Absolute Words


Sometimes we lack absolute words to express the absolute impressions and expressions. Sometimes we don’t have absolute words, tongue, version or signs to express the absolute realities which we have had explored but didn’t captured them consciously—

Conscious realities are always somewhat very opposite to the unconscious realities and they are actually very opposite to sub-conscious realities, all are connected to some extend strangely.

Strangely connected and extended these each of the corners are the product of whole universal backup for each human being and the hidden truths for the character and character’s life orbit, character’s life orbit have had been preserved in these corners with vague shadows, one who is sane enough to explore these corners, actually concentrate over the hidden core realities to except the external circulation of life and universal truths.

Consciously delivered, consciously acted, consciously approached, and consciously promoted conscious dealing all are abstract somewhat there …..Uncertainty is understandable and most distressing all the way. Uncertainty is surely understandable But it is also reality though that “To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

Everything happens by reason and same instance everything happens by chance both navigate each other but even than create paralysis balance, static sometimes and dynamic on the other , this creation be on the ground when absolute words play magic absolutely……

Absolute words corrupt absolutely and absolute words effect absolutely for the causes and effects that may implement all over for the sudden and hidden actions and reactions…….

Though the statement of the reality been that absolute power corrupts absolutely but when power be hidden in words than words took the place of weapon or they be the absolute power of control or absolute power of rule. Absolute determination over conquerors or corruptors ….

Absolute resolutions are the absolute words that be sink hole to all theories, statements and philosophies. Absolute words are what absolutely demand the right opportunity of right circumstances to be said to be convinced or to be persuaded.

Words can do what actions sometimes nothing, because actions most of the time has paralysis without the motivation of the words, without the inspiration of words and without the pulp of words magic of impression in actions or over actions.

Words can do what images do, words can do what practice do, words can do what nature do, words can do what creates, consumes and control heart beat, words can do what take breath away and words can make alive a life forever or may maketh sentenced death.

Word are no remedy for dead, words never workout for them who never worth saying or obliging them, words are nothing for no one unless they been quoted with the accent of impression what in front the being deserves or what the in front the appearing demands.

Strive for higher grant when it comes to the selection of words, because once they been said or delivered to never be returned back unless been reacted to …..For the selection of words what we do in present era? We select most surely what we listen…

Yeah mostly what we listen … If we listen the abusive language we adopted the same despite of the fact it is ruling all over our nerves fevering us without the reasoning of adaptation ….

Such adaptation left us nothing but the uncultured norm of the day with the award of nothing but the spender of time, spender of life and spender of each breath that lot has bestowed or written for the specific time. Yeah such way left us just the spender not the liver not the being been dignified……

What we learn is the second highest most rank what we deliver, for such the practice and the platform effects but this be selected by the civilized beings though they pretend to even than or few are what their refined instincts and nature alarmed or directed them ….

Present Era? Woah …. Nevertheless it is not much efficiently designed for the burden of speech there are lots of ways just to communicate the levels once we have of sound conversations are hanged little but though the presentation still there ….

Words are what the thinking give birth, words are what the instincts directed to be and words are what they have to be according to the situation, according to the audience, according to the being, accordingly to the personality ought to deliver and accordingly to the purpose……

According to the purpose is what actually words sound, what actually words are made up of…… Words are empty unless they been rule by the expressionistic speech of the enhance character that could be strongly and magnetically connected to the lead of Mercury (planet of communication).

Words may spell the listeners if they be worthy of the discussion or more effective in competition to allure the senses of beings towards any inclination that be practice through actions. Select and choose words than deliver them with utmost care as they create, sound and reveal the character and personality’s whole idiosyncrasies ….

Strive for higher grant when it comes to the selection of words as they be actually carrying the absolute power to create, control and consume gravity. Absolute words corrupt absolutely and absolute words effect absolutely for the causes …….. Uncertainty is surely understandable But it is also reality though that

“To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

Absolute words are equal to the absolute realities; absolute words are the selection of wit, wit the selection of Essence that derives, delivers and demonstrates …..Absolute words are absolute wit absolutely… … Absolute words……

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