Divine Design …. Destinations ….


      A human is a human is not a wolf, but a friend ……. Fate gives a chance to re-evaluate your views of the world. …….. Do not let success ruin you.

      Success is one reality which if maketh the person invincible to some extend it also ruins, because everything is vice versa. One quality is itself the disquality. The disquality itself dissolves somewhere to some extend as quality.

      Though it is complicated enhancing one power as in one direction, because multitude is the universal truth. Universe is huge and high it is tempting but not easily attainable …………….

      Objective is one core reality that set to be in center or to the ending point in fact this is reality we always finish there where we started, we achieve nonetheless nothing but what we actually assume and perceive through the emptiness or darkness.

      Solitude is one reality that teaches the soul to be inactive to the worldly or materialistic courses, enhancing the power to be purified towards the eternal goals.

      Life here is of certain truths beyond uncertain truths, the truth we realize about the physical reality it might be…. … it can’t be applied same for the spiritual quality. Quality over quantity …. Quantity over quality…….

      Quantity as quality and quality as quantity very rare combination …………

      The soul having no shape but the same body designed ……………. Design is Divine ……… Divine did the design ….

      Copy of Copy …………That’s what we do ………… towards the destinations ….

      We don’t design our own destinations but whence the one did, he/she can get the fiercest fate upon the earth because designing destinations is the Divine Act…….. Divine Act is not actually fate but in fact the dead lines or blank lines that to be filled by Will …..

      Humans are what they been made of and they are what their fate derived them too.
      The core point here to mention is that destination is actually stretched form of objectives that should be align by will of human, to reach at the set destination is the matter of strength … The matter of courage on one’s part because it’s not obvious that the one virtual being think off the others perceive the same.

      The perception level is the scale which is immeasurable and invincible and it depends upon the human mental caliber of observing and absorption.

      Truly few are exact in their perception level rarely upon the wisdom level and experience they gathered through their life assessments.

      Give a try, you will realize that perception is not practice but gifted element to those who wander and wonder the realities beyond objectives.

      Here the perception been described because destinations are somewhat connected to the inner soul and its understanding towards the actions outdoors. See we have eyes door to inside and window to outside vice versa ……….

      Design is Divine ……… Divine did the design ….

      Success…… Objective….. Solitude……Life…. Quantity…..Copy ….. We … Core …. Perception….. Solicitudes over the solicitors…… Solicitors over solicitude …..

      There are no results when there are no objectives……

      Destinations are not name to completion; they are ending of one phase to start of another ….. Phases are subject to change and change is again is Divine Design …. It comes any time and stays to any longer.

      Ways are different and magnitude of ways never defines how the destinations could be lead to heavens or to another way ……. Ways are ways but if the way is directive to destination one can never be lost in between.

      Believing that way to destination is vital to assess but in end it never been discussed what you have been through but seen how the extreme and splendor the success is.

      Success is also vice versa, earthly success may associate to materials, money and gains but spiritually is scarcely different, converted in thread two fold. It’s not easy to explain the spiritual gains but surely they are associated with the values, morals and the practice based on Truth and Reality ….
      Destinations should be like heavens, that could be only when we think twice to act and we implement in action only what is correct and authentic …………

      Destination may perceive to those who are higher in wisdom ……Wisdom blessed to those who transparently act upon Truth ……..

      Blessed are rare, rest should practice………..

Bemoan Character


    Express discontent or sorrow over……..
    Lament …….. Over loss of innocence ……..

    A positive aspect of event the most difficult obstacle is that it may cause a person to turn inward, and gain greater depth and character. While the ignorant bemoan their fate and seek to blame their problems on others, the wise seek the cause of the problem within themselves. Through this type of introspection, obstacles become a means for personal growth and self-discovery. Without air resistance, no plane would ever fly.

    If you are facing temporary obstacles, try not to be overly concerned. Obstacles are a part of achieving every goal and furthering every undertaking. Setbacks and reverses can affect morale, but keeping up your self-confidence in the face of challenges is part of a successful solution to many of life’s problems. Obstacles of short duration are best handled with a yielding attitude. Go around the rock; don’t put your shoulder to it.

    One hears thunder unexpectedly! First comes fear, then a sharpening of one’s vision. Recall a close brush with danger — a falling branch, an automobile accident barely avoided, an escape from a potentially violent confrontation.

    Such incidents arouse every nerve fiber in your body in a brief wave of terror, but soon, once the danger has passed, give way to a heightened awareness of the world. The same process also occurs with other types of shock — the loss of a job, the sudden departure of a loved one, business failure and so on.

    The lasting impact of a major shock can either be stimulating or debilitating, depending upon one’s strength of character. The critical factor is the ability to shake off fear, thereby transforming anxiety into a laser-sharp perception of the world around you.

    When overtaken by crisis, the wise search their hearts for inner strengths in order to face their life with courage. This often means daring to take an unexpected path — to bounce back quickly and self-confidently after failures, to have faith in the eternal when confronted with death.

    We tend to think of shock only in the context of unpleasant events. We can also be jarred, however, by the sudden release of tension that comes with unexpected joy or success. To keep your bearings in the aftershock of either trauma or victory, it is essential that your inner compass be aligned with ‘true north’, that magnetic force which guides you toward fulfillment of both your deepest desire, and your highest destiny.

    The state of innocence has less to do with age than attitude; innocence springs from a heart that remains open to joy and wonder. Innocence, when guided by a firm faith in what is right, brings supreme success. Naiveté unanchored by an ability to discern right from wrong, on the other hand, brings misfortune.

