‘ The Clock of Time’


How old the time is not known, perhaps it is older than universe, made before universe for count ability or it has been made after the casting of human race. This is not exactly known to human conscious; its record is just known and alive to Almighty Allah.

Time itself is a strong character, and its thesis is also uncompleted yet, so far writers, dramatists and the great poets wrote about Time but as per their experiences and their intellect. Time has been phased and framed as clock by human genius mind:

To & Fro…. Tick, tick…… tick …….The clock sign of time!! Time……. What?? No one knows time, tick, tick ………..but Time has life it creates life………..

 Time is vital part of life, it begins when life begins it ends when death calls for a living being just for single being but keeps going on – Time has its own pace, sometimes slow down as tortoise, sometimes run fast as it can as speedy horse. The death of time also written by Lord but when it is just known to Glory of Fate. Time is conqueror, it sustains the given pleasures, and it brings tragedy and become enemy. On the contrary, it heals the wildest wound of regret and damage.

Time got and caught, time reveals and release. Time plays and traps. Time makes us grow and become our memory as nostalgias. Time has its own moods own seasons. A time covers and adorns the leaves, some are pleasurable green and some are rotten that just fall in the specific season of autumn. This is what the actions, reactions and the jobs of TIME……. Time moves on – Most of the time human heart condemns time for so many things but that’s also true that it is character of time that to seek, search stay, leave , be friend and enemy to each living one to everyone.

Either Time has it’s another name as Era, which is changeable, alternative have many windows outside towards the wider horizons and can make the narrow anywhere TIME wants its effect and emphasis. Time is actually caged in clock, the needles of the clock represents it’s’ sign and its’ effects. Time also educates and gives teachings as it is itself an experience and teacher as well. With the passage of time and phase it adds on human intellect.

In previous Era’s human use a cope of sand— Keeping Sand Time considered as a finite commodity that is gradually running out, as the sand in an hourglass— Time is the believer haunted by a faith that mocks it with silence. Leaving innocence but not hope behind, Time venture into an alien and dazzling world, where each will encounter an unexpected destiny – and the truth about her/himself.

Reoccurrence; Three body problem, Recurrence, Butterfly effect, Chaos Theory  à these terminologies and the theories are the most vitally renown and revolves around Time Frame. There is deep link of the Sand Time with Clock Time – The journey Sand Time to Clock Time is not too long, not too short but human intellect caged time in clock.

To be Continued …………………….

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