Debonair Aura


      Knowledge is to stay alive all the time. What are originally you, no one can snatch it. Knowledge is to spread, it has charmingly natural spark to wide spread its range. The concern that actually falls in this reality comes to know variety of aspects and different entities to bind with each other.

      Compatibility is one sound effect that causes logical reality into existence. Into existence there are lots more to dig, no matter what one has done already but yet more to dig.

      Fake comes with the genre and with the artificiality generosity that lead nothing but timely charm. What captures, has some thing now this something is worth capturing or worthy to be inclined to should marked and marketed differently.

      A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom…… Wisdom reflects experience and beginning of life is of delight because it is carefree from the sauces of life … Her after we get the sauces to deal with them ……..

      Seed of knowledge …….Provoking fruit of knowledge….
      The theme of life actually relates with so many hidden aspects that could rise up the identity with the passage of time, generosity is one product that could lead the way but good things comes to those who wait; who move on with the consent of perseverance, resistance and endurance.

      Near by things never seems alike from far away. And the sight or glance of product from distance is something else. Distance and distant realities are equally sound, equally important. Importance of equality is white rare dove which balance the peace and harmony.

      Element are the biggest thought provoking entities but they are just the part of nothing when there is no caliber of enhancement.

      Affable is the stance that took by wisdom, wisdom is not the up bringing aspect of intellect. Wisdom is divine, wisdom usually blessed and it comes from the light of truth and knowledge. If the world around all the same then why raised up environments been differentiated from each other then why the people are different from each other?

      Evidences are implemented in life and in its all major courses and evident is the reality that AURA is one major part which actually differs and every being is callipered in the Aura. Transgressed or engrossed all the beings are clipped to this board…… Clipped to this board.

      Debonair; suave Aura is the Divinity, is from the major works of Divinity.
      Aura’s are different, variety of beings around have their own light and delight of the given Aura, though blessed or though not but they have multi linings for the Aura that differs them from others.
      The people of same Aura’s are the collected beings, are the collectively collective and selective people once they are together they provoke more light and deeper circles being the living creatures……

      The people who are enormously different from each other’s they provoke negative layers for the Aura circles and there remains no affirmative response ….

      What we extract is from many natural products and one of the strongest parts of life is the designed Aura by Nature to each creature …….

      Knowledge is to stay alive all the time
      A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom……
      Seed of knowledge …….Provoking fruit of knowledge….

Renunciation & Resurrections


Speech : Culprit Is You My Heart

    Culprit is, you my heart!! Yes you my heart, you created the world which does not exit, you made the world which not exists …. Observe and absorb your stance, the stance that makes the experience sojourns …….

    Culprit is, you my heart ……Yes you my heart …Culprit is, you who read and write for and sake of destiny be made, you are the board for destiny, the board that explains what destiny up to for you ….. We are culprit to our destiny not to deeds these deeds are seeds of destiny ….I

    n another words destiny seeds the deeds …. So what we play is the cards’ role ….

    The role of cards is bestowed not been selected, never choicer by us, never choose by us luck the fate is when been alarmed or been asked from the destiny being ….

    Culprit is you my heart, yes you my heart how much your abortion in you …you are just a piece of flesh

    Always lead your heart, always follow your heart it will never took you wrong it will never blemished you if you the heart is true and truly passionate and enfolds with true emotions…… Follow your heart ……
    Thy is the asset ….. Though you are my culprit my heart as you created the world which does not match this apparent world …. But your given world is all beauty, is all the charm, and is all the heavens …… Yes you my heart you are the friend you are the foe, you the sign of sign the soul’s demand …. The soul’s command …

    Culprit is you my heart!! Yes you my heart you created the world which does not exit, you made the world which not exists …. Observe and absorb your stance, the stance that makes the experience sojourns …….

    The seasons are subject to life and death, Nature is subject to life and death, Universe and universal all products are subject to life and death…..

    Life and death is the major circle here in this world of transformation, in this world of termination, where one comes another go …. Another comes and the later go …

    We are not the culprits of our deeds … We are the culprits of our writ of fate…. We are the culprit of our destinies ….. Where these waters stay perhaps the central place is the Heart …if one source to be most focus to blame …..

    Yes you my heart …culprit is, you my heart you created the world which does not exist ….. The clash of your given world is vice versa you give the picture of Heavens here I deal with hell ….. You have pitcher of soul …Here I have the broken mud pot …….
    Culprit is you my heart, my friend my foe, my centre, my focus, my and myself…..Culprit is you my heart ….. I sojourn the journey I made, or I want to be through, let me sojourn ….

    Change is subject to transformation and this world is full of it, here birth is important but rebirth more important than that, the concept is psychological as well as spiritual but true …Transformation is vital….. Opening of doors, one to next, next to next and to next …..

    Culprit is you my heart, my friend my foe, my centre, my focus, my and myself…..Culprit is you my heart ….. I sojourn the journey I made, or I want to be through, let me sojourn ….

    Culprit is you my heart!! Yes you my heart you created the world which does not exit, you made the world which not exists …. Observe and absorb your stance, the stance that makes the experience sojourns …….

    This world has fundamental reality of birth and re birthing, Renunciations & Resurrections ……

    What is Renunciations…..?
    It is mingling one same product with one same or one different product with different…

    What is Resurrection ….?
    The alive considered or is dead and then gain rebirth by nature, by instinct by force, by law, this Psychological rather than logical, this is Philosophical rather than rational, this is not methodological at all.

    Even then it happens by the differences, the seasons live and die, the light live and die by prevailing darkness, Day live and die when night approaches, Green leaves live and die when get yellow and rotten and so on this journey…. Travel starts from one edge to another live and die … Similarly the Human Nature, Spirit and Soul live and die in vertical limits…… We daily sleep; we die temporally and then survive….

    Daily the human muscles live and die new one generated when old one dies… One sheep die the another produce … The other produce the later die…

    This is the law, rule of thumb, no one can change it but this has change in it when renunciations and resurrections of new and old things been collective.

    We are forced to deal with the ‘underworld’ of life – the part of life that most people tend to ignore. The person confronts death in various ways – usually on a psychological level.

    (No one dies even a millisecond before their allotted time.)

    Sometimes there are near-death experiences with this transit. Generally people attend more funerals. There is a need to cope with – to come to terms with -death.