    The hallmark of innocence is a willingness to treat others with compassion and respect in a natural way. Those who possess a pure heart are best guided by their instincts and intuition. Thinking too much makes it difficult to hear the guidance of the heart, the suggestions of a clear intuition. Stay simple and be wary of cleverness.

    Sooner or later in stages of life one makes self a bemoan character, it becomes loss of innocence which rebelled by the experience, agony dealings, and harshness of other beings or from whom we expect ……….

    Consequences are subjection or election of circumstances they can’t rule, they just intimate, what rules is actually the institution of a person that would be consolidated through spiritual journey.

    Never fool yourself for the juggling of world around with your intuition, as intuition comes to those who have the struggle for fulfilling their dreams, few vigorous dreams are so important to achieve that no other worldly aspect stay in front of it.

    Don’t bemoan over the deeds been just acted over ruled ………Be attentive to the guts you been blessed and go on the way along ………..

    Be a character that could cover all the bemoaning of life through the inspirations of discovery and gain ……..

Colossal Satchel


      Satchel, what little needs for the journey …..
      Colossal, what immense needed to soul ……….

      Satchel is good enough so far if it is small it could be favorable to carry, if it is immense and heavy it would need more effort….more strength. In accordance sometimes the tiny satchels are good and sometimes colossal satchels …… It depends on needs, certainty of wishes …….

      Peace is my religion; harmony is the soul …….
      Imitating of the practice of perfectionists is the target in each step….

      They could not workout what they ended up witnessing in truth. Were they viewing a vogue catwalk over the premises of Bird’s Nest?

      Indeed…it absolutely was of that kind. It absolutely was a refreshing manifestation of how vogue is overpowering the unique fields.

      In Life:
      You are being asked to face something invisible, but which is very real. It is a suppressed fear, an anguish which has never healed, or even a psychological constraint which someone is imposing on you. You have the energy to conquer this thing, but you continue to revisit it in occasionally (temporarily) because you are subject to a recurring feeling of insecurity.

      You should not live with this curse any more. You must banish it definitively and you will have to make the effort to do so once and for all. This thing overshadows your personality and prevents you from blossoming fully in your inner personal life as well as in your intimate relations with those you love the most. Be courageous and face it one last time, with an above average determination. Your force of character is colossal, so free yourself. You will succeed!

      In Real:
      COHERENT; MY subconscious is begging ME to find greater stability, both material and intellectual.

      I have big ideas, but I always give up on putting them into practice.
      I have to be more organized about MY future projects.
      I need to prioritize MY thoughts and MY wishes.
      I have an opportunity to gain access to a higher consciousness, but first I have to free MYSELF from unrealistic beliefs and mental concepts that keep multiplying in MY mind and keep ME from making very significant spiritual progress….

      Time to time, with passage of time every priority coverts in minority somewhat and every minority converts in priority to some extend. What we have to took notice about in time for time sake and with passage of time is govern ourselves in better aspect of give and gain…….

      Throw stone in waters and realize stone has weight so it must go under waters and touched the depth. The stone touched the dept and stay in dept. But if we could compare the feather with stone ….. It could not ……….

      Feather stays and floats of the surface of the waters.
      Hence forth, sometimes we need to be a stone to touch the depth and sometimes we need to be feather. Some times we need to be in weight and sometimes we need to be light.

      Weightment is vital so do the light approach to life. Balance the chemistry and see the results. Complications are the core straws…… To linger …….To maintain …..

      Favorably this life ends one end to another one edge to another and this is best part because end is awaited and well ending is the core purpose. No matter what hard feelings been absorbed during the transit if the results are good everything is fine …..

      Looking around everywhere we see the negligence on the part of humans or on the part of nature … Whatever the be the source the core reality is to cop up with the given situations and circumstances though via humans or via nature …..

      Time and Nature actually are the two major characters who are political and radically in one constant thing that is Change ………..Change that always deals with resurrections and renunciations ……….Life to one thing death to another ……..Death to one and life to another this is the process, infact the chain process ………

      Chain process of changing aspects dealing one to another edge to edge, cut to cut wave to length ……Every body concludes life to some extend on turning of dimensions where the major happenings done for the sake for others or for themselves …….

      What we do we need to be updated with, we humans need actions to temple not reactions to cultivate. Actions should be of that course that could be readable and gradable…..

      We should have to look ahead simultaneously we need to look at back as well in order to glimpse and glance over the missed and gained opportunities……

      We live in the times of energies and synergies, we will die in the times that would be constantly be in revolving wheel ….Lets be revolved and revolve the wheel of Time with utmost favor and inclination to west the quest.

      What if we look the conscience is clean and clear it would not give the worldly materials in shape but surely it would invest in the world here after…..
      Little is needed to cut this world till edge to another little is needed here the little vast the reward hereafter carries little here and prepares to enjoy immense here after …….

      Satchel, what little needs for the journey …..
      Colossal, what immense needed to soul ……….

      Journey with in journey, learning with in learning, quest with in quest and life with in life, consciousness with in conscience that would be and should be clean…..

      Cleanness required regular check and mobbing … Do it where there needed for the sake of goodness and cleanness!! And for this the best:

      Peace is my religion; harmony is the soul …….
      Imitating of the practice of perfectionists is the target in each step….

      What little needs for the journey ….. …. Satchel
      What immense needed to soul ………. Colossal……

      Satchel > Little to carry……. Colossal > Immense to have


Hide and Seek !


