Obsession and possessions to hold on something special or something apparently seems special to some one leads to lie of deception. Deception is rapport with lie hidden with truth and deception is rampant; it certainly flourishing unchecked.

    Truth from lies is a biggest discovery we come to know when we interact with the characters. This brings shock either amusement, truth discovery brings wonderness somewhat.

    Complicated are the roads for the inventory of simplicity and innocence these days. All are disguised. In this Era all truth and essence of goodness all disguised as favor somewhat. What apparently we watch and been through is all about deception.

    We saw mirror and we always come to have the left angle in the mirror there is no right angle in mirror. Mirror speaks the verticals of deceptions. The hidden truths remain the same with universal realities. Beauty of nature allures in light but in dark it wonders and ponders the evil around.

    The emblem of good and evil, truth and lies, reality and deception all framed together. All connected each other. A hidden source of power for the great is the study of the past. The lives of wise and successful men and women are like buried treasures of wisdom. Great good fortune comes to those who unearth these valuable treasures by applying the lessons of the ages to current events.

    Universal truths are all around; watchfulness is the key to achievement. Emotions are not tangible yet they are most powerful in source that can support to live or reason to die.

    How we define the relationship with SELF, with YOU and OTHERS.
    Strange is the myth once but now is the truth, self relationship is the most complicated one, since it always curtains the hidden wars, self war to conquer self. Once self has been conquered all other aspects just sterotype, sequenced to or swapped to adhere.

    Self is DA VINCI; it has secret coding, most of the times even an individual does not know the hidden mysteries deep inside the oceans of self unless internal world been kicked sourced or external set backs indulge an individual to be sharked deep so ……. Shock, sudden, salience, solace, sublime symbol and sign prevails the reality on work. It brings truth from lie and lie from truth ……….

    In such universal time, self has many decapitations and depictions, it is evolving, and it is traveling so on and on. It has manage images for a an individual soul and character than so far it has many other hallucinations and holograms for the out source surface to interactions with others.

    If SELF disguised so than how we can define YOU?

    SELF to mirror is actually YOU. In considerations to this there is no way out of own threads. Only one being is enough with many interpretations and multi-dimensional images. SELF is DA VINCI ………..

    Truth is external indulgence, must for the instinct of survival, gain, seeks and to learn all such terms are always out sourced themes where as direct synthesis attracts most.

    How much differentiated the world of SELF and YOU?
    And how much the world got difference from You to Others?

    Truly enough, huge and massive differences ………..
    ‘Self’ is DA VINCI, ‘You’ are supreme and ebb and flow of both immediate for both ……. Others are the interactive reality ……

    Human mind is labyrinth for sure but it has numerical athletes to understand the complications. Nerves system is the most interactive of all and it is actually ruling. The human of current Era is much aware of the science of knowledge than the ancient times therefore can avert, advent and event better than old times.

    Since, key to knowing is indulging the mind respective to practice and this only happen when an individual took liberty to develop the confidence provided self effort. Hence, beneath the surface there are many world ahead worlds. What counts really, is searching and see through things reality from superficiality. Truth from lies, light from darkness ………

    The big charade with confidence is that it has nothing to do with the comfort of what we achieve and everything to do with the comfort of what we don’t achieve. People who are confident in business are confident because they’re comfortable with failure. People who are confident in their social lives are confident because they’re comfortable with rejection. People who are confident in their relationships are confident because they’re comfortable with getting hurt.

    The truth is that the route to the positive runs through the negative. Those among us who are the most comfortable with negative experiences are those who reap the most benefits.

    It’s counter intuitive, but it’s also true. Often we worry that if we become comfortable in our failures — that if we accept failure as an inevitable part of living — that we will become failures. But it doesn’t work that way. Comfort in our failures allows us to act without fear, to engage without judgment, to love without conditions. It’s the dog that lets the tail go, realizing that it’s already a part of himself
    Self, confidence and realization of both meant a lot. Human psyche revolves and evolve over it and against it and under its umbrella …………..

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