journey in the solitude to pay attention to the idea of this is hunger to know about him first.

The thirst of self knowing is obvious one who starts learning himself, his inner world he must be lonely because solitude teaches the sense of sensitivity to make invincible the invisible inner world.

To know inner world is not that impossible but to explore the loneliness there need to be mighty heart because human nature is against solitude. Human can’t live without gatherings social activities where as loneliness is like gadget like rock, like darkness, likes dead winter very cold and killing.

Being lonely no one consider himself lucky, infact condemn fate that why the rit is so? Why the being is so empty hearted and alone? Why the images are wage? Why the terms and conditions are so foggy?

Solitude is not science yet it explores the unknown world which demonstrates knowledge if one starts learning from it. It creates the arts of understanding to those who concentrate upon the specific ideology of it magnitude.

Solitude is killing sometimes when one feels missing, emptiness and hollowness in the air. Living place should be enlightened with the hope and socio activities rather than be wilderness.

It is commonly signifies that loneliness is depressing, solitude is catastrophic, it leads to darkness and emptiness, it creates hole in the soul, it cause virus of barren life, it will effect like rotten leaves spread all over around the life deadly to eat up the living objects. It is like cold wind of winter, it is like autumn that shreds in accountability most of the people is of the consent that solitude is a negative and diverting source where as it is as positive as it considers to be.

To be lonely is positive if one starts thinking the way it is…….. In life as per law of nature there are always the positive/negative impacts.

Few souls are powerful enough to understand the positive impacts of each of the vibrating emotion of the law of nature element else where most of the beings are the consumers of negativity and their approach of accepting things are pungent.

For example a baby starts speaking he easily utters ‘’NO’ rather than ‘’YES’.

By the law of nature a kid starts yielding his neck negative more early than sign to positive head shaking in action yes. So the as per the law apparently the loneliness is negative but it depends on the utilization of this worth.

If one begins to praise Lord almighty in solitude than it will become the ecstasy for soul and someone starts the evil doings than it prevails the darkness that become thickest day by day.

The motive to state solitude here is positive its impacts

Is also trust worthy it will be the art for artist,

It will be the thought for the write, it will be ocean for the drop, and it will be church for the praise worthy,

It will be the most interesting part of life of any human being having it if he starts searching the

Learning aspect from it.

The profoundness of thought of inner world

Of being to outer world is interlinked,

Ejaculated and depends………

Depends on understanding.

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