    1. Pee ka Boo … I see You
      I left the corner so that no one can see me, I run away to the ground to seek the place to hide, I tried but I can’t hide myself…. I am tied to some extend…. I tried …. I run, I hide behind the rock… I seek the corners but I can’t avail any chance to hide myself anywhere …. I tired myself to hide but this thing always seeks me ….

      How can one be hiding from owns shadow?
      Yes how come and where about?

      Where ever you go, or whatever you do the shadow remains the same and nearer to the soul, to actions, to the frame in existence and to the figure in course.

      Certainly or uncertainly there are many aspects where we see through things, we know the consequences or results prior but we risk our own will to detach to the inner idea of fret making, or fear sorting knife….

      Yeah we use the inner fret as knife to the outer actions to scissor the ribbon with wearing smile on lips and glasses on eyes…… Certainly all the opening things are not always for the betterment >> All opening things have the closing in mishap ….

      There are lots of consequences and circumstances when we just merely play with the identities we know around, we don’t actually bother the results or we don’t actually attached to the outcomes for the others, we feel facts and causes for ourselves, we want the advantages for ourselves, we want the goodness for us ….
      We don’t bother the rest crush for others……..

      We can seek a hide for the temporary purpose for such activities, for such prospects but we can’t actually hide in real from the shadow of consciousness, from shadow of doings, from shade of what did, what saw ………

      All are clear here …….. When selfishness is the core of action…. All is clear here, when people just call for their own sake….

      In such way, each being has the given prospects to this earthly life that could be nothing if the purpose behind is nothing and it will be very thing if there be purpose … Each purpose has its own sole and soul to action …..

      On the phase of earth there are many non value beings that are nothing but just the burden, their burden is that much heavy that no one can actually bear but they just become the part of their over whelmed games …..

      Hide and seek is not the man made game it is Divine, truly it is Divine compensations are like devastating to be acted as commanded … Solid devastating the actual idea to be copied …….

      Hide and seek is all along in this labyrinth of life, we hide from one aspect and we seek another …. We actually try to transform one sequence to another for the better circumstances but in real the demonstrated facts rule …

      Shadows never left behind, never left aside, they remain with the slide of side what ever been adopted ….

  • Interactions


      The most important science on the phase of earth …. Yeah it is a rocket science if we make it … Then it will be the most complicated task because it is not one way….. It is two way traffic, it is two ways path have the same destination if the souls of interactions are the same and have the similar and common goals.

      The wishful results in the life are not that much especially when the clock is revolving anti considering the Time ….

      It happens that time stays same for everyone but in scales but clock stands still for few people and they stuck in their set standards … but what are the standards? What actually they are? We set them based on materials, or the sound level of learning, or upon the spell of earned knowledge? We set upon wisdom, upon knowing, upon ourselves or upon character’s exchange …. This is the focal point upon characters’ exchange….

      It is complicated give and take, when you are taken you are taken, when you are giver you are giver …..You can be destroyed can be damaged but cannot be defeated ….. To take is the sign you have to be giver by multiplying two …

      Public optimum …. The scope is to cover YOU and yourself in the merging waves of characters ….Optimum level is that positive characters are the positive source of exchange they vibrate the inspiration, the source to imagination of ecstasy based on Truth.

      Characters that are the positive in energy, in thinking, by soul and in their actions they are actually the smooth road for the driving to one edge to another. They make the traveling smooth with harmony and peace because they are actually for this purpose on the phase of earth. This is only be done when they recognize their actual purpose and they implement pragmatically for which they are made up of.

      On the contrary the evil force is also generating, it has also the quality to be think and done … Yes only this force is so quick to be in implementation, it got ways without traps and what it demands it just commands … So Think done is the quickness and readiness of the negative entity.

      This does not meant that positive energies lack in power…Noops… They are actually so sound in it but as they enhance the consistency so they consume time… Consumption of time is also one of the positive sign because it contacts with and contains the perseverance….

      To better interact with the world and the people the basic step is to groom SELF. To Groom and up date self thinking, self image, self ideal image or self productive or constructive aspects … Whatever related to self ….. Now self focus is also of two types because here in this world everything is splitted in two, every thing is divided into two and this division in two is the apparent in reality converse or contrast it becomes one …

      Yes oneness is the sign … Oneness is the actual concept …. Oneness in everything yet apparent everything has two ways, two divisions ….
      Well if oneness is the topic to describe here than each aspect will be then associated with it and here the topic may convert to another level, being a describer here the motive is to explain another topic with brevity, as Brevity is the soul of wit… The terseness is important here to the relavant topic …

      Oneness is the topic …. No Self is the topic here …. Self image and the explanation of the topic that it has also two major aspects… One is of the self positive image and character and second part is of self ego … Self ego is the centeral aspect what ever be the rope out side hanged to the self and self ego hanged to this rope…

      Self character is the sign of existence and sign of understanding that one breathing living creature is sound naturally, and instinctively the self being is the character which exist not because for the sake of existence but for the real and course reality for the purpose given to be enhanced .

      Now what is the purpose here? The purpose is to explore the wisdom with the wit of knowing and to apply this wit with brainy ideas to balance the pulsive emotions, to implement actions into practice and practice into actions ….

      It is about having a baby to the self that you long to be, your ideal self. But before this can occur, the old self, the old character, the old mindset has to die. And thus such home (of recreations in self) is also associated with loss of lifestyle. Generally the loss of lifestyle that happens is more on a psychological stage.

      Those innovative on the religious direction encounter the loss of lifestyle of the ego or of certain features of the ego. That less innovative encounter the loss of lifestyle of certain psychological or psychological styles, perhaps the loss of lifestyle of some old addiction.

