‘Castle Of Thought’


So far the ‘Castle of Thought ‘never exists in reality, but it depends on a person to make reality as refine as per his image of thought. Reality has its’ own truths, own false, own success, own falls; it brings forward what a human can estimate sometimes and may not judge most of the times. Every roar of laughter brings tears afterwards, and every tear may conclude in smile any time, this refers unpredictability the person who float with the flow while stabling with the waves of ocean of life got sum up with the shore of desirable results, sometimes find empty shells and luckily sometimes ‘A shell with a Pearl’. Sometimes open shells with nothing inside. A drop of morning water if captured in the womb of shell will become the Pearl and fortune shows such mercy to lucky shell not to the every shell.  

Ringing…………. A bell……….. Outside world…..or inside somewhere!! This darkness may it gulp by ultimate lightening …………Happenings…..Castle of Thought —–>

Though is the whispering of soul in mind, if the thought is positive, soul is an inspiration the true and light absorbing soul. Thought mostly inspirational and comes from inside—If a being been through the incidents can be as clear in his mind as the true spread worthy mind with fresh thinking and fresh bell of air.

The Art of Virtue is Reality ….’Truth needs no colour,

With ITS’ colour fix’d;
Beauty no pencil, beauty’s truth to lay;
But best is best, if never intermix’d?’ —– The deep thinker is bornly adore Truth Color with beauty, calculatively Virtue of Reality —-

A purity of thought is like a virgin, a beauty untouched and as deep as the ocean is keeping the treasures in heart of its chest and having water over the surface and under the surfaces. Beauty and clarity of thought is much important for the reflection outside over all to the personality, to image and to the ground reality.

Some times it’s hard to portray the true imagination or the deep thought having golden castles in it, but when one try to explain the true identities of the conscious mind and soul. The elaborations for thoughts there are many but regarding the special thought that contains the ideology that’s not much easy.

The special thought –is just like a pearl in a shell that takes thousands years to make it the most precious among all – Consequently the Castle of Thought is mine instinctive perspective for which I wish to sketch the image in my mind and with the Grace of Allah I will template soon – here the message is that True Image and Light of thought may express to the world for the sake of knowing because Knowing is itself a institute of life and its right path —- (To Be Continued)

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