4 P’s;


Preparations, Planning, Penetrations & Practice

  • Sensitive being who feels a lot and knows little is the most unfortunate being, most unlucky creature under the sun in this whole universe. Sensitiveness is just not an emotion but it is actually the unknown, unseen and indescribable myth that connotes the sense of feel most in range.

    Some says it is itself a disease some says it is the most vital emotion we need to solicit the life and human accounts but this gigantic emotion is the most insidious, the most seductive, it can ruin most rather than to maketh the human existence on a true channel of achievements.

    Actually the emotions are the flows are as similar as the flowing waters. And similar to the waves of oceans, the need externalization. They need to solicit the harmony of the same as created and as revealed.

    Aim of scientific fulfillment but of spiritual adds sense. The spiritual, religious aspects lead the Beliefs of the human science and human sense of emotions, psyche for the force and characterization that presume the essence of living and end in the faith.

    Infact to be in this world the major purpose is to adopt, follow, grow and save the faith once it is adopted and revealed in the original sense with true and truth’s source.

    Assertiveness, perceptions, conceptions, controversial thesis theories all are separated one after another whence the emotions took place, their myth are the most important and most vivid in all aspects.

    Whence the flow of the emotions cover, or harmonized by the waves of mental flow the human acts became more and more clear and crystal to the surface of pearls of realities.

    Whence the mental waves and the emotional flows all are balanced on the scale and stature where the acts and the actions of the humans are adorn with the maturity of planning the direction, preparation of the major seeds of thinking and then the penetrations, moving towards the right direction of light and knowledge and then affirm practice and the practical and pragmatism conflux and reflection to human acts.

    Essence of essence of practice is actually the Man’s worth towards the Light of Truth. This world; the labyrinth and the maze of the tricky games, is actually full of strange truths, life is not just a simple road to walk on, and it has so many sharp turnings with deep slopes and humps.

    The character that deserves to be the most recognized among others and be in self actually the one who fortunate to be to read the fate and its’ sign for the rest has given life for the worldly aspects.

    Preparations forth with the perception of forecasted eye are actually the main stream for the human grip towards the life aspects and to be the firm and strong character building. Any work, any tiny little idea needs a preparation for the better and best outlook.

    The one who prepare flux of mind, flow of emotions and the determined psyche towards the centralized image of idea to attain is infact a character who plans and template the planning towards the penetrations of the aim concise for the action with centralization of act to be rewarded.

    Practice sharpens, maketh, rewarded, credit and cashed all the major aspects in frame of reality that could be once the part of imagination, once be the reflection. But reality is also somewhat the barrier of balloon between the consciousness and revelations.

    What creates and makes mirror to the water of realities is none other than practice in human acts, such acts are the majorly the traits of character.

    The persona of human is such a huge ocean, it’s speech with sound words are like preparations, it’s sense of careful hearing is like planning, it’s profound sight is like penetrations towards the actions and it’s implementation of conclusion is like practice, practice and practical phenomena that analogues, catalogues, enlist and index the whole idiosyncrasies pore in character.

    Preparations connect with plannings, Plannings plant penetrations, Penetrations’ connotation with practice and Practice is what human character clothed as Fate puppet. This Fate puppet could be the best will power character if stream and line up these vital 4 P’s.

    What else, what rest to realize if one realizes, foresees, smells the situations in to actions with the best adaptation of circumstances. The one who conversate in solitude to speech with unconditional conditional truth can debate any universal truth.

    Try, as try is the source in trial to test human effort in the best of gesture, the best of gesture lead the human originality in sound reality …………

    Consequently, it’s all about human effort what leads the desire below and under the oceans of conscience……. Once the conscience be the lead all effort flowered as heavens seen in this world and the one who sees heavens here will deserve the same here after ….. …….

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