A Barefooted Muse


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails….

Explore, Dream , Discover, anticipate, assess, quest, search, find, state, write the stories you know, you perceive, you conceive, you listen, you act, you imagine and do write the story of heart of pure soul.
Listen to the voices of heart, listen to the air of soul, listen to the salience ….

Yeah salience has very strong language … Listen to salience and try to understand what wisdom demands what sane deserves ….

Listen to salience and speech to salience, the salience taught what the words never did, never do and never could….Listen to the salient that it creates the flute of music for the life that could explore and awake the virtuous and victorious in actions.

In the depth of your hopes, desires, acts and actions lies your silent knowledge of the beyond; salience can make you believe to achieve. Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

What comes to the salience is the joy to estimate the salience with its presence with its existence that could teach oneself for the both majors presence and existence delve in self. Self is surely the countless and measureless vertical and complex limit of limitless and of time of timeless.

Existence is mirror to presence so does the presence is mirror to existence both have the reflection in darkness though and also in light and when their reflection not be seen it could be felt by the one who seed the salience in heart, salience in conscience and salience in consciousness.

The reflection of thus of that watery and oceanary mirror be seen by the awaken eye of the salience listener, salience speaker, salience writer, salience painter and the salience is though art of art and though artist of its own type very precious of all jewels. Those who worth, they worthy of that existence and presence in shade…

Salience is barefooted for those who even feel the bit of it, it is muse of interesting discovery of a journey that could lead to no ways new but the exploration of unknown aspects of own self that could never be awake of hidden in the deepest core.

Salience is barefooted muse, unseen prostration to unseen upon faith, and if faith be staunch then the existence be everywhere, presence be everywhere, serenity of salience be everywhere if nothing be here or there and everything be the part of nothingness and so does the nothingness as everything…..

The footprints of bare feet are there, the chaser is the one who must hold the sight not just the eyes, people hold eyes yet they stay blind, what be the must for prostration is the sight that hold on for the preservence and for the surety of salience.

The artist is that, the artistic creativity is that, the alluring charm is that and the magnetic qualities be in it when it be absorbed, when it be observed…

A barefoot muse salience of a salient edges, of salient leaves, of salient trees, of salient stand mountains, of nature though or of nature’s major controls as time or fate. Salience of fate is the peakest of ecstasy and salience of time the weakest of ecstasy when one become strong the other be weak and one is weak the other be strong and whence both are at the scale they made the salience be prevailed …

The prevailed salience is the veil of the identities of realities; the veiled salience is the consciousness to the prevailed salience, the former is the lead the later is seed both are and both ways layers the essentialism of fundamentalism and the coverage of hidden to unhidden and unhidden to hidden …Unhide the hide and hide the unhide code to life of salience and to the salient souls ….

Get the peace of barefooted muse of salience for the self as if it be the conqueror than no other conquest needed and no other conquest be the charmer of soul ….

A barefooted Muse ….Salience as the performer, salience as a character, salience as an actor, salience as salient and salience as salience ownself what actually gives worth to speechless words ……………

To Be Continued

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