Chapter of Reflection


Further to be assist with this word that obtain and carry so many dept in it where there is so much insecurity where there is so many terms to understand but one who try to enhance and wish to achieve beyond comprehension than the most important, subtle and abstract term is to understand is personality either it would be of any else or of persons’ himself.

The mirror of the personality is very strange where there is so many pieces of tips some have dust over it , some have mist over, some have crack in this inner mirror , some have scattered pieces , some have broken sides , some have many reflections , some have supreme images, some have extravagant layers on it, some have only light ….only light.

The light of sense, the light of wisdom, the light of imagination, the light of spirit, the light of soul, the light of confiner, the light of goodness, the light of awareness, the light of inhalltation, the light of exaltation, the light of reconciliation between soul and body between physical & spiritual  dilemma, the light that instruct, the light that splash all  over with power of autonomy, the light that makes the water of tear vital, the light that makes the lining of dots,  the light of where a word makes a sense of sentence, the light that crawl ,stand on foot and than walk like a man in youth, that light that makes u invincible in will in appearance as well in reality, the light that knows no death, the light that live for ever everywhere hence where there is no physical sight can avail chance to make it earthly, no earthly not made for earthly never be among them never be along with but with the ethereal that not only suppose to be but as of beyond reach remain able to fly, fly above reach where there is worlds above worlds all are special seems to be drop but extreme in there origin the relation with and related with are all brilliant enough to catch all that wish to be catched.

The light that explain every thing positive every thing that refers to the peace where there is sense to live and to be lived but as to reality so many abstract people, figures and the personalities always deceptive very interesting all somewhat special but don’t realize their specialty. What passes in earthly beings?? And from which the earthly people go through?? All around the world, all around you, all around everywhere but what?? The rhetoric questions like these all flourish in mind where we start learning about the nature and all about the live faces and live books of peoples’ personalities. All over it is very vital and also very complicated subject to chose to read, write and to speculate. As sometimes the speculations become gigantic enough to capture their shadows and some times so tiny to observe. The absurdity of one thing that nature and its’ arctic and the toys all very multisource and multipurpose in observation and there are so many mingling munches and crunches in it. Can’t specify anything but must inhale what sight swallow though it would be poison or the dainty dish to taste.

Explanation of anything never is justified than how the explanation of personalities could justify?????

Never be because to decide something is something else and took decision is something else and to justify and the justification is soothing else. What would be the level of intellect and dialect that would be suggesting something that mark up the mind plus the mirror of the personality?

Personality is reflection of another man in a man which appears behind the curtains of ones fig, facts and figure. The mask of it would suggest something else but the behind the walls there would be strange colors that would not be easily named or differentiated.

Above all colors the superior one is white with the light of soul and with essence of love with the shadow of all in all power of imagination. left all are also special but so mingled with the appearance and reality that requires very delicate touch and minute glance to make acquaintance with because all other colors captured the frame of lining where there is approach of making walls thick than the thinner strip to survive in that world where there is thickness of this not acceptable.

Personalities are reflection of their own and some souls which have none of their own identity omit their black color that makes the outer layer dark and blue isolated and tough. And very few souls have their identity from the day of creation who if vomit out something that makes the whole world enlighten with the marks and numbers that couldn’t be count till end because they are endless and deep deep like green sea. The cold war between the shadows of personality with it is impossibly spear and endlessly beyond surface. The rough and scattered language of it causes nothing but sense of scaring the scar and the mask of the face itself.

To the boundary of soul to the boundary of body, from the bounder of sense to the boundary of mind, to the boundary of arc to the boundary of circle, from boundary of physical to the boundary of psyche, from the boundary of essence to the boundary of intellect hence from the boundary of sight to the  limit of reach all over there is chaos that has the tongue to spoke with thine who absorb not only fundamental elementary sense of touch but also the non blundered sense of touch whence humans and their all theories may glance in a word and explains the data in com in dot.

Person is a personal and personally figs itself in the frame where it differs and the difference prevail where there are rays to be captured and sometimes don’t be captured. There are types and categories catalogue in a way by nature where there units are equilent. This is environed in nature that the difference is very obvious

I have achieved one thing but what I don’t know this is the ultimate idea of being remain alone and desolate. But one being need to actives would be the ethereal love with the ethereal emotions which are only understand by only the beings who are best in assuming the funds and the expression of nature.

The perplexity of being alone but even every thing in yourself makes the personality wide and groom though gloomily enough but makes the sense that suppose to be higher and more probably the predictable and unpredictable sometimes that gives a chance to make a glance in a wider horizon .Preposprous people with the faces of double actions, dualibility and gullibility appears to be the negative all over in the ways but they remain in the sight of people with the and even in the sight of world that assumes the power and the agility of everything.