    The purpose is to lose the fear of it. So many of our true hopes and aspirations are blocked by the fear of death.

    A Child cry when get first breath in the world and this is considered positive sign for the live started, we cry when some one dies and took last breath… At both stages the fear lasts, level out To and Fro …

    People fear success, or the achievement of their heart’s desire, because somehow it ‘seems dangerous’ – one could die in the process. So, learning to deal with death will help us to live our lives in the now and in a better way.

    The heavenly bodies are signs that rotate and they have certain houses and poles to describe of bestow the details to humans physical realities …. Such houses/Poles of realities not only deal with death, but with its corollary – resurrection. And, after what you’ve been through, resurrection is in order.

    This is something to study then to apply to life. We see resurrection, renewal all around us all the time. Nature is doing this all the time. One day ‘dies’ at midnight and instantly a new day is ‘born’. The old year dies on December 31 and instantly a new year is born. In the winter the foliage dies, but is reborn in the spring. Let us not mourn the dead but, when confronted with death, let us look for the resurrection and renewal that must follow. Life never dies. Only what is born, dies.

    Rebirth is actually based on thinking, Renunciations & Resurrections subject to thinking process and to aspirations level. On a more mundane level, this is to get involved in detox regimes of all kinds. A time for getting rid of all the effete, useless material that clutters our lives – whether it be in the body, in the home, in finances or on the mental and emotional level. Old, destructive emotional and mental patterns should die -just as viruses or destructive bacteria in the body should. This is the death that gives new life.

    The end justifies the needs, the ends justify the means, the ends subject to needs, deeds and ultimately to means all are subject to one focal point and then to spread wide …

    All of us in this life die every day and live every day our first breath die to give birth to another and this what is happening to all other aspects, Yes it is certainly happening.

    Man is an amphibian beast six times role in one; this is what actually refers to same soul and spirit. This soul which is arrest in this mud pitcher is full of light but lives in darkness … Light only explores when the darkness been known and darkness been only seen when light been know…

    So the speech begins or ends culprit is you my heart, are you ….. Are you my heart? You made the world which not exists, you created the world which is imaginary, and images are for the perfect soul that holds nothing but everything …. But this everything is not possible henceforth because nothing lasts forever here …..

    The culprit is none other than you my heart you created the world that conflicts with this …… The culprit is I this heart full of such intense emotions …..

    This is not the mountains we conquer but ourselves …. I conquer you or you conquer me here at this stage? Culprit is you my heart …..

    I conquer you … Or you conquer me ….

    Culprit is you my heart ……
    You created the world which not exists …

Sinking Hole …


    Holes are narrow and the narrowness is not appealing, hollow and shallow are the characters that make themselves the holes. There are people who are like sinking holes. They themselves become the sinking holes inside in their emblem of emotions and so they vibrate the same layers to the other.

    There are questions in the world more than answers but sound answers keep the peace in. All questions are not but answers and all answers never fit in to questions. This world is a question for one who understands and quests the answer right, can get the treasures of meanings. Meanings for nothing for else but actually for the self existence.

    Self image is the one reality and self existence is else, both differ in variety, two halves of the same coin.
    Self image is the core identity of any being, the diligence, grace and beauty is the instinctive weakness and essentiality for this image else where it creates the dissatisfaction that wide spread and vibes to other images and damage the impression of expression which is essential for the existence and breathing bodies.

    Self existence is the not that one could be existed or created the frame of breathing or performance himself but the main concept here is that self existence is the realization of the self identity in the specific frame of practical role that been bestowed to the human for the performance of the ground level.
    There are lots of religions in the world all consumes the version that command the line to hold for the betterment of human existence but if holding the limits are not the part of human practice than there is no religion that can work for the human diligence and grace.

    Proof of the realities is out here in this box of universe where the intellect is subject to I-Q box which itself is the examination. Here the Learning is the Earning ….Earning is Learning ….

    There are lots of questions and every question is not answerable….Answers are less to all the questions …Questions to believes are illogical because question of belief is out of the boundary of believing or holding any favor of faith . Intellect never works to believes, intellect is out of the ring where comes the wave of believe. Many questions and answers to none …..

    Self image is important which creates or controls the ego of self, positive ego should stay maintained in any case it gives the identity in the frame where confidence may sprang but the negative ego is just nothing but the fire on water.

    Self existence is the fatal if one try to be the controller on ground breed, it is something bestowed and controlled beyond intellect just act the stated, just perform as mentioned in the script the script which is directly indirectly related to fate.

    Characters are what their internal frame been constructed in adsense of their self image and self existence. Characters are sinking holes when they counts outside for the others and stop the counting for themselves for the estimation of their own rankings.

“The closer I get, the more I see how far I am.”


Truth of truth is as true, as the reality cores it. Definite is nothing when nothing is definite therefore whatever human designs it contains something but what perfection is, out or circles though it may be the target but this is one thing that can never be achieved. Surely, perfection is only suites Creator’s work and it is only in Creator’s work.

Man made world is what copy of copy, and it reflects the same image as the carbon copy does……One of the most exact happening is that if the closer one gets to achieve the perfection, the more it becomes how far from it.

Sometimes it happens to the will of will, it happens in all aspects of life that one desire becomes instinctively high and achievement of it becomes more far than reach.

It becomes, it happens and the reasons are just the human conscious efforts but the truth is unconscious stay more demanding, commanding and more rulling than the conscious. It has evidence or so but one can experience and who experience can teach can express.

The chemistry of understanding this clause is simple if one can conclude that the jumping things never be the own ones, they always full of deception and deception is the only beauty that allures charismatically, what it actually does leave one heart with emptiness of desiring for nothing ….

When heart be empty of desiring nothing, nothingness fills the tracks of life with uncharm solutions. Charmed and uncharged solutions are similar as the desirous product and undesired elements of life that just be the part to travel with heavy loads. Never be the same the two opposite entities as the happiness and sorrow …….

If happiness be the part the rock is also the sign of standing high and if sorrow the heart full of, than the rainbow lights are also be mere a deception appears for few seconds and then gone by……

No matter what it stays like moon in day light too but no more in sky just for human eyes so the reasoning to decide the deception is outside in nature or inside calculative ……….

Whatever be inside world is more enhancing ….So does the eyes of human and the world of human eye which contour, converse and conflux ……..What perceive inside the conception may have the ways outside, similar as the imagination inside itself innovates outside….

