Vicegerent of Earth


Niaab is the word used in Holy Quran for the Adam before his creation and it was decided by the Creator to make him the Khalifa of the Earth. Why man has chosen for such an honorable designation? Because of the Knowledge he had been taught before assigning him to that designation or because he has been created with that purpose. It is said that Man is master piece of creation, the crown of creation, even than scientifically an animal falls in mammal’s category.

There are lots of sayings of the beginning story of Man’s life on the phase of earth. Science or mental scope of man researchers said that it is from the matter itself, as per Darwin’s theory originated from Ape, some say from a single cell of life bubble etc. Religion never misguide it explains for the better enhancement that Man is created being, a master piece of Creator, as Man is not only a piece of flesh but he has many other scales that are yet to believe by some of the people even today as they don’t want to understand. Consequently, Man is made and designated as ‘Vicegerent of Earth’, though the fruit of Knowledge introduce death after having thoughtful breath, thought that Tree blows the tragedy of Life and expand the branches of sorrows and grieves…..

‘Vicegerent of Earth’ —— The Man master piece of Creator —- Living or surviving —– Alive or dead —– Make so ever —– The story of Mankind—- History of history — Chapters of chapters —– All narrates but still hard to elaborate ………..

Life not that much easy on the phase of earth as it was in Heavens for Adam. Adam is made up of clay with soil, this mud which has been melted with the water and hereafter with that muddy clay the scripture of the Adam maketh by Creator. Adam was at once get life when with the command and order of Creator Soul has to be entered in Adam’s body so that he can Listen, See and speak and can measure, analyze and prevail with logic all around. So do the Eve, a beautiful and wonderful creature a woman, created from the rib of Man, as companion, as partner, as life mate, as fellow being.

Woman is not created from foot of Adam that can be enslaved, nor created from the head that from the originated source may consider superior. Woman has been made from the side rib of Adam so that be loved, honored and the partner of good and bad times. Be treated the part of the soul and body so that compassion of companionship will succeed.

(Continued as Part II)

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