Thy Gathering


Thy Gathering taking my life
Thy people conversation
Thou things immortal precious … Bring to me

I, My, Me, Myself
Moto today of common
Why my lusts provoke thoughts
Thou desire differentiate
That power I caught
Thou will give me the exceptional sentiments
This, the character of this act
This, thy calendar giving the dates of past
Thy past where no morals

Glorious Protector!

My sleep healing my wounds
Nor any one’s sympathy
Thy bliss, Only Friend of mine
Come and take my sufferings of others

Thy darkness of all nights
Bring to me the Shine, the Light that bright up
The Heart and Soul system

That brings me the largest scale of deeds
That fills up the sack of my conscious
And make me immortal in my deeds

Oh Lord, my Highness
Majesty of All
Give the spirit to live the life …..Give the Spirit

Thy Gathering,
Thy People — Taking my Life
Though things immortal, Precious…
Bring to me, Bring to me……

Thy Gathering.

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