Such complexity is the sign when …. Closer I get, the more I see how far I am to the things I desire to obtain the obtained, I’ll be obstinate to get involve to but they jump onwards to make my age travel on the track till I get to the thread of end spot … ..

Perhaps they are just for the teaching of lesson get closer and see the distance or travel cutting distances and get closer to watch the another distance and the another distance here after ……..And so on and this journey be finished one day ……

The jumping objects are subject to deception, deception is the beauty of alluring charm, this charm is youthful for the heart but preventing from it is the maturity which never comes unless deception rules, roles and revolves ……

Nothingness is not the purpose, nor it is something which is the revealing moods but it is truth somewhat when desires become dead due to the rotations of the unexpected heaver situations they create saga; Indus saga ………

The one most strong reasoning the things are not made for me will never be mine if they are not in my fate they never come to me, and even the rusty dusty or prolonged dead objects that never my thought even perceive can just roll over me very easily as they are for me and similarly even the shining star be mine,

If it is made for me, if it be in my fate it comes to me ………..

Where as the feelings are feelings and if the desires are so weird than why they exist to allure, to charm to overrule that one try a lot to gain them but when ever get closer get nothing but distance …..

Closer I get, the more I see how far I am ……….

On The Wings of An Angel…


    What you do is in your Nature

On the wings, the white wings that can carry me as easily as the morning drop on the fresh green leave ………
Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than that, it exceeds the earthly standards, worldly aspects and its extension brought …..

What I would say no earthly humane feelings but they also exceed moreover than, yeah more than that and more than anything and more than everything ……………..

Wings are the fascination, fascination of my fascination, I been always fancy them if I would be a bird I would be much enhanced of this fancy in real that is pleasant experience of flying in the air while having the ecstasy as the life’s need, life’s way and life’s routine ….

Possibly it was possible to see the world while flying, possibly it was alive and dead the same, it was alluring and weird the same, it was pleasant and ugly the same, it was of happiness less and full of worries and miseries in same instance ….

What you do is in your Nature ….Truth is that, and true is not the statement but the depth of it that what you do is in your Nature….. Instincts never be over fluids or over flourishes but they could be when they are subject to Nature’s capture.

Now the nature capture is of various aspects but the keen one is that nature itself allures and dominates what the instincts and the consensus consume they perform the same. The extract of nature may perceive or conceive by the outer source of nature or might perfume or illuminated by the inner source, the perception directs the actions and conceptions maketh them willeth…….

What nature can do, it just does …….sometimes predictably and most often unpredictable it does not even alarms for the certain catastrophes but it has its own count ability full and final in totality.

There are signs …..Even in bearing the worst tragedy there is enjoyment of instincts of nature, even killing self in gaining self through worst there been also hidden charm of instincts of nature.

Flying on the wings, cling with the twins and watch around in the air with watery eyes weak eyes though it’s charmingly risk but has its own taste of instincts of nature. Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than that……Fascination of fancy it is keenly important for sane and even for insane.

Sane charms it in senses where the conscience expand and consciousness recalled what nature sounds, voice in and the same one get aloud whereas insane has no boundary of senses the foundations and limitations crossed, fired and exceed to the level of nature that nature will not communicate or conversate through curtains but by the character himself…………..

Wings, white wings, an angel wings and the flight over such wings kinda like to see, to hear, to taste and to feel nature very closely, nearly and dearly. An angel is pure, innocent; the innocence which does not know the trap of sin and sin is not made for an angel to commit, an angel is orderly being, the being who took the orders and be submissive for the actions as stated. An angel is by light and light is to spread. The spreading has the power to rule over; the rule is what subdues of what be….

So the selection for the pure innocent aspects is easy to be on the track and be consistently absorbed with their magnificence of it that beautify each day, each moment they glory of it could rise up to have the flight over the while wings of an angel……Woah! What a dream I have had though with the open eyes or while fallen asleep ……

On the wings, the white wings that can carry me as easily as the morning drop on the fresh green leave…..Flight over those wings was near to ecstasy and more than that….

    What we do is in our Nature…. What you do is in your Nature….. What I do is in my Nature….What Nature does it is in ITS Nature …..

When Time is Counting On… Self pointing on ….


When time is counting on me, it is the worst of situations among all …yet the best and worst of all sequences because when time is my competitor I never compete at best, when it comes to time it is creepy it can linger or could be faster when it come to my abilities to compete time.

I always give up not because that time born to win but because I always feel at good when I lose in front of time because time has the skills for the ages and all the ages and for handling all the characters of the specific dimension livers.

When time is counting on me, it is the worst of situations among all…. Yet the best…
Truly when it comes to face the facet of time and its’ favors than it will be the most exciting of all the aspects but extracting anything from time favor would never stays and time is the unicorn of change……. When time is my competitor I never compete at best because unicorn may exist in such unshaped of shape of time …..

Time has bad habit of winning over all, time is conquerors many because time has the skills for the ages and all the ages….. When time is counting on me, it is the worst of situations among all….Yet the best …

I do not condemn time for what it did, or does….I just try to debate what if it could be worst in all ages and what could be even more worst in all times of times … Who lives here forever? Of course no one…Nothing lasts forever….Nothing

Yeah nothing even this conqueror time one day will die, will rest, will stand for the rank of justice….. It will meet the change of course, the change of duty and the chain of death …..….. When time is counting on me, correctly time does count, what will be the way of time for each character it could be different …..

The philosophy which is love of wisdom or love for wisdom, what wisdom prevails? What wisdom veils? To veil the hidden the philosophy insertion is the biggest of truth to catch the enquiry about the unseen realities …
Like Time is unseen reality but it exists and its existence is not only strong but most powerful in all unseen existences …Well don’t interpret that it is more powerful than Truth no not that but it is nonetheless lower than rank …..

Time philosophy is the deepest of ocean pearls so far to reach there is not that possible but if could be than the wanderings are there and of course the soul astonishment… Astonishment is one key element which is associated with the time and its steps for the human world’s handling…..

Time connections with the self and the acts, actions, inactions, interactions or reactions both are parallel to each other they could be luckily balanced in so many aspects but most of times the age of time always stays strong in the enhancement. For the assessment time is pre-destined to be being and pre-destined in appearing. Time is pre-destined to act and to trace, to stick, to hold, to be stony or be so fast ….