      If you go through one home to another home transportation and nothing in you has passed away, well, you have not really prevailed. Just as the new day cannot start until the old day is deceased, so the new you cannot be created until the old you (the one that has been developing all the issues and dramas) is gone. Usually this is a procedure and does not occur all at once.

      But now you create improvement here if you think so and by THE WILL to do … Yeah by free will to do though free will is also to some extend clayed and played to and act under Fate but it is some thing which exists with force … The force to DO ..

      Sometimes energy in the home delivers real encounters with death: lifestyle and loss of lifestyle types of downturn, near-death types of encounters, or a need to cope with the loss of lifestyle of someone near. The purpose here is to obtain a higher knowing of loss of lifestyle. It is never penalties. People often have goals of loss of lifestyle under these transits.

      This is another way of dealing with loss of lifestyle on the psychological stage. As described, old factors of you and yourself should pass away and thus it is quite organic to have goals of loss of lifestyle. Be ideal in all that you do, and, of course, do your preparation before developing significant strategies.

      Your economical lifestyle now or then stays under evaluation for many more several times .Your objective is quality. Once this is accomplished, your economical developing choices will be easy. Your associate, associate or present really like is still in an annually economical optimum and still seems more awesome with you than regular.

      Wellness still needs a lot of viewing and care. Wellness in you, in self …in character … most traumatic times are the times when there are changing seasons though outside in Nature or in your inside season. So keep in thoughts our past conversations.
      New Synthesis …. The creation of a new entity or idea from elements not previously joined. This new synthesis must be needed to every self now and then by the converting and conversing times, with the age and with the stage ….

      Self image is for remunerating and regenerating sometimes subject to the consequences because consequences are made for the regenerating or recreating, polishing or revising the structures or the practices or home works. Do your new home works when the old ones are not working.

      Self Image…. Am I in an ideal stage of my S-e-L-F I-m-a-g-e? Does any one has Ideal Self Image? Again the answer – What Ever I am…. I’M ….. I AM!!

      What ever I Am is by nature what I can adopt and what I can act is the favor of Will. Adaptation is of course based on the outer interactions….. Interactions are the most important myth ever made. If they are sound you have sound proofs of the practices, acts and actions …

      Wisdom play role, as the pulses and heart is the course is the center of course. Self character is the observer, the analyst… So there can be miracles if we believe so if one believe to generate and work out for ideal self image he/she can ….
      Then again Interactions though it be with the SELF or with others … It is the HOLY Aspect it is worth living because it what LORD is counting up there ….

      Be solid in Interactions, Be Truthful in Interactions, Be the one originally you are in Interactions … Be the REAL YOU ….

      Be the real YOU is the Upper echelons of process, progress, purpose and prosperity ….

    We Live in interesting times!


      This is best of times; yet worst of all times even then this is most interesting of all times. We have everything before us yet we have nothing before us even then we have interesting productivity & conductivities before us.We live in interesting times …..

      We are having day light but we are not restoring light. We are having day but we prefer to make night mode as a day and day as a dream sleeping. We are curved, we are flexed and we are perplexed. What if we been through all this yet we live in interesting times.

      We communicate in interesting times, we conversed and condensate in interesting times yet we mis-understand most of the times and been misunderstood most of the times. Times are times, this is precious most commodity referred in universe and for universe to calculate what been invented and circulated.

      But been times are the striking element then what is of the struggle? Is it under the time commodity? Or is it fixed with the other vital entity?

      What if the times been struggling to the subject of struggle? What If…
      Ifs & Buts all are correct but the reasoning is the soundest reality.

      We live in interesting times, we care for diseases, invent the preventions yet we kill each other with flavored diets. We care for the new generations and yet we prefer the existing beings just the breathing handicaps…… We live in interesting times…..Best of times yet worst of all times … We live in interesting times…

      We survive with in limited sources, we live in the height of desires, we wish the best for ourselves and we cut the rights of others for our own benefits …. We live in interesting times.

      We travel, we guide, we stay, we fly, we rest and we road the long ways to homes yet we stay in search of home all the times … We live in interesting times. …

      We rule the countries, we made the assemblies, we do politics, we rule the land, we rule the people, we raise slogans for the poor for the needy yet we suck the veins, the blood, we have blood for blood sake, we say we are humans we are for the obedience of humanity yet we the best of skills is killing prior for the investments and profits. We live in best of times, yet worst of times. We live in interesting times …

      We enhance qualifications, we deliver knowledge, we gain for the sake of gaining materials, we work in circles, run in circles and run after materials, we can offer modesty in exchange, we offer ethics in exchange, we offer virtues in exchange …..

      Exchange of what …..Of course the highest most demand of materials, the highest most ranking of substantial reality as Money….. We live in best of times yet worst of times…. We live in interesting times….

      We delighted to have spring but depressed to have springing, we are drawing, we are sketching the world of our imagination in practical course, we are leaving the practical realities to the assumptions… certainly we live in interesting times….

      Surely we live in interesting times that we become almost dead and yet the medicines and drugs can make us alive… We drug ourselves to violate the Truth the bitterest realities yet we can’t we puppet ourselves to the domains, to the human managements that just tame for their self sakes, Surely, Certainly and Realistically we live in interesting times…

      What we say we do not operate…. what operate? We exactly do not know … What do…. can’t say. We contradict, we raise objections, we make policies and we ourselves violate them … Surely, Certainly and realistically we live in interesting times…

      We live in best of times yet in worst of times … We live in very interesting times. We see daylight and use curtains in home, we don’t like stones but we decorate them and we wear them and make ourselves special and precious wearing stones, we don’t like road stones but we cave ourselves in mountains.

