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Millennium, Centuries, Decays, Years and years on the phase of earth ………….Maketh

History of this mortal land of earth ………

And of Humans and Time;

Years passed and made the history of centuries they wrote themselves in the reflection of human acts and though in real they have been guided by the Fate to be as they have been.

Years, centuries, decays and millenniums are destined to be with the lapse of time and with the wheel of time to revolve. Each year brings something new and changes as compare to the past, future years are much steadfast and present time is evidence of it. Time has its three phases all majorly known to human natural and common world present, past and future.

Years are speech to them, so do the centuries when they have been converted. Past has been converted and very much viewed to the world in the present world. Regarding future time and years, recently worldly time frame of the year 2011 and steadfastly moving to 2012. So many predictors predicted already about the coming era. The predictions referred to so many certain and uncertain realities or might be assumptions. What ever be the happening are there.

This article is not about the predictions but of analysis of the practical study of time of this century and the passed decays about humans and all over circumstances all around the world.

This is a magical process of bring activity into manifestation. Magic is an ancient word for manifestation, so this earthly world life as well. Human fate is understood and preserved in heavenly book so the practical happenings and surroundings are uplift them in real and in realm of human actions.

This world is based up on the connections, all the certainties and the uncertainties are in magnetism of miraculous heavenly and worldly connections. Up in the heavens the Nebula is evidence of the predictable or unpredictable happenings, the planetary nebula signifies Birth of new stars of new lights and the death of the previous ones.

The significance of heavenly bodies like nebula is much worthy to cover up here because directly or indirectly the Astrological effect of these heavenly bodies upon human life and its worldly wheel is very vital and evident. Astrology is not only subject but it is living place of breathing celestials that generates light is equal to life, darkness is equal to death, chance is equal to action, travel is equal to battle to survive or remain in the circumference or be the giant in size to command the juniors.

Consequently, the reality of the world history of human life and time which is emerged with each other so deeply. It is understood that human travelled from the journey of last many previous ages. Man has been searched out and learned out a lot from ages to ages, from centuries to centuries.

Man was unaware of the fact to be sheltered so he lived in caves and then learned about make homes and then landmarks. They were not aware to adhere the fact to be land owners and then with passage of time became kings of lands and the emperors…….. now a days as presidents …….Man who was unknown of his own structure (at that time) yet start to fight with his fellow man for the land for the corners to be own just own his greed to have his name over ………..similarly man made home with learning time frame and ages and today humans are genius in mega structures. Man made mega structures are now the wonders of world in architect.

Building homes to mega structures, these builders (humans) achieved so much that till at this 21st century perhaps there are any material or corner of the object that could not be used but still human innovative mind working on more to invent.

Building homes from first instant to till yet is a first example of basic necessity, second one is food ——– Regarding this element what could mention like from early ages people use natural food items and not much obtained of the levels but today again if we analyze man travelled a lot and learned many new ways from ages to ages, from centuries to centuries and now the food items are on its peak even the marinated food, the preserved one, the fast food made by quick mode machines, fried items etc. So man has overcome and invent and preserved the ways for food and again man worked and learned with the passage of time from ages to ages and from centuries to centuries and reached at the time 2011.

The third basic need of man is clothing, so the human who once knew nothing to cover his body but sustain leaves for that purpose, gradually sew and knit and today man invented so many ways to dress up, and to bump off the entire his outlook. Clothing factories, even the import export business based over this need, the marvelous brands and brand clothing, the trend and culture developed up to the rank of world famous fashion shows …………….. So again and again even for the third basic need man travelled and learned from ages to ages and centuries to centuries and today reached at the edge where one can be fully veiled and on the contrary can select two short pieces to cover the shames, the decision and the variety is there with the learning, with passage of time, with converting years and with the steadfast centuries that could travelled by man mind imaginative powers, innovative psyche, ought to be style or it might say exterior circumference of the time physical reality.

The fundmentalities has been conducted and the other aspects of live where humans connected with religions, myths, generations, their mind structure, the psyche, their outer and inner developments, culture, social systems, environmental truth and realities about himself and the other living beings, about the living places, discovering lands and countries man has been tremendously travelled and developed a lot.