Time is pre-destined reality, time is pre-destined truth, time is pre-destined destiny of its own, time is pre-destined frame of art, time is pre-destined knowledge that spread the unicorn wings all above and beyond, time is pre-destined destiny, time is pre-destined of fate and Time is pre-destined as Time, Time is time reflection to itself, mirror to itself, Time is self….Self is time..

Time counts on so does the self counts on ….When time counts on it compete and allow line for competition and when self counts on it also acts the same…Self measures the to and fro movements of pendulum of time and time teaches how self enhance its mathematics to be analytical for the thesis of life.

For self is a sea boundless, measureless, countless, limitless, timeless, frameless, chanceless and soundless ….. For self is what everyone and everything …For self is someone and yet no one…For self is nothing but everything….For self is nada but even then the whole of existence…

For self is from light to light… For self is a journey …Is a journey to light, to Truth…to Ultimate… For self is a destiny, for self is a destination ….But self journey is more worthy of destination but destination sounds the proof of the journey in existence ….

For self is pre-destined of self, for self is pre-destined of time frame ….For self is what self demands, what self desire, what self wants, what self hire to be, what self does how? For self is pre-destined ….. Pre-destined as the Willeth of Creator …

Our God, who art our winged self, it is thy will in us that willeth. Our Creator maketh self the soul to be recognized to be submissive, be prostrated and to be bow towards none other but to the Creator…..

Those selves submissive are the successors, are the conquerors, are those who conquest no wars, no battles but conquest themselves against their desires do not of worth and worst than any appearing war or battle… Those selves who are submissive…

For self is the destiny of destiny of its own sake…For self is a sketch what Truth design, what Knowledge beguile, what Light invent ….For self is self like time is time and destiny is destiny ……..

When time is counting on me, it is the worst of situations among all …yet the best…… I always give up not because that time born to win but because I always feel at good when I lose in front of time……..

Time counts on so does the self counts on…… Time is pre-destined reality……. For self is pre-destined of self…… Time is self….Self is time…….. Our God, who art our winged self, it is thy will in us that willeth…….

A Barefooted Muse


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails….

Explore, Dream , Discover, anticipate, assess, quest, search, find, state, write the stories you know, you perceive, you conceive, you listen, you act, you imagine and do write the story of heart of pure soul.
Listen to the voices of heart, listen to the air of soul, listen to the salience ….

Yeah salience has very strong language … Listen to salience and try to understand what wisdom demands what sane deserves ….

Listen to salience and speech to salience, the salience taught what the words never did, never do and never could….Listen to the salient that it creates the flute of music for the life that could explore and awake the virtuous and victorious in actions.

In the depth of your hopes, desires, acts and actions lies your silent knowledge of the beyond; salience can make you believe to achieve. Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

What comes to the salience is the joy to estimate the salience with its presence with its existence that could teach oneself for the both majors presence and existence delve in self. Self is surely the countless and measureless vertical and complex limit of limitless and of time of timeless.

Existence is mirror to presence so does the presence is mirror to existence both have the reflection in darkness though and also in light and when their reflection not be seen it could be felt by the one who seed the salience in heart, salience in conscience and salience in consciousness.

The reflection of thus of that watery and oceanary mirror be seen by the awaken eye of the salience listener, salience speaker, salience writer, salience painter and the salience is though art of art and though artist of its own type very precious of all jewels. Those who worth, they worthy of that existence and presence in shade…

Salience is barefooted for those who even feel the bit of it, it is muse of interesting discovery of a journey that could lead to no ways new but the exploration of unknown aspects of own self that could never be awake of hidden in the deepest core.

Salience is barefooted muse, unseen prostration to unseen upon faith, and if faith be staunch then the existence be everywhere, presence be everywhere, serenity of salience be everywhere if nothing be here or there and everything be the part of nothingness and so does the nothingness as everything…..

The footprints of bare feet are there, the chaser is the one who must hold the sight not just the eyes, people hold eyes yet they stay blind, what be the must for prostration is the sight that hold on for the preservence and for the surety of salience.

The artist is that, the artistic creativity is that, the alluring charm is that and the magnetic qualities be in it when it be absorbed, when it be observed…

A barefoot muse salience of a salient edges, of salient leaves, of salient trees, of salient stand mountains, of nature though or of nature’s major controls as time or fate. Salience of fate is the peakest of ecstasy and salience of time the weakest of ecstasy when one become strong the other be weak and one is weak the other be strong and whence both are at the scale they made the salience be prevailed …

The prevailed salience is the veil of the identities of realities; the veiled salience is the consciousness to the prevailed salience, the former is the lead the later is seed both are and both ways layers the essentialism of fundamentalism and the coverage of hidden to unhidden and unhidden to hidden …Unhide the hide and hide the unhide code to life of salience and to the salient souls ….

Get the peace of barefooted muse of salience for the self as if it be the conqueror than no other conquest needed and no other conquest be the charmer of soul ….

A barefooted Muse ….Salience as the performer, salience as a character, salience as an actor, salience as salient and salience as salience ownself what actually gives worth to speechless words ……………

To Be Continued

A Drop in Ocean ………..


Drop in ocean of this tear adds the serenity to mood, intensity to soul and this drop though mingles with the waters of oceans but even than remains indifferent, now it is the part of the waters of oceans but how it could be recognized or differentiate from the other infinite drops of waters? How it could? Even the person who has the keenest eye to differentiate can’t even search the dropped drop in the ocean….

Confrontations, prostrations and confirmations for the claims are rare but they are vivid in their depth similar like the depth of oceans……

Roam the world around, walk the world around but where the feet stairs that be nonetheless the level of oceans, how thoughtful if the oceans could has the staircases down to the depth so that one can walk through ….. How thoughtful if one could see through the transparency of bluish or greenish ocean with the seen eye with the naked eye similarly the way one’s face could reveal … How thoughtful …

What thoughts if they bound so miserably, what if they slay or slave?

But in reality it is true that magnetism of thoughts are very powerful they can in a second slay or slave…. If they slay they didn’t even release time for the last breath and if they slave they didn’t even release for a time to time for the sign for the self … They… self is out there …..If self being slay or slave the self is just like the drop in the ocean that just be vanish and impishly mingled with the oceanary waters ….

