Reality is a Trap


‘To having things are easier then finding things’ to find something brings disaster many times but if the will is not fulfilled if the emotions not let it go that disaster even gives happiness, person feel solaced even then if there is no meaning in the thing he likes but because it is his desire therefore near and dear of his own and among the rest.

No one can change the rit of Fate even then some people tries for this impossible deed according to their will just for the sake of this phenomena that there should be things in their Lots what they want to have but fate is not the key in human hands that they can use it for their latch doors.

Fate brings changes to human’s life some times harsh and rough and some times amiable but itself has no value of these things because it can do every thing according to the order of Lord as he is the master who can do everything but there is no doubt that some things puzzle instead of knowing reality, he counts those unnatural things, which are made for only vain.

We have desire for fate and its games but it has its’ own even then he blames and doubted the thing and make certain accuses to pretend but there’s no way out of it because


It traps and then there is no escape. Escape relief and the bliss of having liberty and emancipation brings forth former and later desires of having deeds with the lust of human nature. Intelligible things and world beyond of human reach and out of his understanding. But the Blessings and favors of Almighty gives life and maintain its existence.

Fate is something which is made for humans and for their travelling of life, for their turn and burn for their ways for their life and death and it is a tool, a very precious key a flower in the hand of nature its petals are full of colors and every color gives ink to pen to write a literature and history of one, who want to smell this flower, those petals never fall which are rit and those fall which are changed by Lord may Almighty made this Fate, a flower full of fragrance which gives saint like qualities among many.

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  1. Kayo Says:

    That’s a moa-dbrelker. Great thinking!

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