All About Faith


    Here wins, who possess the knowledge of practice for the ultimate goals with consistency and persistence …………..

Map the human existence from the day first is though complicated, similarly as to calculate the end of human world and the human history, literature and the whole profound universal existence.

Whole of realities are not the mere themes, and the world of appearances are also not just the broken mirrors with crushed images. All sounds proof to existence, all sound proof to the Truth all sound proof to the realities.
When it comes to the deepest analysis of the life of existence the major and the core reality is the Faith. It is all about the faith when comes to rewards, gain and achievement. All about Faith……..

Dominance Divine obviously convert and conflux. The images never stay the same in Nature…..The images never have the same impact as they might perceive or conceived. The images of Nature especially are very astounding, astonishing and surely they are deceptive.

The blindness to eye is the biggest loss but the worst is the blindness of heart and blindness of soul and both these blindness never can consummate the Light of Faith…..

Blindness to images is one thing, blindness to color is another. Blindness to sight is one thing, blindness to knowledge is another. Surely, when it comes to the blindness to faith it is kinda like the pot of mud with empty darkness. The darkness that could be descended in and beyond unlimited decades……

Decades of decades could be in such search and millions of millions humped in the battlefield for the sake of unknown search of spiritual enchantment regarding Faith.

Lot brings lots, and the time of lot revolves, inbounds, out bound and stays the emblem and the symbol of keep in gravitational circle, but what if could never happened without reason where as it looked like apparently, NADA, emptiness and nothingness………..

What if sky or ocean seems blue but actually they both are and actually the transparency concludes the deceptive sign of color. Transparently, is the highest most quality that could be mirror under and above, and over the surface of waters but this transparency naturally deceptive.

Deception is Nature’s remedy unseen, unknown, unblended, unacquainted, unwanted yet needed for the eye and the sense of sane, for the better enhancement for the better enhancement, for the better concealed and the revealed truths and realities.

When it comes to faith though people of ages use to dominate this rare natural and instinctive product a lot but they couldn’t possibly understand the immensity of this Divine favor and of this Divine blessings because they actually not cordial to accept the greatness and the mightiness of this favor.

Now, if we access and try to assess that what actually faith is, it is kinda like an emotion, that could be pulse easily or it is a human’s psychology need to endowed or empower a reference of gain in any kind of consultancy.

It is a faith, is a Divine Mercy for the human guidance? Or is it really a profound or unique feeling to bestow upon the spiritual demonstrations.

Faith is something beyond reach yet it is in access to human and those especially who believe and guide their own self, own selves, consciousness and self conscience. Faith deals with no science, with no intellect and with no nerves.

It actually deals with the Heart, with conscience and with the consciousness of the solidity of proofs within the limits of existence and beyond that whatever not seen but even believed is infact Faith’s miracle that the unseen existences are seen and yet believed and one could sacrifice even the most precious aspirations for the control of unseen strengths. To pave the way to such realities faith works ……..

Faith reveals, it comes to the hearts when purity astounds the seed of thought inside the human existence to revolve the senses around that what for infact the existence be in the shape and be in the signs.

Lots of questions associates with this reality, as a realistic analyst one can conclude that to be in this world is all about Faith, one who bounds to it will never go astray and one who deceive will never find it.

Faith comes when truth be the light of knowledge, it enlightens when one could deemed to it and it will be enhance when one be doomed to it.

However, there are lots of people following lots of different myths and religions but whatever they are practicing is their endowed favor or selection but what connects and fulfills the spiritual needs is just because of their intensity of faith

Here on this phase of earth is all about Faith……………….

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