Thoughts are just like way, though way in or way out…They are somewhat… what the self is ….Yeah the self where as the consciousness made or made consciousness explore or reveal by the times of times with the mirror of fate ….

Thoughts could be mirror, the magical mirror where one can see what wanna see and sometimes sees what could be extension to the reflection of the thoughts, the beams could be profoundly astounding ……The rays of light here are none other than the innovations that could be in the companionship to the thoughts …….

Thoughts…..positive thoughts are themselves the Essence to reach up to the peak of self and depth of self whereas negative thoughts just travel among the crowd and crowd nonetheless benefit the self but it effects the rays of the essence and light of the soul to be reflected and covert into the shine that ruin the beauty of innocence.

Drop in the ocean is not the tear that becomes the part but it is the drop of thought that could be the special to be the part of oceanary waters…. All the waters are not the pure of the essence but sometimes the rare drops are ……

Drops which are by instinctively intense and intensively spirited is actually the birth of thought ….Thought and thoughts are the rare jewel and productively insured progressive unseen yet forceful element that drive the intensions to the actions.

There are various kinds of thoughts that can tame or could be tamed by the actions of humans……Powerful thoughts tame humans to the innovations of imaginations and imagination is actually the ecstasy in action of thought….

Imagination can do what is impossibly possible, imagination can tame even the unhappenings, even the unconditions, even the situations and uneven situations and even the circumstances they be the way of fate rule and the way self’s will (desire) wants to ….

If Lord not blessed the imagination of perceptions than that human be the empty box of darkness, a dark room of emptiness and hollowness. Than human can run the show less show to the satisfaction of inner world and to the art gallery of outer source of crowd ……

These are the treasures of treasury which is not found by the commons, the thoughts those rule, thoughts who approach to the knowledge of ecstasy, thoughts who sound the realities in the frame of life picture, thoughts those could hold inspiration for the achievements and the thoughts who are themselves heavenly are in fact the essence are kinda like perfume that exists unseen but allures and charm the existence over all.

Thoughts of thoughts and thoughts are thoughts the corner of them invite and invent the imagination the room where the darkness enlightens the light and where the light lit the inflamed candles …..All possible there ….all possible …everything possible there…every every thing when it comes to imagination …..

Thoughts, imagination, perception, inspiration and self soul they are the crown of the seat, the seat of a crown….Yeah they are the powers magical, magmatic, magnetic, agnatic, lunatic and possibly fanatic….. Whatever be they are incredibly fantastic and fascinated…their fascination never empty the spirit, never leave the soul… once they did the life is gone …..

The morning drop seals in the womb of shell that be the pearl and such pearl are stays in the womb of shell after millions of thousand years when come across for the precious one and this drop is no more the drop but the pearl, but what actually the pearl …..It’s none other than the drop …the drop ….

The drop of thought to the oceans of life is also the precious pearl same in existence but deceptive to eye… keen eye gets the sense, the sensibility to explore to peep into the identity of consciousness…when it comes to the chapters of consciousness it is appealing, revealing, approaching and it needs an age to define the waters of oceans.

The drop of thought in the ocean of consciousness is the charm of imagination that fascinates, dominates and illustrates perception in the outlook…..When it comes to search it develops its’ own ways and quest makes the haste, haste makes the waste and sometimes waste also creates for those who has with in need of admire the creations as creature and they be the creative as instinctive being.

Thought is equal to such drop which be the part of ocean once dropped in it and the thought which deserves to be wave as wave never measure by its existence but the pure thoughts have their own presences equal to the physical realities or physical natural beauties ……

The imaginations of thoughts or thoughts as imagination all are not but few are vital and precious shells they bear pearls in their mouths….

What thoughts if they bound so miserably, what if they slay or slave?

What if these thoughts take up in the flight near to the heavens, and what if they took another of the corner, what if they bring to the epoch of light and what if they brought to the epoch of darkness, what if they took to the history of existence and what if they prevail to the generations hereafter …..

These are the thoughts which grow, which saw, which reap, which exists and they turn into realities if one’s will be to them….They revert back if they would be cultivated ….

All toys are not for playing and play with toys the sense of thought required even the kids make plot for their playing, even they make, create and fabricate the stories for their play and their intensions and thoughts cleanly and clearly reflect in their toys movements …..

Drop in ocean of this tear adds the serenity to mood, intensity to soul and this drop though mingles with the waters of oceans but even than remains indifferent…….

What thoughts if they bound so miserably, what if they slay or slave?

Slay the thoughts if they are not intensely and insensibly pure, slave they if they are high in spirit of desires, create them if they are lost indoors of consciousness, develop them if they can and add color to life, share them if they be the motivated enough to draw attention of others towards the purpose ….

Draw them in all aspects of the picture of life so the frame and the outlook be the positive and be the significant ….

Be a drop of ocean but the precious one that could rise and get birth in the womb of shell to allure the world by naming the pearl …..

What thoughts if they bound so miserably, adhesively and wisely….

What if they slay or slave? ……..

Out of Castles….


    There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the Fate Eternal ………See out of castles….
    The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed….
    The lamb…the shore… the ocean…the door ….. All are out of castles….

The reflection you see in the faces of others is proof enough of the happiness you bring them. Arrogance from others you ignore with a calm attitude but warmth you absolutely adore. There will be a lot of that coming from different quarters.

You may even have to fight some of them off, but things can’t get better the way it’s looking now. You will find it very easy to follow your luck today as there is a wonderful feeling of something unexpected in the atmosphere today while you mingle with new people.

You could be at your peak today with this glorious life style beckoning to you. The reflection you see in the faces of others…..

There is always a silver lining there, whenever you see the reflection the same of the mirror of reality while roaming the world while watching each faces, while exploring the smile of faces and while travelling with in travelling …….

