Aggressive is Progressive!!


Living is not just a mere chance of acting the best in the trial but is possibility to achieve impossibilities through uncertainties of a certain plan to grow , to sow, to reap, to fertile and to make what actually does not seems to be.
The power and the thinkable adjustment which comes from human mind that this thing as it is a bit need change and it ought to be…… This OUGHT TO BE is the taking the chance of human intellect in a direction of struggle at once and to roam about in all areas to achieve the direction of will.
Undoubtedly, the achievement comes to those who stay innovatively productive, imaginatively active, emotionally passive, intellectually motive and finally progressively aggressive.
Progress is sometimes very gradual process, that could be far away through the obstacles and substantial realities and one can be on the track and should very consistent unless one can not gonna make it.
For such level the persistence, preservence, consistency, calmness and patience are the major keys to be on the road of progress. The slower the journey on this road is much safer and ultimately whatever the set goal would be achieved will be in results long lasting and sustainable.
The steadfast progress may leave the loops these gonna be in the weak edges when one could expect the best of best. At that level it’s just kinda holes in the success that would seem to be near but far from the point.
The best thing we ever do, to hunt our own consciousness to the scale of veneration, and this level is not that easy, infact one who could reach to that level is actually the aggressive soul who attains the progressive consciousness.
Focal point is rather than to be so vulnerable to situations, the adversity of maturity lies in admitting, crawling, adjusting, understanding and veiling the natural vicissitude to the glamorous outside to the innocent inside.
Search is a quantative quality, and aggressive may progressive in it with the aid of superlative degree of invade invention of spiritual enhancement. Adhering the scrutinize identity for oneself the set ground of goal may invest human effort in true direction to confront realities. No matter what the fate plays or set the unpredictable planned investments to the human life consequences the one who stay aggressively consistent be objectively progressive in all sorts, thoughts, aspects and respects ………..

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