      We condemn solitude yet nature is itself salience. We oblige salience but we do loud most of the times … We live in interesting times…..

      We thought for the sake of thought we live for the sake of living, we luxury our lives we comment to exterminate the Brutes yet we them selves are facet of same…. Really we live in interesting times….

      We work, we demand most, we require the most and we deliver less ….

      We live in interesting times… We live in all times when it comes to lucid imagination of dreams, we live and can fly one beginning to another end, we live in all times we are curios by nature to know and yet remains unknown for all existing entities and major facts we exist and we exit so easily that records mark nothing but astonishment… We live in interesting times…….

      We Start, we end despite of the fact that few beginnings have no ends … the carry the stream of consciousness where time, frame and physical realities matter nothing they have no boundaries ….. We live in interesting times….

      Times are times, they never stay the same, they curve, they change…Time is a changeable entity, its’ Divine, time represents Nature’s thought…

      Time is what associated with knowing yet unknown… Time is Time it can symbolize yet we symbolize ….. We live in best of times yet worst of times ….. We live in interesting times …

      People say we live in the times of war, people say we live in the times of spring ….
      People say we live in the times of seasons of death ….What ever the situations….what ever be the times all lives in specific frames, all survive in times that could be commemorating …Times are history and history represents time ….

      We live in ideal times where we have sky skippers, yet we live the worst times of mechanism and machines, as machines are not ruling us replacing us, machines are replacing flesh and bones so easily …….

      We live in easy times; we live in busy times…. We live in best of times, we live in worst of times yet we live in so much interesting times ….

      We have everything before us and we have nothing before us sometimes….. We are directly going to heavens and we are in the same time directly going to another way … We live in interesting times …….

      The epoch of light and the lighten is the hope, we live in the times of hope though false though correct …. We live in interesting times!


    How I Explain …


      I never get pearls in my life yet but to some extend the happiness I got more than getting pearls in hand is to watch the wet drops on the leaves and trees when I watch the first winter rain.

      Those drops are more favorably beautiful in appearance and certainly in reality too as they comes from the upper source the heavenly source they are pure in origin, in appearance, in reality and therefore gives the best of best feeling when one is in the box or out of the box and been pressured by forgeries.

      They are pure and pure are rare …. Yeah this is actually the stuff that how one can explain? And how can I explain … How I can ….

      Now there are no corners that could be estimated so far, there are no limits that could be captured when it comes to barrels of barrels of feelings, one just possibly say how I can explain if I am not wrong than why others not getting what I say or what I do ………

      I never said most of things I said, true enough it is like one is inclined to say what is written to be act by chance and chance never give chance to wrote by self.

      Sunshine sometimes on the leaves reflects the reflection that eye can hold that reflection to the depth. The rays of the light have their own identity, own purity …… The focal point is that Nature and Natural instincts have all the purity so the universe reflects so to that whence it comes to the humans than why there are so errors …… Why?

      What remains is the only image which reflects its’ own and that’s what purity enhanced, pure and purity needs no introduction because it always remains the same constant, absorbed and preserved.

      Sometimes there are lots of feelings that should need words to be on the map but how can one map them if they stay pure as hidden. Hidden emotions and feelings are more intense than the expressive ones. How can I explain those …..?

      They are complicated because they are pure and they are hidden and also because they are intensified by the deeper thought by the enhanced insight that wouldn’t be available in outlook.

      One feeling to another may it be accommodating to each other? Or mis calculating to each other? Logically and illogically, analogically or unanalogically, conventionally or uncongenially feelings are not demonstrated but even then they are ……..Demonstrative feelings are the emotions by Nature….Nature speaks through, break through and provide the outlook to inbox or outbox …..

      Undemonstrative feelings are those emotions which been produced by thoughts, the imagination they are may subject to desire or consequently what one try to act to which or where the existing frame or personality may out of it.

      Whatever be the reasons out core reasons are not the subject to feelings most of the times, reasoning never give birth to the emotions but true reasoning cannot be underestimated even for the emotions. How can I explain infact? There are lots more to tell …

      Lots more to tell but how possibly I can explain? What we see is different and what we watch is entirely different …..We hear and what we wanna hear entirely different…. How can I explain?

      What I can explain is that purity leads the vital role and pure holds the purity ….Pure is what the drop of morning water, pure is what the reflection, pure is what the ray, pure is what the light and pure is what true feelings …….

      True feelings …How can one explain….How can I explain? Emotions are emblem of purity and purity is the emblem of emotions, do care and make an honor of each and every emotion …..

      Feelings should be honor in any way in every aspect because feelings are actually the ground reality which are not seen but they have the most strong existence, that strong existence that even the distances, the far away distances meant nothing against the existence of such strong emblem ………

    The Line before the End….!


    I was just closing my eyes half asleep when suddenly my eyes popped up and got the idea of writing this, I hate when this happens, but I have learned that when you get an idea you have to write it, it’s a thing you can’t postpone, because what I write here is not a series of words that make sentences……

    What I write is what I feel and think during this exact time which is something that you can’t control, so if you missed the exact timing you will never be able to write that specific article again, or in other words it won’t be the exact thing I am writing in this page.

    The idea came up as I chatting today with myself secretly thinking to write my own innovative damn good idea in a speculatively and certainly in a certain way that I fall myself impress by myself skill, and this question popped up, do we really have to work hard for a certain period of time and then start doing what we really want in this life, or shall we achieve gradually our dreams?