Out of castles there is huge world of wonders, mysteries are obvious there the flying birds spreading the magnificent inspiration whenever shore their colorful wings, outdoors the air, the blowing wind, the greeneries, the high peaks, the beautiful mountains, the land of peace, the land with magnificent scenes, all are out of castles…… All are

And I want to be out of castles of royalty to the moderate life, to see all the Nature bestow to this world and I want to feel the Divine Essence of the Divine peace all around the universe, I want to count the stars while laying on wet grass in the midnight and then recount them again and again so that I can associate my emotions with them ………

I want to be a moderate …….I want to be a common layman to walk around to carry a stick in hand and touch the ground and tap my feet on my heart beat melody ………

I want to be out of castles to know the world and to catch the butterflies in my soft palms and then see them with staying in my palms for a while and then let them free, this can be only enjoyed when I’ll be out of the castles ….. I want to dance while showering in the waterfalls, walking softly on the soft transparent stones……..
I want to be moderate ….. I want to be what my imagination alarms me … I ought to be the cheater of my fancy…..I want to be an imitator of my own precious fantasies……..I want to be what I am and in same instance what I am not ……..I want to fly, fly and fly above the highest mountains and to sit on the top of branches to see down, to see around, to see up and above the skies ……..

I want to be moderate, though the excess is my demand, though thought access is my will, me and my demands, me and my desires, me and my world, me and my all fullest fantasies……….

I want to be what the want made up of ……..I want to be ……..whatever my thinking emerges in the character, I want my thinking character to be in physical, the character that may link with the instincts and dive in the oceans of knowings ……… I want to be moderate, though the excess is my demand; thought access is my will ….

I want the want to be free for my free will….I want the want for my will for my will as the will of the magnificence roams and rare around ….I want to be out of castles ….. I want the transparent colors my colors, I want the colors of colors with in all the colors … I want to be moderate… I want to be out of castles ……because:

There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles….
The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle….

What if I’ll be out? Tell … though I am royal but I am the same as you Nanny and I want the day out, out of these castles, these huge walled castles associated with my birth and associated with my origin, associated with my youth, associated with my limits, associated with my boundaries, associated with my barriers, my grooming, my whole growth, associated with my orbits of happiness, orbit of cynosure measures, associates with my circles of breathing and even associated with my upfront onward destiny and of course associated with my death……

What if one day or few I just spend the way want be free in? What be?

Though my age is dominant and elder’s dominance in experiences, I accept but you guide me that all my belongings and longings they are partial partner connotation to the imagination?

My fancy is just subject to fantasy or you do think that all my speech is just the curiosity or courtesy of the fairy tales you use to… tell me or the bed time stories make up my mind up this level of fantasies………..Tell Nanny?

(The Royal blood the young girl of very delicate age with growing thoughts, with cultivated innocence, with suspension of intensity of knowing and with spirit of exploring spoke and spoke individually non-stop with pause to have all the answers at once, to have all desires fulfilled as she practically sees for the Royals everything is easy even the unpredictable life which never be friendly with the layman)

Nanny you went out there how you find the rays of light and the ways of light? How you find the wave of air and the breath in the air? Is it the same here indoors in the castles or differently free or emancipated? How come? Tell ……….

(The Nanny is the most polite woman, very lovable more than a mother more than naturally older not by appearance but by intellect. She loves the Royal child more than her own because the face, the soul and the girl’s wisdom and purity is the most gracious and most precious on the phase of earth …….

The Nanny promised the Royal child on her special day to share all the major experiences she knows about the life and what her two older eyes see and the Royal girl’s young eyes didn’t yet ……)

The day comes. And the royal girl is so desperate to know all the knowing that fulfill her imaginative consciousness…..

The Nanny know about lot of life and life’s rolling tracks and she can open the window out of castles to the delicate girl by her profound realistic speech but she infact wants the girl remains the same as she is presently she knows the girl more than herself as her older eyes has all the visionary powers that the young eyes don’t yet even than the young eye’s visionary powers can’t be unestimated or can’t be overestimated ……….

Now this was the time to fulfill the vow which the nanny did with the innocent young girl to advance her in her knowledge, she was hesitant only because of the fact that the royal bloods never sees through the holes of cloth of life as the workers do, she sees and watched her growing she knows it’s not justice to make the girl so wiser and older before the time and before her age and actions demands.

Nanny wants that the girl remains in the same frame, and watch the picture of life from the same wonderful frame she does all the time while awake, while sleep, while playing, while talking, while walking, while thinking and while every attribute of her living levels…….

Nanny was wiser and older she begins with the story to advice the girl …..

She begins my dear you know the story of Rose and Lily? The girl so utterly No I didn’t.. Nanny said Hmmmm alright so my sweetheart you would like to listen? She said of course but it seems kinda like bed time type story ….. Nanny said hmmm so it seems to you like that … She said yeah ….

Nanny smiled and see deep inside the light green eyes of the child and she realized that this time the wiser tricks and resolutions will not work as the girl is brushed with the realistic approach to know outside of the gates in a direct speech……

Nanny took the chance to be elaborative in the eloquence of direct and realistic speech now she said come my royal majesty sit comfortably and tone your ears, sense of listening and power of hearing to the pitch of my words and voice….

The girl affirmatively submits her expressions and actions submissive to obedience and sweetly demands the statements that fulfill her charms of imagination to the wiser intellect.. .. She sits dearly and nearly to Nanny and smiled the way the joy of joys are over whelmed

Nanny says, my dear whenever I see you so closely my heart gets the peace from your presence, my innocent child the world you see through your visionary eyes are the most fabulous and full of hyper Excellency, the universe to whom you belong is the higher in ecstasy of ecstasy and it has the scales of all the luxurious aristocracy my majesty’s royal blood demands and deserves ……..

The life beyond that especially out of castles unfortunately does not seems the destiny you are enjoying inside indoors of castles. The life out side is full of yellow eye, full of jaundice eyes and full of uncolored cloth of character.

The life outside of castles is a character that is splited various in personality and has the darkness half of the side and second half with dim lightness. The character that juggle with the tricks within and resolutions outside, a character which walks and yet stays still and when stay still then roams around the world in seconds …….

A character who believes to rise, rise and rise until the lamb becomes the lion …. A character that may be destroyed but cannot be defeated, yet destroyed many times in best of times and in worst of times and yet defeated in best of times and the worst of times.

Time is timely prayer, timely player time knows the movements of orbits, time knows the ages of era’s, the era’s of millenniums an surely the ages within ages of millenniums……

This character is all in all what can enhance, what can pretend, what can describe and what can dive with in self, the shelve of self is secretive, very secretive, very majestic and charming but inside the box the jewels of realistic ornaments are not the jewels that can be wear or access so easily.

