Infinity Brings Lack Of Importance


For the sake of purposes and goals make Human stronger and energetic and give good/bad significance of life and its circumstances. Humans the crown of creation in Lord’s eyes every creature is equal but Man who is blessed with wisdom who is blessed with God’s acquaintance blessed with favors that gives humans the source and power of living.

And the most important things and goods and blessings of all are the purpose that makes humans respectable and acceptable in the sight of Allah Almighty.

Unique and intellectuals and persons with wisdom gain knowledge about their purposes and then give performances that make them admirable and talented actors on the stage of world.

They became the shiny stars that can rarely see but when they appear on the mighty sky they look different and special.

The specialty about them was not their shine but those important purposes that blessed them the shine among others that differentiate them. Lord made nothing for vain every thing has motive behind its originality some purposes are hidden as they made for hide and some are openly performed as their motive is to spread its shine.

But then we oftenly see the persons and the things which apparently looks useless. Their will be certain reasons but one the forceful and impact able one:

‘’Infinity brings lack of importance’’ and ‘’ Numerable seems probably useless’’ and ‘’Motives lies beyond the curtains when things divide mostly’’

In human existence multiple things and the process of becoming larger in number brings uselessness on today’s life. What Motives?

What are the purposes?

What are they?

Any monetary or the melancholy that spoils the human enjoyment the monster that make humans neurotic and psychotic as they struggle hard and hard unless find possibility and what the possible fact do not have apparent appearance for humans the believes that do not seen by humans that make persons serious and sensuous.

Aims and results of course waste of time……. Time is life you know it bring changes and persons adopt it and spend the life time as they wish and that’s right.

Enough of these unreachable phenomena’s and persons beyond understanding — Related with same other world where the strange creatures live we are not strange that we adopt the crucial motives (The World Speech). For an instance if this life remains for ever what happened to results.

There are certain things beyond understanding of this world lasted for ever like this the purposes and Aims, Goals and motives flown away as there no results sheets no remarks no meanings nothing and the drape insignificant the temporary world became the place of Time beings. Thanked! There is end of every thing.

Almighty made End first and the Finish Line and the things belong to it first then this unspeakable, undeniable, unsourceful and unreliable world and the seed of origin that gives start secondly. Few persons recognize the reality as it always bitter and give the power and anchor of Truth, that bring closeness with creator.

Today purposes are not strong enough to catch the goals to find the way to will because persons and humans are in debt and doubt with life as it giving the possibilities and as Time preparing the non- wisdom people with its source of giving so much grains to human’s skull, therefore and that is why humans the creatures whom Lord love most and blessed enough are in insanity and in drugs as they forgot about end.

‘’The day to meet Almighty with results brought by the sustain purposes that give Sadat or Sakawat in the End.’’

They will have blessing of Lord or the punish that gives repentance for ever….. Forever there no one to save anyone but the good purposes through which the ‘sake of having God’s will’ the real motive fulfilled. Persons are in grief in trouble in present time and in life as they do not thinking about end and the results.

Satan is playing with humans, giving tricks and gambling with human wisdom doing magic towards person’s path and hide the true motive behind his ugly and meaningless dice using device which apparently seems the purposeful but in reality is deceptive and deceive things and good have no value no meaning they are nothing but smoke the bubble that soon lasted even with unfixable touch.

Almighty Allah may bless us with the favor that lasted and give respect and importance in End. Our purposes came in their true significance. Then we have the real and original crown of reality and truth towards the head. This is the sake ….. For the sake of nothing but beneath that have meaning.

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