Split Personality – Several Role as one – Part 5


Split personality is inter connected with the mental storm of the personality, so far it affects the way human think , have structure in their mind along with the emotional balance of their outer envoi mental behavior. Human mind and skull  not yet been understand completely so far it has been study it elaborates so many plunges and the connects with the outer world and the behavior, atmosphere, grooming, environment, nature and its source and the community; social circle to whom he/she belongs.

Disorder brings disaster in any case, if a desk is not well maintained than at the time of need if a single pencil is needed to note down something it can’t be located easily. Similarly the mind is, if the proper data not stores in the proper column it will create mess. If sub-conscious will be awake to the limits and grounds of consciousness and unconscious reacts with other two or one, human physical body, his behavior, his emotions, his reactions will be affected very easily.

Human is Lord made machine, it can be only control well if the sorts and the life strategies has been designed the way has been elaborated by the Lord Himself, elsewhere not believing, not just accepting the logic, mind just scroll human consciousness as well to the underground dark world of his own mind where he can’t come outside, even after lots of efforts. The concept of darkness and light is also itself lies in the inner world of human stamina.

Mind is the most hyper-sensitive, effaceable, prolifically gentle and the most vitally a nutshell of human existence. Human invention is majorly caused by the Awaked Mind, although it has respectability of unawake as well but at that stage one part is on the peace side, on a temporary off side and the other is on the active. The Neurons in any case work, that control. The decision making or ruling area of human structure is strongly the Mind, which delve thrice parts and each of them to some extent prefer Control. It is commonly seen that if the body get affected of any disease it is not that harmful or sustain that level of limits than the Mind.

Human Mind has limits of patience and behavioral structure, so far if the outer world speech or sudden happenings or undesirable accidents appear, human mind reacts. People who got mental disorder like they just lose their mind and become mental they have been or their mind world caught in a specific maze where they just not even forcefully get out of it and it will affect all the body all the actions. Even an educated professor can convert into just a damp cellular being who knew nothing but just to react.

So far there are different reacts of different situations and happenings which are mostly not known by the blind eyes of human but unconscious is the unseen, sleepy vague memory where the whole fate description has been restored for an individual so far, to spend life as earthly being. The sharp mind got such intimation and work out consciously whereas who does not pay attention to the voice of unconscious world of their own mind they just caught up in the mind made labyrinth.

‘There is no enemy of human but his own mind, that pretend not be but it is.’

People who caught up in comma, they are just a kind of dead ones in our living site, sight but they stay alive, they listen, they feel, they just been paralyzed but they just live the way their mind decided for them . Mind is the source; it might be that so many people will not agree upon this that split personality is may cause of unconscious world’s dilemma, or some desires which are hidden deep inside the mind of the person what they want to or want to do but they can’t in real consciousness due to some behavior or emotional restrictions but during sleep they can. I consider it a part of split/ dual personality conflict.

Not to reveal but act. So far each human has the dual personality conflict to the level. The major level which is so high of this disorder is mostly explained by so many senior psychologists and psychiatrists. But the minimum level so far I have assess in common people, their pretention of their inferior and integrity complexes and so far sometimes superiority complex as well, due to the unlike atmosphere and grooming structure, so far excessive deep thinking, hyper-imaginative mind which can just make a plot and can assume that everything happening in front of them .

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