From the smile of a new born baby to the innocence of face of kitten all in all is beauty…… Nature disguise in mother’s instinct or the blooming flower all in all is beauty…… playing child in fantasy and the splendid roses all in all is beauty ……. Sky to the green lands, trees to the touch me not plant all in all is beauty …..Heavens to earth all in all is beauty………..Stars to galaxies; moon to light all in all is beauty……. Passion into vision to action, words from language to salience all in all is beauty ……..Creations into existence, creatures alive all in all is beauty……Time of realization, Intelectia of sound knowledge all in all is beauty……………lamb to rabbit, fish to bird, animal to human all in all is beauty………

Beauty normally sounds alluring and the best to refer it is the womanish personality that could charm the gaze and awake an idea of wonder of creation…..But the sound woman beauty is best in disguise, in Hijab not the way the epoch of media is presenting…….. . Beauty be associated with some extend to woman when it comes to discussion in human world, but what if it would be associated with every single moment and momentum and each little to bigger aspects of universal spectrum………..What if it could be describe in more wider horizon to involve the passion, inspiration be part of beauty ………..

Sense of beauty is one of the fundamental aesthetic senses which allure not only the human apparent reality but also the unseen emotions; beauty is none other than a type of weakness for humans without this human world is like garden of thorns, the apparent beauty though alluring but has both sided effect, one side is that which is essential because beauty’s positive aspect that apparent beauty sense the beauty of vision and sooth the human sense of ecstasy to explore the universe full of mystery and hidden treasures. Second part, beauty is mysterious and it is deceptive, it is alluringly charming and such charm sometimes ruins the worth of the importance that could be fall in challenge, could be fall in trap to test, and could be puppet for testimony. The dark aspect of beauty is mysteriously dangerous as literature produced till yet and the aspect that covers the light of beauty is based on ecstasy that could be surely in higher stature expressed as Tajliat E Kudrat; the measures and beauty of Nature.

Many of the famous, known and prolific writers all around the world write about the beauty in their own style with sense of profoundness and with pride of their visionary power and strength. Some defined their nation’s beauty of ability, some defined their land beauty and some select the Nature and Natural beauty to explore. Beauty is the most charming reality and its presence is the witness and evidence of existence. Beauty can be an expression, an impression and can be an action of practice.

Beauty can be search through and can be observed on in the biggest aspects of life but even in the little secrets that could a child hold in his mind, that could be the silliest thought but in child vision important for his growing years.

All the visionary people who have beauty of thought, who have the beauty of version, who know the worth of the purity, modesty deeds and manners that could make them higher in stature they express always the inspirational side of their lives and their enlightened vision.

As all the major aspects comes from inside world like motivation, inspiration outer source are vital for implementations, for practice and for the exercise of actions so the beauty may be the essence of outer source Nature or of the Inner source Nature all would be wonderful if they charm human sense of aesthetic, sense of building, sense of arts and crafts, sense of living with mannerism, sense of spiritual ecstasy that reveal to human awareness that beauty lies in originally what we naturally are and in adopting the best deeds among the other human beings by serving them with kindness , politeness, with loyalty and with humanity. Beauty lies in the sense of thinking and in vision that could enlighten the outer source with inspiration and motivation to be good in all aspects of life.

Beauty is what a human attain in front of Creation by good deeds, by supporting living beings and caring the life as the precious most gift of Nature to strengthen the relation of creation with the Creator ………..

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