Vicegerent of Earth -Part 4


To compare the past times with the present is not a sane act as so many changing’s has been occurred already. But what if we will compare the past times humans with today’s …… any difference? Huge and hell of difference. Everything has been changed and keeps on changing rapidly therefore it effects upon all the elements of life. So if we compare the past human with present human it’s just mere a combination or composition. Human has been always liked that good and evil.

Evil try to enhance more and more and somewhat have it whatever they strive for, evil travel far more fast than Truth. Evil travel s a lot and get so many easily be its follower where as Truth just try to tie up the lasses.  Question is not to discuss the Good or Evil, but to have thesis about the Human, about Man as the Lead and as in a lead role.

If man got the position, strength and has the power of persuasions than why he just be the self senses and self consciousness conscious. Just himself the cynosure and the conductive and other others treated to be salve. To be empower, embellished and strong in the decision and to rule or overrule the similar beings.

The history governs and gives evidences for this. Kingship, empires and imperialistic approaches all are the prove of this Man made Will and its circus. To rule is important as nations need the governors and the statesmen but how to rule is an art. How to be the part of humanity and how to serve them at best, as the leader of the nation is not the leader but the servant and the guider. But is not a hilarious joke these days? Yeah it is truly.

There been many wars and battles among the people and nations on the phase of earth, some of them are known and literature has been maintained upon such wars and tributes had given to those worriers and some of the wars have not even calculated to be remembered. In the scientific developing Era humans been through two major huge World Wars, those war has given birth to rigid and physic trembling literature and finally when human heart was tired of it a soft gesture has been vindicated and a jury or specific community decided to maintain the World’s atmosphere and environment as it is our collective home land.

(Continued as Part V)

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