    Will achievement after achievement drift you away from what you really want; will it create a hunger which will eat away your real dream of life, of being someone different?

    Or after a long journey of hard work and when the time has come for you to really do what you’ve always wanted you would feel exhausted and wouldn’t have enough energy to carry forward? Will the achievements really act as a positive energy as you always planned?

    Actually I don’t have any answers for the above, I wish I could read the future or be a historian to analyze how great people with a cause lived their lives but unfortunately I am not, but here is what I think of this, I imagine my life as a book , a book where I am the author, I control each page, each word, each sentence, sometimes things happen in this book, there are pages already written at the beginning and you will always find pages written in the middle, I know I can’t erase them but I can write what happens after them.

    Following are the times when we are in the certain stages where almost everything seems to be stuck in such way that one could not understand the compositions and the transgressions of self created pains or agonies .
    Comprehension of the common sense may prevails when one is able to comprehend what is actually design in life for an individual and what being an individual he gets on the track and road of life through the contexts or contents of struggle and attempts.

    What if the cluttered desk is representation of cluttered mind, of what is the empty desk sense of? What if emptiness prevails in such course that even the filled entities looked so empty………..
    The clutches of the cluttered mind is actually what they preserve and observe on the upper surface, what in the outer course of reality and what in fact fundamentally based inner inclinations.

    Now the inclinations are what they be in practice and they are what the action of the person if they be the intentionally high and soaring so the pragmatism and the practice will be. If they are the substantial the action be so, if they be the consumer of materialism the practice may so………

      Inclinations are what Man’s action commands, inclinations are what human resistance and perseverance relevant to.…..

    To kill the focus is killing the objectivity, killing objectivity is what enhancement to procrastination, adaptation of procrastination is what one designing self to be drawn in uneven lines, drawing yourself in uneven lines is being out of balance, being out of balance is be the one that demands the commands of accesses and excesses which none other than down size the intellectuality to the soil that could remains the worthless sand to be on ground without grains…..

    Self is immense ocean, is an immensity of what mind, soul or consciousness bore with or without the depth of depthless, breathless and limitless identifications, reorganizations and knowingly knowing.

    The immensity never be captured in the fist, it never stays, it never be limit to the boundary of any kind of thinking frames, though or no matter how much the thinking may also be immense in the sea of imagination…..

    What wonders of wonder is the fact that how much one possesses the ability to be in the best of caliber to be elaborative about his or anyone’s life.

    ‘You are the writer of your life’,

    You Are The Writer of Your Life……. R U ? Aren’t U ? What if U would be ?
    It is true so far, if one could be so loyal to the self consciousness and to self conscience so that the self knowing lead to realize what and why fate and time be demonstrative upon one’s self as individual or orbiting as collectively………

    Consequently, this is ironical enough as well as the Ultimate Writer, actually The One who Rules, who Controls, Who Asign, Who Commands………The Ultimate Writer infact preserve All the Rights provocal and the vital in consideration of His demonstrations yet their is always a chance to get Self part to be in the middest of stream to select few chapters to take up……………

    I don’t have an eraser or a corrector , but I have my pen which is stronger than all of the above, I can decide to make a drama or a happy book or even a boring book, I can’t remove the pages already there or already written by me but I can solve it all by writing better pages afterwards.

    I accept the fact there are some dozens of written pages but I know there are hundreds blank for me to write them, I make the shifts and I decide when to end the chapters but then the most important part comes which is the end of the book, you do all of the above for just one reason.

    You live all your life writing this book so that the line before THE END makes sense to you, everything in the book shall contribute to this line even the smallest detail ,and this is why it is very important to write the book the way you want to read if after ……

    This last line will not make any sense if it is not related to the entire book, so whether you decide to go for your dream gradually or get it at the end of the trip always remember one thing, the end must summarizes the entire book so that after reading the final line you close the book with the biggest smile on your face and say

    “That’s the best book I have ever read”

    Changing Horses in the Middle of the Stream


    In the middle of the stream what we did to our ambitious rights? Do we justify ourselves or our need of success rank? Is it okay to change so often the track so easily while bothering none other than realistically yourself?

    Really it matters the ambition to be someone in something that infact the inspiration? Or just the demand and rule of money is enough? What we do to ourselves when we switch one edge to another or we swing between to gaps of emptiness?

    All beings are created with natural talents of their abilities to be on the floor while as being they exist and they appear to sight for the examination. The natural talents are what engulf the entity of identity of being as creation into breath……

    The natural talent what horse hold is to be faithfully aggressive or progressive to the road with speed or pace of eagerness towards the success…. Horses associated with running and their run is obviously very symbolic when a riding horse runs it’s elegance provoke the rider towards the achievement.

    The wild horse is what resembles ecstasy in favor … … If horse stays still its grace is ambiguous and when such elegancy be in speed than the grace is itself the stream of consciousness.

    Now travelling depends on the moods of streams where they stay where they swing ….. Whatever be the creature is the natural essence of grace and ability highlights the Aura of existence that differentiates and cause distinction between the mains or majors.

    Main and Majors, they are also majestic and magical when becomes the focus of attention because this is what the focal points in life bringing up anyone’s sense of importance to enhance or to vibe the experiences. Every being has a focal point, where and in which that being survives, strives, live or die …………Every being has a focal point ……Every being has the main and majors …..

