“The closer I get, the more I see how far I am.”


Truth of truth is as true, as the reality cores it. Definite is nothing when nothing is definite therefore whatever human designs it contains something but what perfection is, out or circles though it may be the target but this is one thing that can never be achieved. Surely, perfection is only suites Creator’s work and it is only in Creator’s work.

Man made world is what copy of copy, and it reflects the same image as the carbon copy does……One of the most exact happening is that if the closer one gets to achieve the perfection, the more it becomes how far from it.

Sometimes it happens to the will of will, it happens in all aspects of life that one desire becomes instinctively high and achievement of it becomes more far than reach.

It becomes, it happens and the reasons are just the human conscious efforts but the truth is unconscious stay more demanding, commanding and more rulling than the conscious. It has evidence or so but one can experience and who experience can teach can express.

The chemistry of understanding this clause is simple if one can conclude that the jumping things never be the own ones, they always full of deception and deception is the only beauty that allures charismatically, what it actually does leave one heart with emptiness of desiring for nothing ….

When heart be empty of desiring nothing, nothingness fills the tracks of life with uncharm solutions. Charmed and uncharged solutions are similar as the desirous product and undesired elements of life that just be the part to travel with heavy loads. Never be the same the two opposite entities as the happiness and sorrow …….

If happiness be the part the rock is also the sign of standing high and if sorrow the heart full of, than the rainbow lights are also be mere a deception appears for few seconds and then gone by……

No matter what it stays like moon in day light too but no more in sky just for human eyes so the reasoning to decide the deception is outside in nature or inside calculative ……….

Whatever be inside world is more enhancing ….So does the eyes of human and the world of human eye which contour, converse and conflux ……..What perceive inside the conception may have the ways outside, similar as the imagination inside itself innovates outside….

Such complexity is the sign when …. Closer I get, the more I see how far I am to the things I desire to obtain the obtained, I’ll be obstinate to get involve to but they jump onwards to make my age travel on the track till I get to the thread of end spot … ..

Perhaps they are just for the teaching of lesson get closer and see the distance or travel cutting distances and get closer to watch the another distance and the another distance here after ……..And so on and this journey be finished one day ……

The jumping objects are subject to deception, deception is the beauty of alluring charm, this charm is youthful for the heart but preventing from it is the maturity which never comes unless deception rules, roles and revolves ……

Nothingness is not the purpose, nor it is something which is the revealing moods but it is truth somewhat when desires become dead due to the rotations of the unexpected heaver situations they create saga; Indus saga ………

The one most strong reasoning the things are not made for me will never be mine if they are not in my fate they never come to me, and even the rusty dusty or prolonged dead objects that never my thought even perceive can just roll over me very easily as they are for me and similarly even the shining star be mine,

If it is made for me, if it be in my fate it comes to me ………..

Where as the feelings are feelings and if the desires are so weird than why they exist to allure, to charm to overrule that one try a lot to gain them but when ever get closer get nothing but distance …..

Closer I get, the more I see how far I am ……….

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    An ingitlelent answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

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