The velocity and the gravity of imagination 0nly flourhes when one try to assume the reality as it is but act in a way as instruct in fate. The readiness of fate and to read the fate is some other thing. The person who only under stands fate is destined to do what is rit of fate. But a person who read it and solve its’ paper is intellectual and filled enough to submit every thing in accord with the practice. Though no one can god because he is the extreme power who is ruling over and man is only human and never be god though try to become but not even can rule to it self. That neither is the misery so nor can never.

The history of fate and all the elements of it servers the supernatural factor that is disguised in many ways and that factor dominates all the way life. a person who starts believing in become miserable , a person who violets become heathen .a person who starts loves his life the fate irresolutely dominates him  yes this is fate more and more u want to learn u become the fable student of it. What exactly fate is????

Fate is a picture that gives u the vision of what u doesn’t and never be think of. Fate is a mirror like personality that deceive u somewhat with in the limits and sometime beyond the zeal of limits and that cause hamarsia.

Now to reach beyond this not as much easier but really very complicated where controversy prevails all over. That darkness of not knowing and the light beyond this for those who severs to their nerves more than that one can expect.

What is reflection actually????

Of life, of human, of light of the whole universe????

Its’ difficult to state very difficult!!!!!!

But the reflection of whole things all in all is the word life which serves in the same and violets the condition to get from out this labyrinth. The reflection is also like a labyrinth like life that catch one in a way that causes, reasons remain question.

The difficulties and the questions are the obvious for the life itself and for the reflection of it.

This reflection becomes clearer to those souls who dive in the river of humanity where there are only emotions and the feelings not specific of one but for all and equal.

Few ways are easy in this path but most of them are difficult to enhance even the understanding even with the base of it. Even sometimes fun also produce the fundamental understanding to cope with up the reflection of life.

This topic which is indescribable and in the same is a topic which is the hottest one in all the paths in all the ways.

The life is like a crimson art work that leads with the rainbow colors draw on it. What structure that could change the destiny all in all of whole universe any time.

So the life, character and personalities are interlinked and there is bondage between them that can not break away in any case. Like characters recognized out of there imbruted alterable nature that would be specified by so many ways, the way they act ….the way they explore themselves and the other elements of life to their minds. For personalities there is little difference because this is the matter of introversive, the conversation between the pendulum of mind and emotions.

Character can easily be understood by giving little concentration on the contrary to understand the personalities is not an easy task because personalities are maketh of psychology which is nature’s most complicated work .

To craft it, to crave it, to sketch it, to identify it, to observe it, to abstract it, to make it in contact ………….impossible to inhale wholly.

The worth of it is to explore what deceptive inside………….some personalities are domain to earth, some are roman by nature, some are great myth in themselves, some are neurotic, some are psychotic, some are spiritual, some are dual able, some are soft and light, some are stonesh, some are of foxy, some are passionate, some are satanic, some are nominated, some are verminesh, some are vomitic and rest of deceptive.

The reflection can effects when try to run from it the true sign of reflection is mirror or the picture in river that can splash the left image of figure though beautiful apparently but not positively in reality. When one maketh the image in mirror the emphasis of is definitely than the figure of him only. The variations though appear but disappear of the thought of just sole image.

The imagery in the world all around is very obvious but in so many colors  the calamity of which is obvious some times so dusty so rusty so risky so dual so cordial so changeable and some times just suffocated to frame only .

Character and their sketches all are very ambiguous and are deep slop of thinking where there is no path to walk upon accept just to dive beneath the surface,. The mind which only floats over the surface cannot possess the ethereal and fundamentality of the actual idea.

Where as the only intestinal mind can probe through …………..even that flash mind get confused and prejudiced but can judge well with the sight of sublimity with the consolidated product of thought.

the spiritual manifestation along with the harmony of thought , balanced fabric of conscience and the sight of living will lead the character to the status where the waves of the sea become the penetratable feeble and apt to make a voyage to desired place. Now it does not matter what this journey or voltage is for is it for the spirit or for the physic.

Now if this journey is to the light house than the personalities are directly or indirectly are the framework of the life the whole panorama of which depend upon the foot prints they follow all through they represents each and every thing from genre to phylum from psychology to the juice of marrow of bone.

I can not conclude the topics I select to write because they are ethereal and unlimited and infinite in their boundary so I could not reach so far even than with the spirit make hold my head up high any where with the staunch force, source and solemnity of my pen i represents that life and personalities are not the series of gig lamp symmetrically arranged but are luminous halo, semi transparent envelopes surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.

From the tales of barren leaves.

How personalities are pure if there be honesty if there be props and corns of wit in it, makes relation with life and universe and with all beings in the same as we wonna or not .

  • the essence of mine source of thinking and completion will never be attained and completed i think, because in this life and on the phase of earth, to be completed it is against the ethereal law of nature to dialect this essences’ it would be remain and ever since under completion even after tasting of death the journey of mine ethereal thought begins here after and even than I’ll travel …………………………. ( continued )

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