No they couldn’t because these jewels are as I said majestic their rays of glitter may astound and may take the human breath and human sight away …… I will not deny my innocent child that,

There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles….

The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle….
But the existence does not fame the reality unless the reality exists itself as a character, this happens when the miseries be the hand stick, tragedies be the clothing and catharsis be the hand bag to carry to save and to hide.

The Royal girl’s light green pupils were stuck and stay still when she heard such erotic deep words from Nanny her charms of imagination kinda like getting the another aspect of rays that open the wide up doors in her consciousness of the consequences of directions and she was observant and introvert now compelling and comparing the words, sentences, thoughts parallel to each other, it seems that her mental capability hands the scale and her intellect trying to stabilize to create, to quest and to make the equilibrium in both ways of learnings …..

The girl stay quite but her eyes speak out of curiosity and sign to have more of sentences that could not be unsentenced her mental natural resources …..

Nanny as usual instinctively high enough always guess all the onwards happenings out of her experiences and her rare sense that could not be conclude in any appearing sense ….. She said dear you asked me,

‘Nanny you went out there how you find the rays of light and the ways of light? How you find the wave of air and the breath in the air? Is it the same here indoors in the castles or differently free or emancipated? How come? Tell ……….’

My dear the rays of light out of castles are not showered with purity as they seems to you indoors of castles though the rays of light are direct but they have many vapors that evaporates and rise various spirit at once, in instances the light rays bring the different senses, consents and awakening knowledge which is different for the mother to child and child to mother, from father to son, and son to father, from sister to sister, from brother to sister, from friend to friend and from man to woman …..

Each ray of light has vapors, vapors that evaporate, that consummate, that conversate and that teaches the signs to those who emerge their characters in sense of emotions and sense of touch of life…..

Life out of castles is wholly the curtain that opens to the new stage of tough performers, performers who work hard to realize their own abilities to travel the journey of life road outside there …….

Performers who stay in spell of their practices they make the justice with the performance and the performers who watch others for the acting caliber they lose somewhat as they depend and shows dependency over other performer to credit own….

The quite performers are the best in act attribute, the talkative performers are best in deception of their deceptive often speeches, the performers good to watch and connected to the protagonists are the performers play jess with hide and seek technique……

The performers stay watchers they count on time, they count and count until they reach to examine the counting be the right, the performers bi-side leaves the stage and appears at once they are ironical and ironically captured in the mirror of untenured and untangled ecstasy…..

The performers who brilliantly admire the circus of courageous daring performers they are the characters who provide even tongue to vague mirrors and the clear water of rivers maketh them the mirror that beholds the beauty to the watcher …..

The life out of castles is a huge stage all the performers are unready to ready play their roles with script or without script. With said dialogues or the situational dialogues…. The actors and the actresses all are with characters though with their own or though with the splited gowned …..

I may die hundred thousand times over your innocence my child your young eyes are visionary they are full of life, full of life that have the colors bright and charismatic. Your fantasies are not double, they are not falsified, they are not impure, they are modest and add on your charm of innocence but dear the world around it is in orbits known or unknown schismatic and in captured in the bottle of chauvinism.

There’s the high attitude of supervisory and superiority toward other living members and on the contrary the complexity below the complexes…. The personalities out of castles are not majestic my majesty they are covered and complied in complexes, perplexed in complications and complicatedly incomplete …… The completion is out sourced…..

(While answering to the girl the wiser and the older Nanny calculating the expression of young girl as well and she apprehend and appreciates that she is sharp headed to get all the lines she is drawing for the painting of her speech to the majestic girl’s sane question ……) She shortened her words now on while prescribing that my dear though,

There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles… The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle….

She continues and adds, when it comes to ways of light, my child the ways are also the double of double, all the performers use them for and from their means of earning whatever their wills sword them and lay them the same…..

Few are bright in their ways of life who conduct the Truth as their light here and above it makes the way itself clear and bright to follow and the rest sale the faith for the appearance purchased believes and the purchased objects are surely for sale to next, the objections of critics of those signs and objections of criticism…..

Subjects are none objects are millions, subjection is rare in extension and objections are double in millions to raise the tool and lead the blind black sheeps with broken sticks ……

Wave of air is fresh yet polluted my daughter, polluted that fish can swim in air and bird can dive in waters yet they survive on the art of killing and upon the natural law that tiny gulped by the giant, lower is to serve the highest……

No the outdoors are not the same indoors, out of castles there are castles of sands, the castles of waters, the castles of air and the castles of shells, they can be easily defeated and easily enslaved …..

Out of castles are the hands trying to restore waters in palms as sanely it can’t be stayed there as water as liquid knows the skill to never stay still……. Out of castles there are the hands who try to catch the sands in the palms despite of the fact the sand also has the same quality that it never stays or never have the command of will from the humans …….

Out of castles the world known where the beings just like the same we are with two legs, with two arms, with two eyes, with five senses and with one head but their aptitude towards the life, their gratitude towards the life and their attitude towards the life is not the same you absorb my dear innocent lamb …..

My majesty you have the answer now make a justice by your sane intellect though outside castles match the life of yours? Do you apprehend the speech I made on your demand? Have had I convinced the philosophy of life outside castles to the psychology inside of castles?

The Royal girl who was as still as the stone, as still as the ice berg, as still as the autumn fallen leave, as still as the statue made in a specific gesture and as still as the aged mountain or aged tree trump ….. She blinks her beautiful deep visionary eyes as during Nanny’s speech she didn’t so that her vision with open eyes may not drop …. She smiled strangely and said,

Though your identifications are much higher in stream and the stream of consciousness there is like oceans of oceans, I am glad to have share a part of your sight that could lit the candle mine stream for the contrary direction for which I never thought earlier but I am more glad of the fact that you agree with:

There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles… The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle….

Both two character’s debate is extraordinarily prime for the knowing the directions, dominances and dynamics of the life notes…….One extraordinary imaginative inspirational and other is over realistic both are the keen characters both have the stream of consciousness, both are the essentials, both have the connotations, both are right in their consents and both stimulate the book of heart in their own individual way, each page of book is interestingly profound, everyone has different quantitative qualities of expressions and impressions ….. Each page of book never stays in memory but the messages do:

Rise, Rise and Rise until the lamb becomes the lion….. Dive, Dive and Dive until the Aquarian is the ocean and species be the livers …….. Walk, Walk and Walk until the child becomes the strong with legs and mount the mouth of giant …..