    Puissant Auxiliary (Mighty Powerful Who is in Favor) is the Source of Mightiness that is the Only and One who can be the Only Knower of every main, major or minor’s foundation of foundation of every entity……

    Every major or minor all entities kinda like time, fate, orbit of life, universe and it’s’ all system of revolving …. What He designs is the Ultimate and we as creatures are just the norms of the fascination of the perception of perception ……The perception of perception is the power that engulf and indulges all the entities into the identity of knowing on the surface of acknowledgement.

    Change is what nature demands, change is what defines the entities moving and revolving in their orbits and be streamed to the each others’ orbits to be in practice for the reorganization of creations’ originality be formed and surfaced.

    The beginning is sometimes or mostly complex in many aspects, sometimes very vibrant or oriented what starts inspires it lead to the end. Sometimes it is burdened with boredom but once it goes further it smoothen the ideas to stream up to thread up to the end ….And surely all well if it ends well…

    Because it rewards and open doors to the ultimate reality of the soul where as in the world of entities the soul is subject to strive what destined to be or what out to be out of best of best of perception of perception.

    Now it is said that balance is the ideal track but in universal entities they themselves consume the extremes, change always comes after stream of extremes this is realistically seen and analyzed very closely. Actually the exam is of everything on the earth what and which is the most appealing itself …….

    Extremes and stream to extremes all are two way roads nothing is one way though apparently they suppose to be but they are actually not, every road is two way road….So the change itself travel over the same journey on same two way track though with extremes but with stream now that stream may enhanced be the stream of consciousness or stream that be reflected in the mirror……

    The mid way is sometimes naturally the goal oriented but sometimes it is killing to the consistency it just simply hanged up and hanged up things left that charm to appeal … the appealing subjects or objects never hanged they just derived to, move to , smoothen to though gradually but they do … expect and accept the change….. Bow and bent towards change …Rolling and revolving along with change …

    Each sign has two ways of expression, impression, cause and effects that why not the change or stream of decision though be riding the fast track horse or the emblem of grace though it is just for the recreation of soul …..

    Though it may provoke negative entity to change the horse in the middle of stream but according to the circumference it would be the most appealing and most deserving act that could reward endlessly …. This spirit adds on taking risk and creative people do risk for their innovative inspiration be true with the Truth, be clear with the Knowledge…..

    They took decisions no matter how the situations or the circumstances alarm to ….They stay self aware and being self aware they how to engulf the talent to provoke their control over the natural entities ……

    Human may be a clay puppet but it has guts of clay modeling as well a man can be best in clay molding and clay modeling if he as self be the charmer of the soul and realistic towards its own basic true charm……

    Ambitions are what we made by our thinking or by our force of perception if in perception, in imagination it can be than in practice it also could be …. Can be or could be human mind entities but to the soul there is no limit ……Access beyond the light of the soul then you may realize the light itself the soul there is no light beyond that if soul perceives the same ……….

    Extremes and stream to extremes all are two way roads…… Be a horse in spirit of faithfulness whatever be the ambition the soul has designed for the human existed appealing entities …..There is no wrong changing the horse in the middle of stream the destination demands the rewarding character to be more versatile and wide spread to knowings…………

    Magic Or Miracles…Magic And Miracles…….


    Ages ago, humans practices beyond the limits of the Ethical grounds and they want to fulfill their each and every desire by the shortest possible ways and through the easy going elements.

    Humans are very complex and complicated beings when it comes to their super ego and their lust of having the desires been fulfilled at once and every desired things material or humane all be at their toes.

    Humans from the ancient Era believes in the means which are not actually the true signs of nature but they exist because the Evil do exist. And Evil is the force for which Creator forbids but as a tough trial of Adam it is prevailed in the life, in existence on the phase of earth to have the testimony.

    In such course of hard exam lost humans are most of the times remain failure. From the ancient Era to till now it just happened that human’s lust is the biggest enemy of the times ever, of human’s life, of human’s actions, of human’s own wills and of human’s destiny …….

    From the Holy Scriptures of ancient times as they are from the Divine Essence but with the passage of time the Evil doers they penetrate to transformed the Holy Scriptures by mingling of human thesis that could lead astray to many of humans to the way which is not directly or indirectly related to the positive energies but to the evil does….

    Such way not only leads astray various human beings of the times but also attacked to the precious most Essence of Human Faith…

    Yeah Faith that is unseen force of guidance that maketh the believe comes true and it’s Creator’s bestowed favor upon the human beings to see through seen realities to unseen realities which surely exist and may gonna happen as Lord promised for those….. So since ancient times to till date the magic been defined and so the Miracles do as well…

    Now when we debate over then a long questionnaire be the part of discussion over such debatable topic; various questions kinda like:

    What is Magic? On the contrary what is Miracle? What actually the difference between them both? What they infact predict? What they prove? How they relate to faith or believe? And why they happened…. Surely they happened? They really affect or sustained for the history or for the times ahead?

    Many of many and lots of lots questions intellect produce to be convinced by logic or be logically consumed…… Consumptions, assumptions rest or quest of truth…..

    From the Holy Book Al-Quran; that is revealed and The Holy Quran is the authentic message that describes about actually of magic and also about miracles. There is actually immense and vivid difference between the magic and the miracles.

    Magic the source of those who believes to be their lust be the charmer of their souls, minds and their needs and they be alive to each corners of life according to their perceptions.

