Bliss Beyond Belief !!!


So often I think the most Divine and Heavenly aspect in the life for this worldly life and thus figured out that bliss beyond belief is the actually the seed of knowledge of prayer to Creator.

The prayer is the most important practice of Ibada; it adds the value to the life and to the human acts. This is the only source for the change of Fate and for the fate written incidents.

Declaration of fate is mostly the most strange than the truth but it is intense revealing of the unknown realities that could be hardly be known to the human conscience and consciousness. Whence there be any switch it affects the human existence in the most powerful source that could make or ruin the tracks to be followed.

Bliss is the way of light to human practice and when this bliss is of positive change, of positive direction, of favor of blessing and of the abundant scale of knowledge it refers to the guidance of prayer.

The words which are associated to the praise of Creator and which links the human conscience on the phase of earth to the ways of heavens , the words are simple but pure and the words utterance out of innocence they are actually the portrait of a human fate.

Believes are believes they can be lead to the magical escapes or to the ascending miracles what they are based on they just impact the same. The believers are same like heathens in their believes when it comes to the affirmation of the soul connection either it be to the man made stories of mental web or of Conflux Reality ……

When bliss bestowed upon the fates of believers they become the nearer essence of the Divine Truth and the one who become nearer to that purpose can achieve the soul of faith. The assertiveness in faith, the reflection of one ray of reality and spiritual reality may convert the human soil’s existence in the Light of Originality.

The men of honors, the men of letter, the men courage, the men of times all bent knees to the Creator for the Praise, this is not only the matter of the humans or just men but all the creations, the whole universe, the creation of creations, the trees, the birds all in all even the tiniest insects praise and bent themselves and bow above the Creator for the generous gesture of pleasing, the kind favor of prayer.

The prayer is actually the bliss beyond belief it is the most generous and most magnificent pearl for the human beings that Creator maketh, than favored a lot limitless and then teaches and guide mankind Himself by His given scriptures and His time to time Apostles and the most vital favor that couldn’t be and never be thanked properly and it is actually the bliss beyond belief that is the teachings, the Holy Book of Quran and Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the one who taught the world the lesson of humanity, peace, love and all the major aspects that could lead the way to success.

There are lots of favors that couldn’t be count or couldn’t be even thanked to the Creator but the bliss beyond favor and belief is the gift of prayer that could pave the two edges of bridge, that could make the fate, that enlighten the soul, that could revert the conscience to the knowledge for the happenings and the knowledge of sight and the knowledge of treasures of heart and it’s purity.

The prayer that teaches the innocence in practice of modesty and purity would be the fulfilled one and the pleasing of it will conflux in the life through and of the practice of human acts.

Whatever be the beliefs be in the heart, the prayer with true heart and generous words never be rejected by Lord, He is all Hearing, All Listening……

Prayer, Pleasing aptitude and pleasure to bent before the Creator undoubtedly, is the bliss beyond belief ……… Be in practice to pray to Creator with the utmost keen conception and with pure imaginative thoughts those prayers never be rejected……

There is infact within a need to all the creations to praise to their Creator, though no one could praise the way Lord Worth …….. Make a bridge between the Soul and Heaven, between Conscience and Creator, between Light and Reality and so on and on to the world existed but unseen to human world but the commands of which are the most ruling …………..

Bliss beyond belief among us and we are yet searching the peace outside …..We must create vocabularies to our arties to honor such bliss and stay in such practice……

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