Man has invented the lands and then named them amaze the world by made them countries then made boundaries, divide the races, rule over the nations, divide the world in first standard first world, second world and the third…. the boundaries defined with the respective level of mental veils and levels. This is the same human with the converse time invent the ways of ruling and create them of politics and cultural social politics that could rule over not only land but over the same humans just reflection like ………….But what the inside?  World knows the reality and the people sane enough to study the history and literature …………..

Though the time is running fast travelling the same way but in speed and come up to the level where human has been almost expand and extended all the aspects of life, created and captured all the natural and unnatural sources …………It would not be wrong if we declare that today man imitated best of best imitation of Nature. Today in the year 2011 man has copied of copied the best of best and yet worst of worst ………..Man achieved the exterior physics realities as well as interior biological realities as well . This is the peak level of human intellect where man has smoothen the live and living easy and busy with satellite system, with replacement of wireless note pads , I-pads instead of paper, replacement of pen with man’s own finger, books replaced as online encyclopedias………….More on and on

Change is the converse and converting and some time the less knowing gives the feeling of fear and pity of tragedy and sometime more of more knowing do the same ………..So man having the machines and mechanical world all around, planes, the cars having the airplanes engines, highest speed, fast as light or more than light. These are undoubtedly called achievement, the success of knowledge, and practice of knowledge and education ……..

World convert and reverted and tell the same story as added as value to it………It has been noticed that in last two to three decays (20 to 30 years) world has been steadfastly changed and move on the scientific miraculous inventions that sometimes it could be a doubt that man is still the figure of flesh or bones or some day while by awakening in morning we will found that man figure is also easily clothed as powerful mechanical body and structure. Or perhaps it could be that bed time stories or Hollywood movies could easily come true that show powerful hulk satellite figures ruling world and even the hero may have some super mechanical power to defend…….well enough to electric-micro imaginative box of man called mind……… perhaps it could be ……

2011 is almost at end and prevailing year 2012 is evident of happenings, this could be more mechanical in first world where it could that due to highest level of traffic people could hire the air taxi’s to early at work ………and if this could not be in 2012 than perhaps could be in 2015 …….or in coming years ……Infact man has invented and discovered the arenas, almost all aspects but what remains the basic targets? The same old chapters’ shelter, food and clothes or more than that if more than greed to being sharp and being speedy to achieve more is also there and the basic instincts which has been govern by good and evil could never be change even if man conclude his figure himself in machine ( which couldn’t possible)…………

What if we roam the world and still see the differences, the exterior dimensions like still in the world people are living in jungles, still they have no basics available to them and yet on the contrary there is world where the same being (human) that is approaching to command the celestial bodies and inventing lives there and could try to be cohabitant there………….

History revolves and chapters of time always read by new students so coming generation and breed of human will taste the same sequences the early people did………….as each breathing living being could die one day similarly the whole this world will face phenomenal truth as rule of the thumb…………. So if we expect new inventions, at the same we expect conflict of thought of nations……. We expect the battlefields on skin differences on races standards……….we expect the same ray of light to sprang somewhere and we expect the same darkness of ignorance ………we expect time bring change with the same ancient lessons………

Every start has end somewhere so does this time, years, and centuries as well …………this notion of time, and study of years significant of ultimate truth that man is here in this phase of world to basically recognize himself and his Creator (whose given identities and subtleties) to whom man instinctively and naturally imitating …………..though it had been 8000 and 5000 BCE Stone Age to the travelling era of 2012 or would be 2020 or up to more than 3050 or from the creation reality of Adam to the last man of world ……..

It is worth mentioned in preserved sculpture (Fate book) of it would be better in Creators’ Ultimate Knowledge.

The NEW AGE and Indigo Generation may define themselves more clearly enough to world for us as middle generation I still think and feel that there could be better idea or way to describe the whole subjective idea in descriptive way and yet not achieved in that way could idealized in imaginative corner…….

To Sum up, there are HOPES, though based on believes worth righteous and some of them are false reflected but even than escapes, traps, traveling, discoveries, explorations, distortions, learning, happenings, generations, aging and ultimately journey of human history of the world and of Millennium, Centuries, Decays, Years and years on the phase of earth for a while going on the sun set and the sun rising in existing Era just going on…………………

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