    Miracles are what Divinity favor to those who are innocent and just follow His Given Track and they must need the crystal clear signs to provoke thoughts among the peoples and to the rest of the world so that they be keen in thinking for the unseen Divine Source Who is actually the Ruler, Creator, Universal Truth, Omni-Present and the Ultimate Reality to be Known………

    Magic the study and knowledge of short lived charms, knowledge of deception and destructive realities that warn nothing but introduce one to have hell be bestowed in living every breath here in this world and hereafter……

    The Magic is truly happened it exists as the evil does but it is the knowledge of deception, in which one deceives himself more than others in which one sold the soul to evil in the hands of super ego which lies himself as did by Dr. Faustus as mentioned by Christopher Marlowe.

    Such deception is the killing source that in beginning seems very fascinating and afterwards its nothing but worst for ending and then there is no way out. Magic does affect to those who easily submissive to the evil, it plays with those who maketh themselves puppets for the same mud made pots or puppets of just like them (same humans just like them)……….

    The magic is something which is associated with evil and it is associated with human lust of having the impossible as possible unethical as ethical, immoral as moral, unphenomenal to phenomenal ….. It could be anything in the beginning but surely nothing in the end…..

    Being human no one is the writer of destiny no one could, every person has been alarmed, has been armed, has been clothed with the Divine Given Destiny and the only Ruler is Creator no one else could who can allow the destiny be in threads to humans …..

    Miracles are the support to mankind to strengthen hem in their Faith track and to make them believe that their Guide provided by Guider is the best of all other self created thesis.

    Nature entitled and has given the quality to mankind that they can make what is not actually exist it is the quality or disquality both in same instance……… if one could imagine the best thought to be creative and constructive than in the same instance mankind has power to imagine the worst thought to be non-creatively destructive towards everything to every living being even to same race ….

    We get knowledge that Creator has had send two angels named as Haroot and Maroot in the times of Prophet Hazrat Suleiman A.S and they taught knowledge of Magic to the people of that times but they align and warn before teaching such knowledge but people most of that times used it negatively and to fulfill their lusts.

    From Creator it was the trial for the mankind of that times as what they select out of these teachings either they stay preserved with the blessings already given to them or they keep caught on the traps for the flying birds but sorry to mankind’s material desires they always select the magical beautified traps instead of what quaintly the quality and quantity already given to them.

    Miracle is the universe, from the dot of atom to the birth and death of mankind all in all miracles. The live miracles the dark sheet of sky holding the unlimited, uncountable and infinite number of galaxies of stars and planets …..

    The sun to moon, moon to earth, in earth the universal truth consuming all the living kinds, the waters of waters ….the oceans……The living species under water or over the lands …the creatures of all creations all in all are alive MIRACLES of CREATOR.

    These be in life with the order of Creator and stay till His order be Behold……
    Further there are list of Miraculous happenings in The Holy Quran which described the unhappenings as happenings because to LORD EVERYTHING IS EASY and CREATOR JUST ORDER BE and the happenings BE UPON HIS ORDER….

    Creator is the Ultimate Truth the Ultimate Reality and He has all the Knowledge for all the realistic truths that happened already and surely what destined to be….

    The positive and negative energies are for human intellect to judge their selection for the deeds for their prevailing existence if they have the favor of their free will for a while than what they actually utilize it with their intellect to flourish their souls.

    Magic is a negative alignment for the happenings for shortcomings and short lived empty blackness where as the Miracles are what all related to the existence, related to the life, related to the unseen realities of LIGHT and which is directly the Essence of Divine Actions they hold all the preservence and hold all the waters of spiritual ecstasies…..

    We live in the broken world none other than all of times for all the earlier humans the world was also broken because the positive and negative energies always at wars, because the evil and the good always in front of each other to act or react same if the topic concludes that Magic and Miracles always stays aside from the day first of the universal history it is not wrong but the truth of truths in the totality.

    Magic or Miracles both exist the difference is magic spells and vanished whereas the miracle happens and stays with its originality till end times after times, history after history to elaborates its importance to the intellect to prevail the thought and soul be demonstrative to the inclined subjectivity and objectivity…….

    Present Era, unfortunately is the time which is most alarming to the mankind all around the world on the phase of earth yet we as mankind making this time worse in being and also in appearing because nonetheless most of the race who commonly believe in easy availing the lust of their desires they are playing with magical consequences despite of the fact they didn’t reward or award but depart the soul with the connection of purity and when purity and innocence is lost the lost of every precious conduct be lost ….the meaning of lost even condemns the favors than ….

    We actually believe, we infact have faith but our practices lose the control over the focal point that preserve the significance of knowing. We as mankind in present getting so stubborn to realize the unrealized but even than disobey the Given Myth which is Divine.

    Our difficulty is trying to reconcile suffering and a loving God. We want to believe, but all the bad which happens around us seems to make believing impossible. We crave to find some meaning to life and the bad things that happen to us.

    Strongly enough when ever magic prevails and darkness be descend than the need and the call for Light is must and currently mankind needs the Miracles; the Miracles that can wide awake the eye and maketh it the seer for the Truth, for True Knowledge for the existence and prevailing of Light and for the significant souls t be lived …..

      Wide Awake ….. The Seer

      If we are going to live the life of our dreams and fulfill God’s call on our lives we need to focus our intentions.
      Dreams and passion might be the launching pad, but sooner or later we must use those things to create life.
      Every great journey begins with only potential and possibilities.

      What can happen as you begin to dream and imagine and open up the full spectrum of all possibilities of your future is that you end up dreaming and never living.

      God’s Kingdom doesn’t belong to the rich and powerful or the moral and the religious, but those who live by Love and Trust……….

      Our souls crave. We crave things like intimacy, truth, and significance. In this life we learn, listen, read and write about a human in search of significance. A quest for significantly significant significance of human soul’s eternity………

      “What we do in life echoes in Eternity.”