Vicegerent of Earth -Part 5


World organizations has made and the thesis and the regulations has been invented and manmade laws has been bestowed even than Nation, Skin and Difference remains the same and more over the major cause superiority. Decision making, might is right attitude and the categories 1st world class countries and living beings, 2nd class and finally the 3rd world living beings or objects you might pronounce as they treated to be the same as objects.

THE DISTINCTION IS THERE, still and getting worse, politics is the foul game nothing else than that. Money is the problem for which humans are fighting? Superiority complex, hatred …….. Wah? Or ironically enough fighting for peace on tragedy land?

This topic is destined, based on destiny of Mankind, and it’s all about how the story of man begins and how it ends. It is well elaborated by the Holy Quran and the Last Messenger (PBUH).

It is not the religious impact but because of the realization of Truth and Knowledge which is authenticated and deeply versed. Just thinking and the enhancement are needed. The verge where the world and its existing Nations stand is difficult and thought provoking. It is calling the third biggest and worst situation of war as cold one is going on already among all the nations through mind ……………….. And few places are physically suffering as well.

What we ardently need is the thought of act, thought of action, thought of gathering, thought of compulsive, thought of templation, and thought of ground reality to have True Vicegerent of Earth; the one who not be ashamed or burdened of the severe acts, deaths, assumptions and consumptions.

Need Vicegerent of Thought, need Vicegerent of act, need Vicegerent of control, need ……… We eagerly and amiably need ………………………… Need Voice of Vicegerent, perhaps might assemble need Messiah ……………………….

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