    There is always a silver lining there ………Just to search yours make the fate eternal ………See out of castles…
    The sight, the white, the seagulls sublimed ….All are out of castle…. Different modes of imagination, parallel scales of life and various meduim of thoughts ……..

Shoring Oceans ……. Salient Edges !!


Riding on the horse is a fascinating experience and it is enchanting so far that could ride on the nerves on human to tame the most faithful creature as a rider. Similar is the inspiration to fly in the air, very alluring and magical experience for sure again similar as to dive in the waters under control of nature and swim to fulfil the spiritual magnetism connected to the waters.

There is deep, unimaginable and amiable relationship and connection of human soul, human mind, and human consciousness with the waters of oceans.

Nature is kinda like mother, which soothes and nurses and nourished the creatures to the original peace and calmness in search of which one can wander around. All the alluring Nature images are the face of the charm of Nature. The charm of Nature is undoubtedly charismatic and it’s connectivity to human needs and human gravitation sources are obvious.

Nature expresses the mood through the images invent in the shape of natural signs and symbols, and they are one of the most powerful, alluring, deep, unfathomable, uncontrollable, unpredictable, unconceivable, unprocurable and untraceable in the mirror of realities, may discover as waters , as the sea, as the oceans.

Water is often used to symbolize things in literature. Water is a universal symbol of change and is often present at turning points in a story. Since water is often a sign of life, many times water represents life.
Water can also be broken up into two categories: fresh water and bad/polluted water. Fresh water can represent good health, and bad water symbolizes bad health. Water can also mean purity and cleansing.

The Ocean is a sign of power and strength, dominating all other symbols of water–due to its immensity. All life was ocean-born and life still exists in the ocean; therefore the ocean represents life. Also, the ocean represents mystery.

The ocean is known for being unpredictable and uncontrollable, hard to navigate in time of storm and sometimes known for being beautifully calm; always at its own will unknowingly, unblended, unclaimed, unlaced, unwanted and unhooked …… Sometimes, the ocean is referred to a place where you leave your bad memories, melancholy, grieves, sorrows, and sadness…..

The ocean is also known to symbolize hope, truth, and in some cases, mystery of treasures, surprise and magic. The ocean is the beauty of Nature’s unknown aspects that revealing yet unveiled and mysteriously transparent yet deceptive…….

Now nothing in this universe as universal truth which is not deceptive, every and everything is deceptive, this deceptively is actually the receptivity and acceptance of the knower, of the quieter and of the louder.

The immensity and intensity of the emotions where oceans are mentioned are very abundantly profound. The oceans shoring are the most fascinating in Nature’s works, this creativity is the mist of most astounding reality.

The surfaces of the oceans and the waves over the layers have their own idiosyncrasies, the waves those abhor and absorb the gravity of life that can mould, with draw and can even has the quality to direct fanatically and abruptly the ways of fate.

The life over the surface is immense, the life under oceans are even more universal truth, the underworld of waters, their exploration, their living uniqueness is Creator’s creation of creation, creation as creation, creation over creation and creation with in creation.

This whole world full of signs and symbols are all in all, is the emblem for the crown of creation Human’s thinking and human consciousness to renown and to perpetuate in a sane way of intellectual demonstrations to explore the universe and its’ all the aspects.

Though it is not possible to gain, to enhance, to adhere, to acquaint all the aspects of Universal Truth because Nature and its all creations are limitlessly huge and immense just like oceans. As one drop fall in ocean it becomes the part if it but all the drops which make the ocean can never be countable.

Now it is the dependency or the dominance of the consciousness either be the a drop be drop in ocean to be part of ocean, or the ocean’s waters that sustained from ages, the ocean’s waves that could astounds, allures and captures or be the ocean itself.

The consciousness is though that kinda ocean where a character soaps, surfs, swims, shores, makes noises enough in shoring yet stay salient when same wave touches the edge, the shoring wave up to and until to shore lives and dies, think and invent, breathe and sound, watch and touch ………….

The personalities, though the hidden, though by appearance they are immense, few of characters are undoubtedly are very deep same as ocean. They actually camouflage their traits to be somewhat, to ought elsewhere and to wear the livery that be with the badge and batches of deception.

Serene Skies and bright blue seas and transparency of waters of oceans all in all are deceptive. The deception is so far not negative term any more as it teaches the core lessons in that way that could never be enhanced by any other means ……

The shoring oceans, salient edges, the rocks those stays still the rocks those allow fall flows to touch them and crushed their rock bodies, the blue creations, though skies, though oceans, they all have the deception, they have the immensity of soul inside and outbound reality…..

The emotions associated with such emblem (Ocean or Sea or Waters) are the best example of the intensity, immensity and the depth of expressions. Now emotions need expression because emotions with expressions are kinda like dead shells engraved under water graves of gravity where there is no door to outside.

The expressions for emotions, and emotions for expressions both are vital for the impression of the frame of picture of life though they concerns with the Nature of Universe or though it connects the living beings under the universal Truth, it’s all about the mingling of transparency of pure drops in the waters of oceans.

The magic of expressions are charmingly alluring they can hold on even the disasters of oceans be there ………Here on earth in human world it is all about to make understanding with the Nature and it’s signs one who does actually instinctively high to catch the Nature’s sounds and Nature’s unhidden melodies they remain always sweeter in their attribute …….

Here on the earth in human world, it is proof that oceans are the major aspect of life though it is mysterious as the life itself till death and even the life after death and even after that but grace of all these realities are the observance of the decent and pure hearts full of oceanary emotions and momentary expressions ……

Yet the observance and prerversence taught the ways to shoring ocean and such virtues tendencies lead to the salient edges and they have their own myth to describe own doctrine to be described to ages ………….. Shoring oceans and salient edges………

Tendency and decency of such core realities they are truly emblem as the instinctive and intensive Ecstasy and when it comes to Ecstasy then it is itself the pot of serene waters where one can mirror all the purity in the image whatever the imagination draws ……….

This life is the ground of existence and it is extensive to another life and it is important therefore it leads and connects to unseen, unhidden and unheard all existences extensively connected to each other…….

Shoring Oceans till the salient shores, till the salient edges both ways are the intense ………strangely connected though strange but even acquainted ……. Shoring oceans, salient edges.